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Is he really the male lead in Dream High? It seems like Taecyeon is because of the screentime thus far. But I hope he is the male lead. The male lead usually gets the girl, and I want SD and HM to end up together in the end.

A well-edited fan-made video from Youtube. It is called Will it Snow for Cinderella. It's a love story between Kim Soo Hyun's character from Will it Snow for Christmas and Moon Geun Young's character from Cinderella's Sister. link: click here

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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Soo Hyun trained at JYP for three months before ‘Dream High’

In order to get ready for the drama ‘Dream High‘, Kim Soo Hyun was revealed to have practiced singing and dancing at JYP for three months before starting the drama.

He is reported to have led the life of a serious trainee during that time so he could keep up with idols like Taecyeon, Suzy, and Wooyoung.

A representative of Dream High stated, “Kim Soo Hyun studied song and dance for three months at JYP so he could pull off the required scenes in the drama. He lived no differently than other trainees at JYP. He learned singing and dancing for hours every day.”

They added, “Of course, he isn’t at the level of trainees who have practiced for years, but he still did his best. The people at JYP also gave him points for being faithful and working hard.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

2PM’s Taecyeon and Kim Soo Hyun take a selca on the set of “Dream High”


On January 13th, 2PM’s Taecyeon posted a photo of himself with fellow “Dream High” cast member Kim Soo Hyun.

In the photo, Taecyeon and Kim Soo Hyun are seen on a “Dream High” set with what appears to be miss A’s Suzy in the background. Taecyeon tweeted,

“Guess what Jingook and Samdong are doing here?? kekeke“

Fans commented their guesses, saying, “I don’t know keke but for some reason it looks like this picture’s main character is Suzy..“, “To confess to Hyemi… keke“, and “A guerilla concert?”

What do you predict will take place in this future episode?


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haven't watched any of his serious dramas (all, actually) before - but he's so fun in Dream High! i wanna stamp MINE all over him. Go Sam-dong!

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Kim Soo Hyun admitted to the ER due to fatigue

It was just reported that actor Kim Soo Hyun was admitted to the ER after showing symptoms of fatigue.

Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, KeyEast Entertainment, recently stated, “Since summer of last year, Kim Soo Hyun has had a busy schedule with continuous training, drama shootings, and CF filmings, which resulted in his current poor condition.”

Kim Soo Hyun received IV treatment upon his arrival at the emergency room. A drama representative added, “We’re saddened that Kim Soo Hyun and the other actors must suffer in temperatures of nearly minus 15-20 degrees Celsius.”

Source: My Daily via Nate

Credit: VITALWARNING@Allkpop

Oh no.I hope he gets better. Love him as SD in Dream High.

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Kim Soo-hyun is in demand

…and not just from his drama-loving noonas. (Although that’s a gimme, isn’t it? The boy is adorable. And talented. Also hot.)

Kim Soo-hyun is currently off being awesome in his drama series Dream High, the totally-not-that-bad-at-all-and-in-fact-kind-if-starting-to-rock high school series on KBS that stars him as a musically gifted student at an idol-cultivating battlefield factory school. Thanks to the drama’s popularity and Kim’s performance as a heart-tuggingly sweet country bumpkin, he’s experiencing a fresh wave of interest, which is great for his career but also for his bank account. Successful dramas equal increased CF contracts, and we can expect a lot more of him in the very near future — according to advertisers, he’s currently the top pick for CF offers.

In the 2011 Asia Model Awards on January 21, he was also the winner for its CF Model category and is being called a “twentysomething icon” in the CF world. I’d say he’s not a bad twentysomething icon in the regular world, either.

Dream High is noteworthy in that a large portion of its main cast consists of pretty idol faces, which is risky move given the frequently negative evaluations of idols in acting roles. I’d say the idols are hanging in there, acting-wise (the performances range from shaky to fairly decent), but I’m thankful that they did cast one serious actor — even if he hardly looks serious at all when he’s oh-so-hilariously busting out the dance moves and singing in his goofy way. Oh, Sam-dong. Never change.

Via Now News

Credit: Dramabeans

^I'm glad his popularity is rising and congrats to him for winning the "twentysomething icon" at the 2011 Asia Model Awards.

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Guest adikkeluangman

[spoiler: Dream High] Viewers fall in love with ‘Knight Kim Soo Hyun’ on “Dream High”

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has been receiving a new wave of fangirls after his romantic stunt on KBS2TV’s “Dream High“. It’s even led to a new nickname for the star – “Sunflower Soo Hyun.”

On the January 17th episode of “Dream High”, Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) saved Hyemi (miss A’s Suzy) from getting hit by a falling flower pot by pushing her out of the way. Unfortunately, he got struck in her stead.

The romantic (if not possibly life-threatening) gestures didn’t end there.

Song Sam Dong got into a fight with Jingook (2PM’s Taecyeon) in order to defend Hyemi, who got set up to look like she stole something. Song Sam Dong even had eggs thrown at him.

Although he was strengthened by his love, the indignities this knight-in-shining-armor had to endure was almost too much for fans to bear. Netizens wrote, “His eyes when he said he would protect her next time was the best!” “I’m in love with Kim Soo Hyun,” and “Song Sam Dong will replace Juwon’s place.”


[spoiler: Dream High] Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun’s love line gains momentum

The plot for KBS’s “Dream High” has finally begun to thicken, as the love line between ‘Hyemi’ (Suzy) and ‘Sam Dong’ (Kim Soo Hyun)’ began gaining momentum in the sixth episode.

According to producers on January 18th, Sam Dong’s genuine love for Hyemi will finally be realized when she visits him in the hospital. In the fifth episode, Sam Dong pushed Hyemi out of the way of a falling flower pot, but got hit with it instead. His courageous act allows Hyemi to finally understand his love in the sixth episode.

Sam Dong’s story has been a central point of focus for viewers ever since he dropped everything he had in order to head for Seoul in search for Hyemi, a girl who he fell in love with at first sight. For a while, Hyemi acted indifferent towards him and his one-sided love, but recent developments have begun to open a window of hope for Sam Dong.

Viewers can now look forward to seeing how their relationship will change, especially now that it’s becoming a love triangle between Suzy, Soo Hyung, and Taecyeon.

Meanwhile, “Dream High” managed to record a 15.5% viewer rating on the episode broadcasted on January 17th, coming in at first place for its time slot.


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Guest adikkeluangman

T-ara’s Eunjung takes photos with ‘Dream High’ castmate Kim Soo Hyun


T-ara’s Eunjung has been going around taking photos with her “Dream High” castmates. First was her “best friend” miss A’s Suzy, then it was JOO, and now it’s Kim Soo Hyun’s turn.

On January 18th, Eunjung posted a couple photos to her Twitter saying,

“Sam Dong, I’m sorry… ㅠㅅ ㅠ I did wrong… BaekHee… cries to Sam Dong who injured his head …“

In the first photo, Eunjung is seen begging Soo Hyun for forgiveness while the second photo shows Eunjung “caring” for his wound.

Fans commented, “kekekeke Sam Dong~~♥♥“, “Nuna you’re really cute kekekeke Are you really crying?“, and “funny facial expression XDD CUTE!!!^^“.



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Guest tinysunbl

Hello everyone in KSH's house! I just had a HUGE crush on him in Dream High. I love him since WISFC...already knew then that one day Kim Soo Hyun would make it big, sweeping all the fangirls, noonas, and ajummas with his awesome acting. Thanks for sharing all the news bits. Let's all cheer for Kim Soo Hyun!

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Thank you Dream High make me know Kim Soo Hyun ,one of a talent actor of korean entertainment industry.i'm so impressive him from Christmas,Giant till Dreamhigh.now seraching old dramas and movies from him.however i just found fanmade mv it's so sad but great mix mv.

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Guest adikkeluangman

[spoiler: Dream High] Suzy performs a duet with…

Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy teamed up for an impressive duet performance, which will be aired on this week’s episode of KBS 2TV’s “Dream High“!

The two took charge of the opening stage for the entrance class’ first showcase performance. The stage is an especially important one, as it managed to draw ‘Sam Dong‘ (Kim Soo Hyun)’s mother into the audience.

Sam Dong was both happy and nervous about his mother watching, and so ‘Hyemi‘ (Suzy) decided to help ease his nerves by holding tightly onto his hand as they performed Sam Dong’s self-compsed track, “Maybe“.

Although their performance wasn’t as extravagant as the art class’, Sam Dong and Hyemi’s song was praised for its simplistic beauty. The sounds of a simple piano melody and guitar rhythm perfectly communicated both their innocence and their strong love for music.


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A Discussion of the Dream High Triangle (comment section)

It’s like the drama gods want to help me validate my ship.

This video of the gang during the prayer ceremony hint strongly at the coupling – insofar as HM-SD pray, then JG-BH pray. Again, not definitive, but some hints.


But the cutest part of this video is when Suzy is asked which guy she prefers in real life – Soo Hyun or Taec. And Suzy actually picks! She picks Soo Hyun, which makes Taec all pretend upset. LOL, and Suzy is then told that no one actually picks, the actress is supposed to say something like both guys are great in different ways. Except Suzy’s crush on Soo Hyun is so obvious (which you can also see when the cast was on Happy Together a few weeks ago).

Sigh, I’m happy with whatever ending, with whomever, as long as narrative-wise it makes sense.

credits to ockoala, she posted the tudou link on the comment section in her blog post. Here's the original post: A Discussion of the Dream High Triangle.

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Pic from Dream High

>___< He's so cool !!!!






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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Soo Hyun reveals which “Dream High” co-star is his ideal girl

Actor Kim Soo Hyun recently participated in a “Dream High” press conference with his fellow castmates, and he delivered an interview that left reporters feeling like this young star was wiser than his years.

Kim Soo Hyun began with his reflections on how the drama is faring in ratings. “I’m happy the ratings are going up, but the actors and the staff are not quite satisfied yet”. He added, “I would like to see the drama do well. We will show you a youth drama overflowing with passion and fighting spirit“.

Kim continued, “Until now, I’ve only acted, but singers have to act while singing and dancing on stage. I can feel them fill the screen with energy just from their performances alone. It was hard for me to bring myself up to par with my singer co-stars, but I think I will have learned a huge lesson by the end of this project”.

Reporters then turned to the topic of his rivalry with 2PM’s Taecyeon, who plays ‘Jin Gook’. “On screen, Taecyeon and I have an interesting tension through eye contact alone. So even when we’re not shooting, I tend to keep looking at him.” Then he jokingly added, “When I turn around, I want to see him again!”

Kim was then asked who his ideal girl was out of all of his idol co-stars. Replying with much wit, he answered “Suzy in the spring, Eun Jung in the summer, IU in the fall, and Taecyeon in the winter.”


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This guy deserves his own thread.  He is soooo good in WISFC.  Looking forward to a drama where he is the main lead.  For goodness sakes, he's older than Lee Min-ho!  He definitely deserves his own drama.

yeah i know he's very promising,i'll predict that  he'll have a very impresive  resume in the years to come ,that is if he plays his cards right . best of luck, also he's not older than lee min ho,his younger by a year not that that makes a difference, at least not for me, it will make a huge difference if he was like 5 years older than him, then they would have  probably   ended  up playing different roles in dramas , more like a hyung. anyway, it doesn't matter how many  dramas KSH or lee min ho get to play as the male leads,what counts its  the everlasting  impression of their presence on those dramas that will make them stand out. even if your role is small or short if you nail it, it will without any faill get you new and bigger jobs, and pray to god that you will get good ratings. that's why they have representatives so they can get not only a good deal but also find something that will sell.LMH might have the upper hand with boys over flowers and i got to say i liked personal preference as well, but KSH, from what little  i have seen of him , he sells it well, i can see him playing more roles than LHM, his skills are more versatile, the crying, angish,seriousness,  and i'm watching dream high, and naitivity in which he plays his characters is very well develop, however, there's always room for  improvement." it's not so much the preatty face that makes me  come back  to watch him" its the feelings and skills i see on his characters. soo yeah i'm a fan ,a fan of his actoral skills, KSH, do your best , anyway its not like he's going to read this ,but ohhh welll...

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Guest gauri92

i just love this guy!!! i really hope that he gets an amazing drama after dream high (which is doing an amazing job of keeping us on the edge...)....and one where he can show something really different....maybe a cold character who warms up, its so cliche but i think he will play it differently...i can't wait to see more of him!!!

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Guest adikkeluangman

[spoiler: Dream High] Viewers anticipate Hye Mi and Sam Dong’s …

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming couple dance between Bae Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun for KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” .

At this point in the drama, Hye Mi (Suzy) begins to overcome Baek Hee’s (T-ara’s Eunjung) prejudices to show her true, genius abilities as she takes on a showcase opportunity. Sam Dong (Soo Hyun) also starts to realize his prodigal talents in singing and dancing, and is determined to show his full potential.

In the end, the two characters manage to captivate the audience with their intense couple dance, making Jin Gook (2PM’s Taecyeon) all the more jealous and competitive to win Hye Mi’s love.

The dance will be revealed during this week’s episode, which airs January 31st.


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