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❤️Kim Soo Hyun ❤️ 김수현❤️


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Guest ayayay22

aaaaaahhhh,, he's so cute in WISFC!!! Seriously, he's the mix of Key and Taemin of SHINEE..ehehhehee :P

I can't wait to see him debut as singer.. I saw him in SSGB with Seungyeon,, his voice isn't bad at all,,thanks for the pictures!! XP

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Guest Fauvesidhe

After having seen him in WISFC and Father's House I fell in love.. come to noona HyunSoo-yah! XD But seriously, I think he has a lot of potential as an actor. Hope to see a lot more of him ^.^ Ooh and I like his singing voice too!

Here's some pics I found on the web:













Father's House





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Guest kdramafanusa

[iNTERVIEW] Actor Kim Soo-hyun

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong | nine@10asia.co.kr

기사입력 2010.01.12 16:26 최종수정 2010.01.12 16:26

Interview with the actor who appeared in SBS TV series "Father's House" and played the actor Ko Soo's younger part in SBS TV series "Will it Snow for Christmas?"


Actor Kim Soo-hyun [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

My name is Kim Soo-hyun. Some people are curious to know why I didn't make a stage name since my name is the same as that of the great scenarist Kim Soo-hyun...... What would be good? Kim Soo-gyum? Kim... Carley? Hahahaha.

I was born on February 16, 1988. I major in acting at Joongang University.

I'm an only child but a brusque son at home. I still do call out for my mom though when I get startled.

My first part-time job was at a fastfood restaurant when I was in high school. But I got fired in the first three days because I couldn't get there on time after school. I still got paid for those three days though and how I was happy when I saw the money wired into my account. I heard that you're supposed to buy a pair of socks for your parents when you get paid for the first time so that's what I did... My mom never wore them though. I think I should've bought her socks with lace on it instead.

I once learned how to do mountain climbing. It was back when I was in high school and I used to climb boulders and even took part in competitions. I didn't win because I fell during the second course...... But I've also learned how to scuba dive. I put in an effort to learn sports that aren't usually easy to learn.

The scene I have the strongest attachment to in "Will It Snow on Christmas?" is when my character says to say to Yoon-joo, "I'm not interested (in you), but I keep noticing you." The director and lighting director made fun of me when I did that scene, calling me veteran actor Shin Sung-il, but it felt good.

When we shot the scene where my character Kang-jin walks barefoot, the director laid pebbles on the ground intentionally. He wanted me to step on them and be in pain. I know he meant to catch the moment when my face twists up naturally from the pain but my manager got so nervous that I might get hurt.

I wish I could have done better in the scene where Kang-jin looks up into the moon after rubbing on his feet. The camera got a full-shot of me from behind but I noticed my back was hunched in the way usually do when I'm sitting. I watched it at home and thought to myself, "No! Why!"

I was very scared before going into shoot for drama "Father's House." I didn't know if I'd even be able to breathe having to act amongst veteran actors Park Won-sook, Baek Il-seop and Choi Min-soo. But they took very good care of me and Mr. Baek in particular, helped me out a lot by explaining the situation my character Jae-il was in rather than showing me how to act. I really learned a lot.

Actor Choi Min-soo knew I'd become stiff with nervousness so he put in a lot of effort to help me loosen up. He would come up and talk to me, asking if I would want to learn fencing, and when I'm talking to the director, he'd come and poke me from the back but pretend not to have. He really focuses when he's acting though. From the very start he had declared, "I will not show my acting as an actor, but by becoming that person."

When I'm at home, I mostly think various thoughts. I'm not good but I also try writing. And I also watch movies. I like actors Cho Seung-woo, Ha Jung-woo and Ryoo Seung-beom in particular -- they have many aspects to them that I like in them as actors.

I actually don't think I have a set taste. I don't favor a particular genre over another. I like hip-hop because it's fun in this way, trans for another reason and I like ballad songs too. I switch amongst genres when I'm singing too. Haha.

I'm usually quite moody but whether I'm happy or sad, I like to let out those emotions rather than conceal them. That's why when I'm happy, I'll give a beggar on the street all the money that I have in my pocket but when I'm sad, feel like I almost want to die. I really like it when I'm crying so it's great when the script reads 'tears fall.' I can burn out my emotions.

I like to take photographs. I learned a lot of things from actor Lee Byung-jin while shooting sitcom "Kimchi, Cheese, Smile." He had a great camera which I looked at all the time. I got my second-hand Nikon D800 I'm using right now for a very cheap thanks to him.

It's great taking photos these days because of all the snow. I can easily express sentimental thoughts by simply getting a shot of a footprint.

But doesn't it always know on Christmas? I think it should always be a White Christmas. What did I do last Christmas? Hmm... That... Well... I went to a karaoke bar with my friends. (laugh)

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong nine@10asia.co.kr

Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk eleven@10asia.co.kr

Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr, Jang Kyung-Jin three@10asia.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


[PHOTO] Actor Kim Soo-hyun

Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk | eleven@10asia.co.kr

기사입력 2010.01.12 16:15 최종수정 2010.01.12 16:15

Actor Kim Soo-hyun, who appeared in last year's SBS TV series "Father's House" and a couple episodes of "Will In Snow on Christmas?" still on air, poses during an interview with 10Asia.












Actor Kim Soo-hyun [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk eleven@10asia.co.kr

Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

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Guest Forever_WithYou

I love Soohyun~

Ever since I watched WISFC.

When it said 8 years later, I was like "NOOOO! I want to see more of JiWan and KangJin!"

I support this couple!



That makes me even happier~

I;m officially a Soohyun lover~!

Has it aired yet?

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Guest BattleRoyale

I loved his performance in WISFC! I was so captivated, he made me cry sooooo much ahahahha but 3 episodes wasn't enough u_u'' and omg he's 22? I thought he was 18 or something.. looks so young. looking forward to his other dramas.

I wish I could have done better in the scene where Kang-jin looks up into the moon after rubbing on his feet. The camera got a full-shot of me from behind but I noticed my back was hunched in the way usually do when I'm sitting. I watched it at home and thought to myself, "No! Why!"

hahhhaa how cute!

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Guest C51236

Japanese media turns eyes to Kim Soo-hyeon


Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun featured in Japanese magazine "Broccoli" [bOF Korea]

Japanese journalists have started to turn their attention to Korea's Kim Soo-hyeon-I, signaling that the young actor may be headed toward gaining recognition in the country.

Kim's agency BOF Korea said Thursday that the actor was featured in the April issue of "Brokore", a Hallyu magazine in Japan, while also named one of the up and coming stars to watch for this year in the spring issue of another Hallyu publication named "Hallyupia".

Kim, 22, had appeared in two musicals, "Grease" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in 2003 before making his television acting debut in 2008 through MBC sitcom "Kimchi Cheese Smile".

He was most recently seen in SBS TV series "Will It Snow for Christmas??" (SBS, 2009), playing the younger version of main character Kang-jin, played by Ko Soo. His two-episode appearance garnered him increased recognition in Korea and Japan as well, where "Will It Snow for Christmas??" started airing last weekend on three channels -- KNTV, JCOM and JCN.

With the increasing popularity of "Will It Snow for Christmas??", Kim is reportedly receiving interview requests from local media outlets and offers from Japanese entertainment management companies.

Kim is currently in shooting for upcoming SBS drama "Giant", scheduled to air in May.

Reporter : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr

Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Original article: http://10.asiae.co.kr/Articles/new_view.ht...032511095605206

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Guest kazenai

But anwyay.. Does anyone know more about him though? I googled his name in Korean.. and I got all these @__@;; pictures.. And it's from some.. internet shopping mall... scandal? My Korean still isnt THAT good, so I put it in google translator... I got the gist of it but it's still o___O;;;?!... haha D:.

I heard (and SAW) about that, I don't know why the media didn't bring it up seriously-and I'm glad they didn't since it's the start of his career. BUT, a couple of years from now...oh boy this could hurt him badly. The pictures didn't seem sexually explicit but rather -like a couple of dorks trying to be crazy o.o

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Guest jaejoongstolemyheart

^Oh no. what is that about?

Hope its nothing bad that will affect him when he becomes famous.

Sighhh his so handsome!!:D Fell in love with him when i watched Jungle fish and Kimchi smiles:D

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