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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GONGVELY!!!  I'm really excited for mi first time celebrating her bday. Glad to see all of your post and good wishes to unni I made this quick video in honor of this

Happy Birthday Gong Hyo Jin! Postcard

Gong Hyo Jin - GRAZIA Making Film (English Subbed)   Questions: 1) Will the styles in TV dramas always become the focus? 2) How did you choose the style for "Ji Hae Soo"? 3) How did you choose the out

I saw a bit of SDLGTS and I also spoiled myself by watching the ending. Lol. When I'm ready I'll go watch it because I know the ending is depressing. 

I'm actually on EP5 of BTSC, I watched it first, but I stopped because I started Pasta. Lol. I just finished The Greatest Love so now I think I'll go continue the Gong's drama. I really like the two together as well!

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GHJ DC Gallery is making a multiple test for Gong Hyo Jin & we can come up with 3 questions. 

It will be something similar to this >> http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=khjin&no=89247&page=1

Please vote~ the deadline is tomorrow evening KST time :) 


Choose 3 questions that you want Gong Hyo Jin to answer!


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Food Support

Source: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=khjin&no=117164&page=1

Thank you everyone who has contributed to the food support & fan union! 











At 16.11.08 We finally support food truck for their shooting (DC KHJ Gallery, KHJ Baidu Bar, Taiwan KHJ Facebook, Gongvelyans Soompi)

  1. Drop curtain

  2. Sticker

  3. Banner

  4. menu


(Food pic)

(Spot pic)


Actually we were going to give up the support event but they connected with us today in the early morning. So suddenly we started organizing. We called the food company and fixed designs but we were told to change the personnel. Then we called the company again. So we were planning to support with rice cake and coffee but changed to rice cake, dessert and drinks.

Anyway At 탄헌 me, 잉요잉 and Taiwan fan meet and pick up kimbab and buy drinks at Emart. We thought we can walk to the drama set (because it is 5 minutes for walking) but changed our mind because the food were so heavy LOL. We started catching a taxi but rain started falling... Kakao taxi also refused because it's too short. We barely catch a taxi and go to the set. (We were denied admission so we show our trunk)

Then we put the stickers and wait.

Was planning to start dinner at 6 but it starts 7:30. Kong comes around 8.

With Mimi, she passed by us.

We: Hello

Kong: Hello hello, thank you so much although it’s raining outside...

Thanks… I'm so busy..

Thank you for the meal

She disappeared and only show for 4.7sec LOL

She was walking and talking. We have no time to talk.

We all got shock and talk about her clothes.

She wear white shirt and blue jean.

Few minutes later. During talking with her manager, we appear again (still with Mimi)

We: Hello

Manager: Thanks for your hard work although it’s raining

Kong: Agree

We caress Mimi

Kong: Say hello to Mimi. You can hold. I will let you.

(Taiwan fan hold Mimi)

We: Did you have enough sleep?

Kong: Yes..

We: Really?

Kong: Yes

We: Can we take photos of mimi? (already taking)

Kong: Take mimi... Not me..

We: can we take photo of you?

Kong: uh?

We: Can we take photo of you?

Kong:...(she gone)

She disappeared entrusting Mimi to us

Manager disappeared with autograph paper

And then the Mimi fan meeting begin.

We enjoyed 1:3 fanmeeting.

She got hug and shake hands with us.

She is so gentle because of many travel and shooting on the set. Don't bark or bite. Really gentle.

She is so light as her mom.

Her fur is so soft.

Paw is fluffy.

Manager came back with autograph paper.

We asked why Mimi wear same clothes every day.

Manager said it is washable LOL

Then we wait for them to finish and leave.

(Sorry for poor picture taking skill)

Support Team: 예지몬 잉요잉

Source: GHJ DC Gallery

English Translation by: Aullyeong

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Mianhe for not contributing, I'm unemployed soo~  but one day, I'll be contributing something  jeongmal~~   

Unnies is soo pretty in that simple wedding dress, making it look classy with only a simple look. 

It's been like 657494370 yrs since I last visited here :D  since I was busy but I'm really glad that GHJ unnie's food truck support was a success. Kudos to those who contributed :) 

BTW, I might hide/freeze when I see GHJ unnie haha, but those fans are really lucky..  and those foods are making me hungry. 

... backtracking  ...

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Gong Hyo Jin says thanks to viewers of ‘Incarnation of Jealousy’

Lead actress of ’Incarnation of Jealousy’ Gong Hyo Jin shared her thoughts on the drama wrapping up.

The drama made viewers laugh and cry with its intriguing storyline and actors’ performances while delivering the classic charm points of a romanic comedy.

Regarding the ending of the successful drama, Gong Hyo Jin released a statement through her agency, stating, “We started shooting in the hot summer and now we are ending it as the cold winter wind blows. I worried how I would be able to lead the 24-episode piece, but it went by quickly, and now we are close to airing the last episode. I am always busy filming, but when the ending nears, I always feel sad. I enjoyed making and watching this drama. I will remember this drama for a long time, especially because of all the actors and staff who worked hard together.”

She continued, “'Incarnation of Jealousy’ was a good drama because script, production, music, and other aspects all worked well together. I want to thank all the viewers who encouraged us.” 


Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/11/gong-hyo-jin-says-thanks-to-viewers-of-incarnation-of-jealousy

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November 11, 2016

Gong Hyo-jin wraps up ‘Jealousy Incarnate’

Actress Gong Hyo-jin who stars in the TV drama “Jealousy Incarnate” thanked fans and expressed satisfaction with the show. 

Gong on Thursday said through a statement via her agency that time flew by while she was working on the 24-episode show, adding that she would remember the experience for a long time. 

A scene from 'Jealousy Incarnate' (SBS)

The statement was as follows: “We began shooting in the middle of hot summer and now we’re about to wrap it up as the cold winter winds start to blow. When I started out on the show, I worried if I would be able to keep pace with the 24 episodes, but time has gone by quickly and now it’s time for us to air the finale.

“Despite the busy filming schedule, I always regret it when a show has to come to an end. I enjoyed filming for this one very much. I will remember it for a long time, especially because of all the other hardworking actors, staff, and director and scriptwriter Suh Sook-hyang -- with whom I was reunited after six years.

“I believe ‘Jealousy Incarnate’ was a success because its script, producing and music all fell in the right places. Thank you, everyone, for the support you gave us.” 

In the drama, Gong had played the role of a weathercaster whose dream is to become an anchorwoman. She was courted simultaneously by a macho reporter and a third-generation superrich individual. 

Taking the place of “Jealousy Incarnate” is a fantasy-romance drama, “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” featuring Hallyu stars Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun.

Jun will play the role of a modern-day mermaid, while Lee will play her lover’s 21st century reincarnation.

The first episode of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” is slated for Wednesday.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

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November 9, 2016

Kong Hyo-jin - an angel or a devil?

Source: Hancinema.net


Often called as "Kongvely (Kong Hyo-jin + lovely)", actress Kong Hyo-jin is famous for her innocent smiles and adorable personality. She is known as a K-drama romcom queen but in her newest movie, there won't be any romantic comedy happening!

In the still cuts released for "Missing Woman", Kong Hyo-jin show herself in two totally different atmospheres. She plays Han-mae in the movie, an angelic nanny who turns out to be an evil kidnapper. It's the first time since her debut to display such a cold, heartless expression as a villain.

Director Lee Eon-hee praised Kong Hyo-jin saying, "Han-mae is not a consistent persona. She appears in the movie as how different people perceived her as. To act as Han-mae, Kong Hyo-jin had to be flexible, being able to portray many different, yet same character. She was able to express it well, and it was a pleasure working with her".

Kong Hyo jin illustrated her character and the movie in her words: "As you watch the movie, you will be wondering if she's good or bad or pitiful or even crazy - her real self is mysterious, but you will be able to figure it out. Even after everything was filmed, I can't define this character in one word".

As mentioned earlier, it is very unusual for our romcom queen to act a character as mysterious and frosty as Han-mae. This may be a change but we have a great trust in her acting skill to show us the new side of her as an actress.

By. Lily Lee











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November 12, 2016

Actress Kong Hyo-jin Looks Back on Latest TV Series

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Actress Kong Hyo-jin has expressed a deep attachment to her latest TV series, "Jealousy Incarnate," after wrapping up its final episode on Thursday.

The romantic comedy centers on a love triangle between a weathercaster and two men, chronicling their feelings of love and jealousy.

Kong fascinated viewers with her candid portrayal of the weathercaster who aspires to be a news presenter, imbuing the character with a lovely yet elusive charm.


"We started shooting the series in mid-summer, and now a chilly wind has started to blow. In the beginning, I was worried about how I would deal with the lengthy 24-episode series, but the time raced by and now the final episode has ended," Kong said.

"I try to do my best at all times, but when it's over I'm filled with doubt, wondering if I've missed something," she added. "But it was fun and a great joy to work together with such great people -- the cast and all the crew. I believe I will look back on this as one of the most memorable TV series of my life."

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