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I was reading a news from Naver. and translated this one bit cos I understood it while reading and thought it was funny. These two are so funny. I've never seen unni laugh this much. I feel kinda thankful she has Uhm Ji Won unni as her close friend. Michin mimo unnideul. Neomu johayo

Reporter asked the two 'If you'll be able to make one thing disappear, what would it be?'
GHJ: It would be nice if polluted air would vanish. I'm an actress who thinks about the environment.
UJW : Gong Hyo Jin's alias is Eco Jin :)))) But still we always get to have a tumbler, why are there papercups here?


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GONGVELY!!!  I'm really excited for mi first time celebrating her bday. Glad to see all of your post and good wishes to unni I made this quick video in honor of this

Gong Hyo Jin - GRAZIA Making Film (English Subbed)   Questions: 1) Will the styles in TV dramas always become the focus? 2) How did you choose the style for "Ji Hae Soo"? 3) How did you choose the out

Happy Birthday Gong Hyo Jin! Postcard

@kkongvelyaussiefan This article seems to hint something somewhat unexpected from the 'usual' ending. Despite the heavy storyline, we'll have to wait and watch it to know for ourselves, :sweatingbullets:

November 29, 2016

‘Missing,’ a dark film by women about women

How two actresses fought on set to convince the crew that ‘it’s not all about motherhood’ 

“Missing” is a rare film in several ways: Made by women about women, it ultimately unites the two main characters in a deep, scarred female kinship, blurring the line between protagonist and villain. 

Directed by Lee Eon-hee and starring two women -- Gong Hyo-jin and Uhm Ji-won -- as leads, the film tells the story of a struggling divorcee who discovers her infant daughter and Chinese nanny have gone missing.

But it is not a traditional story about a mother who pines for her lost child, according to Uhm.

“It doesn’t follow a path to some kind of exciting maternal climax,” the actress told reporters Thursday in a group interview. “It’s a film that starts with motherhood and ends with womanhood.”

On a set helmed by a female director, Gong said she felt her “feminism launch into full action.”

Actress Gong Hyo-jin stars as Chinese nanny Han-mae in “Missing.” (Megabox Plus M)

“Most of the male staff felt the film was about motherhood. They had concluded that (the main character) was a mother before being a woman. But most of the female staff felt differently,” she said. “We felt it was a film about women.”

Tension had brimmed on set, Gong described. “We had to fight, in a fun way, for (our convictions), to persuade others to see our viewpoint.” 

The male domination of the film industry has “gone on for so long,” she added. “It’s not that there aren’t enough actresses, and it’s not that there aren’t enough (female-centric) scripts. The movies being made now are a direct response to what the audience wants. It’s a negative cycle.”

“There are so many ‘bromance’ stories out there,” actress Eom said in a separate interview, describing “Missing” as a “womance.” 

“Why don’t people realize that chemistry can exist between women as well?” 

Director Lee Eon-hee was interested in portraying the reality of Korean women, how circumstances change in different stages of their lives and “the inner conflict (women) undergo between each transitional period,” she told reporters after the film’s press screening last Friday. 

In the film, Uhm plays divorcee single mother Ji-seon, who struggles to make a living while caring for her daughter Da-eun. One thing she is grateful for in her life is the Chinese nanny Han-mae, played by Gong, whom Ji-seon relies on to watch over her child when she is at work. 

One day, Ji-seon returns home to discover that both the nanny and her 13-month-old girl have gone missing. After an investigation that involves questioning strange men in her neighborhood and uncovering lie after lie, she comes face-to-face with her kidnapper nanny. What unravels, however, is not the typical conclusion of revenge or tragedy. 

“It’s about two women who are both going through life alone in a difficult world,” said Gong, who have shared experiences through a common factor -- the child. 

Actress Uhm Ji-won stars as single mother Ji-seon, whose daughter is kidnapped in “Missing.” (Megabox Plus M)

“Which country they were born in and how they’re living is a result of their environment. But they’re woven from the same fabric,” Uhm said.

Most scripts written by men tend to create “inactive” female characters whose actions “can’t be explained rationally,” she said. “This film feels different.”

Uhm was awarded the prize for best actress by the Association of Film Critics for her role as the mother of a child who suffered rape in the 2013 film “Hope.” 

Gong most recently starred in TV series “Jealousy Incarnate” as a weather broadcaster who suffers unfair treatment at work for being a woman with a third-rate college degree. She has worked with numerous female directors throughout her career.

“Missing” is the most recent in a handful of Korean films spotlighting women this year -- including lesbian thriller “The Handmaiden”; “The Last Princess,” which depicts a Joseon princess caught in the tides of ruthless Japanese occupation; and “Our Love Story,” a romance between a quiet graduate student and an outgoing waitress. 

The film hits Korean theaters Wednesday. 

By Rumy Doo (doo@heraldcorp.com)

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Gong Hyo Jin posted on Instagram

일년 반 동안 간직만 한 사진들 #미씽 참 엄마같다 엄지
Translation: Picture from one & a half year ago. #Missing Uhm Ji Won is like a mother figure.


내일이야. #미씽 사라진여자. 개봉!
팔로워들만 예매해도 백만이네요. 극장에서 만나요~
Translation: It's tomorrow. 'Missing: Lost Woman' will be release! 
1 million followers can pre-purchase the tickets. Let's meet at the theater~



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December 1, 2016

Kong Hyo-jin is not afraid to change character :

Known for her lovely charm, the actress defies expectations in ‘Missing’

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


Actress Kong Hyo-jin broke out of her comfort zone for thriller “Missing,” and her trademark lovable girl-next-door is nowhere to be found. The 36-year-old said that she tends to make more brave decisions for roles on the silver screen. [MEGABOX PLUSM]

Actress Kong Hyo-jin has always played the lovable girl-next-door in some of Korea’s most popular romantic comedies.

Other times, the model-turned-actress has made headlines with her fashion.

However, the 36-year-old broke out of her comfort zone in the mystery thriller “Missing” playing a Chinese nanny, Han-mae, who kidnaps a child that she babysits.

As the mysterious character, whose identity turns out to be fake, the Kong that Koreans fell in love is nowhere to be found. As one mystery is solved after another, Han-mae is sometimes pitiful, other times cold and terrifying.

The JoongAng Ilbo, an affiliate of Korea JoongAng Daily, met with Kong recently for an interview. She noted, “Isn’t the lovely Hyo-jin kind of getting old?”

Kong recently starred in the SBS drama “Jealousy Incarnate,” where her character Pyo Na-ri, a weather caster, is involved in a tangled love triangle.

“I would understand if [with ‘Missing’] fans of the drama feel like they were forced to say goodbye to Pyo Na-ri,” she said.

She said she often chooses the character that will simply make viewers happy. “I am drawn to a female lead who makes people’s hearts pound and who emits so much positive spirit that when people watch a drama or movie that she’s in, their mundane life gets happier.”

But she added that she’s also struggling to find some new roles. And she said that she tends to be braver in choosing her roles for the silver screen.

In a way, her filmography shows just that: She has always played that lovely girl, but also often manages to redefine that character’s charm.

In the 2010 drama “Pasta,” which actually earned her the nickname “Kong-vley” (as in ‘the lovely Kong’), she was a bright girl who found love in the kitchen.

But in 2008’s “Crush and Blush” she plays an unpopular and not-so-pretty girl who has the strange habit of blushing badly. And in the 2011 “Love Fiction” she is a hopeless romantic who is looking for a guy to love her everything, including her armpit hair.

“Of course, I have had hesitations,” she said. “For ‘Crush and Blush,’ for instance, I tried to reject [the role] but I felt like that character was hanging on to me. It’s the same with ‘Missing.’ Although my part was small and I had to speak Chinese, the script was so good and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. What can you do? Your heart wants what it wants.”

She said she didn’t define what Han-mae is like and just went with each scene. “I approached each scene with different emotions,” she said. “I think that’s why sometimes she seems so innocent and other times she looks crazy.”

In fact, the script had various versions as to who Han-mae is. One had her as a so-called Joseonjok, or ethnic Koreans who grew up or still resides in China. Another had her as a foreign immigrant. Director E.oni also thought about casting a Chinese actress or a complete newbie for the role.

However, the director went ahead with Kong because she wanted to see her play Han-mae.

“I told [the director] that I would do what I can but if it doesn’t work out I wouldn’t mind resorting to dubbing,” she said. “There are many Chinese helpers in Korea but we don’t really take an interest in who they really are. It must be so lonely for them, don’t you think? When we want to tell the story of an alienated person, I thought to myself, we should do all we can.”

BY MIN KYUNG-WON [hkim@joongang.co.kr]

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@daisyjhey i was surprised too!! Hahaha Plus she replied really promptly~ just after one of the int. fans complained why unnie had to say that we have to go to korea to watch missing lol i guess that was taken out of context =_= but she really does read the comments it's kinda flattering and scary at the same time bc it feels like she's watching all of us HAHAHAHA

anyway, does anyone know how many views Missing already has? I really want them to reach 5M so that they'd perform in inkigayo :lol:

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Guest marikolah
Nice and informative review courtesy of google translate. I tried cleaning up the English a tiny bit but it ended up being a futile attempt. :D I gave up after the first paragraph. The original article is linked below. I personally am looking forward to watching it myself at the end of this month. 
[Culture News] 
Two women's story and motherhood
It was time for the viewer to check once again who was the queen of romantic comedy. Gong Hyo Jin of TV drama always takes on a lovely character and has the nickname "Gonglovely". Although she has been steadily building her film career in movies, Gong Hyo Jin is more engraved in the public as the main character of the romantic comedy drama, Gong Bly. What was the point of the 'Missing: Missing Woman' (hereafter Missing)?
Forget about 'Gong Bly'
In 'Missing', Gong Hyo Jin put down a lovely image for a while. She has put on a comfortable and comfortable life, and played a Chinese nanny 'hanmah', which is not interested in her appearance. It was an unusual change from the familiar image, and it was an unbelievably transforming transformation to the audience who remembers the appearance of the Roco Queen in 'Pasta', 'Master's Sun, 'Best Love'.
One is a slightly dismal character, which requires a lot of emotions to be compared to a character with a plump blob. This character has big expectations and spacing, but it does not take long to adapt. Gong Hyo-jin's acting plays a strong convincing power and attracts the audience.
An audience who has never seen another of Gong Hyo Jin (or an audience that has not anticipated) will be amazed at her wide performance and gain a sense of enlightenment. 'Ah, Gong Hyo - jin was an actor before he was released.'. The reason why she is tied up in public is that it is an industrial problem that she does not have a lot of genres to appear in. For bittersweet reasons, the image 'Gongbyeol' may be acting like a shackle.
Strong thriller with power
Missing, which is centered on Saraji children, starts with 'Working Mom', passes through the environment of 'Foreign Women', and completes story of different material and atmosphere. It is interesting that the story and the events related to Hanmae and the branch line (the umpire) are revealed one by one and the large sculpture is arranged, and the tension and the immersion that come from the diabolical atmosphere are also quite high.'Missing', which has a well-detailed setting and a solid story, is an atmosphere and power that can not be felt in Korean commercial movies. I want to talk more about this story, but I think it will become a spoiler. Take a look at the atmosphere through the tour.
Two women's story and motherhood
Missing is a film about women. The film clearly shows the dark reality of women by placing two women in the world of incompetent or disgusting male characters. Male corporate culture, irrationality and inhumanity of patriarchy, and the absurdity of the male world. The fact that it is already a women's two-shot film is an unbelievable choice in the current industry, but the blades of the film are sharper than that. It is intended to face women in the age of abomination and discrimination, which is often mentioned, and to awaken society.
The strong maternal love that Missing shows pushes the film to a rather complex point. Simply looking, the film is an interesting film with a solid story and a mood. It is also a good movie. However, when I saw the story of a woman in the center of the film released from the viewpoint of maternity, there was a point where I was hesitant to say 'Missing' is a good 'female movie'. It was intense, but I felt like there was a wall, and I left the movie theater.
<Culture News>
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23 hours ago, chives said:

@daisyjhey i was surprised too!! Hahaha Plus she replied really promptly~ just after one of the int. fans complained why unnie had to say that we have to go to korea to watch missing lol i guess that was taken out of context =_= but she really does read the comments it's kinda flattering and scary at the same time bc it feels like she's watching all of us HAHAHAHA

anyway, does anyone know how many views Missing already has? I really want them to reach 5M so that they'd perform in inkigayo :lol:


Hai guys...long time no see... 

Not yet dear, Missing has 449.000 viewers till the third day (2016.12.03)... Missing has the biggest viewers for all movie that released at 30th November, 2016 but its still too far away from 5M but lets have positive thinking that they still hv a chance to reach 5M... So many picture in IG from Missing PersConf..

And so happy, Yesterday or 2 days ago, GHJ reply a comment on her IG hahahaha....



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Hello fans from Southern California or Los Angeles area! ‘Missing: Lost Woman’ will be showing at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles this week. If you live in the area, please go watch ‘Missing’ to support Gong Hyo Jin and Uhm Ji Won! Go and book your tickets now!

CGV LA Address: 621 S. Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90005

Pre-purchase tickets:


On VLIVE, Gong Hyo Jin and Uhm Ji Won also mentioned about the movie showing at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles. Don’t you wish that they can come to Los Angeles to say hello?



Source: https://gongvelyans.wordpress.com/2016/12/03/watch-missing-at-cgv-cinemas-in-los-angeles/

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  • Jillia changed the title to Gong Hyo Jin 공효진

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