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  1. The conceptual cut of musical 'Excalibur' Um Ki Jun
  2. Theater, Film & TV actor Presenting UHM KI JOON PROFILE Name: Uhm Ki Joon / Eom Ki Jun (엄기준) Date of Birth: March 23, 1976 (lunar) Height: 180 cm Weight: 67 kg Blood type: A Zodiac Sign: Aries Management : Sidus HQ 싸이더스HQ Education : Seoul Jonghap Arts school 서울종합예술원 Twitter: https://twitter.com/werther777 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/werther777/ Websites: http://umkijoon.sidushq.com & http://www.umkijoon.com/ & http://www.umkijoon.jp/index.jsp Hompy: http://www.cyworld.com/jekyll666 Awards: 2018 SBS Drama Awards - SBS Acting Grand Prize, Character of the Year Award <Innocent Defendant> 2011 SBS Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in a Weekend Drama <Scent of a Woman> 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival - IT Star Award Award 2008 KBS Drama Awards - Best Supporting Actor <Worlds Within> 2007 MBC Entertainment Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in a Sitcom/Comedy <Kimchi Cheese Smile> TIMELINE Theater 2018 Art 2010 Closer <Dan> 2009 From the bottom 2008 Crazy Kiss <Jang Jung> 2007 Crazy Kiss <Jang Jung> 2004 Impulsive man <Yoo-jung> 1995 Richard III Broadcast 2018 MBC (Variety)<Wizard of Oz> SBS <Heart Surgeons, Choi Seok Han> 2017 SBS <Defendant, Cha Sunho & Cha Minho>, KBS <I'm not a Robot, Hong Baek Gyun> 2016 Web drama <Nightmare Teacher, Han Bong-gu> 2015 KBS <Masked prosecutor, Kang Hyun-woong > 2014 KBS <Golden Cross, Michael Jang> 2013 OCN <The Virus, Lee Myung-hun> , SBS <I Can Hear Your Voice, ep 14 cameo> 2012 SBS <Ghost, Jo Hyun-min> 2011 SBS <Scent of a Woman, Chae Eun-suk> MBC<Miss Ripley, ep 14 cameo> , MBC <Can’t Lose, ep 14-17 Cha Seok-hoon> 2010 KBS <Dream High, Kang Oh-hyuk> 2009 MBC <Cheer Up on Love, Choi Seung-hyun> , MBC <Hero, Kang Hae-sung> 2008 KBS <Drama City: Secret only you do not know, Park Hyeong-joo> MBC <Life Special Investigation Team, Park Chan-ho> KBS <Worlds Within, Song Gyu-ho> 2007 KBS <Drama City: Otherworldly Messengers with Amnesia, Dong-wook> MBC <Kimchi Cheese Smile, Um Ki Joon> 2006 KBS <Drama City: Who loved her, Park Cheol-ho> Movie 2013 Killer Toon 2010 Finding Mr. Destiny 2010 Man Of Vendetta Advertising 2010 SK Telecom 2007 Gentra X Music Video 2014 Huh Gak <April Snow> 2007 Lee Ki Chan <three>, Toys <Hi twenty> Concert 2018 "Love in Valentine" 2017 Wang Yong Civil Concert <HE_Story>, The Musical Festival Galaxy, Myeong Yong Civil Act THE ONE 2017 2016 Premium won more concerts (subtitle: The scent of men) 2015 Concert <The TIME of Ki Joon>: Japan 2014 Premium Concert <ONE>: Japan Musical 2018 The Three Musketeers 2017 Monte Cristo, Mata Hari, Rebecca 2016 Werther, Rebecca<Maxim de Winter>, Mata Hari <Armand>, Jack the Ripper, Monte Cristo <Edmond Dantes> 2015 Robin Hood <Robin Hood>, Cinderella <Prince Christopher> , Werther, Rebecca. 2014 The Three Musketeers, Bonnie and Clyde, Rebecca. 2013 The Three Musketeers, Monte Cristo, Jack the Ripper, Bonnie and Clyde <Clyde Barrow>, Werther 2012 Catch Me If You Can <Frank Abagnale Jr.>, Jack the Ripper 2011 Monte Cristo, Jack the Ripper, The Three Musketeers 2010 Monte Cristo<Edmond Dantes>, Jack the Ripper <Daniel>, The Three Musketeers 2009 The Three Musketeers <D’Artagnan> , killer Jack 2008 Breaking gender, Singin 'in the Rain 2007 A Day <Han Min-ho>, Men and women live performance, Singin 'in the Rain 2006 Sorrow of Young Werther, A man punching the wall, Finding Kim Joong wook <Jong wook> Grease, The Passion of The Lanes 2005 Singin 'in the Rain, Assassin, Grease, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Fashion of the Rain, Love Diary 2004 Anak jiae Love story, Singin 'in the Rain, Carmen 2003 Grease <Danny Zuko>, The Sorrows of Young Werther 2002 Carmen <Escamillo> , Songshan Wildfire <Kim Hyun>, Sorrows of Young Werther <Werther>, Singin 'in the Rain 2001 Singin 'in the Rain <Don Lockwood> , Tripitaka Koreana 2000 Oh Happy Day, Tripitaka Koreana, the Sea God Jangbogo 1999 Tripitaka Koreana, the Sea God Jangbogo 1998 Gwanggaeto the Great 1996 Oliver
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