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  1. fun fearless female uber talented actress style icon all-around cool chick presenting... Gong Hyo Jin Profile Name : 공효진 / Gong Hyo-Jin / Kong Hyo-Jin Nickname : 올리브 (Olive) Birthdate : 4 April 1980 Height : 172cm Weight : 48kg Blood type : A Birthplace : Seoul Family : Parents, 1 younger brother Religion : Catholic (Christian name : Justina) Educational background : --- Seoul Gangwol Elementary School --- Yangcheon Middle School --- John Paul College Senior/High School (Brisbane, Australia) --- Sejong Univeristy - Major in Film Art (dropped out) Debut : Memento Mori (1999) Favorite color : Yellow Favorite animals : Dogs, cats Favorite cars : Porsche 911, Daihatsu Trevis Mira Gino Favorite athletic activities : Tennis, swimming, basketball Favorite sport to watch during the Olympics : Weightlifting Favorite music : All genres, esp R&B Favorite musician : Lucid Fall Favorite noraebang/karaoke song : It's Okay by Yangpa Favorite books : Maundy Thursday by Gong Ji-Young, The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom Favorite time of the day : 10 p.m. ("time for dramas!") Favorite season : Winter Favorite workspace : Park Favorite food : Korean food, any type of stew/jjigae, especially ojingeo jjigae (squid stew w/ mixed vegetables in spicy sauce) that her mother makes Dishes she cooks best : Kimchi seafood pasta, kimchi kongnamulbap (kimchi and bean sprouts mixed in rice), gultteokguk (rice cake soup w/ oysters), doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew) Drinking limit : 1 glass of soju + 1 glass of beer Hobbies : Growing plants, bicycling, jogging and walking in the park, reading, yoga, playing computer/Internet games Habit : Leg-shaking Her best feature : Smiley face Her insecurity ("complex") : Swollen eyes Her personality traits : Impulsive, an optimist, not a worrier, easygoing but reserved Dislikes : Cowardly and selfish people Ideal type : Someone similar to herself Celebrity close friends : Shin Min-Ah, Kim Min-Hee, Bae Doo-Na, Im Soo-Jung, Jo Eun-Ji, Lee Young-Jin, Jeon Do-Yeon, Gong Yoo, Kang Hye-Jung, Son Ye-Jin, Yoon Eun-Hye (when she was younger: Oh Seung-Hyun, Yoon Jin-Seo, Kim Hyo-Jin, Kim Min-Sun) Most favorite person in the world : Her stylist Park Se-Jun Actor role models : Kate Winslet, Shim Eun-Ha, Jung Woo-Sung Childhood dream : Fashion designer Goal in life : To become a great actor, an actor with special feeling (특별한 느낌이 있는 연기자) Management Soop profile SidusHQ profile Cine21 profile Movist profile The "more personal" info (though outdated) are thanks to Konghyojin.com.ne.kr & Dukgun.com Some recent "favorites" info from Nylon 2008 interview Filmography - Movies 2016 미씽: 사라진 아이 Missing: Missing Child 2013 고령화가족 Boomerang Family / Aging Family 2012 美好2012: 你何止美丽 / 미호2012: 그녀의 연기 Beautiful 2012: You Are More Than Beautiful (Youku short film) 2012 러브픽션 Love Fiction 2010 소와 함께 여행하는 법 Rolling Home with a Bull / How To Travel with a Cow 2009 지금, 이대로가 좋아요 Sisters on the Road / Now, Things Are Just Fine As They Are 2008 미쓰 홍당무 Crush & Blush / Miss Carrot / Miss Hongdangmu 2008 다찌마와 리: 악인이여 지옥행 급행열차를 타라! Dachimawa Lee: Bye, Villain! Take the Express Train to Hell 2007 엠 M 2007 행복 Happiness 2007 아들 My Son / A Day with My Son (cameo, voice) 2006 가족의 탄생 Family Ties / Birth of a Family 2005 천군 Heaven's Soldiers / General of Heaven 2002 품행제로 Conduct Zero / No Manners / Manner Zero 2002 철없는 아내와 파란만장한 남편 그리고 태권소녀 A Bizarre Love Triangle / An Indiscreet Husband, a Checkered Wife and a Taekwondo Girl / Foolish Wife, Ruthless Husband and Taekwon Girl / Thoughtless Wife, Insecure Husband and the Taekwon Girl 2002 긴급조치 19호 Emergency Act 19 / Emergency Measure No. 19 2002 서프라이즈 Surprise Party / Surprise 2001 화산고 Volcano High / Hwasan High School / Hwasango / Whasango 2001 킬러들의 수다 Guns & Talks 2001 선물 Last Present / A Gift (bit part) 2000 여름 이야기 Summer Story 1999 여고괴담 두번째 이야기 (여고괴담 2: 메멘토 모리) Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori / High School Ghost Story 2: Memento Mori Filmography - TV Dramas 2015 KBS2 프로듀사 Producer / The Producers 2014 SBS 괜찮아, 사랑이야 It's Okay, It's Love 2013 SBS 주군의 태양 Master's Sun / Sun of My Master 2011 tvN 꽃미남 라면가게 Flower Boy Ramyun Shop / Flower Boy Ramen Shop (cameo, episode 9) 2011 MBC 최고의 사랑 The Greatest Love / Best Love 2010 MBC 파스타 Pasta 2007 MBC 고맙습니다 Thank You 2005 SBS 건빵선생과 별사탕 Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy / Hardtack Teacher and Sugar Candy / Hello My Teacher 2004 SK Telecom 다섯 개의 별 Five Stars (mobile drama) 2003 KBS2 상두야 학교 가자 Sang-Doo, Let's Go to School! / My Beloved 2003 MBC 눈사람 Snowman / Snowflakes 2002 MBC 네 멋대로 해라 Ruler of Your Own World / Do As You Wish 2001 KBS2 드라마시티 Drama City: 사랑하라 희망 없이 Love Without Hope 2001 SBS 화려한 시절 Wonderful Days / Splendid Days / Beautiful Times / The Bright Time / The Magnificent Season 2000 SBS 좋은친구들 Good Friends: 페퍼민트 Peppermint (sitcom, guest appearance) 2000 MBC 가문의 영광 My Funky Family / Honor of the Family (sitcom) Music Videos 2003 Yoon Gun (윤건) - 갈색머리 Brown Hair 2003 Lee Soo-Young (이수영) - 덩그러니 Left Alone (Part 1) / 여전히 입술을 깨물고 I Still Bite My Lips (Part 2) Documentary 2013 노라노 Nora Noh 2012 577 프로젝트 577 Project 2011 MBC 타임: 새드 무비를 아시나요? Time (episode 1): Do You Know Sad Movies? <Narrator> MC 2001 Channel [V] Korea 쇼! 무한지대 Show! Unlimited 2001 Channel [V] Korea [V] 레볼루션 [V] Revolution 200? iTV 뮤직박스 Music Box 2000 KBS1 강력추천 고교챔프 Best High School Champs 2000 SBS 이홍렬의 TV 대발견 Lee Hong-Ryul's TV Great Discovery Theater 2014~2015 리타 Educating Rita Radio DJ 2000~2001 SBS FM 1035다 공효진의 나는 Gong Hyo-Jin's Me / I am Gong Hyo-Jin Discography 2014 스포일러 Spoiler (Epik High, uncredited vocals) 2011 나 너를 사랑하나봐 I Think I Love You / Seems Like I Love You (duet with MY Q) 2002 침대의 끝 Bed's End (duet with Jo Eun-Ji, A Bizarre Love Triangle OST) Books 2010 공책 Gong Hyo-Jin's Notebook / Gong Book / Gong Chek (environmental essays) Fashion Line Designer 2012 랩 바이 공효진 LAP by Gong Hyo-Jin 2012 익스큐즈미X슈콤마보니 Excuse Me x Suecomma Bonnie 2010 익스큐즈미+푸시버튼 Excuse Me + pushBUTTON F/W capsule collection Catalogues Aini | Temax | Gorilla Jeans | Lollol | Ssamzie Sport | 1492 Miles | IZ Jeans | ZippyZiggy | ys'b | MF Advertising - Commercials (CF) / Print / Online Migliore | Fujifilm | 700-5425 | N016 | Motorola | Channel I | SK Telecom Power Digital 017 | Fanta | Binggrae Spicy Soya Ramen | Popeyes Chicken | Orion Yegam Baked Potato Chips | Shinsei 기통신 | Persnet | Ace4U Red Orange | Lotte Potato Slims | Lecaf | Namyang Fresh Strawberry Milk | Rexona | Auction F/W 2007, S/S 2008 | Guess Love Triangle-G Love Your Body campaign | The North Face | Clinique YES! campaign | Benetton Green Ride campaign | Bobbi Brown Brightening line | Orion Natural Chicle | Max Beer | Christian Dior Cosmetics | Uniqlo | Motorola Defy | Biotherm | Excuse Me + pushBUTTON | Samsung Card S Class | Aquarius | Namyang Delicious Milk GT | Nintendo 3DS Mario Kart 7 | Los Angeles Project (LAP Korea) | Samsung Galaxy Note II | Samsung Digital Plaza | Chamisul Soju | Hat's On | Smoothie King | 2econd Floor | J.Estina (see post #12 for CFs and MVs) Awards and Nominations 2014 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress <Top Excellence, Miniseries>, Best Couple Award <with Jo In-sung> (It's Okay, It's Love) 2014 Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards: Best Actress <Top Excellence> (It's Okay, It's Love) 2014 APAN Star Awards: Best Actress <Top Excellence, Miniseries> nominee (It's Okay, It's Love) 2013 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress <Top Excellence, Miniseries> nominee (Master's Sun) 2013 APAN Star Awards: Best Actress <Top Excellence> nominee (Master's Sun) 2013 Korea Drama Awards: Best Actress <Top Excellence> nominee (Master's Sun) 2013 Style Icon Awards: 10 Style Icons 2013 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award (Boomerang Family) 2013 Mnet 20's Choice Awards: 20's Movie Star - Female nominee (Boomerang Family) 2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award (Love Fiction) 2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress nominee (Love Fiction) 2012 Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Actress <TV> (The Greatest Love) 2011 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actress <Top Excellence, Miniseries>, Popularity Award, Best Couple Award <with Cha Seung-Won> (The Greatest Love) 2011 Korea Drama Festival: Best Actress nominee (The Greatest Love) 2011 Mnet 20's Choice Awards: Hot Drama Star - Female (The Greatest Love), Hot Style Icon 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actress <Top Excellence>, Best Couple Award <with Lee Seon-Gyun> (Pasta) 2010 Style Icon Awards: Style Leader 2010 CETV: Top Ten Asian Actors (Pasta) 2009 New York Asian Film Festival: Rising Star Asia Award (Crush & Blush) 2009 Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Actress nominee (Crush & Blush) 2008 KMDB (Korean Movie Database) Choice Awards: Best Actress (Crush & Blush) 2008 Women in Film Korea Awards: Best Actress (Crush & Blush) 2008 Director's CUT Awards: Best Actress (Crush & Blush) 2008 Korea Film Awards: Best Actress (Crush & Blush) 2008 Korea Visual Arts Festival (Korea Broadcasting Camera Directors Association): Photogenic Award (Crush & Blush) 2008 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress nominee (Crush & Blush) 2008 Buil Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress nominee (M) 2008 Chunsa Film Festival: Best Supporting Actress nominee (Happiness) 2008 Grand Bell Awards: Best Supporting Actress nominee (Happiness) 2008 Asian Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress nominee (Happiness) 2007 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actress <Top Excellence> (Thank You) 2007 Korea Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Happiness) 2006 Thessaloniki International Film Festival: Best Actress (Family Ties) 2006 Korea Film Awards: Best Actress nominee (Family Ties) 2003 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actress <Excellence>, Netizen Award, Best Couple Award <with Bi> (Sang-Doo, Let's Go to School!) 2003 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actress <Excellence> nominee (Snowman) 2003 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress nominee (Conduct Zero) 2002 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Ruler of Your Own World) 2002 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress nominee (Volcano High) 2002 Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress <TV> (Wonderful Days) 2001 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Wonderful Days) 2001 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress nominee (Guns & Talks) 2011 9th Asiana International Short Film Festival - Special Juror, Face in Shorts Award 2011 45th Taxpayers' Day - Model Taxpayer Citation 2011 50th Australia-Korea Year of Friendship - Goodwill Ambassador 2009 11th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul - Jury President 2006 5th Mise-en-scène Genre Film Festival - Honorary Juror, The King of Comedy section 2006 2nd Jecheon International Music & Film Festival - Goodwill Ambassador Links http://instagram.com/rovvxhyo [Official] http://www.cyworld.com/mariekkong [Official] http://weibo.com/kkonglove9 [Official] http://me2day.net/kkonglove9 http://www.soopent.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=star0201 [Official] http://noakorea.asia/star/khjin/ http://konghyojin.sidushq.com http://cafe.daum.net/marikong [Official] DC Inside gallery HanCinema | Wikipedia | DramaWiki | AsianWiki | KMDb | IMDb Forum Rules ~NO HOTLINKING of the photos in this thread All info-gathering and Korean-->English translations by me so PLS HAVE THE DECENCY TO CREDIT melusine @ Soompi.com when reposting or re-translating this profile elsewhere~ Thanks also to xosandy for helping organize this page and being such a cool mod--lotsa chocopies for you!
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