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[breaking News!] Jaebeom Quits 2pm ! :(

Guest Mimiluvsu

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Guest adieu.cloud


im wtfing this .

i reeeeaaalllyy hope an anti hacked it .

I wont believe it until its offical said by JYP himself .

if its true -______-;; how could he quit over the stupid antis?! what about 2pm? 2pm isnt 2pm without JAY!

im sooo scared right now. 2pm's like my current obsession right now.

HE CANT QUIT!!!!!! STUPID ANTIS, i bet theyre happy now right ?! gosh IM SO EFFING MAD!!!! D;


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I'm not a fan, but while I do think that what he said was incredibly disrespectful, this wasn't needed.

He has apologised - SINCERELY - and he's already getting a tonne of crap from netizens.

Really, a suicide petition? Netizens ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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I just bawled my eyes out after reading this in the 2PM thread. hopefully it was hacked but I am not that optimistic....

but I don't believe he would really do this... but then again I do not know him

this is such a shame if it's true. how can this be true? T.T

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^seriously, i feel like crying soo bad right now T_T

im in sooo much grief.. i cant believe it... man, he was like... the funny one, the one who created the atmosphere, yaknoww?! 2pm will never be the same... im going to miss him so, so much

mini cooper, words cant even describe how much i liked him, how much im going to miss him, and how great of a person he was..

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Guest msxadina

I freaking cried reading this, regardless if it's really or not, he cannot leave !

It even shows how much he means to me . 2pm is nothing without him .

There isn't any other who can replace, that'll make it the same .

I hope someone just hacked it, because he is stronger than that .

Until I see him announce it and JYP confirms it, I'm not believing it !

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Guest AnnaxBanana

i usually would stay a silent reader...but i can't take this...

i feel so heartbroken right now...and i wanna cry...

please don't let this be true...



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