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[drama 2009] Two Wives 두 아내

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[sBS] Kim Ji Young, Son Tae Young, Kim Ho Jin, Kang Ji Sub, Andy

Two Wives 두 아내

Doo Ah Nae


Official site:


Director: Yoon Ryu Hye 윤류해

Writer: Lee Yoo Sun 이유선

Episodes: 120

Broadcast period: 2009-May-04 ~ 2009-Oct-30

Broadcast Time: Monday to Friday 7:20 (Replaced Temptation of Wife)

Cast: Kim Ji Young (김지영), Kim Ho Jin (김호진), Son Tae Young (손태영), Kang Ji Sub (강지섭), Andy, Lee Yoo Jin (이유진), Uhm Min Woo (엄민우), Kim Soo Jung (김수정), Kim Yong Rim (김용림), Kim Young Ran (김영란), Kim Yoon Kyung (김윤경), Go Jung Min (고정민), Kang Sung Jin (강성진), Jo Yang Ja (조양자), Kyun Mi Ri (견미리), Yang Hee Kyung (양희경), Jun Moo Song (전무송)


Yoon Young Hee (Kim Ji Young) thought she had the perfect life; a wonderful husband (Kim Ho Jin) and loving family. That was before she found out her husband was having an affair with another woman (Son Tae Young). At first when her husband, Chul Soo asks for a divorce, she is reluctant to give him one as it would be too easy for him after everything he's done to her. Eventually she realizes that he's not worth it and she divorces her husband. Soon after her ex-husband and his lover decide to get married. However, as luck would have it, Chul Soo (Kim Ho Jin) gets into a car accident before after he marries Ji Sook (Son Tae Young). The accident causes Chul Soo to forget his memories and he is torn between the two women as he doesn't know who he loves.


for cast descriptions in Korean go here


Yoon Young Hee (Kim Ji Young)

A loving wife and mother who thought her life was complete until she found out her husband, Chul Soo, was seeing another woman on the side. She tries to pick up the pieces of her life after their divorce; however, she finds that hard to do when Chul Soo comes back to her after his accident. Her former mother-in-law asks that she pretend to be Chul Soo's wife for one month. Young Hee finds it hard to control her emotions around Chul Soo especially since his new wife, Ji Sook, is always around and is a constant reminder of the pain that they brought her.


Kang Chul Soo (Kim Ho Jin)

Young Hee's husband who starts an affair with a single mother. Eventually breaks up his family with Young Hee to be with Ji Sook and her daughter, So Ri. However, he gets into a car accident which causes him to lose his memories.


Han Ji Sook (Son Tae Young)

A single mother who falls in love with a married man. At first she was looking for someone to pretend to be her daughter's father. Enter Chul Soo. He only had to visit on the weekends but it soon developed into something more. She realized that Chul Soo was another woman's man but by the time she tried to break it off, it was too late. She was already greedy for something she couldn't have. Ji Sook tries desperately to help Chul Soo regain his memories but it's no use. He treats Young Hee like his wife and ignores her and So Ri. When her ex, Young Min, shows up she tries to cover her tracks about who really is So Ri's father.


Song Ji Ho (Kang Ji Sub)

Ji Ho meets Young Hee when she backs into his car. At that time, she was trying to catch a thief and drove off. Ji Ho chased after her demanding that she pay for the damages. He is Young Hee's hoobae from their childhood. For some reason Young Hee can confide in Ji Ho and little by little he starts to fall for her. He got out of a relationship that scarred him and is afraid of getting hurt again.

Supporting Cast


Yoon Nam Joon (Andy)

Young Hee's younger brother

Nam Joon gets involved with an older woman who also happens to be his older sister's friend, Jo Mi Mi. He fled Korea when a deal he had went south. He used to respect and look up to his "mae hyung" (brother-in-law), Chul Soo. However, after Chul Soo's accident he disagrees with Young Hee and the other elders on how to handle Chul Soo and their situation.


Jo Mi Mi (Lee Yoo Jin)

Young Hee's friend

She works for Ji Ho. She will develop a love relationship with Nam Joon.


Kang Do Hee (Kim Yoon Kyung)

Chul Soo's sister / Ahn Kyung Tae's wife

She has known Young Hee since their school days. She doesn't agree with her brother's decision to leave his wife of 10 years to start a new life with another woman. Her relationship with her husband is very comical and very strong (most of the times). She's desperate for a child of her own but later finds out that her husband had a vasectomy before they were married.


Jang Young Ja (Kim Yong Rim)

Chul Soo & Do Hee's mother.

She finds life ironic when she finds out that her son is cheating as her husband cheated on her as well. She wishes that Young Hee find it in her heart to forgive Chul Soo for the sake of their son, Han Byul.


Ahn Kyung Tae (Kang Sung Jin)

Do Hee's husband / Chul Soo's friend

Doesn't want children as his mother was not much of a role model growing up. He had a vasectomy done before he married Do Hee. He has been friends with her brother for many years.


Oh Dal Ja (Kim Young Ran)

Kyung Tae's mother


Seo Yeo Ja (Jo Yang Ja)

Young Hee & Nam Joon's mother


Yoon Jang Soo (Jun Moo Song)

Young Hee & Nam Joon's father


Kang Han Byul (Uhm Min Woo)

Young Hee & Chul Soo's son

He begins to feel neglected when Chul Soo starts to care more for his "other" family. He's jealous of the attention that Chul Soo gives to So Ri.


Han So Ri (Kim Soo Jung)

Ji Sook's daughter with her ex-boyfriend, Lee Young Min

So Ri believes that Chul Soo is her father. That is what she has known for 2 years since she was 4 years old.

Jung Se Ri (Jung Ji Ah)

Kwang Tae's younger sister

Lee Young Min (Choi Won Young)

So Ri's biological father

He dated Ji Sook for several years. However, his mother was not fond of their relationship and broke them up. Young Min is an international lawyer and is friends with Ji Ho. Young Min tries desperately to win Ji Sook back so that he could take care of her and be a real father to So Ri. However, Ji Sook is unwilling to go back to him.

Oh Young Ran (Yoon Ji Min)

Ji Ho's ex-girlfriend

She comes back to Korea to try to win Ji Ho back after her divorce.

??? (Kim Hye Ok)

Ji Ho's mother

Like Young Hee, she knows what it's like to be a single mother as Ji Ho's father had an affair as well and they ended up getting a divorce just like Young Hee and Chul Soo did. However, she does not want her son to marry a single mother.

??? (Kyun Mi Ri)

School Director

??? (Yang Hee Kyung)

Yoo Young Sun (Go Jung Min)

Ji Sook's friend

Correlation Chart


Episode Summaries

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(credits zealioner)


RAW: Aja-Aja

CHINESE SUBS: Cococrust Repository

Watch Online

English Subs: Viikii

Episode Ratings


Source: TNS Media & Dramawiki


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Press Con


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Press conference on 4/28

Kim Ji Young and her real life mother-in-law Kim Yong Rim


Kim Ho Jin


Son Tae Young




Lee Yoo Jin


Kang Ji Sub


Kim Ji Young-Kim Ho Jin


Kang Ji Sub-Kim Ji Young


Son Tae Young-Kim Ho Jin


Kim Yoon Kyung-Kang Sung Jin


Kim Yong Rim







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I hope working with her mother-in-law does not alter Kim Ji Young acting. I really like her in Tomato and My Lovely Fool. She really had one sexy body. She reminds me of Lee Tae Ran. I wonder if she will be showing off her curves once more and becoming the love interest of Kang Ji Sub. Let's hope so.

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more press con pics. to avoid the page from loading slowly pics are only thumbnails. (NO HOTLINKING!)

Kim Ji Young-Kim Ho Jin-Son Tae Young

lovetriangle.th.jpg twowifes.th.jpg

Kim Ji Young-Kim Yong Rim

jiyr.th.jpg momda.th.jpg

Lee Yoo Jin-Kim Ji Young


Lee Yoo Jin-Andy

andyyoojin.th.jpg yujinand.th.jpg anndyyy.th.jpg

Kim Ji Young-Kim Yoon Kyung-Son Tae Young-Kim Yong Rim watch as Lee Yoo Jin dances

pp09042800063.th.jpg n2009042818281575001.th.jpg yujindancing.th.jpg

Kim Ho Jin

hojin232.th.jpg husbandchulsu.th.jpg

Son Tae Young

sty.th.jpg sty1.th.jpg sty2.th.jpg sty3.th.jpg sty34.th.jpg stydfoe.th.jpg

Kang Ji Sub



andy12.th.jpg andy1isr.th.jpg

Lee Yoo Jin

leeyooojin.th.jpg lyunji.th.jpg

Kim Yoon Kyung

kimyunkyung.th.jpg dhroee.th.jpg kykyung.th.jpg

Kang Sung Jin

kansj.th.jpg kangsung.th.jpg

Source: http://soompi.com/son_tae_young_kim_ho_jin...84%EB%82%B4quot

Son Tae Young, Kim Ho Jin, and Kim Ji Young lead the SBS drama “Two Wives (두 아내)”

by: CindyW88

on: April 28, 2009 8:09pm

4/28/09 -- Son Tae Young, Kim Ho Jin, and Kim Ji Young (손태영, 김호진, 김지영) will lead the daily drama “Two Wives (두 아내)” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 5/4, following the final episode of “Wife’s Seduction”.

This drama portrays that a man who lost his memory falls in love with his good ex-wife again. However, his current wife cherishes the love with him and therefore these three people form a triangle love relationship.

Son Tae Young plays one of the heroines Han Ji Sook (한지숙) who is an unmarried mother running a wine and flower shop. Kim Ho Jin plays the main male character Kang Chul Soo (강철수). Kim Ji Young plays Chul Soo’s ex-wife Yoon Young Hee (윤영희).

Actor Kang Sung Jin (강성진) and actress Kim Yoon Kyung (김윤경) play a carefree new-generation couple Ahn Kwang Tae and Kang Do Hee (안광태, 강도희).

Andy (앤디) plays Young Hee’s younger brother Nam Joon (남준) who is passionate and handsome but is unemployed.

Actress Lee Yoo Jin (이유진) played Nam Joon’s lover Mimi (미미). Mimi is older than Nam Joon and they develop a comical romance.

Actor Kang Ji Sup (강지섭) and senior actress Kim Yong Rim (김용림) also perform in this drama.

taken from the upcoming dramas thread

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Guest i.said.hi

omg. i look forward to this drama. the trailer was so interesting!! yay. another drama.

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Guest wizze

Really thank you, cute girl!!

I really want to see this drama. Hope youwil be able to share torrent link of this drama everyday!!

Thank you!!!

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Oh my goodness, it's just the first episode, is the husband cheating already? :o

I hope there a team to sub this like TOW. I plan to hold off for a while and see if this gets subbed. Hope I can understand and enjoy it from the start. Fingers crossed. ;)

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Guest TY_KSW

the first epi gained 40% per TNS


good daily drama!

More captures from Newsen, they give high commend on this first epi!



Credit as stated

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Guest lucky_moon

Really thank you, cute girl!!

I really want to see this drama. Hope youwil be able to share torrent link of this drama everyday!!

Thank you!!!

As long as I find it I'll do my post to share it.. :)

the first epi gained 40% per TNS


good daily drama!

More captures from Newsen, they give high commend on this first epi!



Credit as stated

OMG first Ep got this high rating; it seems really a good starting .. need to catch up with drama.. :D

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Dont really like dramas that have cheating husbands, but will give it ago.

I don't like cheating husband stories either. Besides, watching a story like that everyday might make me jaded :P

Anyway, I think I am going to give this a go because it looks like the cheating husband is not going to get away with it, at least not like how he wants to. Much more, I'm hoping he falls deeply in love with his first wife, get his memory back but find it's too late because she has a new man. Then he will get on his knees, like his wife did in the trailer, and beg her to stay with him but she pushes him away and walks away with her new man! <---- Now surely a story such as this will not leave any woman feeling jaded. ;)

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Guest ngochuyenfan

I just finish Ep.1 no sub but this drama really very good.

I am going to follow this one since many mini drama not really make me feel good...

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