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253 Things To Do In Class When You Are Bored!

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"239 Wrap yourself in bandages and come to class in a wheelchair. Throughout class, cry a lot and moan things like, "Why me?" and "Please kill me!" Get up during class, like your going to miraculously start walking. Instead, fall down, cry out in pain, and wait for someone to help you back up. When class is over say, "I feel better now," leap up, and run home."

Thats the best one.

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I didn't reallly read it all. But, I liked these!


If your teacher walks around the room during the test, cover

your test and glare at them suspiciously.


Ask to go to the bathroom. Stay in your seat, and when asked

if you are going, say `I just did’


Walk into class and look around confused. Ask where you

are, then say “Oh, this is school I thought this was



Stumble into class, slur your words and tell your

teacher `I swear to drunk I’m not God ’


Chew gum in class. If teacher says `I hope you brought enough

for everybody’ take out packs of gum and start passing out gum.

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261 name your pen Mr pen talk to him often, cry and go mad if Mr pen commits suicide (falls off the table)

262 Have a funeral for Mr pen


I will do this


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Some of these me and my friends have done before LOL.


Meow and bark occasionally.


Randomly laugh hysterically


Lead your class in a sing-a-long.

[They really like to sing the kiddy songs.. Like "The wheels on the bus go round and round~ round and round~]


Ask if you can teach the class.


Start a poker game. Try to get your teacher to join.


Poke someone.


Like, say `like,’ like, a lot…like


Speak with an accent, love.

106.Look at all the dots in the ceiling and try to find your favorite cartoon character.

[i don't look for characters, I try to count the dots. : D]

175.If one of your friends is drinking something, in the middle of a drink start chanting chug chug chug

233 Hide somewhere inside the classroom. Wait for your professor to take attendance. Don’t come out when he/she calls your name. Halfway through class, jump out and yell, "Just kidding! I’m here! Fooled you again!" Sit down and be quiet for the rest of class.

[We do this a lot. We usually hide in big cabinets with a lot of space and under the teacher's desk.]

240 organize a bunch of people in one class to emit a low humming noise, keeping straight faces.

[We've also done growling before.]

242 organize a whole bunch of people to drop their pencils/pens at a preset time.

[instead of pens, textbooks were used.]

245 if someone near you falls asleep in class, tie their shoelaces to the desk/chair.

[You should also tie their bookbag straps onto the desk. ;]]

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LMAO ! omggg these were so funny.

so god damn random !!! XD

51. Hum `If your happy and you know it’ loudly then randomly start to cry

HAHAHA love it

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omg most of them look like dares to do in class.

i've only gone as far as playing tennis on my phone with my friend via bluetooth

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ok. i can't read all of them, but ik theyre funny!!

i read up to like 83 and i stopped.

but if i was bored[which i am...a lot] then i would def. do one of these.lol^^

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289. Insist you cannot read.

290. Make the whole class mouth the things they say to feel like the teacher has gone insane.

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