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Jay Chou 周杰倫

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i want to request a jay pic

it's the pic on the cover of his 2nd cd (i think it is the second -_-)

him wearing a red sweater with the cap on!

one of the best pics i've seen of him (doesn't look like him though:p)

This is the only picture I have of Jay in the red sweater. I think it's the ONLY picture of him in the red sweater actually hehe. After you stare at it for too long tho.. his nose just kinda jumps at you tho (coz I've tried) :huh:


when his first album came out, i had no idea who he even was.

i heard his song in a cd store and really loved it (it was xing qing btw)

I actually heard his song as a background theme for one of those taiwanese series that was showing on tv. It was showing the guy from the series playing a piano, and it was playing Jay's 'Black Humour' in the background. It was so beautiful. But something I've noticed, most Jay fans start liking him for his music, and not his looks (from the replies in this thread, I reckon that kinda proves that too hahaha :lol: ) Just goes to show Jay's the best. Although I was disappointed at the recent GMA, I can't believe he didn't win

Yeh, someone even said that he was a musical prodigy or something didnt they? They're not wrong. Y'know, Jay never had any professional training

Initial D? All my cousins were making fun of what a bad actor he is in that movie. They said when he cried in the movie, they all wanted to die laughing. :o

I've actually heard nothing but praise about the movie. Jay did extremely well for his first time acting the male lead, as well as having to speak in Cantonese while filming the movie (i.e. it wasn't a voice over). And those who know the manga all seem to think that Jay was a really good choice of actor for the character Takumi, both in terms of looks and temprement.

And I personally liked the way he cried :lol: he was soooo cute. Like a little boy who didnt want to get caught crying.

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Haha... yeah I don't find Jay attractive.. like I do with other stars, but he's somehow still... hot.

I love his music.. lol.. the older generation of Chinese people dislike him because they say he's just mumbling in his songs.

And he was adorable in Initial D. XP

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hmm..that's not really true. wasn't there news that said he copied from the cover of a korean movie? :huh: forgot the name of it, but i think it was a scary movie.

i don't think he's "ugly"...just not as attractive as some. he's cute in his own way. i love his songs, voice, and music. he's talented nonetheless. can't wait for his new album next month <3

~~PuhPuhMuh~~, Initial D is his first movie where he plays the lead. he had a cameo in Hidden Track ^^

Hahah, yeah - he's not exactly the top 10 - best looking guys.

It's his aura that makes him attrative - mysterious yet...ke ai.


I just wanted to throw up watching it.

But Jay's entrance was cute.

But bad acting.

lol hottest ugly guy.

true that.

he's appealing even though his face isn't super attractive.

YES! HAHAh. That is what I meant.

^ i don't remember him wearing that jacket in Initial D o_o i'll need to rewatch that soon.

No, it was in his MV for Piao Yi.

awww christal. you love your jay, don't ya ;)

i'm beginning to like him. i think it's you that's rubbing off on me LOL. jk.

Yep! HAhaha, Jay will be my brother.

I don't really love him as in I want him as *points below*


Yah, yah. He's my brother.

So I have to approve first. xP

Anyway, more pictures:

He has ...awkward moments.


But...awww -




^ It's that mysterious look, that makes me swoon.



^ Wow, he actually looks hot here.


Okay, Jay's side profile is awesome.

(credits : ME + ZAN)

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Jay Chou! I adore his music with a passion. My friend teases most of the music artists I like but when it comes to Jay Chou, he told me Jay is the only one he'd turn gay for. XDDD Not in looks I suppose but talent. ^_^

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