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Jay Chou 周杰倫

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hes alot hotter now then what he was years ago when he first came out with the afro hair ^^"

haha. :lol::lol: ya thats true..he looks way better now

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HE"S THE HOTEST CHINESE SINGER EVER!!!!!!!!! i love his songs. Every time ie hear him sings the very high parts it sound like he's about to burst into tears. don't you guys think so???

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hottest ugly man? wonder how that works... :lol:

You got a average looking guy that my mom thinks looks like he has down syndrome + amazing God-gifted talent that can make girls drool = Hottest ugly man.

I have that ring!! My friend bought it for me when he went to HK XD I readlly liked it, but it's retired and been placed safely away for storage (back corner of my drawer) XD

I loved his 七里香 cd's cover booklet! Him in those military styled clothes were so drool-worthy! He may not have the looks, but the boy sure got style!

Has anyone here been to any of his concerts? I've missed on both The One and Incomparable concerts!! Why doesn't be come to Australia!!?

I heard, he's stopping concerts for a year.

Just for a rest.

But his new CD is coming out.

You got that ring?! Ask your friend where he bought it!! I want to get one too.

^ i have that mp3 player X] it's so sexy

hhahaah i watched inital D for edison and not cuz jay was in it =.=;;

i cant understand canto but i keep getting told that his canto was off :P

but hes an awesome singer hes alot hotter now then what he was years ago when he first came out with the afro hair ^^"

They have Jay COUPLE RINGS too!!!!!!!!!!!

But his canto was off. REALLY off.

Very christal to open up this thread xD


He doesn't look THAT bad, =/. kinda reminds me lee minwoo XD. i love his songs <3.

Lol, Lee MinWoo? Hahaah, sorry, I don't see the comparison.

I think MinWoo looks better.

But Jay is HOTTER.

Christal, you're funny :rolleyes::lol:

xP. Hahah.

I'm going to start an official Jay Thread in the music section.

Go there and join. Kekeke.

I'll add the link later on the first post.

Meanwhile, more pictures:

Mag Scans:










His Signature:


Awesome, yeah?

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New song: What Kind of Man” (算什麼男人); Album release December 26, 2014chou_jay.jpg

English Name: Jay Chou
Chinese Name: 周杰倫 (ZHOU JIE LUN)
Nickname: Director Chou 周董 (ZHOU DONG)
Date of Birth: January 18, 1979
Place of Birth: Taiwan, Taipei
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Taiwan
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Horoscope: Capricorn
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese
Education: 1997 High school (music major)
Strengths: Compose, write songs and play basketball
Music Instruments: Piano, cello, guitar, jazz drum, japanese flute
Favorite Sports: Basketball, practicing nun-chuks
Family Situation: Only son, Father (Biology teacher), Mother (Middle School fine arts teacher) [Divorced]
Friends in the Industry: Luo Zhi Xiang (Xiao Zhu), Liu Geng Hong
Dream when he was Little: To be Bruce Lee
Best Writing Partner: Vincent Fang
Most Respected People: Maternal grandmother, mother, father
Music Style: R&B
Favorite Comic: Doraemon
Favorite Movie: Any cartoon by Miyazaki Hayao
Favorite Colour: Blue
Favorite Food: Fried chicken, anything to do with chicken steak and chicken (he especially likes Hong Kong Tai Ping Guan's Swiss chicken wings), also he likes to drink sweet things
Favorite Musicians: Frederick Chopin, Li Si Te, YO-YO Ma
Favorite Actor/actress: Jet Li
Ambition: Travel to every corner of the world
Jay Dislikes about Himself: He is shy and soft-hearted
Favorite Things: Cap, different kinds of musical instrument, black peoples' music, silverware, chewing gum
Collects: Sports shoes, caps and different metal plates (door plates, license plates and commercial boards)
Hobbies: Writing songs, watch movies, play basketball, play video games
Work Experience: 1997 DW Italian restaurant piano player
Ambition before Releasing an Album: Piano teacher, music in movies
First Lyrics and Composition: In high school, song was called "Everlasting"
First Published Song: "Three Nights, Three Days"
First Individual Album: "Jay" published by BMG November 2000

Albums: (5) Jay, Fantasy, 8 Dimensions, Ye Hui Me, Common Orange Jasmine, November's Choplin, Huo Yuan Chia (EP)
Movies: Hidden Track (Finding Jay Chou), Initial D

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I admire him so much; I love that despite criticism about his music style always being the same, he sticks to his own style. He's so talented!

I'm not as crazy about him now; I'm not sure why... it might be because I was slightly disappointed with his Qi Li Xiang album. I didn't think it was that good.

When's his new album coming out?

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