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Jay Chou 周杰倫


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Guest dreamsicle

The new one should be either late this month or November.

I don't know. I have stopped liking him a long time ago. He's still talented, but I've listened to better material than his latest. I find him more suitable to be a musician than an artist. I think as far as vocals, stage presence, and star package, he's barely even above average. I will still listen to his music for the beats but I couldn't care less about anything else.

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Guest ichigo_no_powder

I was slightly disappointed with his Qi Li Xiang album. I didn't think it was that good.

me too! his music all sounds the same now..I loved his earlier stuff. It started going downhill after 8 dimensions (for me)

has anyone gone to a jay concert before? It was so expensive but seeing him live was so worth it. His mum and I think grandma came with him too (to vancouver).

I admire him so much; I love that despite criticism about his music style always being the same, he sticks to his own style

I agree except when all the songs sound the same. I admire him for not caring what other people say and staying true to himself. He is so proud of his chinese roots and is constantly promoting it. GO JAY!!

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Guest singerchick

Jay's really talented :D His new album is supposed to be released in November.

Although he seems a bit stuck up sometimes, I guess he knows he's talented?

I really liked his Yu Hui Mei and 8th Dimension albums. Qi Li Xiang, wasn't bad, but it was still a disapointment. I guess I expected him to suprise me with ear candy like he had in his earlier albums, but the sounds were a little bit too similiar to be 'suprising'. So I guess I was kind of expecting to hear the sound and in fact I did hear that sound, so no surpise.

I was so obsessed with him a few years back, I still admire his composing skills, but I really feel his voice (not bad, but not like as superb as I would have thought see his life perfs) and his stage charisma (he seems kind of bored I watch his perfs) isn't the best in the industry. (Nor is he the best looking XD, but I like him much better than the better looking people tennyboppers.) But with all that said, he's still one of the best Musicians in the Industry, even though he isn't one of the best Entertianers.

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Guest kadajlover

^ lol, i think he's better than f4 though...please don't bash me on that -_-;; but yes, i agree, he has a nice voice indeed ^^ i think he's also very musically talented (wow, he can play japanese flute! i play flute too! *amazed*)

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Guest litoxshortaii

i thought his qi li xiang album was good... along with the other ones as well =P but i guess after listening to it too much, it does get kinda boring. i hope he has a new album coming out soon.

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but hes a great composer and has a nice voice... but still.. hes.. UGLY. :D

Well, at least he's more famous and probably better looking than you. :lol:

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Guest wingless_butterfly

one of the best irekon, compsoes and writes himself, i rekon he is HOT!!~ no doubt about it, his shy personality is a turn on too, woah his piano skills are sexy too...*drools*....

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Guest ichigo_no_powder


but hes a great composer and has a nice voice... but still.. hes.. UGLY.

haha, that actually is a good thing for him. so he can honestly say and know that he's famous for his talent and talent only

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Well, at least he's more famous and probably better looking than you. :lol:

Nice one! Hahahaha.

Well, I admit Qi Li Xiang wasn't the best.

But the songs were still really awesome.

I loved Ge Qian (Stranded) so much!

And Yuan You Hui, is really cute.

His MV's were a lot better. xP

Recent Jay News: Concerts -

Jay refuses to go Northbound, stops shows for a year


Source: www.orisun.com

Translation by: Chandie (www.jay-chou.net)

Jay 前 晚 假 深 圳 體 育 場 舉 行 《 無 與 倫 比 亞 洲 巡 迴 演 唱 深 圳 站 》 , 觀 眾 情 緒 高 漲 , 兩 度 「 安 哥 」 , Jay 大 講 廣 東 話 客 , 又 跳 落 台 與 觀 眾 近 距 離 接 觸 , 掀 起 高 潮 。 而 Jay 力 捧 的 樂 隊 「 南 拳 媽 媽 」 出 場 亦 反 應 熱 烈 , 他 大 表 安 慰 。 上 月 哈 爾 濱 站 發 生 自 稱 公 安 高 層 男 子 追 打 工 作 人 員 , 導 致 主 辦 單 位 負 責 人 王 穎 不 幸 流 產 之 後 , 前 晚 明 顯 加 強 保 安 , 場 內 場 外 都 有 「 深 圳 特 警 」 駐 守 、 數 百 公 安 嚴 陣 以 待 、 台 前 架 起 雙 重 鐵 馬 , 及 搜 查 入 場 觀 眾 隨 身 物 品 , 保 安 嚴 謹 , 秩 序 良 好 , 但 期 間 亦 發 現 穿 制 服 的 人 員 混 入 觀 眾 席 睇 騷 和 拍 照 。

Jay held the Shenzhen leg of his 'Incomparable' tour the day before last; the audience had a high time and had an encore twice. Not only did Jay speak cantonese, but also jumped off the stage to have closen the distance between him and his fans, causing a climax in the concert. Jay's protege Nan Quan Mama's appearance also received good acclaim, to which Jay says he's very relieved. After the security attacking incident which caused a woman a miscarriage, there was an obvious increase of security last night, which double iron fences in front of the stage, and also a baggage check for all audiences. The security was tight, but the audience attitude was good, however there was a time when uniformed workers mixed themselves in with the audience to watch and take photos of the show.

加 強 保 安 於 事 無 補

Increased security did not improve anything

演 唱 會 後 Jay 接 受 訪 問 , 提 到 上 月 哈 爾 濱 站 的 暴 力 事 件 , 問 他 深 圳 站 有 否 擔 心 ? 是 否 加 強 了 保 安 ? 他 無 奈 一 笑 說 : 「 怎 樣 加 強 ? 連 公 安 局 的 高 層 都 打 人 , 我 可 以 要 甚 麼 保 護 ? 」 又 說 : 「 不 是 每 個 公 安 負 責 人 都 是 這 樣 … … 比 較 暴 力 。 」

Jay received an interview after the concert, and Harbin incident was mentioned, he was asked whether or not he's worried about a similar event here in Shenzhen? Will there be increased security? He unenthusedly smiled and said, 'What increase? How am I supposed to be protected if even high-ranked securities hit people?' and also, 'Not every security head is like that...violent.'

對 於 受 害 人 王 穎 , Jay 深 表 同 情 : 「 我 當 時 只 知 道 她 被 打 , 演 唱 會 後 她 也 撐 過 來 慶 功 宴 , 我 看 見 她 哭 。 後 來 我 才 知 道 她 這 樣 子 ( 流 產 ) … … 她 很 可 憐 、 很 勇 敢 , 我 最 擔 心 她 的 健 康 。 」

Jay expresses much sympathy for victim Wong Wing, 'I only found out that she was hit, and she even managed to come to the post-concert dinner, which was where I saw her cry. It was then I found out she had a miscarriage...I feel so sorry for her, she's so brave, I'm most worried about her health.'

據 知 哈 爾 濱 站 主 辦 單 位 或 控 告 當 地 公 安 某 高 層 , 不 過 同 時 有 消 息 指 哈 爾 濱 公 安 局 已 就 打 交 事 件 作 出 否 認 , 並 指 當 晚 在 場 的 一 名 公 安 高 層 與 王 穎 沒 有 肢 體 接 觸 。

According to sources, the Harbin concert organising unit may be charging the attacker in question, however at the same time there are news that Harbin security officials are denying such event :glug: , saying that on the night there was no physical contact between any high-ranked security and Wong Wing. :dry:

出 專 輯 後 休 息 充 電

Planned energizing rest after releasing album

Jay 承 認 哈 爾 濱 站 發 生 暴 力 事 件 , 令 二 十 幾 場 世 界 巡 迴 演 唱 會 蒙 上 污 點 , 感 到 十 分 遺 憾 , 因 此 短 期 內 不 考 慮 在 內 地 較 北 地 區 開 騷 。 Jay 更 藉 此 宣 布 , 下 月 推 出 全 新 專 輯 後 , 十 二 月 十 七 日 將 於 廣 州 舉 行 巡 迴 演 唱 會 最 後 一 站 , 之 後 他 就 會 停 騷 一 年 , 好 好 休 息 。

Jay admits that this event has put a little blemish on his twenty or so concert in his tour around the world, for which he feels deeply regretful, which is why he says that for the short time being he will not be considering any concerts and the Northerly area of mainland China. Jay also used the chance to announce that after releasing his new album next month :bounce: and holding his last leg of his tour at Gongzhou on 17th December he will not be holding concerts for a year, to have a well-earned rest.


Jay was extra pumped up yesterday, infront of an extra enthusiastic audience.


Jay even jumped off the stage to greet his fans at a closer distance


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