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What Was The First Song That Got You Into Korean Music?

Guest wtfitzbrian

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Guest abbyish

song: Lollipop, Diva and Fire

Artist: 2ne1, afterschool.. I don't listen much to bigbang's song..

I become interested with kpop because of Sandara park, I was her fan even before in Philippines and when i found out that she's debuting as a pop group singer rather than an artist that's the time i become interested with kpop music....

The first music that really cought my attention was Afterschool's DIVA and love their music and thier pussycat style so cute....

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The first ever kpop song that I really really love is gotta be Because I'm a girl by Kiss...

it was just soo epic and heartbreaking but didn't enter the kpop fandom yet..

It was only the time that I've discovered TVXQ that made me hook up with Kpop fandom

thanks to them I love Kpop now and JPop too..

almost all of my song list are kpop..

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Guest ~bluepetal~

^^Because I'm a girl by Kiss

~~I still remember myself always waiting for the MV in my TV every afternoon.

It had a tagalog version too..

*If I didn't see your post, I would have typed another song..^^

I was 12 at that time but didn't really give much attention with Kpop.

Then I listened to SES' songs because of Eugene Kim.. but didn't really become a fan.

Then I heard Super Junior from my classmates..

and I became addicted to U..^^

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Guest discorde

i was crazy about BoA when i was around 14. bought all her cds. But that was during the time she was expanding in Japan i think. Listened to a little rain but didn't think much of it and was definitely very into KISS's Because I'm a Girl.

i started to sit up and pay attention to korean music with Wondergirl's nobody. and once i got hooked on DBSK's mirotic, that was it man. now im to all things kpop! after school, lee hyori, suju. give me give me more!=D

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Guest jOLyN_TVXQ

dong bang shin ki - rising sun

and that was back in 2005...thanks guy for bringing me into kpop fandom..^_^

and other celeb, come after this..^_^

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Guest mab2007

Girl's Generration by So Nyuh Shi Dae

I started to search about the girls t0o and noticed Seohyun, Yoona and especially Yuri. Haha. :D

I saw them in KBS TV performing in Open Concert I think.. :D

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Guest cathee26

i couldnt find a thread that was the same as this, so im posting this cuz im curious haha

if there is a similar thread tell me and ill erase this ^.^

so what was the first korean song that got you actually to listen to other korean music??

oo and write down ur age :] so we can kinda tell when you got into the korean music thing

song name:



for me it was :

purple line


I was 17 years old....it was last summer....:( I know...i'm SO late (about to know TVXQ) :P :'( <_<

Lol :P

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Guest annacronism

(No age posted) I just recently got interested in Korean music, when I saw a sort of cover of the song "I'm Sorry' which was sung by Ko Yu-Jin and Flower, and I have been a fan of Kpop ever since.

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Guest sunny_dance

song name: o jung ban hap

artist: dbsk

age: 21

it was early last year around march and it was all uknow yunho's fault. :P that's because i saw him dancing on xman via youtube. i wanted/needed to know more and i came to discover dbsk! and that's how it all started, folks. god, why am i so late! but honestly, i listen to more music in the korean underground scene (artists/bands in the k-underground thread). that's normally the music i like to listen to everyday, but it's still nice to listen to some kpop from time to time. though usually, i stick to the norm...dbsk (cuz i'm loyal like that :D) and big bang (my runner up ^_^), and occassionally all the other kpop groups/artists when i get bored/tired of listening to those two. :lol:

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Guest rossbarney2003

It was "Get Ya" by Hyori that got me into K-Pop. I only came across the song because of the whole Britney rip-off thing, but i'm glad I did. :D

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Guest hjj1326

although this song was really not the reason that got me hooked into Kpop

but it made me think that Kpop songs are interesting and nice to listen to

and the song is,..

Chuh eum geu ja ri eh by Lee Boram of Seeya

it was one of the soundtrack of Full House

and that song sounds so sweet

i've been loving it till now<3

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Guest Heaven2100

Hmmm actually the first song that I heard was Ost of Sam Soon- She Is- Clazzigaui(I wrote his name wrond didn't i?)

But still i didn't hook up.. And after that Foolish Heart from time between dog and wolf.! but when I really hooked up when I heard se7en songs- Passion! and after that I got to know artists from Kpop!

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Guest punchmydreams

song name: summer vacation

artist: SM town-ers

age: then ...15/16 now ...21

i was 15/16 years old and in 10th grade! ...actually kangta did all the work lol i think if it wasnt for kangta i wouldve never gotten into this korean everything phase! <3

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