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What Was The First Song That Got You Into Korean Music?

Guest wtfitzbrian

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Guest notsobad

first Korean song that I know was because I'm a girl_kiss...it was in 10 years ago, i think..

but the song that really hooked me up to kpop music was Timeless_junsu n zhang li yin..I was mesmerized with junsu's vocal..well, after that day, my life is never the same for me anymore..a fangirl's life ^____^

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song name: Haru Haru

artist: Big Bang

age: 15

my friend got me to listen to it when it JUST came out, and they're my favourite band till now C:

Haru Haru is still one of my favourite songs too 8D

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Guest kemmilia

song: warrior descendent

artist : H.O.T

age: 16-17

than I found out H.O.T disbanded. I don't care about kpop anymore.

then Boy Over Flower OST pull me back ( though I drop that drama hafl way), then SS501 - Ur man. but it was DBSK's Rising Sun that got me really into kpop again.

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It wasn't a song that got me into Korean music, it was more like a show, Loveletter it was. Saw it in Youtube last year and fell in love with Shinhwa. That was when I got into Korean music. However those ballads are unbelievably touching too, so Korean ballads are also what got me into Korean music. :)

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Every Heart by BoA... It was in Inuyasha (I think?) and I was obsessed with that song. Which lead to obsession with BoA, then obsession with kpop. Now that I think about it, it was such a long time ago...

But great thread- I love reading other people's answers. :)

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