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What Was The First Song That Got You Into Korean Music?

Guest wtfitzbrian

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Guest -x0.ASiANFANTiC

the first korean song i listened to was dbsk - balloons. LOL.

it was so different from "american" music.

and they were so cute in their costumes.

from there, i just gradually started being obsessed with kpop.

age @ the time : eleven or twelve. now : fifteen.

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Guest Miss.Understood

The first ever kpop song that I really really love is gotta be Because I'm a girl by Kiss...

it was just soo epic and heartbreaking but didn't enter the kpop fandom yet..

It was only the time that I've discovered TVXQ that made me hook up with Kpop fandom

thanks to them I love Kpop now and JPop too..

almost all of my song list are kpop..

haha ditto! I was like in between the ages of 8 - 10 when I first heard Because I'm a Girl on TV.

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Guest Hallyufangrl89

ok... complicated but i'll start! I was only interested in j pop .. but got into k dramas soon after... I first listened and loved the two main songs in Full House! then it was the ost for My Name Is Kim Sam Soon! but this didn't make me step into the world of Kpop... for that title.. It's split between Wonder Girls "Tell Me" or Super Junior's "U" ^^ really can't remember which one was first for me!

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Guest jaejoong_love33

DBSK got me into Kpop in like end of 2007 and beginning of 2008

cant remember what song it was now lol

i think that it was Hug....

or one of their Japanese songs LOL

that led to jang riin/zhang liyin, super junior, big bang, csjh, boa, wonder girls, snsd, and whoever else was out at the time lol

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Guest teenace

The song that got me into kpop was Lies by BB like 2 years ago. I

heard a couple other korean songs before that but wasn't really interested

until I heard Lies.

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Guest jesh1993

The first korean song i listened to was DBSK - Purple Line nd what really made me listen and love kpop..or jus DBSK at first was 3 songs later with Love In The Ice live xDD ad eventually i expanded out with more kpop :P nd jpop! 8D

nd it was in january 09..i was 15! :)

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Guest KDumbledore

Song: "Tell Me"

Artist: Wonder Girls

Age: 13

Now: 16

I found it on youtube searching "Funny Music Videos", and I've been hooked ever since. Wonder Girls definately got me into Korean Pop. :lol:

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Guest stardust.

Super Junior was actually the ones that got me interested in Korean Music,

but DBSK caught my attention with the songs. It might have been DBSK's

Hug, but I don't remember. I was 11/12 then, haha.

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Guest Michi Jjang~!

U by Super Junior~! <3

First K-pop song I listened too~! I was 12! Little...

But the ones who really got me into K-pop was DBSK!

Then I remember I really liked Girls' Generation by SNSD.

Haha Good times...

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