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What Was The First Song That Got You Into Korean Music?

Guest wtfitzbrian

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DBSK - the way U r and believe..it was on arirang tv..i was around 14 ..yeah :)

i thought the way U r is realli HOT....and some days later i gota see "believe"

man... i still remember the feeling...

BUT somehow i didn't even knw the group names or anything.....

i got out of touch wit them...cuz it was jst on TV

but years later

karma...i watched a millionaire's first love..which is very sad

then i saw the MV on the youtube....i got addict to tat one particular song called "insa"

then BUMMMMMMM..singer is jaejoong of DBSK..i search for the group...

then me and the group reunite after so long <3...

since tat day i've become big fan of DBSK...

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Guest superpeipay

i'm a recent k-pop fan..

my first song that got me into k-pop was SHINee's REPLAY

their song was in a TOP 100 song list of some Taiwanese Radio thingy..

but.. SHINee lead to DBSK..

and DBSK's mirotic is actually what got me searching k-pop and basically the korean entertainment industry

and than...DBSK lead to Super Junior... :P

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Guest jack_yamap

Song name : Instead of saying goodbye

Artist : Rain

Age : when i was 18

He's catched me to K-pop with this cute song and his cute image ~ that time .. it's the 1st korean song that i like not only Arirang .. haha

during that time ~ Come back to me by Se7en is also attracted me too .. they both r so great

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Guest xvi3txl0v1ngx

Shinhwa - perfect man

I youtubed them because they were SOO popular in those fanfics. and i was deeply in love with Lee Minwoo. those fanfics made him the perfect man my goshhh.

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Guest sheva1687

song name: W/O/U, I'm Your Girl, Neo Reul Saranghae

artist: S.E.S.

age: when i was 14.. so it was 8 years ago (2001)

Since then, i started to listen other artists such as Fin.K.L, H.O.T, Baby V.O.X, Dana, FTTS, & BoA which very famous that time.. Too bad, most of the groups i mention decided to break up few years later...

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Guest theVERDICT

The song that got me into k-pop is SOMEDAY's DO YOU KN0W (BOF OST).

Damn, i so love the song! The melody is superb. The vocals are exceptional.

SOMEDAY deserves this complement. I love Someday! a lot..


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Guest smlove


song name: Balloons

artist: DBSK

age: 13; xd...i'm 14 now..


i was watching a vid...it's a music video;;i don't remember whom..but not korean..then one of the comments said;;

"this is like balloons of dbsk" then other comments there said "wtf is that?",, "who is that?" sumthin like that..haha!! then i checked the video.. i was like "hmmmm..";; i thought they're so funny..then i downloaded the song...lol;;i still don't know what is 'KPOP' then until that..haha!!! now i'm addicted.. =O

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Guest phoever-dee

song name: Replay

artist: SHINee<33

age: 14. Im still 14 so I just got into korean music not too long ago =DD

Let's see...somehow SNSD's GEE video showed up on my youtube window and I was watching it...and it said "featuring SHINee's Minho" so I decided to look shinee up, and saw the replay video, and that just started everything~

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Guest 김.현.중.팬

mine was a shinhwa song

i listened to SES and finkl before

and even some baby vox.

but i wasnt really interested in getting into kpop music until shinhwa

<3 themm lol

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Guest asian_winter08

I think I got into Korean Music when I listened to Bi Rain before.

He's really cool and have a great dance moves.

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Guest angelfrmheaven_13

It was "Haengbok" by Super Junior.

After that, I started loving them and also explored other artists (:

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Guest epique.

i already knew shinhwa and some other artists back in 2003 or so.

i was into cpop&jpop.

then, snsd's into the new world made become a S♥NE & a kpop addict.


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