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What Was The First Song That Got You Into Korean Music?

Guest wtfitzbrian

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im guessing always - bigbang.. but it didnt really get me into kpop.so it kinda died down

but it was SHINee's "Replay" <3 lol and then it got me deep into kpop.

thats when i found out about DBSK and since then im addicted :P

haha sorry if i make no sense =p

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Guest LazyAzian

Utada Hikaru-Easy Breezy was the first k-pop song I heard.

Dear, Utada Hikaru isn't K-pop.

Easy breezy is in English too (==" ) . . .

It was BoA - VALENTI (Korean version).

I discovered BoA because Koda Kumi had a duet with her back in 2002 for their World Trade Center charity work :3.

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Guest Xiahxingxing


Mine would have to be Pretty Lady by Wheesung

For some reason, I always thought that DBSK sang it

But then again, I didn't even know who they were lol

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Guest kissthebbsky

Girls' Generation KISSING YOU <333333

Although my very first Korean song that I listened to and that I can remember was Into the New World by GG again. x) Wasn't really into it though.

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Guest weetziebat

it's hard to pinpoint exactly.

i heard Big Bang's "Lies" in the car of the my best friend's cousin. and i was instantly hooked. so i downloaded the song and had it on constant replay for about a month, lol.

this lead to subsequent downloading of other Big Bang songs.

however, my interest in kpop faded after a while.

THEN, on youtube's "videos people are watching" banner i saw DBSK's mirotic mv. interested, i clicked on it aaaannnndddd.....the rest is history. i'm now a hopelessly obsessed DBSK fan and currently listening to only kpop, downloading only kpop and searching for only kpop.

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Guest oh_miracle

if i remember correctly, passion by se7en was the first kpop song i heard. (:

cept i listened to it in 2006 and not when it was released in 2004. XDD

i was 13.

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Guest ettenyl

I can only remember its those korean drama songs, but more specific and clear ones would be DBSK's hug and one! And today Im still loving them!

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