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What Was The First Song That Got You Into Korean Music?

Guest wtfitzbrian

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Guest DizBoyAustin

DBSK Rising Sun

First korean song i heard and i started searching for more of dbsk then i found Fools Only Tear by Big Bang on youtube then i jjust kept listening to kpop more till now where it doimnates my music world.

[PS-Jaebeom fighting ill miss our leadja:(]

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Guest Imeline

I think it was one of those soundtracks in drama's =/ But i never really 'stayed' into Kpop. Like I just listen to the song and don't look further for any other korean songs...

I have to say it was the Wonder Girls then.... I don't know. I hated pop music, but I'm still a fan and listen to all kinds of kpop now. So thanks WG haha

Edit; forgot the song ^^; So Hott.....

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Guest arisa^^

well,i olredi heard many korean songs before.and they aren't really attracted meto start liking kpop.but after i heard HARU-HARU from BIG BANG,i change my mind.well,korean songs are the best!! :D

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Guest latin1ofmany

mine was "Irony" by wonder girls but then I stopped listening to it and then I got back into Kpop with the help of "tell me" and "lies" the wonderbang collab....

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