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Jin Hyukssi is back

He returned to ‘My Little Old Boy’ in today's episode Ao5lAZF.gif


CJH IG:  https://www.instagram.com/p/Cd3KenoJfSC/


Hello, I’m CJH

Prior to the broadcast of 'My Little Old Boy', I pondered a lot about whether it would be okay to come back like this.
I am carefully resuming my activities, humbly accepting a lot of scolding and reprimands, and I remind myself every day to take a humble attitude.


During the time of self-reflection, I also looked back on my past conduct.
Because it happened while everyone was going through a difficult time, I felt even more heavy and sorry.

I cannot completely erase the troubles that many people have experienced because of my fault, but I will pay back little by little and always look around me and my surroundings with a heart of atonement.


Once again, I bow my head and apologize for causing concern due to my insufficient and short judgment. And I will try my best to show you a side that you are not ashamed of.

Thank you.










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19 hours ago, booha said:

He returned to ‘My Little Old Boy’ in today's episode


Omo! What are k-netz reactions to this news?

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"Devil's Joy has been uploaded as a popular Netflix content. Devil-Joy is booming, and Wandering Moon seems to be a hit. There are a lot of reviews on Instagram. I like the original author, too... If you act well, you will be rewarded in some way, even if it takes time. Let's try a little bit harder. My Hyuk."










@Min2206 @partyon 

Hi  haha  :waves:
It sounds like when CJH’s covid violation was concluded as a simple fine, CJH and MLOB must plan for his return and had a secret filming for the show.  
It’s good to know CJH was able to return to the show. It means the whole mishap was nothing more than a careless judgement on his part.

I read some grumblings at the news of CJH’s return to the show.  But there are always some people who get angry with any kind of scandal.    Still I know CJH has to move on carefully. As covid is retreating for now, hopefully people will move on too.  :glasses:


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CJH's 'Siren' won the second international award,  the Telly Award.




Choi Jin-hyuk's 'Siren' won the Telly Award... second international award


(goggle trans)

The KBS 2TV drama special 'Siren', starring Jinhyuk Choi, won the Gold Award in the 'TV-Horror' category at the 43rd Telly Awards held in the United States on the 24th of last month.   

This is the second international award after winning the grand prize at the 'Stockholm Film & TV Festival' in March.



'Siren' is the story of a snob employee 'Choi Tae-seung' (Choi Jin-hyuk), who has been promoted to his successor after an employee commits suicide at a virtual facility that deals with noise pollution, digging into suspicions surrounding the village and the company.   After the broadcast in November of last year, it drew attention for its unusual interpretation of the noise problem experienced by modern society.


The Telly Award is the highest award given to screen and television works. Founded in New York in 1979. Each year, more than 12,000 entries are received from around the world, and major television networks, film companies and advertising producers participate.


In addition to 'Siren' this year, KBS 1TV's 'Docu Insight - Light is Rainbow' and 'I'm Tourette' received silver and bronze awards respectively in the TV-diversity and inclusion category.   In the TV-culture and arts category, KBS Jeonju General Bureau's special feature, 'The Courageous Challenge of the Warlords', and in the realistic virtual reality-science category, KBS 1TV's grand project 'Kiss the Universe' took the silver prize.




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Favourite K-Dramas based on Web - Novels, Webtoons & Manhwa  

Vote NOW!  :piggydance:


Chingus, love them or hate them! You can’t ignore them. :coolshades:

K-Dramas inspired from manhwa, webtoons and web-novels are making a big splash in the entertainment industry. Vote for your favourite K-Dramas and let us know the ones you absolutely hated.





re:  Your friendly neighbourhood EO Team


@confusedheart @Sleepy Owl @agenth and @partyon

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Meant To Be: 8 K-Dramas With The Theme Of Reunited Lovers


One of the most rewarding K-dramas to watch is a K-drama where a couple who couldn’t be together when they were younger, fall in love again later on in their lives. It’s a theme that is hard to watch at first because of the heartbreak that the main couple goes through, but then it is touching to see them still want to be together after time has passed. It gives hope and a different meaning to the word “destined.” Here are eight K-dramas that explore this theme!



8. “Emergency Couple



Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) meets Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) in medical school, and despite Chang Min’s family being very against it, the two decide to get married. After a lot of hardships and struggles within the marriage, they decide to get divorced. Jin Hee returns to being a medical student and interns at a hospital where she meets her now ex-husband Chang Min. The two must figure out how to work together while putting aside their differences and emotions.


This series is an adorable one. When you have a lovesick and jealous Choi Jin Hyuk following Song Ji Hyo around, begging her to take him back, you really can’t help but smile. The love that Chang Min shows to Jin Hee, and just how much he is willing to make their relationship work, is so touching and heartfelt to see. It’s also rare to see a storyline in which a divorced couple find it in their hearts to love each other again. It’s a couple and love story thoroughly worth watching!




Start watching here:



Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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CJH had an interview with ‘Woman Sense’ magazine for the July issue.  Someone posted an IG with one portion in which CJH talked about his volunteer work.   I’m glad he did something outside instead of trapped in his house all this time.    From three photos, I have to wonder about the one with a rather odd-looking pose by him.  :mrgreen:


 CJH: During my break, I did some volunteer work.
Someone who helps someone is 'a good person'  So, I thought I wanted to be a 'good person'.
 If you keep working hard, won't you become a better person than you are now?











cr to DC


‘My Little Old Boy’  preview #289




What is the story behind Kim Jong-min's recruitment of Choi Jin-hyuk to 'Jong Line'?











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Nice to see CJH’s friends again.   CJH has a small group of friends who have known each other for a long time.  Then a while ago CJH stopped showing any pictures with them on SNL.  Among them CJH appeared mostly on SNL with one friend(Park Ji-ahn).   


**This IG hints about CJH’s possible new project.  Hoping he has a new drama
**friends, Park Ji-ahn, sitting right next to CJH and next, Lee Gyu-young



'Three shots, been a long time #CJH #My Little Old Boy, and a work/project in preparation,   hoping a lot of interest for it....'



(CJH, black and white strips & Park Ji-ahn) impromptu couple dance, during a Jeju trip with his friends before CJH's enlistment











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