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Minwoo & Hyesung * Cancel Mkmf Appearances

Guest Aromati97

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I know people are mad, but could we please stop with the ___________ payed MKMF so their artist could win? It descredits the award to those, who in actuality won fairly, just because they were in that same company.

If certain companies truely did have underhanded-dealings with MKMF, isn't it really MKMF's fault? I mean yes, the company was the one who offered to pay, but MKMF did not have to accept. As issuers of the awards, they were responsible for maintaining reliability and its credibility. Their reputation was the one at stake because the polls and sales don't and can't lie. People become fishy of that company once they see the results and the statistics, but there would honestly be no proof as to if the company did anything.

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Now I totally understand why Minwoo and HyeSung decided not to perform and/or perform in MKMF: They didn't get any INVITATION!! But they have to perform!! So it's like...., they have to perform and then go home? WTH? Do they think Minwoo&HyeSung are some kind of cheap artist? Ugh!!

MKMF's event organisers are not organized at all....

So they ARE professional!! Ayayayay!!

Chill out guys, this is just a small award, right? There will be a BIGGER ones!!

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Guest thesassygirl2

i've pretty much given up watching korean award ceremonies. they are NEVER FAIR. but it's always been like that. even w/ the government. it's all about who brings the most publicity and who is bribing w/ the most money. it's crap.

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Guest jenny____x

i totally agree with minwoo and hyesung.

it is unfair that the awards given were not given to the rightful people who earned them.

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Guest mochamist

That's messed up. Poor SHS. Some companies are just pain in the asses who use bribes instead of fairness of hard work and determination. Doesn't MTV music awards every year do everything purely based on online voting? Awards should go to what the nation thinks on voting, not ONE management which decides someone's credibility. If they want someone else to win, they should go online and vote themselves.

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Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

I thought that myself that Minwoo should've just performed...he did commit after all. But after reading reasons behind why he withdrew his performance I now understand. Minwoo was definitely the winner but MKMF's management decided to give it to someone else. I think that's more unprofessional.

MKMF did not take into account all the fans that took their time to vote everyday religiously for their favorite. They just felt like giving it to someone else and so they did. If that is so, then they shouldn't have opened it for online voting at all.

Another thing is that all six men were nominated but not all of them got invites for the event? Isn't it that nominees for awards should be given invites...its basic courtesy.

Six men in one group...staying together for almost 10 years...they are pillars in the Korean music industry...and yet they were not treated with much dignity. They have made a name and that name spreads wide across Asia, the US, Europe and the rest of the world...they deserve more than what they got. RESPECT is the word.

i only admire LSM produced Shinhwa,H.O.T,S.E.S,these legend groups

not suju -_-

i agree what you said

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Anyway, I was just saying how I really disliked how shinie and lilshinhwafreak classified me and automatically assumed that I thought of the boys as "arrogant idiots" or that I was an anti-fan of them, and also the fact that I thought of them as singers that deserve to be disrespected etc. etc.

I don't recall saying ANYTHING about those comments, NOR did I even bash them to any extent, or even intend to make it seem like I thought of them like that.

What's with your tones, guys? I was merely stating my opinion, I really don't like how lilshinhwafreak talked to me in that tone. I'm really offended, and I'd appreciate if you wouldn't jump to conclusions like that.

lilshinhwafreak - "when you say that its not solely based on netizen votes but more on activities and how busy they were.... and when u say busy, u mean it shows their respect and popularity....then are you admitting to the fact that this whole fiasco was indeed a popularity contest? is that what it is?"

Don't question me, "is that what it is?", Seriously, who are you to be lecturing me? I don't like your tone, nor the way you immediately thought of me as some person who doesn't respect Shinhwa or what they've done.

First of, I never said you were an anti-fan of shinhwa or someone who disrespected Shinhwa. But when you belittled hyesung, u put urself in that situation where people could only assume that u didn't like hyesung.

either way, that's not the point.

I was mostly just irritated when you said how the winners are based on how busy the artists are because if that was the case, then all the artists would be winning something because they are all busy.

After reading some of the responses in this thread and other ones around the forum, i guess my frustration probably fueled and lit up in front of you. That was inappropriate for me to 'talk' to you in that tone (it might have also been the way you read it), so I apologize for making you feel offended but with your tone, u offended some other people about what you said about hyesung.

and the last part of my statement wasn't even directed to you. I guess it was your implication that I was saying you called the boys arrogant idiots, but i apologize nonetheless if it offended u

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That's really unfair. I feel that M & HyeSung did the right thing... I would've cancelled too if I was Minwoo. If I was in their position, I would feel cheated. I would also think that they don't take me as a serious and hardworking artist. Some artists that won seems overrated, but I guess that's how the awards are now... go by popularity and what the fans like more. But ironically, they didnt even announce the winner by the voting system. T_T but SHINHWA forever<3

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Guest .:LaUrEn.:

i just want to say that i'm proud of minwoo and hyesung for taking a stand, cuz it's seriously about time someone did. most of us here know that these award shows, MKMF in particular, are complete BOGUS. the judging is far from fair, they make up categories to please more people... and all in all, it's mostly a popularity contest. it seems like the focus of these award shows are no longer about the MUSIC, which i think is very sad. minwoo and hyesung are respected veterans in this industry, and i know that they did what they did NOT because they're bitter about awards that they deserved and didn't receive. no, that is definitely not what this is about. both of them have received PLENTY of awards in the span of their 10 year career. this is about standing up for what's right. i hope their actions will bring more attention to the ridiculous situation and shed light on the corrupt handlings of these award shows.

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Guest desertseatingoceans

In general it's really sad to see that an award show that is suppose to celebrate the hard work of Korean artists turn into so much controversy. MKMF really needs to clean up their act as far as the judging and the selection for both nominees and winners. It would help not to disclose the winners before the ceremony. It's not fair that not even the artists themselves are not given a clear explanation of the winning selecting process. The fact that they put so much hard work into practicing, writing, recording, traveling, promoting locally and overseas etc. only to be slapped in the face. That's basically what they are doing. If they want to be seen as a credible award show they need to put regulations in place. Last year's boycott should have sent some kind of message that what they were doing isn't right but obviously it didn't. There should be no reason as to why it had to take three amazing singers and members of a great group to make such a statement and possibly force MKMF to relook their procedures.

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Guest nvr2clich3

I definitely respect their decision all the way as i'm sure working in this industry for 10 yrs, the awards are not what they are concern with now but their actions are trying to bring the message across and show the public how corrupted it is and SOMETHING had to be done or change. What they did will probably save many future artists to be victims of the same corrupted company again.

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Guest XJShinoda

I was so pissed off on the day, the award show day.

As i wasn't able to watch the show, i'd been hanging around in the Shinhwa forum to get updated by the people who're watching.

I should have known it's coming, that the history is playing back on screen again. 2002 was the year that Shinhwa got humilated. They lost the award... That was when Hye Sung made himself clear that SM is not going to have another chance of keeping them in the company anymore.

I was so furious when i got to know that the awards were given away to the others... And i absolutely agree on Min Woo to pull down from it. What a man should do... To fight for his own pride!

I came to know that they played 'Once In A Lifetime' during the Overseas Viewer Choice award presenting. Shinhwa was nominated for 'Pretty'... =.=

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Guest anneistee

if its true dat they really cancelled their appearance an hour b4 the ceremony, i do think its a bit unpro, not that im against it. i was more like, in ur face mnet, if mnet ever regret their action, dat is.

and poor suju too =( just like who said it few pages back(i 4got to quote), they couldnt even enjoy their award with controversies hitting them left n right. i luv them to bits, and theyre nice ppl too.

dats why sumbody HAS to do somthing to change this or at least notify sum1, i dunno, whoever involved in this, that THIS S.HIT HAS TO STOP becuz look...

those who win


those who dont

both cant appreciate this award. the victim would be evryone, the artistes, the fan, but not mkmf. they could just keep being blind and deaf and do d same thing next year and gain profit. i dun think we can just go 'it already happened so lets accept it'. drug abuse happened so just 4get about it, no yeah?

one thing leads to another, so we have to think abt it.

sigh... i've only known shinhwa since their 8th album, i wanna see them winning some awards too~~~

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Guest sum-chick

yea..i totally agree with you guy..i mean hyesun is the best in ballad..and minwoo has always have great albums!!..

i thought hyesung was going to get an award i mean he has the best ballad voice!!..

i mean i know some of them artist didnt deserve their award..but i think that FT deserved theirs because they worked hard and are always busy promoting and doing loads of stuff..(FAN OF FT)

but yea it was kinda of unprofessional of minwoo to pull out like that..but its all MKMF's fault..so they deserve it..now the world would know how unfair they are..

this same reason for BoA, Tablo, Xiah, BOra too...they werent even invited in the first place..i was so mad!!!!

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