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Minwoo & Hyesung * Cancel Mkmf Appearances

Guest Aromati97

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mkmf wuld've been so much better

with shinwha & dbsk !!!!!

they are like well known group singers !!

& who always attends to many other these kinda events..

i think mkmf invited only the new comers...

& new comers that are going well.. MOSTLY!

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You quite missed the point there.

I along with all the fans in Korea believe he did the right thing.

I believe it was prideful and great of him for doing that.

I've read some comments by the SHCJ fans who went to the ceremony and waited on line for long hours.

They told me even though they had to wait in the rain, after hearing the story, they were completely happy that Minwoo Oppa did not come.

We all understand Minwoo Oppa from all angles.

Despite his showmanship of unprofessionalism, it was a prideful act that only the SHCJ fans can understand.

yup, even though some may see it as unprofessionalism, there's something called pride. and every human has it, you have it, i have it, and minwoo certainly has it too.

we should all wait for the press conference tomorrow (:

i was pretty shocked by the show yesterday, but i can't judge because i wasn't there neither do i really know what's going on. things have been flying over the internet, and fangirls are certainly in a frenzy. i stopped believing in the value of daesang so i'm not surprised. it's not that i don't think suju is talented or they don't deserve it, but i just think about how shinhwa took 7 years to earn a daesang. 7 YEARS. the daesang is for best artist of the year musically. the awards show is called a MUSIC festival. i know suju worked really hard this year, i know they did. i AM a super junior fan. but, if you exclude everything other than the music they did this year, compared to the other artists who have worked equally hard music-wise, you figure. every single artist works their butt off and there are many artists in the nomination list who have focused on music this year. i don't think suju focused on MUSIC this year. don't don was just released not long ago. as far as i know, any type of award show reflects on an entire year and not just the recent months before the award show. it's like, the previous artists who took years to win a daesang, they can't be as proud of it anymore. in my heart, the daesang is a very prestigious award, no matter what award show. i find it hard to accept that the value of the daesang is going down. if it were an award based on what the artist does in all aspects of entertainment, yes, i would definitely congratulate suju for winning it. but the thing is, MUSIC FESTIVAL. MUSIC. i cannot bring myself to congratulate them, as much as i want to. but everyone has their own opinion, so this is mine (:

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From the very start I KNEW this was going to happen. But just not this huge.

M.net and KM with their so-called polls that I think are just tools that they use to gather buzz and I doubt they will even contribute to the final decision of who will be getting the award.

Yesterday I was at some korean sites the whole night to read news from the Korean fans cuz I am too discouraged to watch that ... show...? Bleh.

Although Shinhwa are like the 'seniors' now, but they respect their job alot and appear and perform at events that a normal gasoo would/should appear unless they have valid reasons.

Cancelling to appear on an AWARD show 1 hour before when he (they) rehearsed until 2am the day before?

I dont know. The integrity of the whole show is clearly in question.

I dont even wanna begin on who I thought are winners by counting album sales, votes and the overall popularity among korean fans the night before.


I wonder when will the award shows are free from biasness.

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Guest tenshiii0ox

This year's Mkmf was rigged in general. I personally think that Super Junior doesn't deserve the award. They're latest album has only been out for a month or less? I still can't believe MC Mong didn't win anything. His single was within the Top 5 for more than a month. All these new groups earned the award. Epik High's win was something that I anticipated. But, overall, this has been a disaster. Haha, the show was quite empty without Fly to the Sky, BoA, Shinhwa, DBSK, and a lot of other artists. Was Turtle aka 거부기 there? I didn't see them. Quite disappointing.

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There was this article last year about MKMF's credibility, something about big artists not coming to the show is becoming a problem, I can't really remember something like that.

I was totally surprised by some of the results actually. I thought Minwoo and Hyesung meets the standards to win but they didn't win anything. And they topped the auction polls and didn't win? Now that's something to think about. And yesterday for best Artist, I think I recall Hye Sung wasn't even announced in the list of candidates.

I'm on Minwoo's and Hyesung's side all the way. MKMF this year seems a bit messed up and disorganised and even more with no BoA&Xiah's Anyband perf.

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Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

poor shinhwa and their fans :(

mkmf = completely disappointing -_-

MKMF 2007 was just a disaster in general. They should just cancel it now, they've lost all credibility with award giving now that they have their own record label, M.net Media. However, the award show is over now and the winners aren't going to change. The most they can do is make sure that M.net does not favor their own artists next time.

i am sure it wont lol :rolleyes:

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Guest babiichink

i really feel bad for minwoo and hyesung but honestly its not like

we really know what went on. This is only an explanation for outsiders.

I think both of them really deserve an award for all there efforts

and hardwork. As stated before its incredible that minwoo had two

songs as #1 in the charts from the same album but i dont think a

petition really does anything.. ive seen petitions go around for different

types of scenerios and ive participated in them but nothing happened in

the end.. nothing changed. i do hope all shinhwa members cont there

hard work cuase they are just all so freakin sexxy<3 and i feel like MKMF

was crazyyy rigged this year. liek super juniors album came out not

that long ago..

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I'm glad ShinHwa (Minwoo, HyeSung, Dongwan) maintained their integrity as artists and stood up for themselves and others. That's my SHINHWA FOR YOU!!! It feels that this years MKMF catered to teeny bopper idols rather than the music industry as a whole.

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I found this commentary article on naver and thought it was nicely put.

i translated it.

MKMF, No Emotion, No Aftertaste

by Kim Ji-Yun

No heart-whelming tears. No warm hugs from fellow singers.

The doors opened with the first music ceremonies of 2007. The 9th “2007 Mnet KM Music Festival (known as MKMF)” was aired live on the 17th at 7PM for four straight hours.

However, seeing that it was the first of all music ceremonies for the year, it proved to be difficult to tuck the first button into its first hole. First, before the ceremony even started, two top singers, Lee Min-Woo and Shin Hye-Sung, canceled their appearance an hour before it started. This unfortunate event was only followed after another.

Park Jin-Young, who was making a comeback after 6 years with Lee Min-Woo, had one hour to change his performance, and after Lee Min-Woo and Shin Hye-Sung’s cancellations, MKMF received criticism that they had changed the results.

The awards for those who did not show were either presented without the winners or were canceled as a whole. Also, MKMF failed to be a “festival” this day, when only the nominees and presenters showed up. As a ceremony organizing one year of music, singers who should have been there just to celebrate and congratulate with their fellow colleagues were absent. MKMF was only full of people who were either giving the awards or receiving the awards, but no other spectators, leaving a very strong impression that this was only a show made for the winners.

After Big Bang won, MKMF closed its curtains by airing recorded videos of the singers who attended that day.

Some say that the time period, when all the invited guests and nominees joined together on stage and shared the joy and celebration, is lame. However, today’s ceremony was somewhat bitter and empty. Even if it is lame, the time when everyone was able leave feeling feel a conjoined type of strong emotion from these award shows is better.

In other words, I miss the time period when the words ‘King of Singers” actually had some meaning. I miss the feelings of the singers, who expressed all their hard work and efforts powerfully through the meaningful win from award shows.

I especially regret that MKMF left no lingering aftertaste of emotion from the start to the end.

I look forward to a ceremony where hopefully a strong emotion is left at the end.

i miss that too.

i remember feeling bitter when g.o.d won dae sang instead of shinhwa but felt it all go away when i saw that shinhwa was celebrating with g.o.d.

they like lifted taewoo up and tossed him in the air. it was really nice to see that, although shinhwa was disappointed, they were really happy for g.o.d

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Guest mizzlinhie

I've never thought MKMF is fair anyway. But poor Shinhwa. I'm on Minwoo and Hyesung's side in this one, I think they made the right decision. & MKMF this year sucks badly. Just like last year, only a couple singers show up lol xD. I wouldn't be suprise if no one show up next year except the SM artists hahahaha...MKMF is really getting worst and worst every year. LOL ^^*

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Guest picklypickly

Here's a Newsen article about the last minute award changes brought over from Shinhwa thread originally from ShinhwaChangjo.net.

MKMF Shock, Lee Minwoo's Cancellation Only the Beginning


The '2007 Mnet KM Music Festival' (MKMF), the first of the award shows celebrating the most loved music by the general public in 2007, has once again been overshadowed by tampered judging shock and is receiving heavy criticism by the public.

With just one hour till live broadcast, singers Lee Minwoo and Shin Hyesung cancelled their appearances, both citing irreconcilable issues with the judging process.

Unfortunately this meant that Park Jin Young's scheduled comeback stage suffered a substantial blow.

Originally, Park Jin Young had invited Lee Minwoo to make a suprise special appearance during his performance of song "She Was Pretty". Furthermore, it has now been revealed that Lee Minwoo was not the only one that pulled out but FlytotheSky who were scheduled to sing "Don't Leave Me" together with Park Jin Young also cancelled their appearance.

However this is not the only controversy being sparked by the public.

Advertised as '100% awarded to the winner of the Netizens online votes', the Auction Netizen Award was not given to the winner of the poll, Shin Hyesung, but the honor was instead given to Super Junior. At the official conclusion of the polling process on the 16th at 5pm, Shin Hyesung was the artist with the most votes.

This situation was similiar to Lee Minwoo. Lee Minwoo was headlined as the winner of the 'Auction Star Award' but at the actual MKMF, the entire award disappeared. Japanese singer Gakt also rejected his award for 'Asia Pop Artist' and as a result, this category could not be found.

On this matter, Lee Minwoo's management Open World Entertainment made a press release stating, "The director of this 2007 MKMF awards Park Kwang Hyun says that there is a formulated process to selecting award recipients but the actual producer on set and in charge of running MFMK did not even know the details of the selection process.

In the case of viewer votes and album sales, an accurate count can be checked but a combined digital chart does not have accurate statistical data that is released nor able to be calculated. Furthermore, mnet.com have their own sub companies and managed artists making it realistically impossible for artists from other management to promote their albums through their outlets.

MKMF also failed to release official information on who or where their research targets were or on what kind of standards the judging panel were selected. As a result, we chose not to consent to a judging standard that gives more weight on the areas in which we cannot even know the selection criteria rather than giving weight to areas that the general public can see and acknowledge for themselves."

In the end, of a total of 34 originally announced categories, only 24 awards were given. The Auction Star Award and Auction Netizen Award were suddenly transformed to a Auction Netizen Popularity Award and the Best Director, Best Composer, Best Writer awards disappeared altogether.

It was also noteworthy that lack of time could not be cited as a reason to the disappearance of awards as the MKMF finished 30 minutes ahead of scheduled time.

Not only is MKMF being accused of tampered judging but speculation over the excessive changing and creating of genre categories is arising. One representative of the music industry questioned the motives behind the awarding of SG Wannabe's "Arirang" to the R&B/Soul category instead of the Ballad category to which the song belongs.

credits. ShinhwaChangjo.net + orenji728 (translation) + Newsen, Osen, Yonhap (source)

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seriously, i was quite upset last night after knowing that hyesung, M and dongwan were not gonna turn up. i was even more upset when they were not given awards that should have been given to them. but after one night's thinking, i realised it's pointless being upset over it. some of the awards were not given fairly and that's a fact. it was unjust and it's pretty worthless even if they won it. so they did great by not attending it altogether.

i had the intention of totally stop watching it after the ballad award was given to yangpa. she's a great singer and i love her voice but it shouldn't have been her. well anyway, i just wanted to see how badly they're gonna make mkmf be so i watched till the end. there wasn't even a encore at the end. how sad. tsk tsk.

like what they said. shinhwa is a kpop legend. they shouldn't be bashed.

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Guest energywen

MKMF is a total flop this year.

There are more news article on the unfairness of the whole event today. =\

even my girls are unhappy about it.

geez..say so much about the awards given out ytd night. -.-

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I'm definitely on Minwoo's and Hyesung's side. Both had good reasons for not attending. I'm so mad that there are people calling Minwoo unprofessional and bashing Shinhwa. Hopefully other award shows won't be as unfair as the MFMK awards.


mzz_boo you shouldn't be upset because the whole JWH not winning the dance award situation is definitely not the same as Minwoo's situation. Minwoo pulled out last minute because he won the poll but yet someone else got the award and not because he didn't win the poll and wasn't getting the award. Minwoo was just standing up for the unfairness. And as someone else said the fans were glad that Minwoo and Hyesung didn't attend the ceremony even though they waited in the rain to see them.

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Guest jhyun-se7en

Even so, I'm extremely disappointed in Minwoo's actions. Even if he deserved the award more than other artists, it is unprofessional and disrespectful of him to just walk out on the awardshow, especially since he was part of the performance line up. Did he also think of all the fans who lined up for hours to get in to watch the awardshow, only to find out at last minute that he wasn't going because he knew he wasn't going to get an award?

This whole issue just makes Minwoo seem like a poor sport, and especially since MKMF is not even a prestigious award in the first place.

I remember in 2005, when Minwoo won the dance award at MKMF, JWH fans were upset, because they thought he was a better dancer/his song was better, but he still attended the awards..

I think I'm more upset, because I'm a big fan of Minwoo..

I think you should not be really disappointed in minwoo's action.

If you were to attend an events where you know the people are all corrupted, would you still want to go?


He got the conscience of not going. And I support his decision.


I was so shocked why did minwoo decided to pull out the last minute.

But I'm seriously glad he did that. MKMF didn't deserve such an awesome and fantastic performer like minwoo or hyesung or ftts to be there to justify the unfairness of the awards giving.

I believe that their unfairness not only have caused chaos within the fans of minwoo and hyesung, did they ever think how will those artists who got those awards think about this?

Although it's something good that they had gotten an award, but getting award due to unfairness judging system, I don't think they will really want the award.

R&B. SG WANNABE is not R&B group. D8

They're BALLAD.

Fly to the sky should have REALLY gotten the R&B award.

And DARN, I'm still not getting over the fact that the SHINHWA MEMBERS GOT NOTHING AT ALL. ):

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