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  1. I’m preparing myself to watch LKS last episode on RM .. it will be a tearjerker for sure
  2. Parking is always convenient! Right in front of the hospital, restaurant, etc... and they don’t ever get fined. Lol
  3. Yes!!! I just finished the episode. I got excited.. these past few episodes they’ve been sitting next to each other quite frequent too. I got happy when KJK was selected for one of the games and to see her reaction. Later on go more excited when she was sitting next to him watching So Min’s skit. IMO, they were more concentrated on their notes/doodle rather than watching the skit cus their responses were a little late. I also noticed how JK’s arm around her got closer and she end up sitting closer to him too. At first it almost seem like they were exchanging little notes on the white
  4. Wow soompi forums is different compared to back in the days! I wasnt able to find a Unexpected Business thread in the variety section so I can directly to Jo In Sung’s page! So glad their last ep wrapped up nicely with the ratings. I hope there will be a season 2 and so forth. It’s a very heartwarming variety. The residents make the show funny on its own. I love the feeling that I also got to know the village residents and cha Tae Hyun + Jo In Sung along with their special guests a bit more. You just can’t help but do a good job. I’m sure Jo In sung’s red snow crab ramen is being replicated XD
  5. With LKS announcement he is leaving RM... what do you guys think will happen to RM? Do you guys think RM will last? Could it lead to maybe KJK AND SJH announcement leaving RM as well and shocking the world they are indeed together? Lol just my spartace wish but of course all due respect if they ever announce their significant other as someone else
  6. An avid fan of RM and I always love it when we get Spartace moments unexpectedly. Today, was one of them and it was an extremely pleasant one! It’s like RM knows what we want to hear... lol XD I can’t stop repeating the scene where JH is the only one who went to his team and they teased them about being a couple but even before that so many moments!! Usually KJK doesn’t let anyone just do anything to him and let it slide but for JH, it’s always ok!
  7. Hello everyone! ep. 543 got me smiling! When JH was playing the flipping game around 9:15 and it slowly flipped, JK immediately grabbed her hand to stop cus she completed the flip :)
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