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Congratulations!! Welcome back Park Ki Woong..

More more more! sources: osen (1, 2, 3); TV Report; TV Daily Love his expressions in these. 

More photos... Ohhh I don't want to hide any of these...  

Guest SeungHye

yes..he is very cute;..

i want more pictures of him!!

but there isn't a lot on him other than

he has a new movie coming out두사람이다(there r 2 people)

i want to see it soo bad!!

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haha its suppose to come out on august twenty third right ? XD

haha promotion pics, haha but i dont like his hair like this



its suppose to be a horror picture ps he looks uber hot in the movie - a more cool look

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Guest baby--s

Omg! thank goodness someone started this thread!! loll

Park ki woong is so damn cute!

I'm starting to get addicted to him as well lol.

Hope he gets more recognition in the future ; D

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Guest flipchk23


a kiwoong thread i saw him in art of fighting but didnt really notice him

i only payed attention to him after seeing my tutor friend 2!

he's absolutely adorable

and the funny thing he does is hilarious!

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hi to all Park Ki Woong fans.

so i just found out about this new young actor from Ya Shim Man Man, and he's absolutely adorable. he has a very unique look. i only went to this thread to see how old he was and where i had seen him before, then i found out he was the long-neck guy in the Sky Phone CF...hilarious!!! anyways, if you want to know a little more about Park Ki Woong, he was recently on Ya Shim Man Man promoting his horror movie w/ Lee Ki Woo and Jin Seo (i think). he doesn't talk a great deal here, but when he did, he was adorable. he also talked about his family's suffering and cried...it was soo sad i almost teared up. here's the link to the clip where he talked the most: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDh__nHLXaM . credits to angelicalxharmony on youtube for uploading this episode. if you want to watch the entire episode, just go to her profile and you'll find the other clips.

have a great day everyone...i'll try to watch My Tutor Friend 2 when i get the chance. :D

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lol. seriously, he has the cutest smile ever! :P

My nose is bleeding from all the uber hot pics! ^^

His SKY CF is the most funny CF I've seen so far...haha.

I love it when he does his neck thing...


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Guest june1ov3

^hahaha that was so funny.

i loved the movie: my tutor friend lesson 2!

ohman... i seriously fell in love with park gi woong's smile!

his smile is so cute1

and when he boxed.. and fought. so hot!

i can't wait until i can watch his new movie!!!

he'ssssssssss my new actor addiction ;D

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omgg i finally understand where SuJu got the head/neck turnin dance! lol i didnt noe it was from a commerical n this guy was da orginial person! =D hes soo cute! i was readin his info after watchin my tutor friend 2.. hes pretty cute there.. tho i dun dink his actin skills r that great tho =x well its juss my opinion... dink hes prolly new to acting? i duno.. buh love him cuz hes such a cutie!! =D

i also wanted to thank everyone for postin pix n links n info on him!!! =D

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