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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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ah... i've kinda abandoned a thread i started. :sweatingbullets: thanks for the updates everyone.

well, if anyone's interested in updating/organizing stuff for the first page - feel free to pm. i'll definitely give you full credit... ^^V

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waaaahhh! it's Cho Hee's brother! hahha j/k I loved him in WIAN!

I'm feeling his pictures in the Poster, but i'm not feeling his outfit at the press con..but he's still a cutie.

This kid is working so hard, drama after another..Hopefully soon he will have a drama on his own which he is the leading man...^^

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Park Ki-woong 박기웅

Birthday: February 13, 1985

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Blood type: O

Education: Kyeong-an High School

Daejin University (Visual Design Major)

Religion: Christian

Talent Agency: My Name Is




Drama City: Love Hunt, Thirty Minus Three" 러브헌터 서른 빼기 셋  (KBS2 2007) 

soompi thread music video of the short drama

uploaded by purpleheart84          

When it's at Night (MBC 2008)

soompi thread

as Heo Kyoon

Love & Marriage (KBS2 2008)

soompi thread


as In Gyeon-hwan

Seoul Warrior Story/Seoul Martial Arts Series (MBC 2008)

soompi thread

Story of a Man/ 남자 이야기 (Nam-ja I-ya-gi)    (KBS2 2009)

soompi thread


as Ahn Kyung-tae

Invisible Lee Pyeong-gang/ Taming of the Heir/ 천하무적 이평강 (KBS2 2009)

soompi thread

as Jo Sun-in

Chuno/ Slave Hunters/ 추노 (KBS2 2010)

soompi thread

as the 'leader of the gang slaves' (appeared in Episodes 15-16)

Golden Fish/ 황금물고기 / Hwanggeum Mulgoki (MBC 2010)

as Han Kang-min

Drama Special: The Scary One, The Ghost, and I/ 무서운 놈과 귀신과 나 / Museowoon Nomgwa Gwishingwa Na (KBS2 2010)

Episode 2 in the 2010 KBS Drama Special

as Kim Yong-soo

The Musical/ 더 뮤지컬 (Deo Myoo-ji-keol) (SBS 2011)

as Yoo Jin


A Ghost Story (2005) Art of Fighting (2005)/ 싸움의 기술 (Ssa-woom-eui Gi-sool)   

soompi thread

Official Trailer

uploaded by MuayJK


My Tutor Friend 2 (2007)/ 동갑내기 과외하기 레슨 II (Gong-gab-nae-gi Gwa-oi-ha-gi le-seun II)   

soompi thread

Official Trailer

uploaded by wokuszko


Someone behind you (2007) / 두 사람이다 (Du Saram-yida)

Official trailer

uploaded by freeta

Official Website


Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon (2011)/ 최종병기 활 (活) (Choi-jong-byeong-gi Hwal)


SKY phone CF

uploaded by bangg00 in youtube

This was where he was first known as 'the guy in the phone cf'


August 30, 2010 - Javabeans

Park Ki-woong is autistic again

October 1,2009 - Javabeans

Park Ki-woong scores a timely hit

July 5, 2009 - Javabeans (interview in 10Asia)

Park Ki-woong interview in 10Asia(in hanggul)

April 22, 2009

Clap for Park Ki-woong 

November 10, 2008 - Javabeans


June 11, 2009

info from wiki-daddicts, hancinema and Dramabeans


A big thank you to atel for taking charge of Ki-woong's soompi profile. Thanks to fallenframes, ishida21, jeeji, and valley girl for the Park Ki-woong pictures.

Any new information would be added to this page (and linked back to the first page). Contributions are accepted as well. Thank you!

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Guest jas282

damn this guy is so underrated

his performance in slingshot is epic

and he kinda reminds me of the guy whom played L in Death Note

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Guest Patootie

I absolutely love love love love Kyung Tae. Park Ki Woong is so good. Kyung Tae's my fav character in Slingshot.



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Yes, he is underrated, sad to say. The Slingshot is actually the first drama that I've seen him in, and I loved him. That is why before even watching his dramas, I already volunteered to help out on this thread because I know that he is one talented actor ever since I heard some praises about his Kyung Tae character in Story of a Man. And when I did watch the show, Park Ki Woong blew me away. I do hope he will be more recognized after his epic role in the drama.

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Guest xxCharybdiSxx

im currently watching "story of a man" as well, and yeah, his acting is so great.

i watch it becua of him and philip lee, LOL.

nice story too.

but i've seen him in "Love and marriage".

cute actor, he'll find stardom soon. with hi slooks and acting skills, wow~

fame is just around the corner.

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Guest cassiopeiajss

this guy grabbed my attention the first time i saw him on 'a man's story'

he portrayed the character really well. i was always rooting and cheering for him on the drama!!!

i love love him!!! :)

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Guest o8dOObOO8o

i loved this man from the moment i set eyes on him in My Tutor Friend 2. :D

and i have to say... the drama, Story of a Man, as much as the plot is interesting and all, the two biggest reasons i watch it is : Park Ki Woong and Philip. :P (eek they are such good actors.... and they're hot at the same time. :D)

i wasn't aware that he'd come out of those other dramas and movies, but now that i know he was in it, i might just go watch it........

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Guest fallenframes

This thread is so small >.>

He's so underrated!

Anyway, I saw Park Ki Woong was in the Mnet 20's Choice intro.... but I'm guessing he wasn't there? D:

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I want to watch Love HUnt Thirty minus3

Because KIWOONG very cute

but I can't want it in YouTube and another

I want to download it>>>>>>It can not download

I'm So SAD

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