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Congratulations!! Welcome back Park Ki Woong..

More more more! sources: osen (1, 2, 3); TV Report; TV Daily Love his expressions in these. 

More photos... Ohhh I don't want to hide any of these...  

doesn't he kind of look like the male version of yoo inyoung?

kinda i think its the eyes, they have similar eyes, but the nose and mouth really mess it up >)



in this picture he kinda looks like a younger version of oh ji ho ?

what a cute dork


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he is sooooo cute! i can't wait to watch him in My Tutor Friend 2 ^O^

omg i agree, it looks uber awesome .. haha

he looks a bit like yoo goon......

yeah i kinda mixed them up the first time i saw him .. they do look similar

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Guest onatoko

After watching "My Tutor Friend 2", I understand why he looked so familiar! His smile reminds me A LOT of Jae Hee (from Witch Amusement). He has a toned body but he's so skinny! Go watch "My Tutor Friend 2"! It's amazing. ^o^

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Guest xmoshixkon


Park Ki Woong

such a cutie >___<

i love his smile ~

he looks most handsome when he smiles >__<

but to me, he kinda looks like a mixed one

esp in My tutor friend 2 *nod nod*

he and LJA were so cute together, keke ~

thanks you guys a lot for the infos and pics *hugs*

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