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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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Guest fallenframes

in the middle of re-syncing ep06 subs of ILPK and it was stopped on this frame and had to share it here.


so adorable!

this post needs more love. his role is so tiny in this drama, hope his next role is bigger.

here's an extra for eucharis (even though the post was from december ^^;;)


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Guest kame_lovelove

hi, im new in this thread :)

i start noticing him from love marriage, i think he's so cute

and he pull nerdy and cute looks really well...

btw, i saw him in strong heart (the one with kahi+ nana After School, Rain, heechul etc.) n he perform the dance moves from the SKY phone cf. n he look damn fine

@jeeji: thanks for the pic :)

btw, i wish he'll get major role / lead actor in drama soon :)

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Guest fallenframes

he's currently in Golden Fish.



his character's name is Han Kang Min and he's 25-y-o. he is the younger brother of the female lead.

there are over 100 episodes. O.o

oooh there's a soompi thread


he was in The Scary One, The Ghost and I





it's the 2nd episode in a drama special series. withs2 might pick it up. i really hope they do. he has blonde hair in this. XD i'm guessing he probably has the blonde hair in Golden Fish too, but I haven't seen it.

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Park Ki Woong is so busy lately of the filming of his upcoming 2 dramas, "Full House 2" with No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum and "Bridal Mask" with Joo-won. Until we get to see him in those dramas, here are some pic from "Full House 2":




Photo Credit: Full House 2 FB Page

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GAH It's been too long since a new post was made here!
Ki Woong has twitter now! Follow him @woonggnoow! He just tweeted the following :) I find it cute that he includes an English translation too hehe.
"저도 광저우팬들 보고싶답니다^ ^ I want to see U a.s.a.p, my Guangzhou fans. I miss U, too^ ^ -따뜻했던 광저우 팬분들의 선물속에서^ ^"

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Aigoo no activity, time for twitter updates!
On 15 Aug, Ki woong tweeted that Japanese fans came over to watch them film and he thanked them for their gifts of Shunji dolls, food, beverages and more. He also said that he was thankful it didn't rain so that filming could go on and that he actually likes rainy days. 
Ki woong also twitted this photo hehe. 

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Thx for update this page, mojobobo... 
I Love this guy so much, he is so talent as an actor... Amazed by his performance in Bridal Mask...His performance is so convicing and nuance as a villain...
He really steal the show...He scares me to tears in BM haha
oh I found this BTS pic in PKW's baidu... Awww... It seems the director scold him hahha


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@mojobobo, aw, I hope it's not the case.... though I often creep out everytime he acted as a crazy Shunji, can't help but amazed... Maybe the director felt the same, LOL 
PKW's smile is to die for... I'm glad he often smile while off screen.. It means he seems relax despite potraying an angsty and emotional Shunji on screen.. 
just found this funny's pic from baidu, hahhathey are so creative... ^^

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From Ki Woong's twitter, he's complaining that it's too hot haha! 
Also Ki Wong has recommended  Quadro nuevo and Arco as the music he's listening to right now. He said he listens to Quadro's Tango as he gets ready as Shunji lol. 
It seems he likes the more indie type of music ^^

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haha their facial expression is priceless...It seems they having fun despite filming an intense drama like gaksital 
I really hope after gaksital Ki WOong will pick up a comedy role, I want to see him potraying silly character after acted as Scary SHunji haha

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A korean fan that went to the shoot site said that Ki Woong was very nice and treated fans warmly. He signed all the autographs and he did so very sincerely. keke the fan said his voice was very nice (kyaaaaa) and his face...was just indescribable. Too good looking for words kekeke 

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