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  1. omo, this turkish drama I am watching is so intense. the guy is known as bit crazy in the village and I can see why. abusive man comes for his girlfriend and son (who both escaped by hiding in the guy's car) and this guy won't give them up even though he just met them the day before. he says that a life where he hands over a scared woman and child to an abusive man is no life at all. so when confronted with the rich abusive fella with his 30 bodyguards, they jump into the sea off a cliff. and that is ep 1! 690
  2. very ironic choice to start this on valentine's day! am on the first ep and on the edge of the seat. made me cry a few tears too. kekeke... depends on my mood. I used to be a voracious reader and the two genres were either a romance novel or a murder mystery! hahaha... 686
  3. doesn't it feel like the good romantic movies were all made years ago? well unless you watch hallmark movies, there is hardly any good names that pop to my head unless they are from a few years ago.... 686
  4. loved your posts; such great points @Saja La @ktcjdrama ~ the writer has not sold us jin bong to us in any form that we can't really cheer for this romeo-juliet pairing. prior to the divorce and after the divorce, jin bong has in essence stayed the same. she is still selfish, lazy and rude. yea, she apologized to hae jin but like hae jin said, the apology and change should have come then. plus, she has not stepped in to take care of her dad and he is left to fend for himself. at least she can bring home some chicken from her work so that he has something to eat? and she is a horrible employee with no work ethic. also, their attraction or relationship to each makes makes no sense and makes you ask what exactly is it based on. seems like just a case of lust because there is no depth to it. @rolisrntex post that local viewers are very vocally against the pairing gives me hope that we won't be tortured for long. crossing all my fingers and toes. chaebel!!!! yes, lets hope for a tragic ending for these two @ktcjdrama. I would love it if yuri is so tortured and she voices her discomfort. that will certainly shake cheol jin and jin bong. plus, he doesn't know who she is and once he does, he may see it as a ploy to get acting roles or torture him for some absurd reason. if cheol jin turns around and chews her brains out for her actions towards his sister, then this torture would be worth it!.. whatever, break up method it is, am certainly in!...
  5. they really have! the preview looked exciting because yoo kyung is connecting the dots by herself as she finds carrie's baby died. so much for eun ha and inchul thinking that if they just get the nurse, the secret will be kept quiet. yoo kyung is someone who gives her full trust but when it is off, her mind is actually very strong. her confrontation with eun ha was powerful because she would not allow eun ha to change the topic or play games. she was spot on when she said that eun ha raises her head held high and denies wrong even when confronted with the mistake. so she sees the true eun ha. her question cut right through -- is your kid more precious while others aren't? yoo kyung is not to be ruffled with when her anger comes out. she can be shrewd and very decisive. this is not something that yoo kyung is going to just ignore. so sera is definitely going to feel the brunt. the nurse is more and more annoying. she understands enough to know the truth but won't say anything. ugh. am wondering if eun ha, inchul or even sera will end up murdering the nurse in an attempt to silence the truth. however, this might prove to be their undoing as a family. it doesn't look like jenis will be reconciled with this lot... and dori was so cute when he said that he wants to run the shop with his hyung. awww. does he even understand that his family is complicated?
  6. I can't figure out how I got fantasy. for the most part, they confuse me and I am left wondering what the ending means. 684
  7. it is hard for me to believe this sudden vulnerable side of yuran. she was on her own in france for 3 years with no intention of coming back. if we flashes of her vulnerability earlier, at least it would make sense. instead all we saw was a vicious cruel woman with not a drop of warmth towards her child or husband and blamed them for her own failures. it just feels so bizarre when yuran says that she is afraid of being alone. I was like "what? you have been on your own for years. what nonsense is she spewing?" phew! that makes me feel so much better.. I can understand their feeling because I feel like dropping the drama because of this pairing.
  8. I am going to crack up if carrie also ends up not being compatible and instead it is J thief LOL... J thief is all about trying to figure out how to stay in the game and not get kicked out.. it feels like he does care for yoo kyung on some level but at the same is selfish and manipulative. this drama is interesting because most of the characters are selfish and manipulative to a certain extent even though they care and even love the other person. sera loves hae joon but she would arm twist in any way possible to keep him in her life. inchul loves eun ha but if it wasn't for the secret, she would have never married him. hae joon and jenis love each other but don't mind manipulating each other for their own gains.. carrie loves jenis but she is using jenis as well in some form. @reydevan ~ carrie has always in a sense forced jenis to do things for this revenge. her master plan was to use jenis as a tool of revenge and gain the satisfaction that the revenge was done by someone of their own. now, because she loves jenis, she will not reveal jenis's true identity but she still wants to have a private cackle. hence, she is making jenis the CEO instead of herself. also, carrie does see jenis as her daughter and her heir. so she would want her kid to inherit the spoil. basically a combination of both. so in the end, the nurse continues to such a useless annoying character. yoo kyung ends up finding out the truth because hae joon tells her that he is not her real son. well, he thought he was dying and wishing goodbye. yoo kyung is all so troubled that she actually gets a dna test and discovers the truth. so what was the use of this teasing where we kept thinking the nurse was going to tell the truth? @Gigi Salapong ~ it looks like (based on the preview for tomorrow episode), eun ha conveniently blames the grandmother again like she did with hae joon. so my guess is that the nurse is the one who will finally reveal that even grandmother did not know about the switch. that basically seems to be the only reason this nurse is still relevant for the story. but who knows.. at this rate, yoo kyung will figure it out all by herself...
  9. cheol jin is a PD and works for the station while junhu owns an entertainment agency. so cheol jin does not work directly under junhu -- they are more like collaborators is my understanding. this is why junhu was the one trying to ask a favour for getting a gig for yuran. however cheol jin said that he chooses the actors based on script and calibre and not recommendation. there was not much junhu could do at that point. my guess is that junhu has chosen the toughest manager who is known for really driving the juniors. he specifically told jinsang to not expect help and he is not going to reveal the relationship. hae jin was hilarious in that she is no longer ms nice. her wish was that jin sang hates his job and barely makes a living. yea I liked her curse too @tulip06 ; liked her attitude was no longer a doormat.. it was sweet of dae gu to offer support and show up. hae jin is truly happy about her divorce but the writer is making us sad with this whole cheol jin/jin bong romance. mom and hae jin are finally free and now we can't even enjoy this period because of this stupid romance. am skipping all their scenes as I can't stand them. I really don't get what the writer is trying to do with jin bong as well as yuran. are we supposed to feel sorry for these characters? see that they are human?? they haven't done any true soul reflection or change. so nope! @rolisrntex ~ could you check the SBS boards? am wondering if korean viewers have just sighed and accepted the pairing now? am wondering how much longer the writer is take away our enjoyment of this drama...
  10. woah! well poor dori -- the kid gets used and has no idea why everyone is so upset. only that people are mad and somehow it is tied to him. does sera have amnesia? she is so busy gossiping with her mom that she forgets about dori. so we have this weird scene where the person who was responsible for the reveal and hurting dori in the process be the one to comfort him. jenis is quite maternal that hae joon looks stunned. the guy is now used to so much drama that he just sighs at the tit for tat that is happening between the two parties. jenis feels a twinge of pain at using a kid for their revenge.. okay, had to laugh despite the sad music when J thief was hiding in the kitchen and yoo kyung was running behind with a frying pan.kekeke... and the argument between J thief and yoo kyung felt different than from the preview. guess, it was deeper? yoo kyung shows a range of emotion and what really gets her is that she feels J thief never showed one iota of affection to hae joon while he adores dori. J thief then says that he didn't want another wife but he did want his own kid. for yoo kyung, that is huge cut because she wanted more children but couldn't. they then get into weird but revealing argument. J thief is mad that she has been obsessed with hae joon, the son of her lover. he then says that the grandmother put a hit on her lover and thats how he died. therefore, he is nowhere near the monster she thinks in comparison to her own mother. yikes! makes me wonder if he is speaking the truth on that. she is so stunned that she then says if he did it. hmmm... at this rate, maybe grandmother will end up having a hand in the murder of carrie's husband?
  11. sigh. then we will just write him off like we do with annoying characters! @rolisrntex ~ I thought that dae gu was writing some makjang drama and hae jin was imaging herself in it. LOL....
  12. I really hope they break up. I am going to skip their scenes. I really don't understand why the writer is going down this arc when none of the viewers like this arc. it feels like they are going full steam ahead. I just want them to find out each others identities and then lets have the drama. the mom is certainly not going to be happy though the dad might be because he might see it as a way of getting back into hae jin's family and have someone take care of him. liked yesterday's episode where hae jin firmly asked why she would take care of dad and jin bong when she isn't married to jin sang. loved that she said that she does not want to do that and it will be her last time popping over. her goodbye was firm and she walked away with her head held high. hae jin has no anguish. she has well and truly said goodbye. however, the ones who are lingering are dad who thinks he should not be punished for his son's mistakes and wants his easy old life back. mom just scoffed and said that it is not like he treated hae jin well. mom or hae jin will not come around to accepting jin bong because they clearly remember the past. neither are melting just because dad is feeling bad. they dont' care. so yea, jin bong is in for a tough ride. the question is how will cheol jin feel when he finds out that it was jin bong. will he feel guilty and still stay? will he reject her because he hates the family? I didn't feel sorry for yuran one bit. why is she now acting like a domestic goddess and preparing lunch for junhu. am more curious to the steps jeon won will take. she is clearly mad and miserable. she wishes junhu would notice stuff but now is speaking up about her dislikes like roses. she isn't waiting and expecting him to do nice things for her like remembering her first day back at work....
  13. no, it wasn't a story of the main leads. the noona romance belonged to the female lead's brother. lee yoo ri is the villain and she is gloriously crazy. hahahaha... basically the female lead (in red skirt) finds out that she isn't the owner's daughter and was switched at birth. yoo ri is the biological daughter of the owner. this leave the two families in a tail spin. the male lead is the guy in the middle in the photo and he is someone who is very very serious. it is actually funny because he is not a lead you see typically. he is basically one of those contentious types who is serious about everything in life. they have a hilarious meet cute -- she thinks he is her blind date whereas he sits there thinking who is this idiot in front of him... LOL... it is actually a great drama if you dont' mind the length. 658
  14. @Lawyerh ~ it was from a weekend drama called 'all that glitters' / 'twinkle twinkle' -- I figured it is unlikely anyone is going to sit through 50 episodes and so I can give a long spoiler. hahahah... it is one of the few noona romances that I liked as it made a lot of sense. also it was a secondary romance and not much focus. 662?
  15. @cenching @triplem @Lawyerh @angelangie ~ there was one noona romance I really enjoyed because it didn't look like one of the typical ones. it was a secondary romance from 'all that glitters'. she is one of the editors in his publishing company and he is the son of the owner. he is extremely immature, running around with 10,000 girlfriends. they keep dumping him because they find him silly and annoying. he is one of those people who overcompensates by trying with this big personality except they look silly. plus, he has zero management skills and is not really great at business even though he is the heir. they end up having a drunken one night stand and she gets pregnant. what I loved about their story was her maturity and no nonsense attitude. she comes to meet the dad and they have this fantastic conversation where she tells him that she gets that she is not the typical daughter-in-law. she made career her whole life and was determined to succeed. she never looked for romance or marriage. now in her 40s, this baby is an unexpected gift. since she grew up without a family, she wants to try and give this baby a chance at having relatives. however, she is prepared to raise this baby on her own with or without them. the dad tells her that he has always liked her as she is a very capable employee and her work attitude is great. however, he is disappointed in his son and is not sure if this relationship can work given their mismatch in maturity and life stage (a 10 year age gap). so he will let her stay till the baby comes and afterwards, they can make a choice. despite the son's protests, she moves in. the mom is aghast but the dad feels the son has to learn responsibility and so he gets fired from work and has to stay at home and be their housekeeper and earn his right to come back to the business. as expected, the son is not thrilled and he is also embarrassed that she is not like his cute younger girlfriends. her response is an eye roll and shrug that she is older and more mature and is not going to pretend otherwise. anyway, there is birth secret and all sorts of drama in this family and she becomes the daughter-in-law they actually need. because she is so mature, she becomes the go-to counsellor for all of the family members. the son meanwhile learns to appreciate hard work but also accept his capabilities and his limitations. in the end, he chooses her not for the sake of the baby but because she makes him feel comfortable. she does not mother him and treats him like an adult. at the same time, she does not expect him to be something he is not. she is fully aware of his limitations and has no issues with it. in the end, she becomes the heir-in-training for their publishing business and the right hand of the dad while the son is more like a stay at home dad with a smaller position at the company. what I enjoyed about this noona romance was that it wasn't driven by chemistry. instead, it was about understanding each other and using the differences to something that works for them both professionally and personally. -2
  16. @triplem ~ the few noona romances I have watched, have always walked away with the feeling that these two will eventually break up because they are so incompatible. that's hardly the feel that one should get after investing so many hours. LOL. for the most part, the short dramas romanticize the feeling but don't deal with the practical issues where two people are at different life stages. they sort of gloss over with this tactic that the guy is more mature beyond his years and they are both on the same level and I am left rolling my eyes. kekekek... in longer dramas (weekend/daily dramas), the romances are much more fleshed out with the issues faced head on. actually they provide great conflict and the resolutions seem more realistic because you feel like the characters have put in the necessary work to come to a better understanding of what would work for them. so the relationship feels like it would have a happy ending even after the drama ending. or in the case of one weekend drama, they both walked away knowing they wanted different things in life and therefore it could not work but wished each other the best. it was actually kind of sweet how they broke up. kekkee... -2
  17. yes! it shows how mismatches in life stage and maturity level is just a recipe for disaster. 660
  18. @mouse007 ~ is this the drama 'find yourself'? the moment I read the synopsis, I was like 'nope'. I am not sure why dramas act like a 10 year age difference is no big deal. I am watching this daily drama which showed the flip side of a noona romance gone wrong. so after marriage, he lost interest in her, had an affair and divorced to marry this girl who is younger/same age as him. he tells his ex's brother that she didn't seem like a woman and more like his mom. and this was a 6/7 year age difference. what is interesting is that even before they start dating, it is obvious that this will be disastrous but he runs behind her and swears how mature he is blah blah... 662
  19. Lmangla

    How did they meet?

    its been a while since I watched any. a comedic version of the slap kiss genre was this lakron called sapai glai peun tiang with anne. have you seen it? she is a police officer and her sister gets pregnant by some rich fella and dumped. so she decides to take revenge by forcing the brother of this rich fella to marry her. it was hilarious because she first meets him in the bathroom, thinks he is a pervert, tasers him, throws him onto the ground in a tackle.... LOL... otherwise, the gem in that genre is kleun chewit. has anyone seen anything better? please let me know! must say this genre is ridiculously fun to watch. kekeke... kekeke... now I am curious and want to know! give us a few lines no? :D
  20. Lmangla

    How did they meet?

    woah! I so did not see that ending coming! thought it would be something like divorce or break up... when I was younger, there used to be this magazine (is it still in publication? no idea!). anyway, the magazine used to have this column where readers would recount their love story. it was often funny and sweeter than even some of the movies that it made you wonder if it was made up. still it made for a good read. sometimes life is as dramatic as a movie.
  21. Lmangla

    How did they meet?

    yea, even though they are unrealistic, you can't help but feel all those sparks even from those annoyed stares as they plot against each other. kekekek...thai lakorns certainly love the enemies trope!
  22. these two families make such strange in-laws and friends; they are happy and snicker at each other's misfortune. eun ha is delighted that yoo kyung doesn't know dori is the illegitimate son. hae joon specifically tells sera not to say anything to her folks but she just can't keep her mouth shut and has to run to tell her mom the latest gossip. well, now that there's no video to fight over, mother and daughter are back to gossip buddies?
  23. Lmangla

    How did they meet?

    kekeke.... fingers crossed that we won't be traumatized by a possible baby after that drunken night. aaaah, it is giving me nightmares!
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