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  1. finally found time to watch today.. and yes, agree with you -- there was some master acting here. this is one drama where the older actors are stealing the spotlight in terms of acting. they put in such strong performances and make the crazy seem believable. it was riveting to watch these two ladies maneuver this situation where they both know the truth but neither are quite ready to voice it but they have this tender respect for each other. can't believe eun ha still thinks that everyone should thank her for switching babies. eye roll. it is hard to find any sympathy for eun ha -- she is basically kidnapping a guy in a coma because she can't bear to leave this house? like you said @tulip06 ~ it is hard to believe that they don't have some summer house property somewhere. guess, she just can't bear to move anywhere else. @reydevan ~ hope the actress understood your request and maybe they will post the OST. fingers crossed. am not sure if J thief will turn fully evil. he is just selfish and wants to manipulate the situation to his advantage but he never harmed hae joon which differentiates him from eun ha, sera and inchul. carrie might find that hard to ignore regardless of the past because J thief did raise him and hae joon does see him as his father. had to giggle when J thief was like "get up, so you can get the company back and marry jenis" -- LOL, now he wants to be matchmaker and make hae joon marry jenis?! J thief is more of an opportunist than anything else. there will be some sort of punishment for his actions 30 years ago but not like eun ha & co. am curious to see how that happens.
  2. hahahah... I want to make sure I keep fitting in my clothes. no money to go shopping again. 826
  3. note to self: I need to go diet. 826
  4. watched with subs and my oh my, jeon won can be quite sneaky with her barbs. too bad, jun hu and yuran are so dense that they don't catch it. dae gu is totally oblivious and would rather watch a bug crawling on the kitchen floor. yuran really wants the ad and so puts on a show about happy wife and how dae gu can't keep his hands off her. she then goes on to insult both dae gu and jeon won in the same breath by calling them boring. dae gu could care less but being a good host, protects jeon won by saying that he was very surprised when junhu got married as he was so cautious. however, he married jeon won in 3 months and so dae gu felt that junhu was in love with jeon won. junhu then says jeon won was his ideal type. jeon won is feeling gleeful now and decides to stick in a needle on yuran by saying how she would love to wear daring clothes but junhu is very conservative. now yuran is quietly seething and chugging down her wine while jeon won quietly sips her tea. ha! meanwhile poor hae jin is wondering whether jeon won knows and is there to check for herself. hae jin can't make head or tail of this situation and wonders if she saw some industry type courtesy or if there is an actual affair. dae gu also doesn't help by sharing that the acting industry is liberal. only after junhu finds out that there is no ad offer does he realize that jeon won probably knows and has been subtly insulting him and quizzing him. so oblivious! he is shaking like a leaf that one would think jeon won is some sort of terror. why is the guy so scared? does she hold some financial sway over him? or is it case of image issue? and then he yells at yuran that he wants to keep the status quo by keeping everyone in his life. ummm, what? did he think that an affair has no consequences? hae jin having heard the conversation now knows for sure. will she tell dae gu? am wondering if it would make any difference to him. he is very much bent on having a divorce anyway despite yuran's threats. so he will now have ammunition to force yuran to his will?
  5. kind hearted? eye roll. this girl can't even buy chicken for her dad on the way home. if cheol jin does accept her, it should be with eyes wide open on her real character, not this dream girl image he has which she is not at all. We can only hope. There has been no penance on her side. For her to just land in a good situation is galling. She still the same selfish and self absorbed little brat. But then I guess in really life that how things play out sometimes. Was hoping heartbreak would be her punishment. yes, let us be saved from this torture with a LONG time gap if they have to get together. and totally agree with you @tas82, it irks me no end if she ends up in a good situation without suffering one bit. she is supposed to be this ditzy airhead but just comes across as casually cruel to me.
  6. actually find all the references to writing and dramas very entertaining as it gives an insider's perspective. there are several themes that the writer has referred to throughout the drama. a writer is judged on their past work. in dae gu's case, his last two dramas were not received well by viewers. this in turn raises the pressure on writers to produce something. early on, cheol jin critiques dae gu's work. his point is that just because something is realistic doesn't mean viewers want to watch it. (unless they are these boring art critique types who enjoy these weird movies). regular viewers want to be entertained and want characters they can cheer on. we cheer for hae jin and dae gu to have a nice life but can't stand jin bong and others. so if jin bong was the main character, I would have dropped the drama. so it is important for writers to create characters that viewers like writing is lonely. unlike something like a book which will have editors reviewing your work and giving you feedback, a drama writer may lack immediate feedback to know whether they are on the right track. this can create a lot of stress because the writer is unsure whether their material is any good until it hits TV. this is why he was so appreciative of hae jin giving him company, cheering him on as well as giving her honest view. she is like a regular viewer and therefore, he knows he is on the right track. people are not aware of how much work writing is. hae jin initially thinks dae gu is just lounging around all day. it is only when gwang ju talks about how hard his dad works, does hae jin get a sense of how much effort he puts in. unlike production with BTS where viewers can see the effort and time it takes to film a scene, viewers are not aware of how long or how much effort goes into writing a scene. viewer feedback is a bit of double edged sword. obviously a writer wants to be appreciated but as @Saja La noted, that doesn't mean we viewers are going to sit through random stupid stuff. as viewers, we will call out and given modern technology, you have online boards where you can post directly. what I liked about the scene is the sense of humour. like hae jin said, if a viewer is still sitting through the drama despite their complaints, then the writer has in a sense still accomplished their task because they were able to retain viewers. in this day where there are so many channels, viewers who stay is a key demographic. so hae jin was saying that writers should be appreciative of viewer feedback even when negatie because it means on some level that they care. all genres have their merits. it was hilarious to see hae jin's imagination of birth secret, revenge and other tropes. when he scoffs, she says that she loves seeing such twists. it doesn't matter if it is unrealistic but there are viewers who enjoy it which is why such dramas get good ratings not all writers can write such twists. she asks dae gu to put in such twists and he admits that he doesn't have that kind of skill. basically however much we may laugh at makjang, it takes skill to write such entertaining madness. so nothing to scoff at! hahahhaha... coming up with something new can be difficult. hae jin suggests some scenes but he points out these have already been covered. so he has to come up with something new that the viewers haven't seen. that can be challenging for writers to not copy each other. writers have to stick to what genre they are good at and produce something. don't think the writer is whining but more like penning their thoughts about a process in a nice, warm and humourous way. :)
  7. is he lukewarm? I have been skipping their scenes and just catch bits and pieces. she does far seem more enthusiastic than him but assumed it was because he was reserved. thanks for checking on the boards. it makes me feel better that local viewers are just as annoyed. ooh, that's a good point. in an ironic way, he as well as jin bong are doing the same job as hae jin. they thought they were too good compared to her and yet in their professional jobs, they are doing the same thing. how does jin bong have time to wander so much with cheol jin? don't restaurant workers have long working hours?
  8. his colleagues all despise him because they know he just got in connections because he is so dumb. love how the manager is like "jin sang, you are the only one free. so do this" jin sang totally deserves it!
  9. @reydevan ~ if you find the background music, do share. it really is great. hope they release it. fake yoora has grown on me. she is 100 times more entertaining than the nurse was who just repeated her dialogues in every episode she was in.
  10. well am glad that dae gu gave junhu a piece of his mind and told him to stop interfering. am wondering why they are all meeting for lunch in today's episode though. @ktcjdrama ~ I feel really sorry for dae gu. both junhu and jeon won are using him to corner yuran except he has no clue what is going on. that is so unfair. it is another thing if he wants this marriage except they are using a child to try emotionally blackmail into staying. jeon won should deal with junhu directly instead of trying to use dae gu and junhu should have the guts to deal with yuran himself. she is his mistress. in the preview for tomorrow's episode, it looks like hae jin saw the two of them fighting and now knows for sure they are having an affair. hope hae jin tells the truth because dae gu deserves to know and not be made a fool like this. @Ldy Gmerm ~ junhu really thinks he is discreet but he doesn't even realize that people at work already have some slight knowledge that something may be going on. who would buy an excuse that he keeps going to funerals? but one thing is clear is that he is really unwilling to face the truth. so it will be devastating for him on so many ways to realize that he is exactly like his father. instead of clenching her fist, when will we see jeon won finally confront him? @ktcjdrama ~ am so annoyed that cheol jin and jin bong keep kissing whereas our leads romance has not even started. ugh.
  11. A redemption? I am not sure, but I will say that JB is like her father, she saw the efforts that HJ provided for their family, but it is too late, I can be that a redemption will come if she says to the mother of CJ that she take care of working hard in their house after she married him the writer and the actress have done too good a job with making jin bong annoying and awful that it is frankly difficult to accept the redemption efforts. it is a bit of "I don't care" for me. the thing is it is not true redemption where they appreciate hae jing. no they appreciate hae jin because neither dad or jin bong get to fleece her anymore. in other words, they are just sorry that they don't have their old life back. so it is hardly a redemption. jin bong blamed hae jin for jin sang cheating on her. even when hae jin was reeling from the affair, jin bong and dad expected her to cook and clean the house and were resentful that hae jin was not pulling the weight. so yea, if there is redemption arc, let them learn to live their life on own. if she got married to cheol jin, both jin bong and dad would go back to their old routine where they expect to be served hand and foot. their natural instincts is to be leeches. so nope. they deserve whatever juri throws at them. @rolisrntex ~ what is the mood like on SBS message boards? are they still as annoyed by the pairing?
  12. kekeke... I watched it many many many many years ago that I forgot! hahahah.. 756
  13. @kokodus ~ I think it was meant to be a cornball giggle kind of joke by fans but has taken a life on its own.. reminds me of the whole "pray for nesamani" joke which was hilarious. LOL. haven't seen parasite but was laughing at the interview with director KS Ravikumar. he said so nonchalantly with a shrug that you can't say copied unless it is a frame by frame remake but you can say inspired. it is possible to take a base of a idea and then spin into your own story. found it hilarious that he thinks it is great that their story was oscar worthy 20 years ago. LOL. I vaguely remember watching this movie and getting annoyed. think the lead was so awful and couldn't act to save her life. wasn't surprised when she didn't show up in movies later.. vijay had this weird talent of acting all by himself in the movie and saving it even when his lead were such bad actors. LOL. but yea, am wondering what is with this guy's luck -- his movies keep getting in the spotlight for oddest of reasons! 758
  14. @kokodus ~ have you seen this? I am dying of laughter. https://www.republicworld.com/entertainment-news/others/parasite-copy-of-minsara-kanna-starrting-vijay.html 764
  15. dae gu's rant about viewer feedback was hilarious. was giggling over how this one viewer made an account after many years just to comment after every episode that it was boring. hae jin so tired of hearing him whine then makes this hilarious observation that it must be an avid viewer. if the viewer was really bored, then she would have changed the channel. since she watched just to complain, then she was a fan. LOL... hahahah... do you chingus do that as well? keep watching even when the drama irks you? jin sang makes a prediction that jin bong will never get married or if she does, she will get kicked out because of how dad has raised her. hmm, is the writer trying to soothe viewers irritated about this pairing? am still fast forwarding them. tell me when the romeo juliet tragedy begins! what on earth was jin sang doing in university that he does not know what PPT and excel are? don't students all over have to some form of reports/assignments these days? the stepmom cracks me up. her wry comment about how no one died today and it would be weird if someone died every day was a great jab at junhu. jeon won loves her because she gets a kick out of how much junhu gets annoyed. but it makes me wonder -- does stepmom know or suspect? or does she just make random comments? and why is junhu asking yuran to go back -- is yuran a problem to dump on dae gu to handle?
  16. so yoo kyung is far more shrewder than carrie and jenis ~ she actually records eun ha's conversation because she knows exactly what this woman is like. eun ha was really frightening as J thief says. even when confronted with her mistake, she makes it seem like everyone else is out at fault and somehow she did them a favour. . eun ha says the baby was born sick and yoo kyung does not counter argue. instead, her take is that if it was indeed just a case of nature, then why not apologize and tell what actually happened. why hide it is her question found it interesting that yoo kyung knew her baby was sick and can accept that maybe it was just nature however she is horrified by this whole baby switch and the impact of that wrong on her family. my guess is that yoo kyung herself will let the secret out herself in order to protect hae joon from eun ha and sera's clutches. she has already given sera the boot and will not budge from her position unlike last time around. she will also accept dori as a sort of give-give treaty with J thief -- you accept my kid and I will accept yours kind of blended situation. @chococarmela ~ my guess is that J thief will be partially redeemed where he might serve some time for his actions but when he gets out, will be accepted by his family. the reason is unlike eun ha, J thief does know when he is doing wrong and feels some pangs. he is selfish and is always looking out for how to best benefit from the situation. however, his first reaction was that eun ha has back stabbed them for 30 years. he was both shocked, stunned and angry. hae joon and jenis marrying will basically be this peaceful solution for both carrie and yoo kyung who get to have these two in their lives without losing them.... @tulip06 ~ rather than assylum, sera is going to end up in jail or killing herself. danny has become like a minor character. so unless he hooks up with sera, she will definitely going to try harm hae joon again as she can't bear to lose. once she finds out jenis is her actual sister, that is going to make her go really mad and when hae joon chooses jenis, that will tip her off the edge and she will definitely try and kill both of them... it seems like there is no redemption arc for eun ha or inchul and so these two will have a difficult ending. jenis will most likely reject both of them. we just have 25 episodes more to go? is it ending for sure at ep 100?
  17. not sure about angels... on good days maybe? :P hahahahah... 750
  18. ah okay; I remembered she had a different stage name and assumed it was this one. so the end of today's episode was interesting. it looks like yuran propositioned dae gu? and hae jin looked shocked? @marrez1 ~ it would be good if hae jin at least voices her concern that there are rumours about an affair.. wondering how it will turn out tomorrow. should be fun to watch with subs...
  19. finally caught up with the episodes and yoo kyung really is the MVP! love how quickly she connected the dots and it wasn't some random insistence that her mom couldn't have done it. instead, it is because she knows what eun ha is like and knows this woman would never do anything like that unless she had something to really gain from it. so eun ha pretending to be a sympathetic friend totally backfired on her. @monalisa @reydevan ~ like @susan337 said, the grandmother had nothing to do with it and she definitely did not know. J group was planning to invest in the hospital and eun ha's dad panicked when the baby died and asked eun ha to switch with another baby or they will lose the investment. he knew that the grandmother was worse than a loan shark and she would definitely ruin them. unlike yoo kyung who clearly understands eun ha is a selfish woman, hae joon believes eun ha's lies that his grandmother ordered the switch to protect yoo kyung and she always treated him with love even though he was adopted. finally there was some use for the nurse where she told yoo kyung what happened... now it is a question of what will happen next. am very sure that it is sera and not J thief. he actually was shocked that eun ha would go as far as to threaten hae joon with the birth secret to get him to sera. from J thief's view, that's a low that even he would not venture to. found that interesting. am curious to see today's episode to see how he reacts to finding out hae joon isn't even yoo kyung's son and whether that changes the dynamics. already dori is so cute when missing his hyung. he was so adorable when he said that he will blow on hae joon's wounds and make him better. awww. sera is back to seething and being insecure. she keeps saying that even if hae joon dies, he must be hers. the guy is in a coma and not in a position to make any decision and instead of his recovery, she is worried that hae joon will choose jenis. surely, such worries can wait but no. for the mad princess, it is all about her. she feels low that hae joon was blackmailed into being her fiance but that still is not enough to change her wants. so yea, my bet is on sera. what I liked about jenis change of heart is that the change is not driven necessarily by love but more about how his accident prompted her to question her life and ask "what am I doing?" carrie has been convincing her that after their revenge, they would be happier. however, jenis finds that they are still miserable despite being close to achieving their revenge. so it has made jenis question the futility of revenge as nothing will really change. jenis is also able to accept that she does indeed love hae joon and it may be a tad too late...
  20. I find that really interesting. her stage name is lee juri which is one reason cheol jin hasn't recognized who she is. maybe it is the hopeful me ~ is the chart saying that the romeo juliet story is between the girl cheol jin thinks he has met but not his ex-sister-in-law?... anyway, I am still hoping this relationship will end. yes, lets have a romeo juliet tragedy!
  21. so he eats tandoori chicken with butter chicken gravy. the gravy doesn't look that great but it is a fair combination. after all, butter chicken is nothing but left over tandoori chicken + tomato gravy... then he has kebab + dal which does look odd but since it is going into one stomach, all okay? hahahah... but seriously, we usually order one veg gravy along with non veg stuff. so maybe that is the idea? I was actually wondering what on earth is that rice because the colour looks like tomato rice or something.. 776
  22. am curious; do share vid! 778
  23. up to a few years ago, there was a statue of limitations on murder crimes and this was often featured in dramas/movies. think it was 15? then the law changed in korea to 25? or something like that. anyway, as international viewers, it is difficult to tell whether any of these crimes can be prosecuted due to evidence/lack of or just the time factor. there is carrie who stole another's identity as well as kidnapping of jenis, eun ha who did a baby swap, inchul who helped cover up the crime of baby swap as well as intellectual theft, J thief with intellectual theft and causing accident of carrie's husband (though there was no evidence at the time) those are the crimes from then which may be difficult. however, the recent crimes may be easier because there would be evidence. so there is eun ha and inchul conspiring nurse to get dementia prematurely (how they did it I don't exactly get. did they give her medicine? locked her up in isolation?), eun ha physically assaulting jenis by dunking her repeatedly in water... am guessing that if any of these characters get prosecuted, it will be for the recent crimes and not necessarily for stuff that happened long ago and difficult to prove.
  24. finally got to watch the two episodes (68, 69) ~ skipped cheol jin and jin bong scenes mostly. though I caught one because I didn't skip far enough. so he picks her from the bus stop and she asks him his age as she knows nothing about him. then she mentions that he is the same age as her older brother. she does not wish to talk further as she says her older brother is very immature. then cheol jin says that both of the siblings are alike. she is like "what?" and he is like "thats why you are cute."... eye roll. cheol jin is not going to think that immaturity is cute when you find out who she.... and yuri finds out how exactly her mismatched parents got married. mom tries very hard to stick to facts and not rant. mom tells that though hae jin rejected jin sang repeatedly, it was finally jin bong's guilt tripping that led her to accept him. makes me wonder if yuri is going to be sword of truth with cheol jin or if she will blame jin bong for ruining her mom's life. at least one person in this family is totally reaping what they sow. dad is left to fend for himself with instant rice and noodles while his kids don't even bother to find out what he eats. jin sang got royally slapped that it was hilarious. he thought he would be some big shot and totally embarrassed himself. it was hilarious to see the other employees reactions and their eyebrow raise. so he has this title 'manager of adminstration' and thinks others in the team report to him. it turns out they are all managers! hahahah... and the sharp lady who thinks yuran and junhu having an affair is the big boss of the team. my guess is the title manager is because they manage that specific section for a group of actors. hence, title 'manager'. so my guess is that with administration, he is going to be doing the routine and rather boring stuff. like @rolisrntex , he is going to mess that up and the other employees will pounce as administration is down the chain compared to PR, strategy and other areas for an artist. (so they are more fleshed out in terms of responsibilities). gwang ju the little shipper was so cute. who knew you could be a shipper at 7 right? hahahah... so now that he has made them aware, their hearts will skip a beat now? yuran is all depressed. did she think that he will divorce and they can play happy house? the stepmom wonders how junhu keeps going to funerals and how so many people die around him. kekek... he really needs to find another excuse. jeon won was a bit like steel when she said that if it was a close friend, then she too should have come to the funeral. she seems to be building her anger more and more which means that when she unleashes, it will be like a river gone mad. does she plan to destroy both of them? wonder if junhu and yuran will end up together and just move to paris...
  25. kekeke...he was hilarious; he was actually sad at the end of their stint. he said that if she was in korea, then they could always meet up casually for coffee. kekeke... but we do think that they kept in touch for a while (even perhaps romantic) and were on good terms. he even wrote a song inspired by her! 684
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