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  1. yea I didn't know either. just found it randomly on the site where I usually watch dramas. since I had some time to kill, checked it out. had enough of a fresh feel to hold my interest for the full episode. with the other remakes of kdramas, I have honestly struggled to get past ep 1 because it felt like a remake and was kind of boring. it didn't have its own vibe. whereas, tunnel (lakorn) really felt quite thai in essence. they have put it in a province rather than city like bangkok and many of the actors very average looking (not models) and that adds to the provincial vibe and how the police are surprised and horrified to find a case like this. will keep ya posted as I keep watching. I am looking forward to see how they handle the leap and whether it feels off or still good. 718
  2. 720 @triplem ~ watching the first episode of the thai version of tunnel. am surprised that I am enjoying it. it doesn't feel like a remake even though it is. they have changed little details here and there which makes it feel very thai. instead of him going through a subway tunnel, instead, we have an actual cave tunnel which fits in with the natural geography there. so little details like that. even though it isn't choi jin hyuk, the actor they have got is doing his own little take on the character that it feels fresh and there is that kind of warmth. has anyone else seen it? am liking the actor they have got for the younger cop from the few scenes at the end of ep 1.
  3. @larus ~ yea after she understood that it was a scam, she stopped taking his calls or messages. but she is one of those forever optimistic romantic people and so after a while, just jumped back into the dating pool. ... 686
  4. so true; a friend of mine got catfished in a scheme. nothing about what she said at the time made sense to me but she trusted him and had been talking for months and they had even decided to get married. even though she herself was a bit unsure, she felt she should trust him and wired him some money. conveniently, right before they were supposed to meet, he fell sick (had a heart attack was the story).... 686
  5. ah okay @Sarang21 , thought you were referring to some specific news that came out today... somehow it feels like every year has lots of scandals but this year, there has been some rather strange ones... for better or worse, am going to remember this cat lady divorce. too hard to forget LOL 670
  6. am kind of amused at some of the things that are really tripping shady mom -- her need for her favorite coffee, old age, not being able to bark orders and people not getting intimidated by her nonsense. I started giggling when she said that even the dog was harassing her or something to the effect. LOL. .. like you said, all the stories are framed on how it affected her but it is also giving us insight into why she kept jenny. it suited her to be thought of as a mother and people helping her out. later jenny became a breadwinner and she no longer had to rely on crime to live this life she feels entitled to. in the end, it is all about her. in a way, am glad the PD is sticking to the selfish shady mom to the end and not trying to redeem her all of a sudden. yea, she might have pangs now and then but she is still very much selfish and the only victim in her head is herself. it also struck me why man soo kept insisting that shady mom let jenny go and also reveal the truth. for better or worse, jenny really wants to hear the truth from the horse's mouth which is shady mom. to be truly free, she needs shady mom to let go of her and own up to what happened. the poor fella was really trying hard to make that happen but since it is obvious that shady mom will never accept her wrongs, it was time to pull the band aid off. think that mrs ji especially will be quite kind to man soo after the initial shock -- the guy after all got stabbed and was in an accident all because he wanted to reveal the truth. yea I was expecting aunt to go psycho but she was actually sane and stating the obvious. jenny needed to hear that as it is easy to get swayed by tears and emotional blackmail. after all, jenny has been under a spell from shady mom for years. so some brutal truth was definitely needed and aunt gave the right amount of sympathy + hard words. also liked that aunt still thinks eun seok and jenny are a bad match. frankly, they are.
  7. the episode should be titled "jenny grows a spine" hahahah.... so shady mom demands 30K USD to run off but jenny surprised me and she refuses to give her any money and tells shady mom to turn herself in. shady mom instead accuses jenny of not being sympathetic enough and is angry that things haven't gone her way -- she blames aunt and eun ji for taking her money and man soo for messing everything. jenny is aghast that even after knowing man soo is her son, shady mom doesn't seem to care at all. shady mom insists that man soo may be her biological son but she has no emotional tie to a baby that she abandoned long ago. instead, she blames him for stirring everything up and getting in her way. jenny rightly points out that shady mom is still selfish and only thinking about herself. so much change from beginning of series! even at this point, shady mom won't tell jenny the truth and instead makes it seem like jenny was an abandoned child that she picked up from the market. since people were kind to her thinking that she was a single mom, she kept jenny. for a change, jenny doesn't quite believe that story and questions why shady mom then abused her if she liked jenny so much. shady mom puts it down to survival. jenny seems to have a brain now and doesn't quite buy it. even though she wasnt' able to stop shady mom from leaving, she informs the detectives. man soo is determined to bring shady mom in and has people handing out flyers. he had also scheduled a meeting with mrs ji and jenny to tell them the truth. looks like mrs ji will go alone because jenny decides to visit her doctor first. there was some funny scenes while shady mom is on the run. in the subway station, she tries to boss some homeless man over a spot. when she declares she is black rose, the men discuss how black rose was so pretty and so shady mom cannot be black rose. exasperated, she says that everyone gets old at some point and looks like this. LOL.
  8. are they like american series which can get cancelled without the story finishing if there are low ratings? 650
  9. @Sejabin ~ what are you up to these days? @triplem ~ in a way, I get why your hubby finds marriage contract interesting. while watching, thought the drama really focused on lee seo jin's character and his relationships. UEE was more like a side character even though she was the female lead if that makes any sense. the drama felt like it was driven by the male lead and maybe that was due to his performance. plus lee seo jin is older. these days, I find it difficult to watch all these young actors. makes me feel really old! hahahaha... so yea, ajusshi dramas hit a nice balance for me. @Sarang21 ~ do you have any idea if the turkish series 'leke' has a second season? it ended abruptly and I am not seeing any new episodes. I remember you telling that turkish dramas have a summer break. so I thought it would start filming again... 630
  10. Lmangla


    Happy birthday to all the November babies of Soompi! can you believe we are almost to the end of 2019? is it me or does it feel like time seems to fly? this month's theme is "action!". generally we see action in dramas with either cops or battle scenes in saeguks. which ones did you like? since we are more likely to see the action/adventure genre in movies, have you seen these movies that came out this year? how did you like them? The Gangster, the cop, the devil -- the movie is apparently going to get re-made in English and the rights have been bought by sylvester stallone. I found the movie as a one-time watch. not terribly entertaining but neither is it boring. just somewhere in the middle that is good way to spend an afternoon. The exit -- haven't gotten around to seeing it but it was one of the blockbusters for the year. so it is probably worth a watch no? trivia: parts of the drama "goblin" was filmed in Odaesan National Park, which is well known for its beautiful thick forest of fir trees. fall is popular time for hiking and vising some of these national parks. have a great birthday chingus! re: @Sushimi
  11. thought it was interesting that it was a child jenny rather than adult. so are we supposed to read that a part of him always saw her as a child? someone that needed to be protected as she was being exploited? maybe that explains why he never made the move on her romantically even though they were engaged for so many years... so was kind of amused that shady mom got caught because of her need to have coffee at her favourite joint. guess, the cops should have asked aunt for ideas. since shady mom was penniless, she was bound to call jenny. @chococarmela ~ found it amusing when jenny yelled at the cops on the phone on why they followed her. umm, because shady mom is a wanted criminal? kekeke... so preview has shady mom and jenny sitting for dinner. will jenny actually get answers? if it is because of jenny, that kind of makes sense. but the preview makes it look like he is trying to catch shady mom before the cops. so not sure what his intention is at this point. will we get some sort of sad ending where both die?
  12. watching boss and me. funny because first time I tried a few years back, I was bored and didn't get past few minutes. yesterday, finished first 5 eps in one go. was I bored or just in different mood? has that happened to you? 574
  13. in koreandrama.org, they have the next drama Wanna taste starting on Nov 11. the other two daily dramas that are starting -- Gracious Revenge (Nov 4), Unasked Family (Oct 28)
  14. jenny being sad in that scallop shirt just made her look sadder. hahahah... I kept wondering about that scallop sleeves. was the designer inspired by fish scales? or alligator scales? @Bejaffled ~ you are not the only one who gets distracted by random stuff. even when a drama is good, I am sometimes more entranced by the set! hahahaha... @tulip06 ~ actually liked shady mom's style. felt it was always in tune with her weird over-the-top character. hahahahah... so besides the pregnancy, I actually liked some of the interactions as the characters try to come to terms with the news. mrs ji and dong joo had a nice chat. mrs ji is both sad and furious about man soo and jenny. so she can't wrap her head around how man soo hung around shady mom without revealing their relationship. dong joo then adds that he understands as he too lost his parents when young and really missed them. he tells that man soo must have also felt despair and disgust at shady mom suggesting that is why he didn't reveal the relationship. mrs ji agrees that shady mom has bad character and is not someone you want to be related to. so she understands man soo's conflicting emotions. jenny is stunned to hear from the prosecution that shady mom put a hit on man soo. it is kind of funny that she only wants to talk to man soo as he is the only she can chat freely about shady mom. so all these years, she ignored him and thought of him as a pest but now, he is the only one who can be her friend now. he cries even though he is unconscious. she wonders why he wanted to know shady mom when she is so bad. this is the same girl who is reluctant to dump shady mom. so she should understand what he feels. mrs ji visits and he also cries then while unconscious. she is very encouraging and tells him to wake up and that it is natural to cry. so yea, man soo is already crying even while unconscious. more tears after he wakes up? because the prosecution has caught the assassin who confessed that shady mom was behind the hit, it doesn't look like shady mom will get off easy. it does not matter if man soo does not press charges because the prosecution will do so anyway. @nohamahamoud2002 ~ can't believe they have already wrapped up. there's still another week of episodes left right? or was the PD just good with planning and so finished up early?
  15. yea I always wonder what is with the long hair and white clothes in all ghost movies. it is so strange... another weird story where the ghost wasn't that nice. one house, my grandmother absolutely refused to move in even though my grandfather tried to convince her as rent was very cheap. but later, tenant after tenant who moved in, moved out after having huge financial problems (some went bankrupt) and other personal problems. the owner finally sold the house as blocks of land to get rid of the curse. my grandmother never said what she saw but her kids felt she must have seen or felt something as she knew the house was bad. 540
  16. thanks @triplem; it is one reason I have weird reactions to horror stories. some I won't watch at all because I find them really scary. .. but according to my grandmother's stories, not all ghosts are bad. some are really vindictive but some are like zombies and more bothered with their own loss. according to one story, the kids (my father and his brothers) felt there was a ghost. my grandmother told them not to worry because the ghost was harmless and basically hung out in the kitchen and backyard well. so the boys just played in the front but sometimes if the ghost was having a bad day, the vessels would fall down.. it was a female ghost who had committed suicide after her lover married someone else. so most days, the ghost just sat by the backyard and moped according to my grandmother. so yea, some rather strange stories I have heard... 540
  17. yea I did; after I sent it in, I felt a bit stupid. I wasn't sure how it would be read. for us within Asia, to hear of people who say they have seen ghosts is not absurd but outside, there are different readings.. so it felt a bit strange revealing a bit of family history as I wasn't sure how it would be received. thought it would be okay even if it doesn't get picked up. but so far, comments have been good. they understood the theme I was going for -- that human hearts are sometimes more horrific than we can imagine. 538
  18. feel like I am always wanting to write about the older dramas... the new ones just don't inspire me. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/10/the-horror-foxy-hearts/ 538
  19. yea, i usually watch some random stuff like documentaries. the new drama plots are just not catching my interest. maybe I should check out some of the older dramas to pass time.... 520
  20. am I losing interest in dramas? 520
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