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  1. @Ameera Ali ~ what is catch the ghost about? some horror genre? 792
  2. was expecting things to go down a route similar to "I am also mother" where the villain got caught and confessed and went to jail around ep 80 or 90. then the rest of the episodes were actually really interesting because it was about her journey post jail and finding herself, apologizing to the people she hurt and trying to make amends. the last arc actually made the drama more interesting for me because it had a very bittersweet vibe to it. so this drama could have also done something like that. they could have dealt with the fall out of the truth and had jenny been horrified and unable to accept the truth. they could have shown the struggle in reconnecting with mrs ji and song ah. so stuff like that. any number of possibilities. but my guess is the writer didn't feel like redeeming shady mom and wanted her to remain villain. it makes for a nice change also. sometimes we are so annoyed that villains all of a sudden seem to get redeemed and second chance.
  3. yea, the actor did total justice to his character by bringing out lots of angles to his character. so it makes it interesting. like you had described it, the situation is complicated and there's no straight forward answer. it was not like he had decided to hide the truth. instead, it was basically about timing and deciding when to push forward. so would it have been better if he had said it earlier? possibly but it all comes down to jenny's character for me. she was way too attached to shady mom that even when she knew shady mom is being over the top, jenny excused shady mom's actions. instead of telling shady mom off, she agreed to stay in the same house after marriage. even when eun seok was being pushed around, she just sighed instead of getting angry that her husband is being treated like a servant. so it is hard to tell someone that loyal in a toxic relationship. would she have actually listened if he had told the truth? my answer is no. only now, jenny has grown a spine and finally saying no to shady mom's nonsense. even when finding out shady mom is the black rose, she was reluctant to abandon shady mom and instead kept trying to convince her to go to authorities. in a similar way, man soo was also doing the same and failing. true. unfortunately, he is the bearer of bad news and so regardless of when he had disclosed the information, he would have still been received badly. if they had disclosed it earlier, the drama wouldn't have been so slow in the middle but I guess the writer did that because they didn't want to redeem shady mom. instead, shady mom remains bad till the end.
  4. thats the reason why I appreciated his efforts. normally in other dramas, they don't reveal the secret because they don't want to hurt the person or they are selfish or something. here, he has been planning this in stages for quite a while. shady mom on her own would have never moved to korea from japan.so he had to force that through business and make it happen. he purposely chose J group so that jenny would come in contact with song ah and also because of eun seok. as her fiance, he encouraged jenny to maintain those ties with mrs ji and song ah by taking them on a trip and going for lunch. so he wanted jenny to get to know them and feel comfortable and vice versa. he knows that when shady mom's past will come out, jenny will be in financial trouble and so he transfers the deed to her name and also put aside money for her. this way, it is her money and not shady mom and cannot be touched legally by prosecution. so lots of meticulous planning like that. it sounds awful that he kept the truth for so long but he didn't have any sounding board to tell him that his method is a bit off. he was trying his best to find a solution that would be best for everyone considered.
  5. in saeguks, am always wondering how the guys angle this fast swift kisses without hitting the female lead with their hats. 782
  6. yea it is hard for me to hate him because I think he was in a tough spot. jenny had no memory and was a total idiot while in japan. so basically no way to tell her. could he have said to mrs ji or song ah, "here's the truth but please wait till jenny is a bit more emotionally stable?" it is not something they would have been able to accept and jenny might have rejected them .. to top it off, there's shady mom who would have kidnapped jenny and moved elsewhere and jenny would have gone along willingly... so like you said, it is complicated. he hates and loves shady mom but wanted the truth to come out as well. so even if it is late, will still say that it takes courage for him to face mrs ji and tell her the truth himself rather than let it come out elsewhere. he certainly has been walking a tightrope but I liked that he accepted that there were missed opportunities for him to tell mrs ji and he is sorry about that. so rather than blame someone else, he took full responsibilities for his actions. normally a character like man soo would annoy me but considering how stupid jenny has been for most of the series, it makes sense to me that he had to be extra careful on how he dealt with the issue and not be rash. so him missing these opportunities to tell earlier was given as he had no one to give him advice or discuss.
  7. 16 eps just like the kdrama version. so far, they haven't added anything drastically different to the story 780
  8. @nrllee ~ sorry got the dramas mixed up. so that pretty noona also had a different title under netflix. something to do with rain. so the above was the review for that one. the spring night my cousin sister checked it out and called it the boring version of the pretty noona and dropped it. 766
  9. my cousin sister watched it. she really enjoyed the beginning, the middle was kind of bleh and then the ending was like hmmm. since I had warned her about the ending based on chatter I heard at soompi, she was kind of prepared but she felt she had to finish since she started... 758
  10. @msmy ~ it looks like it will be a series of big episodes. even the next episode should be big with jenny confronting man soo about why he didn't reveal the truth and both man soo and jenny standing with a bag waiting I guess for shady mom to show up and possibly get caught. today's episode, mrs ji found the truth and was naturally upset. she really liked man soo and actually cared about him. so while she isn't surprised about shady mom, she is shocked that man soo hid this from her. he tells her that he really wanted shady mom to confess and so he was pushing her and blackmailing to try get the truth come out. the preview has jenny confronting him but that one makes me shrug. this is the same girl in the beginning of the series who couldn't believe shady mom did stuff to her even when eun seok presented proof to her. she still went back to live with shady mom after all that. so I am not going to blame man soo for not telling jenny because that girl would have never believed him. the only reason this is now okay for her to accept is because she has crossed that point where she is fed up with shady mom and she has a relationship with mrs ji and song ah. so they aren't total strangers to her. otherwise, the reveal should have happened much earlier and then have jenny try and learn to figure out how to navigate these strangers who are her blood. because she was so unhealthily attached to shady mom regardless of whatever nonsense she pulled, jenny was more likely to have rejected song ah and mrs ji if she had found out earlier. so from that view, man soo did approach this rationally and tried to create some actual ties between the three of them. while it sucks they didn't know the truth, because they already have an existing relationship, it is less weird and awkward. eun ji and eun seok found out from the doctor that jenny is pregnant. aunt is shocked but both grandpa and aunt are still not quite prepared to accept jenny. they are willing to pay for the expenses and maintenance of the child but feel it is best for both eun seok and jenny to move on post divorce.
  11. 760 @triplem ~ okay a difference between the thai and korean version of tunnel -- the romance is much more obvious and I love it! hahahahha.... the police officer doesn't even try to hide his interest or attraction towards the daughter and it is quite obvious from the way he looks at her. she also finds a kind of connection and attraction as well and she is aware of it -- it is just the way he looks at her a little longer than necessary. so I am looking forward to tunnel father glowering when he finds out the link. hahahah.. it is kind of funny because in ep 5, there is this moment when they are sort of staring at each other and tunnel appa just walks in and then wonders why these two are always hanging out secretly without him.
  12. 754 @triplem ~ am on ep 4 of tunnel thai version and I am enjoying it. with the leap, the daughter and fellow officer character are also good. while the stories and scenes are same more or less, the actors are bringing their own energy that it doesn't feel like a boring remake. so am able to watch it as a fresh drama and not be bored. plus it has been a while since I watched tunnel and so it is not like I remember that much. kekeke...
  13. yes so I managed to watch boss and me finally. the first few episodes were good and then it felt like I was watching a daily. hahahah... so basically it is fine if you watch an episode a week on a lazy afternoon but not really that interesting if you are binge watching because nothing basically happens! hahahha... but zhang han was good and has that star personna to attract enough to finish the drama even if I basically fast forwarded a lot. any other drama of his worth watching?
  14. take a break from oppa and see if your kdrama skills is up to task in this game.
  15. yea I didn't know either. just found it randomly on the site where I usually watch dramas. since I had some time to kill, checked it out. had enough of a fresh feel to hold my interest for the full episode. with the other remakes of kdramas, I have honestly struggled to get past ep 1 because it felt like a remake and was kind of boring. it didn't have its own vibe. whereas, tunnel (lakorn) really felt quite thai in essence. they have put it in a province rather than city like bangkok and many of the actors very average looking (not models) and that adds to the provincial vibe and how the police are surprised and horrified to find a case like this. will keep ya posted as I keep watching. I am looking forward to see how they handle the leap and whether it feels off or still good. 718
  16. 720 @triplem ~ watching the first episode of the thai version of tunnel. am surprised that I am enjoying it. it doesn't feel like a remake even though it is. they have changed little details here and there which makes it feel very thai. instead of him going through a subway tunnel, instead, we have an actual cave tunnel which fits in with the natural geography there. so little details like that. even though it isn't choi jin hyuk, the actor they have got is doing his own little take on the character that it feels fresh and there is that kind of warmth. has anyone else seen it? am liking the actor they have got for the younger cop from the few scenes at the end of ep 1.
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