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  1. 1 hour ago, lc85 said:

    @MianneChan Yes that’s the IG posting. And no, I’ve not seen the show Knowing Brothers. *sigh* holding hands while walking that sounds like a romantic JSM. :blush:


    I mean they could very well be colleagues who have deep admiration and respect towards each other. I get that. That’s great.  


    The darn bts videos! I can’t get over them. 


    That cute voiceover video (I don’t know what they are called, pardon this old lady on this thread) that they made— he can see her on the camera but he just HAD to look at her!! Twice. JSM did the same video with the actress that played HoRang.. very different vibe.  


    I don’t know - maybe it’s not a big deal to “look” per se. 


    And those kids - in the background when they were filming that cute video, they know something :D Lol - I’m kidding..


    @raqlobster Ooohh I like the name Arsenal couple. 


    Not only that. When they were making the kwai video in the BtS for the ancestral rights episode with the kids, after he gave a hug to the kids, his arm fell casually towards the backrest of where JSM was sitting. 


    Did I get the correct BTS @lc85? And yes, I have watched that thing one too many times LOL

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  2. I'm the same @alivingparadox24 and @MianneChan To be honest, I've shipped a couple before that had nearly ZERO interaction on BtS. This is why I'm blown away by LMK and JSM's closeness behind the scenes. Sure, they had electric chemistry onscreen but the between takes is what got to me. 


    I'm on this ship now... whatever happens. 


    Also, I need to keep my love for the show alive--I have fanfics to finish hahahaha!

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  3. 1 hour ago, ummairah3 said:

    On Monday, knowing the drama was coming to an end, I decided to learn how to make an FMV so that I can replay some of my fav scenes, some of which as mentioned by poster ahhhjummahhhjo. I posted before how I'm 90% See Hee so me making an FMV came as a shock. But how do I post it in this forum without loading it on Youtube to get the URL? I've googled how to post the video on Soompi but mostly it's thru YT. I have the wmv file so would welcome any advise.

    Excited to see your MV! You can try vimeo. I personally always do YT but you may get lucky with Vimeo. 


    Hope this helps!

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  4. 10 minutes ago, velvetine said:

    Sorry to cut your post, but hahaha, indeed you're such an enabler! You can also see in the same rooftop BTS, in the part around 3:12 to 3:15, she mirrored his gestures again, thought this time it might be intentional (to tease him). :tongue:


    So... while it's fun and exciting to discuss the cute side of Minki-Somin relationship, I want to try interpreting it in a different way.


    Imagine yourself in Somin's position. You are a young actress on the rise. You have starred in a number of films which were popular and relatively successful both nationally and internationally. You still have a long way ahead in your career, then suddenly, you are casted in a drama, pairing you with a co-star who, in spite of his big screen experience, was not as famous as you at that time, whose career was diminishing, whose latest coverage was an unfortunate sexual harassment scandal, involving a woman like yourself. How would you act towards him as a person off-screen, throughout the filming? You'd most likely be keeping a distance from him, either in disgust to avoid getting negative vibes.


    And what did Somin actually do? She let herself sit close to him during breaks. She had casual conversations with him. She laughed heartily at his jokes. She threw her own jokes and teases at him. And nothing of it looked forced. From what we saw in all the BTS, it looked very natural. Did Somin know of his problem? Of course she did. Of course most of the stars and crew did. They take such scandals seriously over there. But did that stop her from maintaining a cordial relationship with him? Did that bear an impact on her chemistry with him on/off screen? Not once!


    The way she hugged Minki after they wrapped the last scene, the way she tap and stroke his back at that moment, it's just like she's telling him it'll be ok, like she's comforting him over something. We don't know for sure what it's about, but given how vocal Minki was in the show's first press conference, about how there are consequences for his actions and that he will be more careful, I'm pretty sure she supports Minki to overcome his past problems. We may never know if they ever had a personal conversation about it, but I'm sure they did, at some point. The "thank you" he said to Somin and the hug he gave her in that moment looked so genuine. It showed how grateful he was to Somin for treating him nicely for the 2 months they spent in making the film.


    It's only natural that feelings of gratitude develop into a romantic one. In Minki's eyes, Somin is such as sweet, friendly and certainly beautiful woman, which is his ideal type. If she reciprocates it, that's great. But if she thinks of him as a good friend, I'm more than happy.


    Though I wish he could find a girlfriend soon. I read an article where he stated how lonely he became, being casted in a number of movies alongside beautiful women who were mostly older than him, but could never find love in real-life. I hope he keeps this down-to-earth image he's sporting now. There are girls that would find it charming (not to mention some girls find that he looks good too, like Suzy lol). Just be yourself, Minki! :D


    Well said. And thanks. I do love how generous So Min was with her time and attention. I honestly love the whole vibe of the staff and everyone in the drama. It's no wonder that they had such heavy hearts going into the final shoots. 


    I'll be honest, I'm a bit--concerned for my heart. I can't describe it. Maybe I lack that much sleep. Maybe I should detox LOL. At the last part you said, I suddenly felt sad for him. 


    In general, i feel sad for those in the industry who can't come out and date and break up and date. 


    Also, while I like her in WYWS, not a fan of Suzy. :) Sorry!

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  5. 3 minutes ago, velvetine said:



    That's the beauty of BTIMFL. Simple-minded people will certainly hate JH and blame her for leaving SH despite all he's done for her. No, this drama does not work that way. The degree of subtlety in it invites viewers to engage with the story, to put themselves in the characters' shoes, especially JH. It's not enough to just see it. You have to think. You have to feel.


    That's why I think this drama is one of, if not the best. :wub:



    Sorry to cut your post. AMEN to this... All of this!!! Thank you for putting it so eloquently. 

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  6. 10 hours ago, meiil said:

    There's this moment around min 2:29 where LMK licks his lips and SM does the same then she realizes it and hits him lmaooo

    I had to gif it coz it's some major shipping  material





    So here are a couple of interesting quotes from an article on Mirroring body language:


    Mirroring body language is a non-verbal way to say ‘I am like you, I feel the same’. 




    Mirroring body language is an excellent way to build trust and understanding quickly. If you want to establish a connection with a new person, mirror his or her posture, gestures, sitting position, tone of voice and talking pace. This will make them feel that there is something about you that they like. 


    Source: http://psychologia.co/mirroring-body-language/ 


    So... just sayin. Hahahahah! Sorry I'm such an enabler. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, xxPeepsxx said:

    You know what? 


    It's been 4 days since the end of Because This is My First Life and I still don't get the complaints about the last 2 episodes. For me, they were perfect.


    I understood why the SeHee and JiHo did whatever they did and what they didn't do. I didn't feel any inconsistency in the characters and I don't understand complaints about SeHee and JiHo (especially) betraying their characters, including WonSeok and HoRang. I understand the logic and the emotions that made them do what they do and made them choose what they choose. A person cannot be omnipresent and omnipotent and so they will have faults. And they way they did whatever they did, felt very in character for me. I don't get it.


    And for complaints about the drama not addressing the rape and other factors, I believe that no slice of life/ true to life drama can ever do that when it's just a capture of a small part of the characters' life. Each and every character feels so lived in that I don't see them as they are in the drama only - I believe that they lived 30 years ago and will live on after The End like normal people.


    Whatever. This drama, for me, is perfect. It is perfect in its characters' imperfection and faults. From the first moment to the last second. Where's the Blue-ray? My wallet is waiting.


    Agreed. Thank you for this. A drama can have its flaws and plot holes and it would still be perfect in my eyes, in my heart. I made the mistake of reading finale recap comments on another site before sleeping last night. Big mistake. But sure, I get it. Everyone has their opinions. 


    Thanks to this forum I was reminded to look at the drama from different character's POVs. And I appreciate the healthy discussion here more than anything. 


    We can't really address the rape without the drama turning into another type of show altogether. Then again, a show doesn't have to spoon feed every resolution to the viewer, instead the writer trusts the audience enough to draw their own conclusions based on what they know of the characters. From the finale, it looks like according to Jung Min's text, that Ji Ho was dealing with the assault legally. Jung Min commended her for being a "Striker." And we've already seen Ji Ho stand up to these wretched excuses for human beings. I have faith that she'll follow through. 


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  8. First of all, thank you @fastheart, @lollyminx, @lclarakl, @seonamcoupleand @meiil for reading the fanfic. If I forgot to mention someone, I'm so sorry! After writing last night I could barely sleep. There'd be moments I'd like comments on this forum but too spaced out to type replies. Your feedback means the world to me. You could say writing is my own way of coping with the loss of the drama.


    I'm not ready to re-watch the entire series yet. My heart is not ready to see them reset. Is that weird? I have no issue re-watching episodes 15-16, maybe even from the Namhae kimjang episode. I don't know why I'm feeling this way. Anyway, all in good time. 


    That said, my favorite scenes/subtle moments that I can recall from memory are the following (in no particular order). Almost all of it was Se Hee because it was him who changed so much from the beginning of the drama.


    1) That Se Hee actually smiled at Ji Ho when he gave her advice in Episode 1. He doesn't really smile that often so this was huge for me. And it was a smile that reached his eyes. 

    2) That Se Hee got over his initial shock and called Ji Ho over for an Arsenal conversation. 

    3) The solid sound of his footsteps as he walked back to a crying Ji Ho during their wedding. 

    4) How he knelt down to speak to her when she was crying. 

    5) How she took her hand in his and placed it into the crook of his arm as they were about to walk down the aisle. 

    6) Him, talking honestly with her mom. 

    7) Him taking the breakfast bar she offered. 

    8) When their bus rides started to become friendlier

    9) He starting to feel conscious of Ji Ho's stares

    10) Him, on the morning of her declaring "do not use "Us""put in his log that she likes marinated crabs. I feel that he selected such a banal memory to replace the discomfort of the situation. :)

    11) (Someone pointed it out) In his tenant log, she wasn't "Tenant # ??" instead she was simply, "Yoon Ji-Ho"

    12) His radiantly happy face when she arrived at Namhae

    13) His smug face upon hearing her call him "my groom" as she was defending him from the Uncle who tried to get him drunk

    14) His grateful face at hearing Ji Ho's Dad telling them to be careful and come straight to Namhae in case war breaks out

    15) The mom's proud laugh and face when Ji-Ho defended Se Hee from the Uncle

    16) The way Ji-Ho stood up to her old manager and ridiculous PD team

    17) The way Ji-Ho thought she was being indifferent to Se Hee and she said "Poker Face" when she was about to get in the elevator--then the scene switches and Se Hee asks Cat that Ji Ho's pretty mad, isn't she?

    18) Drunk shouts of "Ji-ho SSI!" from Se Hee

    19) Se-Hee's dagger eyes directed at Won Seok during a team meeting

    20) The way Se Hee stares at his phone at pictures of Ji Ho

    21) The way Se Hee stared forlornly at Ji Ho retreating back as she left him in front of the pharmacy

    22) Se-Hee's awkward jokes.

    23) His joke about her quitting writing--I get it. It was like he felt he had that to thank otherwise they wouldn't have ended up in bed like that. It's not a joke/thought you say aloud, Se-Hee

    24) The way he cradles her head or stroke her hair

    25) The bed hug. Full on, bed hug. 

    26) The way she buried her face in his chest during the bed hug.

    27) Broken Se Hee saying he missed her. 

    28) Sad dreaming Se Hee--his eyes when she said she loved him.

    29) Se-Hee STILL DRINKING and not spitting out his beer at the sight of Ji Ho in the morning, his eyes wide with surprise. 

    30) Pouty Se-Hee

    31) Of course, ALL the kisses. 

    32) Caring hubby Se Hee--especially when he gave her the ginseng.

    33) "I don't want to be apart from you ever again."

    34) Falling to his knees, surprised Se Hee.

    35) Angry, vengeful Se Hee. 

    36) Angry, banmal speaking Se Hee. 

    37) Trolling Se Hee -- from teasing Ji Ho about her answering the phone call from her mom in a mad tone, then his answer to the Namhae Ahjummahs about if Ji Ho was pretty, to his air kiss in the office. 

    38) Massage chair Se Hee

    39) Smug Se Hee with the Dating Contract of Su Ji and Sang Gu

    40) Their faces of horror when they realized the contract switch plus the sound effects of that moment. 


    I could go on and on. My sincere apologies for this long post. Needless to say, I absolutely love this drama. 


    30 minutes ago, meiil said:

    If somebody here knows how to make fanvideos can I suggest this version of perfect for a JH/SH video



    Been listening to it the whole day and I can't stop picturing them.




    I listened to this an hour ago. Oh my gosh--I was thinking the same thing!!!


    Especially the part where he sings "When I saw you in that dress..."

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  9. 16 minutes ago, MianneChan said:

    Indeed! Loving the thumbnail! That closeness (yes, it's part of the show but still.. my heart ❤) and that staff holding the backdrop smiling from the start to the last second he appeared, aksddjfsbjekdfjd!! i don't know anymore. I really love the giggles of the staff on that part when they were taking couple pictures. We call in Filipino, "kilig". They're getting giddy while watching them!


    Ugh TvN what are you doing to us? ❤


    Slightly off topic—yes. Kilig. Sobra. Hahhaha. Translation: So many feels?


    Kilig is the perfect word. Giddy comes close, but isn’t an apt description of it. 


    I need to rewatch the BtS since I made the mistake of reading a comment section of a recap of the finale. Sigh. 

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  10. Okay. So I've been writing for about 2.5 hours now. It's not done but at least... first part's up. @lollyminx here ya go:



    This is my version of the morning of their Day One. And yes, It's M... but not THAT M... yet. :)


    Hope you like it! 


    off to backread and sleep. Have to lay off MeloMance for now. Been listening to them non-stop while I was writing. LOL.


    42 minutes ago, Ayame said:

    EDIT: @Dramanoona There's 2 new BTS videos. Be sure the watch the other one too. ^^


    2 new BTS videos from tvN:








    (Clears throat) Thanks for posting @Ayame ! My heart is pretty much dead now having exploded with all the feels. 

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  11. 29 minutes ago, lclarakl said:


    @ahhhjummahhhjo,  THANK YOU!!!  :lol:


    Every single thing you wrote played through my mind as I watched the scene----over and over again. That truly is my favorite scene.


    On another topic, some have wondered, why JH didn't tell SH what she was planning. That she intending on returning. Actually, JH did it the right way. This caused SH to let all his walls down and show his emotions and become a better person.


    1) He was a person who really didn't want to eat out with others, but sought out WS to eat. He could have ate out by himself, but he wanted company.


    2) SH learned, like the Luther Vandross song "A House Is Not a Home" when you don't have the person you love there.  That apartment he wanted to keep forever and die in, came to mean nothing without JH.


    3) Later, he purposely let WS misunderstand that HR was filling out paperwork to get married. SH knew that she was going to fill out the paperwork o have the sofa moved.  However, the robotic SH was replaced with a man who now truly appreciates love.


    There are so many things that I could mention about how JH giving "them" a break, really helped SH to stop using his brain to fight against what was in his heart.  


    I really hate this drama is over. I guess I'lll rewatch a cute drama--Boss and Me/Shan Shan Comes to Eat.



    Not only that, he actually GREETS his coworkers now. And trolls them with an air kiss on a call with his wife. HIM. The man who REFUSES to be asked about his personal life, he pretty much showcased his love life to them.


    Though I wouldn't put it past him to start being semi-robotic once he gets back into the groove of things at work. The difference now is that he'll actually treat them a degree or two kindly than when he thought so little of them in the beginning. 


    Also, I love his dynamic with Won Seok and that they established a bromance based on being "single" or that it just happened that way. They gave each other what they needed at the right time. :)




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  12. Thank you @Jillia , @cherryblossomkawai, and @SpiritGambler


    I agree with your points. Of course, watching it raw, my initial reaction was anger that they BOTH don't talk it out. Se Hee made no move to stop her. But again, I understood his motivations. 


    All that time, Ji Ho was waiting for him to say something before she left. He didn't. Still, she didn't throw in the towel completely. The big clue, as we've seen, is the "intermission" comment before she walked out. 


    And because she was a bit inexperienced with breakups and leaving and being left behind, she probably had no idea how hard Se Hee would take it. She tested the waters by asking him what his plans were--to which he answered, the same... watch TV, work, Cat. And if he would take on a new tenant. Which he, after a beat, said "Probably."


    She didn't know that the one being left behind usually has it harder--especially if they've shared a home. While the person leaving will have painful memories, the person left behind will have to relive those memories in the things they touched, shared, etc. 


    And she may have thought that if he'd had gotten over a love like Jung Min--up to which point she thought may hold more weight in his life than her--she has no other point of reference because he never really got around to confessing out loud, it was through other people, that he'd get over her easily. Another commenter here (sorry I forgot who you were!) filled in the blanks of Ji Ho's possible internal dialogue that said as much. 


    Having realized that she would much rather tough it out with him (like her mother told her about how she decided to go back to Ji Ho's father) than long for him the rest of her life, she jumped into action. We didn't see a time jump of a year--thank goodness. 


    I think it's fairly realistic for Se Hee to be miserable during the first 1-2 months. I think survival instinct would kick in and his friends would probably kick his butt if he didn't get his richard simmons together. 


    Also, I think his saranghae in the last part of the show wasn't the first time he said it. I feel that because he says it so rarely and so unexpectedly that she was taken by surprise. I love that moment. It wasn't only the emotional swell of love, but pride in her and her work that prompted him to say it at that moment.




    I love how her small hand cradled his rather large face. 





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