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  1. Okay. Here’s my take on the situation. Putting it in a spoiler tag because it may be farfetched theory but know that I am keeping myself in check. 


    In a way, I am glad at the lack of certain photos of them alone. For me, the absence is quite telling. Of course, it doesn’t mean such pics don’t exist. Also, perhaps to avoid “controversy” they’ve been asked/instructed to keep their closeness a bit under wraps. Min Ki’s star is on the rise while So Min has been having a pretty solid year.


    Also, I find it a bit hard to believe that we went from inside jokes and spontaneous hugs and selcas and heartfelt thank yous to absolutely no talking/physical contact that is documented. So, I think whatever interactions remain a private thing. Also, Min Suk and Ga-Eun boldly posted their own couple photo and it wasn’t a big deal. So why can’t SoMinKi? You catch my drift? :wink:


    Again, the opinions are my own. Just a hunch. :)

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  2. I have had some time to reflect and type out a lengthy defense of the drama and the last two episodes in question. I've said before that for me, 15 & 16 summed it up neatly and for me it was perfect--I won't take back that statement. My standard for "perfect" was simply that it doesn't go the way Cheese in the Trap did. 


    But again, having put my thoughts on paper (both physically writing it out and typing it) made me think--am I truly at peace with it? Perhaps, not entirely. That is probably the reason why I am inspired to fill in the blanks of what happened from their reunion to the night they woke up. Again--inspired. This is huge for me personally. I haven't been inspired for such a long time to write. So I was thinking actually, I wish there was a way to thank the writer for crafting something that moves and inspires the creativity in people and meaningful discourse. 


    Still, I respect those dissenting opinions who feel that there wasn't anything else that the last two episodes needed. What triggers my protectiveness of this drama is those of the opinion that the drama was ruined by the last two. 


    To be clear, it wasn't. And in my defense having posted a review blog that goes into her take on the drama, I think it took away from the drama a bit but didn't crush the integrity of the drama in her eyes entirely. 


    What was great about this thread was the ability to air the different sides--to have that space for discussion. To respectfully hear what the other has to say and maybe just agree to disagree. This thread has become such a home for me and a joy to be in that it's painful to read certain things at times--but, as I've said, we have to be able to respect the different perspectives. 


    This drama is my top one. And yes, I only have nearly 4 years of drama watching experience. Will that make my sentiment any less valid? Will my "inexperience" nullify my right to feel the way I do?

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  3. 14 minutes ago, seonamcouple said:

    Which bus stop?? In which picture??? 


    The first pic of their Jeju trip. With Park Byung Eun and Kim Min Suk. It’s not a “bus stop” per se. But it’s a bench in a shed near a parking structure where I saw in another post had a bus parked. 


    Sorry if this is confusing and misleading. :(

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  4. 14 minutes ago, meiil said:

    @ahhhjummahhhjou're right that one stunning hotel!  btw they will leave tomorrow, KMS mentioned that tonight was their last night on the island.


    Gotcha. Ok. Then again, who knows if that parking structure was central to different hotels in Jeju? I could be wrong. :wink: 


    Nonetheless I find it charming that they posed at a bus stop. After all, bus stops hold a special place in the leads heart, right? Hahahah I need coffee to drown out my delulu. 

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  5. Helllooooooooo SoMinKi ship fam! I wake up to a 6 page jump?!? Whoa, you guys are the best. 


    And thanks for posting some pics—a lot has been deleted (though I truly wonder why. If they have got nothing to hide. Besides the BtS has more content to satisfy our shipping hearts. Hmmmmm) but we all know that those pics exist and somehow there is proof that they were all together. Woooohooo!


    And thanks @seonamcouple for the mention. This was amazing to wake up to. 


    Being that Jeju was so picturesque and lovely, I can only hope it set the perfect stage for beautiful memories—note: not delulu. They clearly like taking photos. So... lots of beautiful moments for them to cherish and look back on. :wink:


    As for the theme of their clothes—i found that curious from their first group pic. So... complementary. Heheh


    finally, posting this as I believe they should have gone home by now: I think they may have stayed at the Shilla (gorgeous hotel!!!) Another cast member posted a photo with the same parking garage behind him and a bus that said “The Shilla.” So, is it possible that they all rode together? 







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  6. Okay. I was about to log off but I saw the comments flying about an engagement. 


    Gentle reminder: everyone is entitled to their own ship and thread dedicated to that ship. While we all worry about whether or not another ship is getting ahead, to keep the peace, so to speak, it is wise to not mention another ship here. Reasons being that 1) we can offend them if ever they check us out 2) unless news are confirmed, it’s all speculation, theories, and rumors. 


    So with respect to everyone’s right to ship, let’s do our best to veer away from mentioning or comparing other ships. Unless Dispatch or media sources sink this ship, we can at least air out our feelings about the ship we’re on safely here. 


    No harm done. Just want to be sensitive to anyone who may feel offended or disheartened. 


    In the meantime, let’s enjoy the intense stares of a grumpy Lee Min Ki. i mean, dude, if you don’t want anyone taking selfies with her, then how about sitting next to her and staking your claim, huh? LOL. 

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  7. A while ago we were on the Hot Topic list hehehhe. 


    Also, I just realized that in both photos where someone took a selfie with So Min that had Min Ki in the background he had some sort of grumpy expression. The first one with one of the actors who played a developer, the second one is the more recent one. Although the recent one, like I said doesn’t look like grumpy Se Hee but an annoyed? Min Ki. I don’t know. I don’t know how to describe it and I can’t do a side by side montage of it. I just find it funny. :)


    Anyway, enjoy and have fun! Have a fantastic week! It’s late Sunday night here and I am about to turn in. Stay awesome!

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  8. 16 minutes ago, ringmyjen said:

    or, he was deliberately posing like that? "i'm just gonna pose like i'm spacing out but i know where should i have to throw my gaze at" 


    ps: minki looks richardsimmon good here with messy hair. 


    I think that’s why my heart is going haywire. He looks hecka good and I am not seeing Se Hee in that look. In his other pics where he was throwing on the “Se Hee” (almost like Magnum in Zoolander) it was pretty identifiable. This time around... I was like, “Daaaayyyuuuuummmmnnnn.”  


    oh goodness me, to be on the other end of that stare. But who the heck knows? He may be irritated at something from across the hall. 


    Anyway, I have been meaning to post this about Jeju—I have never been but it sure looks so picturesque on IG! Everything is postcard-worthy and—dare i say—really romantic. 


    Wink wink. Hint hint. LOL. 


    seriously though. Jeju now is on my bucket list. 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, ringmyjen said:

    OMG chill we need to chill, folks. it could be just an angle BUT OH GOD my heart is about to jump off my chest wow thank you to the man who took the pic he surely knew THE RIGHT TIMING to click the shutter. dead. :blink:


    Exactly. My brain clearly said, maybe he was just spaced out. Maybe he didn’t know a pic was being taken. But I was under the impression the guy in stripes was taking a selfie? Anyway, my shipper heart has no chill and is going nuts over Min Ki’s eyes. LOL

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  10. 3 minutes ago, sierralainewalsh said:

    Another pic from Jeju trip! It's been ages since I went back to soompi and I forgot how to do this so I'm just gonna put the link haha





    Thank you for posting the link. Let me see if I can embed the photo because MY GAD THE STARE. 


    Oh my gad. The feels!!! And can I just say that is NOT a Nam Se Hee face/expression!!! I don’t know if it’s the hair or the angle by my god my heart is exploding for some reason. Dare I say it’s such a Grumpy manly expression?


    Somebody slap some sense into me. 


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  11. Hello SoMinKi fam!


    i haven’t been online much today since I was besieged with a migraine. Welcome to the wonderful new members!


    I have said before that I was once part of a pretty big ship—a ship that had sunk two years ago. We were pretty devastated and lost then. 


    But, I have also mentioned before that between not enough BTS interactions, interview mentions on print or on TV (like REALLY rare and far in between) we based a ship on what little we saw of what was caught on camera and the vibe they gave off on print. 


    So again, this time around, I am rendered amazed by so many interactions that my “star pocket” is full and is bound to sustain me for a good while. 


    Because even if the momentum of the drama and JeJu trip dies down, the true test lies on when the have fully divested themselves of their characters. It would be exciting and interesting to see how they keep that electrifying friendship alive. 


    Also, another point... the fact that it looks like, as @meiil mentioned, that they are pretty much stuck together like glue, it’s a great sign. Often, you’ll see leads stick with other cast members and other staff in photos or video, but it’s refreshing and encouraging to see them fearlessly sit together or beside each other. I am sure they know that they are being shipped so hard at this point, the fact they still are photographed together is, for me, a sign of hope. 


    Please forgive my ramblings. I am just typing this all on my phone while on an errand. 


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  12. @meiil and @jaybs I am now officially “dead” having heard the “Oppa” from JSMs lips hahahhahaha. THANK YOU 


    Actually, make that “double dead”

    just because I saw the pics and reactions here. It’s not even 6 AM where I am and already I am probably distubing a lot of people’s sleep cycles with my reactions. 


    Also, that pic with “drunk (jealous) Se Hee” face while another actor took a pic with So-Min was just adorable. All that’s missing was his yelling of “Ji-Ho-SSI!!!” hahahahah or in this case, “So-Min-SSI!!!” Or “So-Min-AAH!”


    @ummihany hahaha I don’t know if I can hamdle writing a fhird Fanfic but never say never. :wink: we shall see. Thanks for thinking of me. 


    Now excuse me while I fangirl over these pics again. Hahahah better than coffee!!!



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  13. 4 minutes ago, raqlobster said:

    Thank you guys for attaching their ig photos here. I wasn't feeling very well this morning, but when I saw their Jeju pics...hey I'm soooo fine! Kick kick kick! Happy Sunday! Sominki is like a medicine, very effective for headaches. Hate to admit the reason for my headache is Sominki, BTIMFL and this forum;  yes lack of sleep lol


    @Ayame thank you for this thread. Though this thread came late, almost by the end of BTIMFL, I'm glad to participate. Better late than never.


    By this time, the group in Jeju probably had their lunch already, now relaxing - siesta time. I'm also kilig of what's going to happen tonight. I'm already thinking of Sominki walking by the beach, bonding, talking, laughing...waaaahhhh...


    Me too, I have a migraine and thus I was terrorizing my family. Then the photos came up and I couldn't stop smiling/silent shrieking. I know it may be cold out there in Jeju so I hope they keep each other warm bwahahahaha.


    Also, there are tangerines in Jeju. I hope they see that and have a good laugh. 

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  14. 50 minutes ago, lc85 said:

    The Instagram updates are just giving us life! Thank you @lollyminx and @ahhhjummahhhjo for posting!

    Quick question: does anyone know what that black something is between them in the photo? Scarf, sweater? Does it matter? To a non-shipper, no. To a shipper, yes.:lol:


    Heheheh I noticed that, too! Looks like a scarf or wrap or something. Maybe So-Min moved her scarf/wrap thing so that Min-Ki can sit down. But rather than take it away completely, it is put half on her lap and another half on his. Or Min-Ki lifted it himself so that he wouldn't sit on it and placed it on his lap. 


    Oh god I swear I'm crazy. But my heart is alive again. 


    1 hour ago, marchingfishes said:

    KMS AND PBE'S UPDATES. IM TRYING SO HARD NOT TO SCREAM just so i wont bother my friends ajxjsjdjsj


    Also, abt Minseok not calling Somin as noona, it's most likely a case of korean early borns (Minseok's born in Jan 90', whilst Somin's March 89') So technically Minseok is in the same year/friend level as Somin :)


    Btw @lollyminx may I know which BTS? :o I actly just rmbered this morning tht I havent heard Somin calling Minki as oppa anywhere lol. Just the thought of it is cute though ujhf


    Well I startled my family when I started shrieking at my phone. Just moments before I was pretty grumpy. Hahahaha my family has this drama to thank. LOL

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  15. Just now, MianneChan said:

    Seriously? They don't look 29! 


    Oopsie. Sorry. I think So Min is a year older than Min Suk (27). 


    Maybe they're close that So Min doesn't want to be called Noona? Good lord if she calls Min Ki Oppa... I'm dead.


    I just cannot--with them sitting next to each other AND wearing complimentary colors. LOL 

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