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  1. 48 minutes ago, fayouamazing said:



    In this video, when minki hugged somin i heard a voice that whisper "saranghae" and somin responed "hmmm" please help me to listen to it and dont forget use your headseat hehehe


    Well after 10 tries on a mobile device with a generic headset, I can at least confirm that there was something that was whispered right before So Min’s response but I can’t tell what it is or who it’s from. Sorry, Chingu. Will try to listen on a laptop with better headphones later. 

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  2. 58 minutes ago, yokyo said:

    Yes and how he kept rubbing his head on her shoulder... let’s just say this namja got really comfortable since the last bedscene.  He went from “I can’t even looked at you” to this.  


    You know what? You're absolutely right. They went from not being able to calm the nervous giggles to THIS. 


    Speaking of comfortable... check out what's in the spoiler tag. NOTE: This was an NG that was, once again, prolonged by the staff. Ji Ho was not meant to smile in this (as indicated in the final cut of the episode). And Se Hee's face came TOOCLOSE (misspelling intended) to hers. So they were just staring at each other, smiling for a bit before PD yelled "Cut." I mean, they locked eyes and in the last frame of the collage, it looked like he was staring at her lips.








    Also, for a moment, I didn't see Se Hee or Ji Ho. It's like they broke character in frame 2 in this collage. 


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  3. 19 minutes ago, yokyo said:

    Thanks for gif,  I love how he buried his head deeper and deeper into neck and the surprise look on her face.

    #SpicyMarinatedCrabCouple hahaha


    YES. And I think, besides nervousness from So Min, I think--she was feeling ticklish? HAhahahahahah. 


    If I had someone I liked who looked like LMK literally breathing down my neck or my ear, I would pretty much lose my mind. LOL

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  4. 1 hour ago, raqlobster said:

    MK is as red as JH's favorite Spicy Crab here lol


    Hahahah! And I thought I was seeing things. :wink:


    I think the PD and staff were trolling them/egging them on because it took them a while to yell "Cut!" after he pretty much buried his face in her hair, near her neck. I can only imagine the feels that he had at the time brought about by the nearness of So Min.  


    To quote Se Hee, "It even smells like you. It's nice." or something like that. And we all know how memories are linked to smell. 


    Also, (hiding in Spoiler Tag because it may be a bit much for some)



    Smell and Emotion

    In addition to being the sense most closely linked to memory, smell is also highly emotive.  The perfume industry is built around this connection, with perfumers developing fragrances that seek to convey a vast array of emotions and feelings; from desire to power, vitality to relaxation.


    On a more personal level, smell is extremely important when it comes to attraction between two people.  Research has shown that our body odour, produced by the genes which make up our immune system, can help us subconsciously choose our partners 



    Source: http://www.fifthsense.org.uk/psychology-and-smell/ 



    We've now covered Body Language, Microexpressions (That was what I was trying to capture in my slo-mo watching, frame by frame capturing of the BTS), and now,  Smell. 




    Hehehe. I'd like to call it research as there are still a couple of chapters I need to write. LOL


    But who am I kidding? I miss them. Plain and simple. 

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  5. Hello again, everyone! I hope you don't mind if I leave a couple more photos here. :) It's fun rediscovering the crackling chemistry of these two. And hopefully I'll be able to finish the next chapters of FF in a few days. So, yay! 


    I call this series, "Sneaky tricks and stealing glances." The last photo from the "nuzzling--I want Chicken for dinner scene" almost shows LMK to be blushing. Then again, it could just be lighting. 


    Enjoy! :)






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  6. 9 minutes ago, velvetine said:

    @ahhhjummahhhjo, wow, to be honest I laughed seeing Minki massaged her neck with such a flat face and expressionless eyes like that :lol: but when you look at the video frame by frame, you're able to see it differently. Thanks for sharing dear Jo, and good luck with the video making. ^_^


    Never knew Somin could play guitar. Any Somin longtime fan here? Was she just pretending to play for a photo shoot or she actually played it?


    - M -


    Hey M :) I edited my post to add another collage of them at the Finale BTS. Such a parallelism and great comparison at how LMK is more open and---dare I say, brighter? than when they did the Marie Claire shoot. Maybe it's the sweater ;). By the way, I love your story from your other post!!! 


    About to sleep. But here's a comfy, cuddly photo of them. The guy holding the green screen and his expression is so ME.  Good night my dear shipping family!



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  7. 15 minutes ago, meiil said:

    Nope, like also the comment on IG post say, it’s more likely her way of saying that she prioritized her career to her love life till now.


    Almost like Ji Ho working hard through her 20s only to date later. 


    Btw, I rewatched the BTS of the bed scene. I hadn't realized that LMK was just standing there watching her and the PD-nim working out the snail plushie throwing scene. Something about that realization and the infectious joy in that moment melts my heart. :)

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  8. :) Thanks for your responses @jughead2000, @rembrandtz_5e20, @meiil, and @b4l01


    I wanted to clarify myself as well--it's not that I don't like her giving interviews about the drama, it's just that the busy schedule seems like it's not allowing her to decompress/debrief/disengage from the role. I understand that the agency is "striking while the iron is hot" and this is not a knock on their methods, but I would love to see everything wind down so that she is left to reflect on the fond memories she gained from the drama. Also, I do understand that it's not a gajillion interviews she's giving but these articles are giving us snippets of the interviews she did do post-BTIMFL. 


    Anyway, perhaps this is just me saying, "Let her be so she can spend time with her Oppa Sunbae Oppa. LOL. 


    On the other hand, my theory about LMK's management methods are that they are being strategic with his absence. Besides LMK himself being a private person and an introvert, BTIMFL is his first drama after a while and after an unsavory situation. I can see how his management is waiting to see what perception of LMK remains in the public's minds once he is far enough away time-wise from this drama. Very happy that it was a successful comeback--one that LMK certainly strived for and deserves with his stellar performance. 


    * * *

    On overanalysis - And believe me, I'm one of the people who do this quite often as you've seen on the thread. :D --Just wanted to reiterate that while I'm okay with delulu and looking at things from different angles and discussing it in a safe space, what would not be cool is that I start insisting my "truth" on others or on our beloved couple. Sometimes it's just great to have a place to test theories with instead of having ideas roll around in your head. This thread has allowed that and without judgment. It's meant to be fun and not toxic. And I have faith we can keep it that way. 

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  9. What'd I miss? LOL just kidding. 


    Between holding events for the office and hosting visiting relatives it's just been a flurry of activity and tremendous lack of sleep. Rather than me posting stream-of-consciousness type of rambles that would be most likely a lot of "I miss SoMinKiiiiiiii" over and over, I held off until I could actually be halfway coherent to post actual content. So sorry if I haven't been posting as much and just been liking/reacting to posts. Thank YOU to everyone for your posts! 


    I am grateful for the interviews that So Min has been giving. I love the insight her thoughts impart and it certainly affirms certain camaraderie seen on the BTS. 


    But a part of me now wants the interviews to end. Am I weird? In as much as I would like to get as much information about her/them as possible, I also wish for her to now go "off grid" the way Min Ki has. It's almost like when you're trying to get over something--you can't really get past it if you keep talking about it. 


    To be clear, it's not that I want her/them to forget. Rather, I want it to be stored away and cherished instead of it being rehashed over and over. 


    When the dust settles, we shall now see how exactly the drama has changed their lives. And how they view each other--friends/more/colleagues/etc. Based on the Marie Claire interview, we could see that the drama and the characters they play resonated with them. As time went by, that bond grew deeper and richer as they all got to know each other. 


    Anyway, that's just my opinion--of course, our beloved couple will do whatever they need to do. And I am prepping myself for a long stretch of missing them even more when the posts about the drama become less and less. In the meantime, we have fond memories, wacky scenarios, and delicious mysteries to look back on. Let's be like bears getting ready for winter--gather all the wonderful info we have on them now and store them so it'll keep us warm when we need it to.


    If the waters get rough, my advice is: 




    I tell myself this during moments of weakness. At this time though, it's not as bad. :wink: Of course, no harm, no foul if one's heart cannot stand it anymore. I know I'll support and respect anyone's decision to weather the rough seas of shipping or to abandon ship. 


    Lastly, I am somewhat proud that So Min expressed her displeasure (via facial expressions) at the media's questioning of LMK's scandal in the pre-drama Press Conference. It also made me wonder if it triggered a certain protectiveness towards him that she may harbor. One of the thoughts that came to mind when I first watched that last hug at the end that they shared was her way of saying, "See? I told you it'll be okay." -- I don't know, it felt like that in the way she patted and stroked his back. 


    I'll stop here for now as I'm losing my senses. Thanks for reading. And Happy Holidays. :)



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    i love this. Because it caught how in spite of how they were not as goofy in this BTS around the other couples than when they were alone, when it was time to go, he naturally looked back to see if she was right behind him. Like a habit or something. And you may not see it but he almost looks like he was going to reach behind him to hold her hand or something. Almost. Anyway, that’s just my delulu. 





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  11. 13 minutes ago, yokyo said:

    I was curious how everyone starts shipping this couple?


    To be honest, I was trying so hard not to ship anymore couple after SSCP.  I was like that was it.  It is not good for my health but then BTS of when they made the Kwai video, MinKi start stretching his arms and pretend to played with kids and boom, arm landed behind So min’s back.  The next thing I know noticed his arm was all the way around her and he was able closed the gap between them... and that is how I got on board of the SoMinKi ship.


    It started with the BTS of the Kwai vid. I saw that arm land naturally across the proximity of her back. Also, something about the way he looks at her. 


    And then... Namhae happened. That really intent stare of his when they were talking AND when he took her solo pics on the cellphone—squatting to get really good angles. 


    And then them both spontaneously laughing when Min Ki stood up. Twice. And how their hands met in the middle to grab the other each time they’d burst out laughing. 


    By the time we got to the bed scene pt 1, and the way he was laughing and like “I can’t look at you. I’m sorry.” He kept cracking jokes. It seemed like he was a roomie and So Min was the pro. I said to myself, “something’s up.”


    The bicycle avoidance bts, banmal “You want to use a wire?” And Hug PLUS the PD looking at the camera was the one that pushed me over the edge. It’s like PD was saying, “Yep. This is actually happening.”

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  12. 11 minutes ago, lc85 said:

    @ahhhjummahhhjo can you repost the link for the hug analysis? Somehow it didn’t work for me, I must be doing something wrong.  Their “last goodbye/thankful” hug. But how LMK looked at JSM after the hug didn’t look like a “parting/ goodbye” glance.


    Here you go: https://www.littlethings.com/hug-relationship-test/


    i’ve updated the link in my original post as well. Thanks for catching that!

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  13. 5 minutes ago, MianneChan said:

    Sominki be like: Space? What space? The 60 cm (and more intimate 15 cm) distance is so interesting. 


    I remember in SH and JH's first meeting, there's a BTS were Minki bumped into Somin's bust and froze! Lol! :D Compare that BTS with the last interview and the Jeju pic where their bodies are touching and his elbow was almost touching Somin's bust. Makes me wonder how close they got that Somin doesn't seem to mind it. I mean for a girl to be that cool about a guy being that close to her body to the point his elbow is almost touching her bust, that means something! That screams comfort and trust to me. For women to women, that's not a big deal. But he is a guy. That makes a huge difference.  


    Not only that, but his knee and where it is supposedly pointing. Apparently the lower body betrays certain signals that the upper body sometimes suppresses. 


    Anyway, the site I posted is an enlightening read. :wink:

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  14. 1 hour ago, meiil said:

    Any body language expert here? wonder how SoMinKi sitting poses could be interpreted :lol: 



    From: Leg Positions section


    “In sitting scenarios it's actually even more obvious, as anyone who ever got stuck at the end of the sofa alone can tell. 


    Another form of orienting when seated comes in the shape of the knee point - when one leg is folded under the other and the knee marks the direction of attention.”


    From “Proxemics” section:


    Intimate Distance Zone

    intimate distance - couple

    Ranges from direct contact to 60 cm (2 feet).

    Obviously it's the space reserved only for the most trusted and loved in our social circles: partners and siblings. It doesn't mean that we're offended by a friend's hug or anything, only it's going to be brief and less intimate.

    This space (especially the 15 cm (1/2 foot) zone bubble) is like a private bubble of breathing space, almost as an extension of our body. When someone is getting that close, our body and mind automatically reacts – it's being put on flight or fight mode. If it's someone acceptable in our most inner circle – we relax and enjoy the intimacy, but if the presence is unwelcome, we will shut down and try to retain somehow our comfort zone.



    source: http://www.study-body-language.com/#sthash.BvsxMlQz.dpbs



    After you’ve read this, feel free to check out the Jeju pic once more. :wink:


    Also, same source on Leaning:


    Leaning - that's the body way to show involvement or lack of it. Simple as that.



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  15. 1 hour ago, yokyo said:

    Her entire shoulder is behind his...Yeah, that's pretty close.  So cute..


    Yep. Pretty close. And pretty consistent, I’d say... 




    I won’t comment anymore about certain visitors to this thread that hasn’t already been said. 


    This ship has wonderful people whose online company I truly respect and appreciate. No amount of toxicity from perceived competition can shake that. 


    So thank you, shipper family. Seriously. You all are a joy to ship with.


    speaking of joy... Tis the Season of Joy, right? I wish all the joy in the world for SoMinKi. Whether individually, with their families, or with each other. :wink: hope they can keep each other warm... with fond memories of time spent in the drama, etc. , of course! :D

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