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  1. Hello! Big thanks to @Ayame for posting the links to the DVD/Blu-Ray survey. 


    Those who are interested in getting the DVD/Blu-Ray of the drama kindly fill the demand survey. Survey period ends December 5, 2017 Korea time--gentle reminder to those, such as myself who are a day behind. 


    We need people to fill this out and create demand so that, hopefully, they'd consider releasing the Director's Cut--meaning




    Ever wonder where the scene where Pajama Se Hee went? Maybe they'll include that. Also, I'd love to see actors' and the director's commentary as well. 


    Quoting From @Ayame:


    Right now they're having a demand survey for the Director's Cut DVD/BluRay set. It's to see how many people would actually want to buy it. It's important to fill out the survey because if there isn't enough people, they won't sell a Director's cut version of it.


    Link to Director's Cut DVD/BluRay set demand survey: http://naver.me/G3SEV44a

    Link to see updates on the demand survey: http://cafe.daum.net/tvnfirstlife


    *NOTE: You need an account on Naver to fill out the demand survey. Go to the "로그인 (Login)" button at the top right corner of the page and register for an account. It's pretty easy. ^^ If you want to see all the updates for the demand survey on Daum, it's better to register for a Daum account as well. Here's a tutorial on how to register an account on Daum.


    Hope that helps you out. ^^ I've filled out demand surveys for other dramas in the past, but some of them didn't get the Director's Cut DVD/BluRay set since there wasn't enough demand. So it's important for everyone to fill it out.




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  2. 54 minutes ago, seonamcouple said:

    Btw, why are they SMELLING each other’s bouquet of flowers?? Hahahahaha!! Are they remembering the TANGERINES?? It’s as though LMK is still in SH mode and he is still remembering JH’s SCENT!! 

    Hmmm ... hope they get even closer when they go to Jeju for their reward holiday! Although, I don’t think we’re going to get any pics - would be private I think, and the crew and cast could be asked to maintain everyone’s privacy.


    They were smelling each other's bouquet and it looks like they were looking at each other's plaques or awards at the Wrap Up party. It's so delightful to watch, this friendship of theirs. That they constantly talk to each other and show each other things. 

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  3. 21 hours ago, Ayame said:

    Well, I've finally subbed all of the OST songs now. Jung So Min's OST song (And here's the full playlist of all the OST songs with English subs):






    Thank you, a million times Thank you. I just listened to this in full and reading the lyrics, my heart hurts. I was listening to the OST every day even before the drama ended but this is the first time I really listened to this song. It was perfect for that reunion scene. 


    Aw damn. Now my eyes are leaking...


    Also, thanks for the survey link! Off to do that now. 

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  4. Okay so I’ve replayed the reunion of Se Hee and Ji Ho too many times now. It’s my absolute favorite. But As beautiful as it was, I’d like to poke a bit of fun at it. 


    You know how in the morning she told him he smells? Well, she slept next to that smelly (but absolutely adorable) man all night. 


    Payback came later when they kissed, I mean... she just ate a marinated crab just moments before, right? Hehehe 


    In conclusion—when you can overlook all the unsavory smells of your partner, then you know it’s LOVE.



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  5. 6 minutes ago, lollyminx said:

    @ahhhjummahhhjo Hahahahahaha! High five! That's the best, right there! Great idea! Every snail plushie should come with a sleeping Sehee. :lol:


    Every box of red ginseng should come with a Sehee feeding it to you.


    The bodyfriend massage chair should come with a Sehee to fix the settings for you.


    Every Wonderbra should come with a Ma Sangoo who'll hand it to you in a brown paper bag.

    Buy a Cass six-pack and you get a drunk Sehee for free!!! Buy two six-packs and you get a San goo holding drunk Sehee up too.


    OH AND, buy the Island book and you'll get a Sehee who'll teach you how to kiss. (THIS I LIKE THE BEST)




    That last one!!! Not just teach you how to kiss but read the poetry to you in that deep voice. 


    They should actually sell a plushie Woori with the tag. Seriously. That cat was gorgeous. 


    Oh and an Ahjumma Se Hee plushie. Or Ahjumma Clothes—Se Hee edition. :wink:

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  6. Thank you @velvetine and @rembrandtz_5e20 for the perspective. I agree that JSM is playful and professional (I looked at Father Is Strange BTS the other day for comparison) and I agree that I hope they maintain their connection. It looks like the drama made a strong impression on JSM too. So beautiful memories were made from it. 


    Part of me is daydreaming, if ever there were feelings on LMK’s side, that he’d pursue JSM like Ji Sung pursued Lee Bo Young. From what I understand, Ji Sung fell first and Lee Bo Young had to be convinced. Hehehe forgive me. Like I said, I was daydreaming. :wink:  


    i actually love that they laugh a lot and talk a lot behind the scenes. Se Hee as a character barely cracked a smile so it was nice to see them getting a bit out of character in between takes. 


    Thanks for your thoughts and yes, I have replayed the hug so many times. LOL

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  7. 6 hours ago, lollyminx said:

    @Ayame Do you also know where I can buy a real, live "Sehee" around here? Or even a Ma Sangoo? :lol:


    Hahhahahaha! Se Hee cuddling the Snail plushie should be a package deal. Hahahahh 


    Thanks @Ayame for posting this. I might get the small one... it doesn’t look small enough for my dog to mistake it as one of his toys and chew on it.  Though I must say the big one is tempting me... 


    by the way, preordered the OST and Amazon says it’ll arrive in January. :bawling:

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  8. 7 hours ago, seonamcouple said:



    Finally, this. Before the finale, One of the things on my wishlist was a hug... a standing one because with the height difference it’d be adorable. Well...


    I am SO SORRY - I can’t seem to get all this quoting and replying to a PARTICULAR comment business on Soompi!! AAAAAARRGGGHHH!! 

    Well, my Dear @ahhhjummahhhjo - there was a HUG - a REAL HUG between Min Ki and So Min!! Hahaha!! And I realised something - both LMK and JSM are from the SAME province - South Gyeongsang!! (Oooops!! Very very SORRY - we NEED to take this discussion to the Shippers’ Forum!) 

    Also, were you one of the ones who wrote some fanfic?? Please, JAEBAL, write WHAT REALLY happened after HOT SPICY CRAB KISS (Er - let’s omit the crab - doesn’t sound right ... unless you have a seafood fetish - AWMAHGAD - did I JUST WRITE this more ‘intellectual’ f-word???? AND why can’t I use the emojis on my phone for this Forum???? WEEEEIIIII??) and when they were cuddling in bed???

    Please incorporate the pyjamas, lots of movement, giggling and other ... er ... sounds from under the blanket, Woori walking all over them and meowing (probably asking, “Hyung and Noona - Boyah?? What are you 2 doing??), and TANGERINES - peeled / squashes up with skin on the floor, Jiho’s grey sweater and Sae Hee’s yellow sweater thrown carelessly on the floor - final scene before cuddling - the 2 with just their heads poking out of the blanket and maybe SH whining he’s a bit cold and he needs to hug JH tighter to sleep and JH whispering to him and giggling - that they need to put some clothes back on or else they’re going to catch a cold ... 

    SIGH ... I think I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms... SOOOOOBBBBBSSS!! 


    Yes, yes it was me and my dirty mind that wrote the fanfic hahahahha! 


    Great idea! Let’s see if I can work on that soon. Happy to write it since I too am suffering major withdrawal from this drama and its characters. 


    Here’s the thing... you know how my ridiculous mind coped with then reunion crab kiss then just them in bed still clothed? 1) rooftop room has no heater. They need to keep warm.Yes, yes I know they have each other but it can get a bit chilly once the passion cools down a bit.  There is only so much the one blanket can cover. 2) we can see that their upper bodies are clothed. We don’t know about the other half... well, Ji Ho was wearing a dress/nightgown. But undergarments...? wink wink. 




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  9. Oh and one more thing. As @MianneChan mentioned that sometimes crew and cameramen edit or shoot “stolen” shots to promote the main leads’ chemistry. But what I find in BTS is that they are together constantly either talking or goofing off. Nothing uncommon, sure. But their seeming closeness and spontaneous jokes and touches between them, doesn’t look like they’re staged or edited. 


    Granted, they needed to bond to pull off such a drama. And I am thankful

    for their dedication to it. 


    Sigh. I miss the drama and their characters. 

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  10. 15 minutes ago, velvetine said:

    Someone in the main BTIMFL thread analysed how SH's pupils dilated when JH said that she loves him on the 'dream' scene. Some said it was just LMK merging into the character he's playing as, but I do believe he actually has feelings for JSM. Just look at how nervous she is everytime they're staring or close to each other in a scene.


    Can't blame him though. Hard not to fall in love with that girl! I hope they can be good friends though.


    Gotta admit that the IG post below made it harder for me to restrain myself from shipping. I know it's just a photoshoot for a part of the movie, but still...


      Reveal hidden contents



    Hahahha I saw the same thing and posted it on the main thread! :)


    thanks for sharing. I honestly didn’t even see the pupils dilating until I read it in the thread. 

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  11. I am wondering about how to order a Director’s Cut DVD/BluRay set of this. How and where can we order it? I would love to see cast commentary on the episodes and of course, deleted scenes. 


    I feel... like I wanted to see more of their daily life, somehow. Like them grocery shopping with one cart, her visiting him at work, more moments at the rooftop...


    speaking of which—they didn’t have a TV there. So I guess they’d watch soccer hunched over someone’s laptop while drinking beer on the platform outside the room?


    one question: regarding Jung Min’s text about hearing from the Attorney and Ji Ho being a striker... did she testify or something? The latter part of the text gave us a clue that Ji Ho was about to get her writing career back. 


    Also, Se Hee killed two birds with one stone... or dare I say, air kiss? He showed affection to Ji Ho and he trolled his entire office. :)


    Finally, this. Before the finale, One of the things on my wishlist was a hug... a standing one because with the height difference it’d be adorable. Well...



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  12. I also like that in their last interview during their last shooting that LMK held JSM’s  hand longer after the fun handshake shot and looked at her while she looked at the camera. 


    For some reason too, it felt like JSM was about to cry. Or the way she closed out the interview, sounded like she was about to cry. 


    I love these two. In an industry that can be really competitive and high-pressure, I hope they can take care of each other—not necessarily romantically. May this be the beginning of a fantastic friendship. 

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  13. In response to the fact that Se Hee didn't try to contact her/call her after she left:


    I think his primary reason was the promise that he gave to Ji Ho's mom at the wedding. That if Ji Ho had a shot at happiness and her dreams, he would help her and would not stand in her way. Paired with the fact that he admired Ji Ho's ability to follow through with any decision she makes. (Also from that conversation with Ji Ho's mom).


    Add to that the fact that he believed that he made her cry. 


    He honored her wishes in spite of his own pain. And through it all, never questioned her decision or asked her why. Unlike the Accountant guy, who is mighty brave to do so, asking Ho Rang for the reasons for rejection to gain closure. Se Hee just accepted Ji Ho's request and made the necessary arrangements to help it along. 


    Even when the Woori tag confused the heck out of him, did he call to ask her? He just let it be unanswered by Cat and proceeded to drown his questions out in Cass Beer. :) 

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  14. Wonderfully put, @raqlobster


    I agree and I'll most likely split my shipping 70-30. 70 would be reveling in their friendship and 30 wishing there might be something more/a future. Who knows? :) 


    I love that heartfelt hug and thanking each other. I also love their last interview because, like I said before, it feels like they meant what they said when they felt sad on their last day of filming. 


    I also imagined LMK if he did Tomorrow With You. I'm thankful he didn't do that, of course not thankful for the circumstance. This was a great way for him to come back and with such a supportive and lovely partner! huge fans of them now as individual actors as well. 

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  15. Hello again, everyone. Hope you're all well.


    I have not begun back reading yet so I am not sure if this was mentioned already, but I would like to share my thoughts on a few elements of the drama that stood out to me. 




    The Contract


    The contract was initially what bound Se Hee and Ji Ho together. Since they did not register their marriage officially, the only document they did sign in any official capacity was the 2-year marriage and lease agreement. While initially, it had brought peace of mind, it would turn into a seed of doubt later on. Do they just happen to fall for the other just because they’re there? It would’ve been easier to stay, to continue with polite—or, at best, friendly companionship, but this would wear out. Just as love alone is not going to be enough to sustain a long-term relationship of any sort, a comfortable partnership may also lead to either party losing sight of what it means truly care for the other. Without love, it is merely a business transaction. 


    Later on, the new contract becomes a bridge instead of another wall for the leads. The new contract becoming the perfect conduit for them to keep each other and their relationship in check. It’s another way for them to keep and maintain communication between them. 


    The new document marries the best qualities that the couple has—sensitivity to the other’s situation, wanting the best for the other, and above all, prioritizing their love for one another. 



    The Sofa


    It was the tipping point for Won Seok and Ho Rang. It was the item that uncovered the disparity between their expectations of their relationship. For Ho Rang, it was a piece of a married future with Won Seok, for Won Seok, it was just another piece of furniture. 


    Though heartbreaking, all the things that happened from that point when Won Seok brought home the sofa needed to happen. It was the wake-up call that eventually drove them apart. 


    I love how in the finale, the conversation reversed. For Won Seok—while he was talking about their relationship and future, Ho Rang was referring to just a piece of furniture. I loved this and how they framed it: 


    That Ho Rang said that it’s too old, that it’s wounded. Won Seok says, it doesn’t matter, it’s worth saving. We know that they’re talking about different things, but are they really? It’s a beautiful conversation and a bit of comedy as well. 



    Use of music, use of silence


    I love how deliberate and thoughtful the use of music was done throughout the drama. It certainly infused hope in situations where there seemed to be none or indicate a breakthrough for a character that we have yet to see or watch in the next episode. It also gave us clues of what’s to come. And the withholding of music in certain moments elevated certain scenes and had us hold our breath while tears formed and fell. The soundtrack is lovely and poignant just as much as the quiet moments in this drama were. 




    I’m sure there are plenty more things to look and derive meaning from this drama. Which makes it an exciting re-watch. For now, I’m still reflecting on Episodes 15 and 16… and I’m sure I’ll have more to say. In the meantime, thank you for reading and for your patience with my long posts. 

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  16. 4 hours ago, meiil said:

    So many goodies!! It’s impossible not to ship them at this point, even a lil bit lol. Like I also said in the main thread I truly wish them the best they are both deserving of it, plus if they’ll ever get together it will be a great bonus for all of us hehehe now let’s hope we’ll be blessed with something from Jeju ! 



    Agreed! It is mindblowing how much material is being given to us. It’s really hard not to have hope. 


    But, I have to admit that all the opinions on the main thread disheartened me a bit. I get it. I truly do. But I think it’s a matter of airing the opinion in the correct forum. It almost feels like being reprimanded for shipping them. Nonetheless, there will always be opposing opinions and I still believe it’s possible to “ship responsibly.” :wink:


    take heart. We want happiness for both of them. If they happen to find it in each other, that would be an amazing bonus, indeed. 




    PS  From what I understand of their lst interview it seems that both of them are having a hard time letting it go as well. I know I have heard other stars in drama say that but Somehow I don’t doubt the sincerity of their words

    during that interview. :) i hope they can rest and recover. 

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  17. You know that broken, lost feeling when Se Hee was breaking down and he asked, "What do I do?"


    That's me right now. That's how I'm feeling. Sorry for the drama. Sometimes dramas and forums do that--be the bright spot in your life that gets you through the tough times. Agree with the other comments about this drama and community being a star in my pocket. 


    Thanks. Truly. I'll be back. Just need to watch subs and collect myself. 

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  18. 2 minutes ago, T-e-z-u-k-A said:


    Omg I can't wait to see it all! Thanks for letting me know. I'm studying for an exam now so I didn't want to tempt myself with the main thread just yet lol, because I know I would just get lost there for hours.. so just a few minutes break to check out over here, for the crème de la crème haha! :blush:


    Yeah the agony of shipping/crushing...I know it all too well haha. I have been burnt several times now...


    OOoooh. Studies first! We'll be here, swooning over their very sweet and generous BtS etc. 


    I am exploding on this thread to prevent myself from going nuts in the main one. 


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