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  1. I was looking for something that would explain how I felt about the revelation 22 days ago. Feels like a lifetime, no? 


    Then I found this on IG. And it was the perfect quote. 


    To your point, @lc85 it was a struggle for me to reconcile JSM’s behavior on the BTS with her real relationship status. 


    This quote and a friend of mine who is absolutely objective about all of this, summed  it up for me: They’re actors. And they must’ve truly immersed themselves in their characters as they made us all fall in love with them. 


    And who knows if their own hearts fluttered a bit in the process? They must have—as the quote says—felt the music. 


    I was angry, disappointed, maybe in a bit of denial as well. Life (and work) had other plans and it kept me away from the thread. But just as well... who knows what I might have said when my emotions were too raw?


    I appreciate the grace that this thread has shown through it all. But I also hope that if anyone felt the need to grieve, to be sad, or to rant—that’s okay, too. There are no right or wrong expressions, as long as it doesn’t disrespect or harm anyone. Repressing feelings may be detrimental to one’s sanity. 


    Anyway, happy to be back. Life’s still busy, but I am not saying goodbye at all. 





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  2. Reported.


    Dear shipping family... no matter how this poster gets you riled up, engaging the troll is not advisable. We know who we are and we do not have to prove anything to someone who is only brave behind a keyboard. if you can, take a breather from the thread and rewatch the drama, the BTS, or the VLIVE replay. Listen to the OST. Anything to remind you why we are here.


    Anger at the troll, trying to convince the troll to get out/leave/change his or her ways will not work. the troll is here to get a reaction. ignoring them, as meiil said, is the way to go. If you see A post like that again, don't even finish reading it. Report it immediately.


    now, group hug! :D



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  3. On 12/17/2017 at 7:11 PM, Ayame said:

    Pre-order for the DVD is now open! Go here to pre-order: https://global.yes24.com/Goods/57690556


    I just pre-ordered my copy. :) 


    Thanks again for the info, Ayame. I hope you're feeling better. Don't worry, we'll take care of the ship for you. 


    Quoting this for @cgb1108 who was interested in ordering it from the US. I ordered mine and used Google to translate the page to make it easier for me. I used PayPal to pay for it as well. Let me know if you have further questions!





    My Spider Sense tells me it's verrryyy interesting how the IG posts regarding Japan aligned. Coincidence? Sure. But man, I feel that there's a story there. Whether it be a romantic one or a "missed connection" type of thing, we may never know. But I think this is getting a bit exciting, in a way. :wink:


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  4. Just wanted to be clear that we welcome everyone and do not kick out lurkers/people who delurk. There have been “well-meaning” delurkers who turn out to be members of a different ship trying to rain on our parade. 


    Anyway, welcome to all new visitors here!




    Also, have you guys seen this?


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  5. 4 minutes ago, marchingfishes said:

    WAIT what was tht IG post about? Did MK post smtg? It got deleted before I could see it hngggg


    Photographic evidence that a certain namja is perhaps in the same country where Kim Ga Eun, and now Jung So Min are supposedly at right now. :wink:


    Being cryptic because of lurking trolls. 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, lc85 said:

    White is memorable, I agree.  But I want to think it’s yellow. Reminding you of the yellow sweater during the last bed scene (with the bts with the lip “smacking” heard around the world @velvetine @MianneChan @ahhhjummahhhjo and forgive me if I forgot someone else who mentioned this).  Not to mention the yellow sweatshirt also showed up in the Jeju pics!! :D


    So White...



    And Yellow:




    Soooo many colors in the rainbow and shades in between to choose from, and yet...!

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  7. Disclaimer: in pain. lack sleep. no filter. 


    i read that so called news item and it got me like:





    But instead of unleashing some insomniac fury, and since it's the Holidays, here's a card for you:



    Oh and one more:



    In case it wasn't obvious, these are BTS shots not from within the drama. After all, nothing beats real life, right?




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  8. 1 hour ago, renvic said:

    wow i didn't follow kim min gue (boknam) coz i remember he's the one who post this picture and when checking this now to his i.g. account  wow it was also deleted... 


    i wonder how many pics that related to sominki  were deleted? 


    @dzijmers wow so this time let focys on the pupil of the eyes of sominki


    @coldcucumber mianhe about the chat room im just joking about that yes its true. as for my experience as a shipper when you join a chatroom. 



    I just realized from that photo of Bok Nam--that our couple were both wearing white. :D The last time they both wore white was when... 


    hahahaha pardon my delulu. I've been rewatching the series and I miss them. 

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  9. I couldn't view certain images on my phone earlier so when I finally logged on my computer I saw the post of @IsabelinaD in its full glory! Oh myyyyyy those smiles and the look they shared. Oh myyyyy. :wub: Thanks for posting that!


    Also... my apologies if this has been posted already, but all the talk about LMK's "happy smiling eyes" made me think of this moment:





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  10. Hello Shipping Fam,


    I have forgotten which IG account it was but they had mentioned that Min Seok had commented something on So Min's IG to which she replied, "You want me to release the video?" I can't seem to find where she said this. Maybe it was mentioned in the thread already?


    I love that they all have these private jokes and hidden stories together. 




    The impression I got from when she wore over the thigh boots and hot pants during the wrap party was that she was making a clear distinction between herself as So Min vs the character Ji Ho. The style was such as departure from the Ji Ho's usual aesthetic. 


    Either way, she looked gorgeous. 




    It's getting cold where I am, and I know it's pretty cold in Korea right now. 


    Anyway, wherever you may be, sending you all the warmest of wishes this Holiday Season. May your days be as warm as these two seem to be :)



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  11. 4 hours ago, becauselifelife said:


    My god, you guys are sharp! I listened with headphones too and DEF heard LMK say something there (1:19) , and Somin def replied with "Hmmmm" but its soo out of the blue??? I thought he'd say something along the lines of "keep warm" or "its cold" coz you can def see his arm (that was hugging somin) shaking. And I think the whisper that we hear is not from LMK because the voice seems to be coming closer to the camera souce and LMK was a few steps away from the camera - I dont think he was mic then? (Sorry Occupational hazard - I work in the film industry lol) But you know when Somin tug LMK's jacket? I do that all the time with my husband - its something I will never do with someone I'm not close / comfortable with. This BTS was def the one that pushed me to ship them! 


    :) cool. Now my heart can calm down. In as much as I was rejoicing, it was just so sudden. 


    One thing’s for sure, someone on the staff ships them bad hahahah. Maybe the cameraman looked at them

    and in response to PD-Nim’s knowing look he said “Sarang.” Like one would say “Ah, Love” or “L’amour” when seeing something romantic. :)


    still, LMK whispered something to JSM that she replied to. We may never know what it is. Heheheh. 


    Sigh. All those shows that I used to watch when I was a bit younger (CSI, Lie to Me - US) are definitely stoking the fires of my sleuthing heheheh. 

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  12. 46 minutes ago, coldcucumber said:



    Well, it could be saraM instead of saraNG? I'm confused too :blink:


    Nope. Not saram. I've listened to this quite a bit now and with an effort to strip the music out of the clip (occupational hazard. I edit some videos for work as well.) or at least equalize the heck out of it. Someone knew what he was doing when they laid the music track on the clip to drown out certain things. 


    I'll try to listen again tomorrow. My judgement is clouded (maybe because I'm in cloud 9 because of this?!) at the moment.



    But I agree that it certainly sounds very close to "sarang" and "hae" hahahaha. I've listened to it too many times already to think otherwise. Sigh. 


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  13. 3 hours ago, fayouamazing said:



    In this video, when minki hugged somin i heard a voice that whisper "saranghae" and somin responed "hmmm" please help me to listen to it and dont forget use your headseat hehehe


    (trying to breathe.) Will watch one more time. 


    Okay, folks. Verdict in spoiler. 


    So in a darkened, quiet room with pretty decent over-ear headphones, I listened to this. I wish there was a way to remove the music track to be sure.  




    YES, LMK whispered something. I both freeze framed it and looked at lip movement first, THEN I played the video back at 0.5 speed. The whisper comes after PD-nim's "Ne/De and sneaky camera look"


    My first reaction when I heard it was "Holy ***tttttttttt"


    I watched it two more times. 


    I definitely heard a "Saranghhh" (the last part faded away)


    And I definitely heard So Min's "Mm" 


    I saw Min Ki hugging her tightly and rubbing her shoulder or something--almost like what you do when you're trying to warm up someone who's cold. 


    And I definitely saw her look up at him with some mystified expression on her face. Not a bad expression.  





    I will say that my heart exploded at what I heard. Then my brain tried to rationalize it by saying that maybe he said, "Mianhe." But no. I listened to it without looking at the video, and closed my eyes. Same. Definitely a "Sarang..." 


    Edit: I even resorted to googling "korean words that rhyme with saranghae" just to satisfy my rebellious brain and exhaust other possibilities. 


    Anyway, if another kind soul can back me up before I lose my sanity, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :D

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