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  1. 51 minutes ago, fayouamazing said:



    On 4:31 i heard somin called "oppa" to someone behind her. And that person responed "oh" who was that person??? Was him Lee Minki or???


    I think it may have been Min Ki. He was standing behind her at some point. @MianneChan I think you said you heard the Oppa in this video. Am I wrong? Thanks!


    Here's another video. You can hear LMK say something (and apparently, talking casually to her) at around 0:30. The voices seem similar with the first video. 





    Seriously though, where could this namja be? Have they started spreading missing person posters all over South Korea by now? I'm starting to get worried. Or maybe someone could fly to Mongolia and search for the cart which may contain his body. Just in case.



    Sorry to cut your post @velvetine... and I don't know where or how to get the screenshot or GIF of the scene so I'll post the dialogue instead:


    We should ask LMK:


    Did you enjoy it there? While leaving us behind here? Did you have fun while leaving us here alone? 



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  2. 13 minutes ago, Ros Rivera said:

    Hi all! I have a question, was Dispatch there to cover BTIMFL wrap up party? 


    I only saw photos with the watermark Osen but not Dispatch. Also, there are no photos on the Dispatch IG account. I could be wrong though. 


    To @velvetine and @sierralainewalsh:




    PS. He's in Insadong--probably in an International Dorm, watching soccer and attending baking classes somewhere. Might wanna check the Jjimjilbangs too. 

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  3. 11 minutes ago, mydisplayname said:




    Fetus Sunbae (2007?)


    Youthful Sunbae (2009). 

    Sunbae-oppa (present). He lost some weight...


    That last picture, though! Those eyes. Sigh. 


    Any chance we have a screenshot of Sweaty Se Hee when he got Ji Ho's luggage? In the red/coral tracksuit? :D

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  4. 31 minutes ago, meiil said:

    Once again credit to minmincouple1616 to IG


    From today's interviews 

    Actress Jung So Min said, "Lee Min Ki Oppa is adult meanwhile Park Byung Eun sunbae is her cute senior"

    On the afternoon of December 12, We has interviewed about "Because This Is My First Life" in a cafe in Seocho - dong, Jongno - gu, Seoul. 
    Jung So Min received the character as Yoon Ji Hoo as assistant drama writer and she felt to meet the new character again in this drama "Because This is My First Life" which has recently been popular from now on.

    Jung So Min has talked about the chemistry between the actor and actress, "Kim Min Seok and Kim Ga Eun, all their scene was so much fun and cute" "I don't feel a big difference in age with Lee Min Ki oppa, but I felt like I was a senior and I felt like an adult at the same time. CEO Ma (Mr. Park Byung Eun) there was a big laughter on the set that I can handled it while seeing Mr. Park's role.

    Jung So Min will have take a rest after the closing ceremony of her drama "Because This Is My First Life" and beside that she will review some projects for her new project during healing time


    Lmao so she made a complete change today from calling LMK sunbae to oppa and somebody else sunbae looool I'm sorry but I can't help pulling a SeHee move and telling her after yesterday's interviews to call him oppa publicly. Just like @velvetine suggested ahahaha


    Back to serious mode tho I already mentioned it but I  just love how mature she's now and LMK definitely has a  part in this. 


    OH and also look at this:


    I also remember this bit and I also thought LMK had told PDnim about her recording bc she followed him as soon as he moved closer to them.



    OMO. I wondered about that! Why LMK went to PDnim or closer to MeloMance for a bit. Ooooooh I wondered if he requested that for her? OMOOOOOOOOOO.


    Re: stomach flu topic... I noticed that initially LMK, PBE, KGE, and JSM were seated together at the cast dinner at Jeju first according to that video taken by the staff. Pictures later show PBE and LMK with the rest of the staff drinking and no JSM and KGE in sight. 


    So my delulu tells me


    someone finally listened to her Oppa Sunbae Oppa and went to finally get some rest! :D  No more soju and marinated crabs for you, lady! Go to bed! ( I had more in mind but enough for now...) LOL


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  5. Just finished watching the VLive. Things that stick out in my mind + some delulus LOL:


    The smile/look on her face when she first mentioned or was thinking about Jeju. 


    How happy and glowing she looked. 


    And the fact that she had a stomach flu—why did this stay with me?


    delulu Answer: because a certain  SunBAE was looking grumpy all the time around her. 


    Delulu on turbo. Imagined convo:


    MK-Sunbae: why are you not eating? Are you OK?


    SM: My stomach’s not great yet. 


    MK-Sunbae: you should go rest, then. 


    Then a ton of people took selcas with her. With the grumpy SunBAE looking on. His thought bubble probably is, Aish this person! Stop taking photos with her so she can go rest!




    Also, she said she was a MeloMance fan and that she loved that they sang “Gift.” That was why she did IG Live. 


    Let’s relive that wonderful moment, shall we?


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  6. 2 minutes ago, sierralainewalsh said:

    Welcome to our little haven, @VanillaSalt! The more the merrier! ❤️


    I see our thread again in the hot topics. Way to go, SoMinkis!


    Glad to see everyone in high spirits and spreading positive vibes. 


    I'm rewatching the drama because I convinced my friends to watch it and they asked me to watch with them. I kinda miss Daniel Henney saying "it's dailyish.." (whatever that means) and Gordon Ramsey's CF.. only a little bit.


    Thank you so much, everyone! This thread always cheers me up ❤️



    I know this is the Shipping thread but this post made me laugh so hard. 


    Here's more for memory lane--and inconvenient earworms too:


    1. The Kiturami jingle and choreography in a colorful, and large roomed house. 

    2. Sangwa Money with the weird bean people coming out of places at one's desk. 

    3. Need for Speed? Fast and the furious? who the heck knows. 

    4. Earlier in the drama--Hyun Bin's new movie?

    5. Gong Yoo and the reclining bed

    6. That facial mask commercial with the really attractive scenery and guy from Revolutionary Love

    7. That flat noodle commercial that used one actress for two roles. 

    8. Early in the drama - the anti-aging cream that was turning back the years--starting at 1977! That was major ouch. I feel old. 

    9. Gong Yoo--charming women on Snowmobiles with just his frantic waving and voice. Okay, maybe his face had something to do with it. But how can you see with all that snow?

    10. The engine cleaner commercials with the guy from Running Man. (Sorry can't remember his name)

    11. Of course, Cass commercials from "a little bit oily..." to "Imo! Cass!" (sheesh, Ramsay can't you manage a juseyo in there?)


    :)To make it relevant for the ship thread, I'd say--for the love of the drama, the cast, and now these two adorable creatures, I sat through all of that. At 4:30 AM my time. To watch it without subs.Crazy.



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  7. 6 minutes ago, VanillaSalt said:

    I'm not ready to let go of BTIMFL so I think I'll hang around this thread for a bit lol.


    Welcome! It's awesome to see you here! We tend to be a bit crazy around here (read: I tend to be a bit crazy) but we're a happy bunch. 


    I haven't let go of anything. I intend to binge watch over my vacation next week with chocolate, tissues, and makgoeli. I saw some Cass in the Korean store here but something about the memory of Gordon Ramsay's voice ringing in my ears is kind of stopping me from getting a six-pack. :D

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  8. 27 minutes ago, mydisplayname said:

    Oppa is more candid, open and friendly. It shows how close she is with Lee Joon and how their age gap isn't as far unlike her other pair. While filming FIS, she has clearly developed a good relationship with Lee Joon. Also their age gap makes them have a common ground on may things because they came from the same generation.


    Sunbae is more appropriate, formal and implies a very big respect. It shows how she sees LMK professionally, an actor who has a lot of experience under his belt. It also shows how LMK is from a different generation and probably from a generation that she looks up to. This shows her similarity with Jiho since Jiho respects Sehee and sees him as someone who is more experienced in life. We also have to remind ourselves that Jiho and Sehee stick to formal speech despite having a close relationship. What she shares about her experience with LMK can be very telling. It shows how warm, subtle and caring it is. It just feels like it runs deep.



    Well, as long as she doesn't refer to him as "soldier ahjussi" then I guess we're ok. :D Kidding. Love this post!

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  9. 2 hours ago, meiil said:


    FIS will more likely be nominated for KBS2 awards and they will probably have a nomination in the best couple category therefore it makes sense for her to want to win (I personally think Fight For My Way has more chances of winning but who knows).


    BTIMFL doesn't have any award scheduled at moment, if there will ever be any including a possible best couple category I'm sure she would wanna win that too. 


    I honestly don't see why she wouldn't wanna win or why we should be worried about it, like I already mentioned many times I'd be WAY MORE worried if she wasn't so open about her relationship with LJ, but she's very candid about it and their friendship so it's a good thing. 




    Thinking out loud here so kindly bear with me as I type out my thoughts as they come (as they won't necessarily be as organized as I want them to be, hehehe)


    JSM's treatment of LMK

     - has been switched  (upgraded? Downgraded LOL jk) from playful Oppa (based on the many, many BTS. Example: I can't have broad shoulders?!) to helpful Sunbae

     - photo of them watching their sweet scene has been taken from public to private consumption (because while it's gone from IG, it is probably on someone's device. wink wink)


    JSM's treatment of Others

    - Very public declarations of visiting, couple award winning, etc.



    It's been mentioned here before that So Min is very private about her personal life. So, forgive me if my shipper heart rejoices at the things/interactions/person people she is not as transparent about.  



    Response to Velvetine: 


    Not offended. There's a huge smile on my face right now and it's because of you, @velvetine Damn you and your delulu . It's making my heart leap with excitement. Especially the walking around Seoul part. Aaaaargh. I have a meeting in a few minutes and they'll be wondering why I have this huge Cheshire Cat smile on my faceeeeee . LOL

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  10. This thread and it's people--regardless of shipping level (or fascination level if not shipping. :) )--are just wonderful. So happy to read all the exchanges and the healthy discussions happening here! 


    Food for thought re: IG. (Sort of Off topic) This reminds me of a then-moderately famous--now award-winning Hollywood actor who was associated with a seemingly "normal" public instagram account. To this day he hasn't claimed it for his own. Fans have since flocked to it since it was featured on BuzzFeed. Some photos are a dead giveaway because of it's proximity to award shows, etc.


    So bottomline is, it's certainly possible for a "secret" account for celebs. It's pretty hard not to be sucked into the rabbit hole that is IG. :wink: 


    I commend you, awesome shippers who strive to continue to preserve the privacy AND who lead by example! Thank you!


    People like you make this thread such a wonderful place to be in. 




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  11. 23 minutes ago, meiil said:

    Reposting this BTS translation from the main thread


    Is it just me or Somin was so emotional it felt she was at the brink of crying during the sofa interview ?

    LMK did almost all the talking while she barely wispered a few words.


    Also this passage caught my attention at  2:11 according to the translation 


    SM: I think that a lot of people have gotten comfort from the lines and the situations, so I think this is really a project that I won’t be able to forget my entire life.
    LMK: Also, more than that…


    Then they both went quiet and LMK said 

    LMK: Thanks to Ji Ho-sshi, I’ve been really happy.
    SM: Me, too.


    and then they did the close frienship handshake.


    Since the 1st moment I saw the bts I've found this passage kinda weird, my rational explanation is that being in a emotional state after the wrapping  they both weren't fully aware of what they were saying.. Not that this is anything big or revealing but the whole vibe during this interview feels odd to me.



    lol Idk everything about them seems to be weird.


    I noticed that too. That So Min looked like she was on the brink of tears... especially at the end. 


    She usually looks at Min Ki, right? She barely looks at him while he always defers to her and looks at her. I feel like if she were to look him in the eyes, she might start crying. 


    Also, minor thing. His hand holding the mic and her hand holding the bouquet were so close to each other. Actually, their bodies had no space in between. The couch is not a small couch... :)


    The vibe feels melancholic. That “close friend handshake though” was like...


    okay this is the closest I can compare the vibe to: you know when you say goodbye to a loved one at the airport? How all that emotion translates into a bundle of uncertainty and wistful longing? More importantly, how your heart hurts at the thought of “I won’t get to see this face tomorrow?” 


    That’s the feeling that this interview evokes in me. 

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  12. I love this thread. I rewatched the BTS (which is my absolute favorite as well) and the part where Min Ki pins her down was haaaawwwwt and I can see why they were laughing nervously the moment the PD said “cut!” The tension....! :wink:


    Also, cute photo. If I were to caption it, I’d say “so proud and happy to be hanging out with my girl.”  LOL



    Edit: one more photo. 


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