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  1. 5 minutes ago, T-e-z-u-k-A said:

    @ahhhjummahhhjo Omg thank you for the video!!! :wub: Urgh they are killing me with their sweetness lol...they hugged for the longest time in the most intimate manner (no space between them at all, LMK was bending down to as to fully embrace JSM's petite frame kyaaaa~!!!), and then LMK gave her one of those intense gazes at the end, again. I guess they wrapped up after the last kiss scene, that's why they were feeling extra affectionate lol....


    My brain is telling me not to ship, but my heart just can't resist with goodies like this :confounded: I'm going to miss them so much. I hope that they too will realize that they can take it from reel to real haha


    If you go to the main thread, dear @meiil posted more AND someone posted translations!!! There was something that JSM said that she didn't want it to end and LMK saying his heart was so heavy that it's ending. 


    Like I said before, I have been burned by shipping once... BUT. It's almost like a crush, right? The sweet agony of it? LOL. 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    The final episode was a really sweet wrap up to the whole drama, and it was humorous while being totally emotional as well. I actually love the moments when everything is getting sentimental, and then there is a sharp change of mood.


    For example, when JH's mother is talking about how she was thinking of divorcing the father, but didn't, and how one has to have a star pocket for those shining moments that come about, so that you can look at them when things get tough. JH is riding on the sentiment of the moment and remarks that it's because she wants those shining moments that she is getting a divorce, only for her mother to tell JH that she's talking nonsense. LOL


    Or JH telling SH on the rooftop about how precious opportunities are, so that someone born in 1988 would never let go of any opportunity which presents itself lightly, it's just that JH is prioritizing love above all else. And, then JH sharply questions SH on whether he met alone with JM, causing SH to stutter in fear. LOL


    I like the wrap ups for each of our couples. SG and SJ were clearly obvious from about midway through the drama for me, and it was a case of how and when they would decide to be together permanently. It somehow seems fitting, given how emotional SG can be, that SJ oh so casually tosses out the question of getting married over sharing airline miles. And, that SG reacts with a bit of horror of such casual treatment, but comes to understand that SJ is actually being serious and that marriage is what they both want.


    I'm also happy with WS and HR's arc. While they clearly needed to grow up, being apart seems to have done that. Given how much they still loved each other, I really didn't think that the drama would end up with either of them in a new partnership with someone else, though I wondered if it would leave them with an open ending. However, the drama chose to show that both WS and HR have grown up and were dealing with their relationship and their marriage realistically. The child at the end that WS was holding was their child, btw. Turns out that HR had spoken with WS' mother already, asking if they could get married and live with WS' parents. HR's 5 year plan was a 5 year plan on how their marriage would go. I'm sure that WS and HR would have married fairly quickly after they were reunited. They would have to be married in order for WS' parents to allow them to live together in their home. So, three years in, it's reasonable to think that they would have a child already, given that HR had wanted to be a mother.


    And, I absolutely adored SH and JH. I sympathized with them each step of the way, even though there are times when I would so much want for them to just say what was on their minds or in their hearts to each other. However, I also know that can be hard, and while both of them had indications of interest from the other one, neither of them had the certainty of each other, but also of themselves. It was lovely that JH talks about how when she was with SH prior to the separation, that she had felt some pain and anger. However, while they were apart, all of those fell away, and all she was left with was the longing and desire to see him. And, SH himself finally loses his very carefully cultivated control to become visibly sad and angry. The sadness was under his delusion that he was asleep, however, the anger was when he was fully awake, and it was directed at JH. I smiled along with JH as SH visibly lost control of his temper and became angry at JH for being able to stay away when he had been in so much agony.


    I also appreciated the moments of coupled life that were shown. The ginseng drink is such a couple thing to do, and speaks of an intimacy that they shared. Also, after much discussion and an exchange of new contracts, it seems that SH and JH just went and registered their marriage. Since they had already had the ceremony, no need for a new ceremony. While they had told their respective parents (or tried to in JH's case anyway), it's not as if everyone was even aware that they had separated. It's fitting of them that it's not the ceremony that's important for them, it's their lives together, and not letting anything, including Korean traditions or their parents' expectations, get in the way of their love for each other.


    One more thing I meant to mention, while JH and SH relax their speech towards each other at the very end, they maintain jondaemal, i.e. polite or formal speech, for nearly the whole drama, and even after they're reunited as a couple. So conceptually, jondaemal can be used to show respect to the other person regardless of their relationship. It is not necessarily a distancing mechanism between couples. And, unlike the jokes in kdrama that jondaemal just consists of putting a suffix of -yo to the end of a phrase, jondaemal actually changes the semantics and even the grammar to indicate one's willingness to respect the other person. So, whether the jondaemal is distancing or not is really dependent on how the couple talk to each other overall. It wouldn't surprise me if SH and JH continued to use jondaemal for a lot of their personal dialogues since they clearly respect each other as well as loving each other passionately.


    When HR proposes to WS, she also switches to jondaemal to indicate that she respects him as well as loving him, and I was actually happy about that. One of the things that was missing in their relationship for me was that HR had taken WS so much for granted, that she didn't really seem to respect him that much anymore, constantly scolding him for his failings as an adult might to a child. So, her proposal was sweet in its sincerity and respect.


    It was fun reading everyone's thoughts, feelings, and analyses about this drama. So, thank you very much. And, hope to see you all on other threads. :)



    Thank YOU @stroppyse for everything. You've summarized this beautifully.

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  3. 1 minute ago, kimnabong said:

    lol it was not just breakfast foregone. lunch as well. Ji Ho literally had to negotiate getting him to eat dinner. say he slept throughout much of it... i can be satisfied with seeing just that day. them talking about feelings. then cuddling and hugging. and uhm, other stuff. argh it felt so natural and beautiful. 


    Hi! Good... morning? :) I'd like to think the first kiss led to sexytimes, then power naps, then another round, then power naps. They probably had some sort of snack or ginseng in between. Then round 3. Then a long stretch of sleep, then the scene about the chicken.


    I love that after that moment, not only have blown the doors off of the Room 19s but also the respective Pandora's boxes--sexytimes for Ji Ho, and sexy smiles and laughs for Se Hee. :D

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  4. Hello! I know this thread is a little slow but I don't mind coming back to it and keeping the ship alive as much as I can. Thankful that this is here and honestly sad that the drama ended.


    On a different note--I noticed that photos of LMK show him to be pale, a bit unshaven, and looking tired. He might be sick, no? Poor guy. 


    BUT on the other hand, I'm grateful that he seems to have pics with JSM/next to her. Usually, it's hard to see the leads together at the wrap-party unless it's the cutting of the cake or something. 

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  5. 59 minutes ago, Jillia said:

    I wonder... the last scene in which the 3 couples run to the bus, Ji-ho and Se-hee are wearing pretty casual yet festive clothes, same goes for the other two couples. Also Se-hee is carrying a paper. So could it be this was the day when they registrated their marriage? :wub:


    Looks like it. As @o--ILuvUKnow--o already said that the end scene was again a tribute to the Graduate, but this time with a happy ending/beginning for all of them. I actually love that scene and that it wasn't just the main couple at the back of the bus but all of them since their lives are so intertwined anyway. 

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  6. 10 minutes ago, Jillia said:

    Somehow I can't post any gifs, so I'll try it tomorrow. BUT I noticed something. When Se-hee kisses Ji-ho on the bed the scene cuts to the washing line outside the apartment and suddenly (those weren't hanging there before) we see two PJs hanging there, one is pink and the other is black. Well you could either read it as Se-hee and Ji-ho are a couple now OR they really slept OR sexytime really happened. Almost like the falling flower in Japanese animes. :tongue::wub:




    I would like to think that they are fuly a couple now based on that symbolism PLUS how the arms of the PAjama tops were blowing in the wind together—leaving the impression that the arms were holding each other. Like holding hands. 


    So unbelievably sweet. 

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  7. Does anyone remember what song Se Hee was humming in the office? 


    If it was the “Star Drawing” (drama intro song) then it was the same one Ji Ho was humming when she realized she was in love with Se Hee. 


    If it was “Feels Like Falling in Love” by MeloMance, it’d be one of the songs they heard on their first date. 


    Either way, Se Hee humming is already nothing short but a miracle. :) I just love these thoughtful details. 


    I can’t get over the photos. I wish they had a photo of the whole group though. Aish I am so greedy. 


    More material for season 2, perhaps? :wink:

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  8. Slightly off-topic. Just wanted to share this. My now 11-year old unfortunately witnessed his mom having an all-out epic meltdown that involved cursing the screen and slamming the remote on the couch she was on at the finale of a drama (clue: it has Cheese). 


    So, in preparation for today’s finale, he said he’ll build a bomb shelter to escape mom’s possible wrath. 


    Two days before the finale:


    Me: Ah but it is shown live at 4:30 AM our time. 

    Son: Wow, that early? You might wake up the neighbors. Poor neighbors. 


    This morning over breakfast: 


    me: The drama’s done. 

    Son: oh? You’re not mad? No need for the bomb shelter?

    me: nope. I am so happy. It was perfect. (Proceeds to sing MeloMance’s Feels Like Falling in Love off-key)



    i have 3 hours of sleep. Watched ep 15 subs late last night the Finale raw this AM. I don’t regret it one bit and I am missing it already. 





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  9. 58 minutes ago, kimnabong said:

    oh oh oh and we can include ajhumma sex talk in some of the scenes. you know like those reply 1988 ahjummas chatting as they (always) cook dinner except since it's 2017, the girls are probably doing the ahjumma talk as they do groceries together or in a cafe.

    Your premise is sound! i was thinking about that too—I felt that while they are happily in love, both are fearful of having kids. Especially with Se Hee’s history. So I love this!


    AND I want to see the friends talk about sexytimes. Ji Ho has a ton to catch up on!!!!!!!! Hahahhahah 

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  10. 6 minutes ago, teep523 said:

    I don't think I have anything else to share expect how happy I truly am with the ending but I don't wanna leave this thread :tears::tears: Hope that everyone here will be able to keep it alive for at least another couple of days or so.. gotta post all the pretty gifs and all the fanfics we can find!!


    I just really hate to leave this thread and let it die on its own as time passes by.. although that's inevitable :( 


    Sigh.. ok ya I'm not leaving this thread!!! gonna backtrack all 300+ pages to relive the happy moments again :) 

    Me too. Staying here a bit. I have to thank you for just being awesome with your translations and insights. 


    Biiiig hugs to you!

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  11. 3 minutes ago, angelflower said:

    Oh I believe people were wondering about the letter JH wrote. It's the reason why SH thinks she went to Mongolia lol.


    SH imagines JH in her room before seeing the letter on the empty bed.


    The letter:


    To Se-Hee,

    Did you watch a football match today too? And is Cat doing well?

    When will you find this letter? Probably after I leave, and you go into my room.

    Actually, I went into your room once. I found the poetry collection that you like. And I also know that Director Go is the owner of that book. I'm sorry.

    SH-ssi, did you know that in Mongolia, they don't put makeup and bury their dead people? Instead they load the body on a cart and bring it to a faraway place and leave it there. Then when they go to that place again, they will be filled with sorrow if they find an intact body, but rejoice and return if they only find bones. I am also curious as to what would remain in my heart when I return to this room again after I leave.







    Well she was certainly dressed for Mongolia, not Insadong. Hahahahha!


    thanks for the translation! 

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  12. Drama ended almost an hour ago and I am still here on the thread reading comments or on YouTube rewatching clips. 


    Favorite things:


    1. The bed crying confession

    2. His face while drinking beer and Ji Ho appeared behind the laundry. 

    3. Him losing his temper

    4. Banmal (though A tiny wish for a Se Hee Ya from Ji Ho was left unfilfilled but ok)

    5. The bed cuddling. I think him cuddling her after the chicken statement was almost an nG. He was on the verge of giggling. 

    6. Him blowing kisses on the phone

    7. Him humming

    8. Him giving his wife ginseng while she was writing. 

    9. Their house!!!

    10. Their photos!!!

    11. Him laying his head on her lap while watching. At first I was like, why sit so far from your love?! And then he laid his head down on her lap. Heheheh

    12. The saranghae moment!!!!!!!

    13. Him taking care of her 

    14. The wedding run to the bus. So perfect. 


    Minor complaint—they shouldn’t have spent money on a massage chair. Those things are pricey. But hey, PPL. But missed opportunity for Se Hee to give his tired wife a massage. Hahahahha


    also i found it so adorable how Jung So Min was like swallowed up

    by that chair!



    I haven’t focused on SJ, SG, HR, and WS yet. Was too focused on the main leads. Can’t wait for subs!!!


    not ready to let goooooo. 

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  13. 4 minutes ago, lclarakl said:


    @angelflower, thank you for translating. This scene was so touching, even without the subs. I couldn't wait to know what was said because it was sweet and emotional.  Thank you!!


    Thanks @angelflower and @teep523 for translating that scene. I was crying buckets even if I could barely understand what they were saying. He looked so broken and hopeful. 

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  14. 1 minute ago, niniwu97 said:





    YES. The stadium!!! I loved that so much!!!! I wanted that for them since their fandom was such a part of their relationship!

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  15. 1 hour ago, piekeboeboe said:

    OTS by Jung So Min


    I listen this while waiting for Ep.16


    ( I don’t know how to post IG clip here.

    Moderator please help me edit this?

    Sorry if someone already posted.)

    Thanks for sharing this!


    to post, On IG, click on Share Post then click on Copy Link. You should then paste said link directly where you type the reply, like so:



    then the post should automatically embed. 

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