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  1. Optimism's always welcome, @Ayame! Like I said previously--and I don't understand fully why, but i'm... excited? 


    By the way, I tried to watch another drama to get my mind off things (besides GMC). I ended up starting to watch a monster of a series instead--The Crown (on Netflix). Nothing like the British Monarchy to distract oneself! :wink:


    @velvetine -  I may have mistaken the guy you mentioned as the one who deactivated instead of deleted. Sorry about that.The one thing I'm sure of is that for about a day, Actor Ryu.ryu account was down. I know because I followed him and today he popped back in my "suggested" as "new to instagram" with just a few posts. Whether or not it's related, I don't know. 


    Will just sit back for now and enjoy this rollercoaster. Or maybe watch the BTS again. :)



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  2. Absolutely and very well said, @meiil. I don't have the answers either. Whoever's handling "damage control" is sure being amateur about it and not being strategic. The way I see it, all the deletions are too close together to be coincidence and are very obvious. 


    Calling long time Jung So Min fans here--has she ever done something similar in the past like deletions? Curious to know. 


    Also--they should have stopped the deletions only because other IG users have since screenshotted or reposted the content. There's no point in taking them down unless they go after the bajillion of users who've already put their content in their accounts. Again, amateur. Possibly impulsive, even.

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  3. It's one thing about the deletion of posts--the other is that we never saw them "alone" together at Jeju--at least, publicly documented. Such a contrast from Won Seok-Ho Rang. That's the weird thing to me. It's not as if they stopped shooting months ago and just recently reunited at the Award trip. They were so sweet and friendly and then boom--not even a smile?


    (And no, I don't think I agree with a theory on the main thread that certain stars may have been coeerced to go to Jeju. They're grown ups. They can think for themselves. And Bomi, Esom, and the guy who played Bok Nam and even Jung Min wasn't there. Clearly, one can opt out of the trip.)


    Then again, I've never really watched a couple this close before on their Drama Success Reward trip. From what I remember, Bo Young from SWDBS was never seen with Hyun Shik alone or in a group. (I could be wrong). 


    Okay. Breathe in. Breathe out. It could honestly also be as simple as a privacy thing. That whatever is happening is best kept away from prying eyes. If so, then by all means keep it yourselves until you're ready, right? 





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  4. 1 hour ago, meiil said:

    Wow this is unexpected and weird, I mean that wasn’t even personal it was about the drama ?? Also it’s been 2 weeks already everybody saw that post... what’s the point in deleting it now? It will make people go suspicious like crazy... @ahhhjummahhhjo Knets are loving them... SoMinKi shippers are spreading everywhere so this isn’t a case of negative comments. 


    Ah really? It's good to know that Knets are loving them, too! I was worried for a second that there was backlash. Knets or K-fans in general, from what I understand can be a little intense when it comes to their idol. 


    Hmmm if it's not backlash--and I'm just thinking out loud here--would management get in the way of their "star" is in danger of jeopardizing their rep and by being associated with certain people?  That's one theory. 


    The other is--plain and simple--something was caught on these photos/videos that maybe the public was not meant to see? they're both seasoned veterans. I doubt that they underestimated the audience response--or did they?


    One other thing to note--the guy who posted the two autographs (which by the way, was also curious since it was just their autographs and not the rest of the cast--does this mean they were alone or did he only manage to catch up to these two and not care about the others?) -- he has since deactivated his IG account.


    Something's up. Let's see how it plays out in the following weeks/months. 

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  5. I had an elaborate theory on the timeline leading to Jeju. I'll put it under a spoiler tag because it's long. Feel free to read it. I shared it with a fellow shipper in a private message because I wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy. :D  



    For days I've been mulling over the Jeju pics and lack of certain solo couple pics. Though it's expected and perfectly understandable, what my brain couldn't figure out was the sudden detachment of the two. And while they were inseparable by circumstance because they had a ton of solo scenarios to shoot, we could clearly see them getting more and more comfortable with each other as each episode BTS came around. But I think it only applied to moments when it's just the two of them without the other couples. The BTS for the back of the bus shoot stuck out as weird to me for a moment--upon the PD yelling, "Cut" you'll see WS and HR still being playful on one end while SJ and SG quietly smiling and looking out at everyone on the other. In the middle... you'll see a laughing/smiling-till-her-eyes-were-slits JH and a stern faced SH who immediately stood up to leave. My heart sank then UNTIL...


    ...he paused for a beat and turned slightly to look over his right shoulder before he moved on to disembark. The type of motion you'd see if you're checking to see if someone's behind you. 


    JH was seated to his right. :)


    Here's another point for the relationship that they built over the course of the drama. There was a certain closeness--especially in the scenes with the yellow sweater. I felt like a barrier or whatever barrier they had was broken at that point. There was something between them that even I can't name. It showed in the ease by which they handled each other. It was just so beautiful to watch. 


    Add to this the hug, the lingering hand holding, and the prolonged looks on the last day of the shoot. Then you have the selfie at the wrap party and the photo and video of how they watched their last episode together. At that same party they received an award and they were shot showing each of their awards to each other. 


    Okay so how do you go from constantly being in this particular person's orbit  to absolutely zero interaction or any indication that you've acknowledged the other's presence?


    Which brings us to Jeju. 


    The pics taken by LMK and PBE at the airport showed a slightly tired but grinning LMK. He also looked somewhat rested and fresh. His eyes were clear. There's a touch of fun there as he was seen carrying a polka dot backpack. 


    And then--the pics taken with Min Suk (WS) and So Min on that bench. 


    The expressions on Se Hee's face was still his blank character face or model blank face. There wasn't an air of irritation or even fatigue. His eyes looked clear in these pictures. No smiles, though.


    And the world went nuts. As if they could finally breathe after seeing SoMInKi reunited.


    So to establish the next part of my theory, I'd like to break it down by day of this 3D 2N trip. Note that I established the timeline based on their clothing and not on the dates they posted or the dates on the photos. We already know that one of them likes to "Time Travel." :) 


    Day 1 


    Arrival in Jeju--most likely midday to early afternoon

    Beach photos with staff and crew by So Min and Ga Eun. Boys go elsewhere. This was late afternoon.

    Dinner for cast and staff - evening


    Day 2 


    AM? Anthracite Coffee - Where So Min is seen holding a camera in a solo photo. Obviously went there with someone since there was another who took her picture. We don't know who. 


    PM? Group photo at the lighthouse - LMK, KMS, KGE, Sister In Law. 

    Couple Photo - KMS, KGE

    Duo photo - KMS, JSM

    Trio photo - LMK, KMS, KGE

    Solo photo - LMK
    Anthracite Coffee photos with all of the above mentioned plus PBE (Sang Gu). 


    We don't have photos of their dinner, etc. 


    Day 3 

    Going home. Most likely did nothing since checkout is usually noon, yes? There are no photos of Day 3 that I know of that are public. 



    Okay. Now that I've laid that out, here's my case for why Min Ki looked tired/irritated/aloof during the Day 1 dinner. 

    1) He had a lot to drink

    2) He was tired

    3) There were too many people

    4) Something about not being able to be with So Min. 


    While he does sit across her at dinner, we never see them seated beside each other and talking or whatnot. They used to talk a lot. Or at least not that was captured by cameras during that time. Also, there are no photos of just them posed together/right next to each other. What we see are photos of them individually with a lot of other people asking for a selfie with them. 


    What's even funnier is that Min Ki has a certain face/grimace when someone is taking a selfie with So Min. 


    These photos are suspect since the original owners have either deleted them or closed their IG accounts after the mass deletion by KMS. 


    Maybe JSM's management may have cautioned her to avoid any possible interactions with LMK. Not so much on LMK's side since we now find out that he's managed under a one-man company. JSM has more to "lose" between the two of them and perhaps she'd been advised to steer clear of LMK in public. With the drama over, there is no remaining context that they can hide behind to explain why they're together. 


    This possible theory would explain the disruption of their usual banter and closeness . It could also explain those looks on his face when selfies were taken with her.  


    On the other hand, his own selfies that staff had taken with him or with PBE are seemingly free of that bothered expression of his. That one photo where he seemed to be staring at So Min's direction was so vulnerable. I felt that he may have been caught in an unguarded moment or that he meant for his sour expression to be caught on camera. Either way, if she was the subject of his withering gaze then that's something to think about. It could also be that he's staring into space sullenly. But for whatever reason is what we'll never know. 


    If you've read the theory, thanks! I just needed to put it into words instead of letting it swirl in my head. Almost like when Dumbledore uses his Pensieve. :) (Shout out to the Potter fans out there!) 


    I'll be honest--I'm not alarmed at the deleted posts anymore. If anything, I'm thrilled. This is more action that I've seen than when other dramas have wrapped up and the OTP goes their separate ways. I was concerned at first but now, I'm actually excited to see what's next!

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  6. Goodness me. Maybe I should take my statement about Shipping being a marathon--at this rate, it's almost like a game of mystery and sleuthing. Are there any marathons that involve clue finding and investigating? Amazing Race, perhaps? LOL


    Just trying to lighten the mood. All I can say is--these things are fishy. I'd like to think in a good way. 


    Also on IG--I'm seeing a lot of Koreans following this drama and buying the OST. Truly happy about this. 


    Anyway, curious but is there any backlash in the K-netz world regarding these two as a couple? If yes, then that could be a reason for the deletions, etc. 

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  7. 7 minutes ago, raqlobster said:


    It could be just a gimmick to promote the movie or to generate sales of dvd. Good publicity or bad publicity is still publicity.




    Yes, please keep those gifs, photos and videos coming. I will appreciate it if you could post fanarts too. We are doing a marathon... an ironman marathon lol




    During those first few episodes and BTS of BTIMFL released I was counting how many times LMK looked at JSM, the LMK admiration stare. I lost count now. The way he looks at her...there's something, it's different from just looking, it's meaningful. You can see it in his eyes. And the eyes are the windows to the soul.


    100% agree! So it was so weird to me that he seemed restrained in Jeju--or at least from the pictures that were made public or used to be made public. 


    Actor Ryu.Ryu shut down his account then put it back on today. And then another actor deleted his account. I forget his name. 


    So weird. What are they hiding? hmmm.


    Oh and to clarify @yokyo's post--it's the shot taken from their backs while she and MInki were watching the lying on her lap scene. 

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  8. If this has been posted already, sorry! I love this collage:



    Also, about the “close friend handshake” the way he looked straight at her while she was shyly looking down was also... wow. I felt like I was intruding on a private, tender moment between them. :)


    One more of this gorgeous couple:


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  9. Sigh. Real life has been nuts lately. That's why I'm thankful for this wonderful thread--where shippers of all degrees and types can come together! @raqlobster, your post summarized it just perfectly! Thank you for that!


    My personal shipping type is that of friendship -> love -> wedding bells. Hahahah! It'd be great to see how their bond develops and maintain over time. At this moment, I'm just happy at witnessing the BTS and the small moments that they choose to share with us. 


    By the way, another couple who apparently began as best friends has just been confirmed to be dating for a year and a half! hahahahaha 


    Anyway, I love how we all help each other out in this thread and not judge or hold anyone's level of shipping against him or her. Such an atmosphere is just delightful to be in. 


    Have a fantastic rest of your week, everyone!



    P.S. @Ayame and @kimnabong ... I know there was one other person who started talking about GMC2... sorry if I've forgotten to include you! I liked Season 2 better than one. There's more things happening between Yoshikawa and Uehara and I want S3 to happen only because of how they wrapped up the season. I want more!


    Of course, again, it's barely holds a candle to BTIMFL but I wanted to detox from our beloved drama. I was frustrated, as usual, by GMC's leads but the moments that were groundbreaking I actually shouted triumphantly and jumped from my seat in joy much to the surprise of my family. Then again, it's easy to get a reaction from me. :)


    I am seriously considering watching Jugglers now. Just because I find the male lead attractive. But I bet that I'll always be comparing the drama to BTIMFL. 


    Gah. Withdrawal symptoms are the worst. 

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  10. 11 minutes ago, Ayame said:

    I finally finished updating the compilation of all the Jeju instagram pictures. I actually translated the captions of most of the pictures as well. (A lot of it was translation from the Japanese translations--since I understand Japanese a lot better, but I tried to translate it the best I could.) It's a total of 70 pictures. Be sure to look at the pictures below again with the translated captions. ^^ (I'll be sure to add this link to the first post later when I update everything else.)


    BTIMFL - Jeju Trip [Updated] (70 Pictures Total):



    I can tell that JSM really misses BTIMFL since on one of her instagram posts, the caption says:

    #BecauseThisIsMyFirstTimeAtWoljeongriBeach When will I be able to escape the illness of "because this is my first"?


    Arigato Gozaimasu, Ayame! Hahaha to "detox" from BTIMFL, I had watched Good Morning Call S2 on Netflix. I watched S1 of the show and of course BTIMFL is lightyears better than that drama but I can't bring myself to watch another K-drama for now. :wink:

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  11. @seonamcouple I haven’t forgotten. Real Life has been crazy lately and every time I try to write, I get interrupted. Mianhe!


    @meiil the dates... not just faking the wrong dates but a specific date. How significant is 11/25? :wink:


    Also, I cannot get over her caption about “Because this is my first time in Jeju” when clearly it isn’t and somehow it’s a call back to the episode where Ji Ho said “It’s my first time seeing the ocean with a man.”


    It’s cold out here. Trying to keep myself warm with these fuzzy thoughts. Lol. 

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