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  1. Red Velvet’s Joy Tries To Get Through To Woo Do Hwan In Heartbreaking “Tempted” Scene



    Tempted” has given fans a glimpse of an emotional scene coming up in the next episodes.

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    New preview stills show Eun Tae Hee (played by Red Velvet’s Joy) being carried by Kwon Shi Hyun (played by Woo Do Hwan) after their separation in the last episode. The pair broke up after Kwon Shi Hyun found out that Eun Tae Hee may have been the victim of his mother’s hit-and-run accident. Full of guilt and not wanting to hurt her any further, he decided they should separate, and broke up with her in a harsh way.


    In the new stills, Kwon Shi Hyun looks as though he is about to cry as Eun Tae Hee holds on to him tight, seeming to be entreating him to look at her. They then stand facing each other, with Kwon Shi Hyun still holding in his emotions while Eun Tae Hee looks at him imploringly and rests her head on his chest.




    The next episode of “Tempted” will air on April 10 at 10 p.m. KST.


    Watch the latest episode below!


    Watch Now


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    my heart is breaking for them!! :tears:


    6 hours ago, kaoriharang said:


    it was last night's episode already. But I can't seem to find that part where SJ realises it is SH's mother necklace.
    I have a feeling she doesnt know that it is SH's mother's necklace


    Anyways MBC pre released a new clip for tonight's episode. @icyphoenix @USAFarmgirl @triplem @Pikachu92 @sakura2016 @biancapot


    @stroppyse or @MinLyn to translate please.


    you can hear TH shouting SH you bad jerk, so loudly that SH could hear it.


    SH is clearing the rooftop area from all the decorations he put up there for TH.


    SH removed his part of the couple necklace - gosh this is infuriating. But TH is strong man, she really is giving SH the cold cold shoulder.



    hhhhhhh she's funny!! did she think he won't be able to hear it if she shout at the fridge?!! :lol: I love she's being strong in front of him  but I feel really bad for them!! :tears: and what happened that she ended up havving a piggyback from him?!! and looks like she's trying to get him to be honest with her and show her his true feelings!! hope that would work and he come clean about it as a 1st step!!


    thank you for all the shoutouts chingu!! :wub:

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  2. 1 hour ago, Berou said:

    Oh I understand now. I also enjoy those sad melo stories and even jump on them without any fear. ^_^ I really hate when writers make viewers suffer for X hours and then fool them with a makjang ending. I have a blacklist of those kind of stories


    well I still don't jump on them with no fear, you know!! I only jump when I lose to my common sense :lol: and we know the King in crashing that common sense I wanted to keep as much as I could right?!! :wink::tongue:


    having a simply sad ending is 99% a NO in itself for me unless I'm already watching the drama ongoing so I can't undo watching the drama by then but still there is fewwwwwww rare occasions, again either for the actors :tongue: or the drama is THAT GOOD for me that I'd take that jump anyway!! :lol: now a crazy/nonsense sad ending is a different matter that I don't want to come across still I did and I HATE and WILL KEEP HATING THAT WRITER FOREVER FOR IT and yes it's SHR's drama that I blame LJK for taking and making me suffer through it!! ahhhhhhh :bawling: as much as I'm struggling to finish Remember it was still a satisfying great drama only it crushes my heart, while SHR is....*sigh* :unamused: well with LJG being its only saving grace with great OSTs!! :lol::wub: I pray Yoo Seung Ho stay away from these kind of writers!! *prayinghard*


     I also understood it that way : the father disovered he was ill but let the mother take away the child, whereas he opposed to it originally.  I think he got the surgery to save his child and had only little time to live. At the end of the video half of the people in the studio were crying, that's YSH'S effect !  I m also familiar with this actor, he is a senior and I saw him playing most of the time those beggard lousy villains. CWY ? The psycho villain in I Remember  You ?? It would be terrific to see him acting against YSH  in a drama !! :D Let's hope that day will come.


    actually I 1stly knew him as a supper innocent/sweet/caring/loving/forgiving father in Can You Hear My Heart drama so when I saw him as a heartless villain in Mad Dog I didn't want to believe it at 1st :lol: well he was still a craing father there as twisted as it was!! :lol: so seeing him being a caring father with child YSH there was a sweet thing to see!! :tongue:...yes, that's him!! :D I really love his presence in a project in itself knowing that his character will have layers oonly through his acting even if the writing sucks!! he have that talent and powerful presence and I'd love to see Yoo Seung Ho work with him!! let's keep hoping for it!! :D



    The MCees lost him when they brought in the cats. I noticed he was the first to get up from his chair and to go towards them. He was completely  in a bubble playing with cats,  and didnt bother with questions. L and KSH had to answer the questions but even L  was no better than him. I can see YSH being part of a campain and being a spokeperson in order to raise awareness of animals' exploitation or abandoned cats or dogs.  He is really vocal about his love for animals.


    hhhhhhhh that was their biggest mistake: who told them to bring the cats knowing it's his weak spot?!! :lol: but that was good for us to see his adorable side again!! :wub: ah I keep feeling envious of these cats!! *sigh* hhhhhhh Yoo Seung Ho would be the perfect spokeperson in that matter!! :D



     I got the gist of what he said, speaking about his Osaka fanmeeting. Thankfully I found out some english translation. He actually talked about the japanese words he learned and he said he learned how to say I love You  for his japanese fanmeeting in Osaka. He must have wanted to learn some japanese  words to make his fans happy, and there is no better words than saying I love you to them in their native language, right ? :)


    I found new pics of the ruler IV


    Even one japanese fan got a bit disappointed with the dubbing :lol:. I didnt understand  why they dubbed the interview too. It was only one hour, couldn't they sub it ?



    right!! :wink: that's the most cherished word they woud've ever hoped ffor!! :wub:


    hhhhhhhhh they should listen to fans opinions and stop these dubbings, no one wants Yoo Seung Ho's emotional and deep voice to be dubbed!! :lol: but I think they did it for some of the fans who don't like reading subs mostely eldery I think!!

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  3. On 09/04/2018 at 2:03 PM, Berou said:


    Your other bias, LJS, played in a high school themed drama, school 2013. Master of study is a typical highschool drama like school 2013. So there was no dramatic events, deaths  etc. It is kind of funny,  you stan an actor known for his tears but you dont like crying scenes. 



    ah I see!! but I cried alot watching School 2013, the bromance was awesome there!! :tongue: I love these kind of youth stories!! :D


    hhhhhh it's not I don't like crying scenes, I do love them actually and admire those who can touch me the most, and Yoo Seung Ho doesn't only makes me crying he crush my heart to peices while crying wich I enjoy but still fear!! logic much?!! :lol: I won't ask for no crying scenes because really I'd beg for them from Yoo Seung Ho, he's THAT GOOD in these scenes :heart::thumbsup: but I'd ask for happy endings with less heartwrenching scenes!! possible?!! :sweatingbullets::tongue:



    Again :lol:.  However  his pearl tears and crying scenes are a god-given gift and what make him stand out from his peers and what will help him in the future to snatch awards and get more recognition. So he somehow needs to play those kind of roles once or twice. Btw, can you believe daddy fish was his debut project  and as a debut project he had to play an already difficult character ? You can see his raw talent there, unpolished, and you understand he was meant to be an actor. Without any proper training  he already knew how to properly say his lines ( not like reading them from a book) and how to work on his gaze ( not dead eyes). These are fundamental requirements for an actor and many actors still struggle with them.


    totally agree on that and I so enjoy being in pain watching him showing his unique talent through those scenes so let me rephrase it....hmmmm can I really say that though?!! I fear it will come true :unsure::lol:...ok, if he's to do such role again: permanentely ill patient (don't), PLEASE GIVE HIM A HAPPY ENDING AT THE END!! my heart won't take a sad ending in addition to ALL THAT PAIN!! :lol:


    that was his debut?!! no wonder he's melodrama Prince!! I can see how far he's gone till now with the great potentials and raw talent he had since then, that was a really hard role and he portraited it believably reaching our hearts!! :tears: when he was screaming in pain when they were "operating" on him? or when he told his father he miss his mother but not to call her since his father doesn't like her!! or when she came finally and he was shily containg his happiness!! or when he was preparing for the operation acting brave mimicking his father's cheering gestures or when his father told him not to come near and he's to follow his words from then on and he showed his father his gift for him too!! ah :tears: that's a great acting from a 7 years old boy!! :thumbsup:

    Side Note: and the father died right?!! he was sick too?!! what kind of sucking fate is that?!! :heartbreak::tears: and I didn't knew that actor worked with Yoo Seung Ho!! can I hope he work with him again?!! you know I love these reuinions right?!! :wink::tongue: and to work with Choi Won Young too (I really love this ahjussi)!! they are pretty good and I'd love to see him playing against them!! just my wish!! :D:tongue:



    I always thought joseon hairstyle  didn't make justice  to korean actors and kind of uglified them... until I saw YSH in WBDS. He didnt  just look good, he looked very pretty  in his long and straight hair. Since Ive been appreciating more joseon hairstyle. 


    hhhhhh that's Yoo Seung Ho's effortless effect on us!! :wink:



    When you look back at those pictures, you finally realize YSH has already played a lot of different characters, and each time with a different wardrobe and hairstyle appropriate to his characters. The fashion and hairstyles are extensions of his acting and help to make the characters come out alive.


    yeah!! it's addmirable how he have a versitile filmography at such a young age, but he's not a veteran actor for nothing after all!! :wink::heart:


    He looked  very happy promoting ruler and as usual he granted the people  in the studio with his 1000 watts smile. Every time he smiles, it feels as if he light up the room.


    There are some new updates:





    and you can see him in love with the cat!! cuuuuuute!!:wub: did he ask L to answer the question for both of them while he's playing with the cat?!! :lol: but L wasn't any better not realising he was asked to begin with!! :lol: now we can see better how they became closer out of their love for cats!! :lol::wub:


    and we have a small part of him promoting IANAR too!! :w00t:  :wub:


    cr: owner


    he was talking about Osakka fan meeting, I think, and how cute he was recalling "nomu chuwa"/I Like You in japanese asking what it meant!! awwww :wub:

  4. 2 hours ago, Berou said:

    @sakura2016  I'm going to make the list longer ^_^


    I think one of his most popular hairstyles was in Master of Study when he played a bad boy, a rebellious student ( have you watched the drama ? if not I recommend to you cos it is noy a tear-jerker and one of his best dramas)



     In Blind, he played a poor delivery guy, his hairstyle was there too eye-catching



    In daddy fish, he played a child who suffers from leukemia



    In IMY he played a young rich guy in his 20's and had slick and smooth hair in a bowl- cut 



    We shouldn't forget his spoiled brat character in the way home, Sang Woo, who got upset at his grandma for cutting too much  his hair


    In warrior baek dong soo he played an assassin. I like more his hairstyle in WBDS than in Ruler



    It was too obvious the person who wrote that article was a bit biased. There was no objectivity in it at all.


    Ha that gif !!! I can stare at it for hours. But I'm amazed at how his hair goes back to its shape. It doesn't get messy when he passes his hand through it. Is this some kind of magic ?  I want to know what products he uses. 



    Ruler update



    oh yeah I saw some vidoes of it but not the drama yet, and it's not tear-jerker?!! good to know!! :D wait but I saw MVs of him crying there!! :o:blink: you mean not every episode tear-jerker right?!! sigh what did I expect other than that when IANAR got us crying alooooooot even when it's a rom-com!! :lol:


    ohhh his hairstyle in Blind got me :o how did they manage to get him that hairstyle?!! hhhhhh


    why put such painful thing chingu?! :o I want to see Yoo Seung Ho playing all kind of roles but NEVER play a permanently ill patient role!! I BEG FOR IT!!


    he had some up hairstyle there too if I'm not wrong right?!!


    "I only told you to cut a little bit!! ahhhhhh" hhhhhhh so cute!! :lol: can you guess how Yoo Seung Ho would feel and look like if/when he gets to see himself in that scene?!! he'd turn red seeing his cute winy self/acting there I think!! :lol::wub:


    you know how much I swooned over Crown Prince Lee Seon right so I can't say that but yeah his hairstyle at WDBS was really good too!! :wub:


    "a bit"?!! :wink: hhhhhh


    oh yeah, it goes back perfectly to its 1st state and I keep admiring his hair quality too!! I'm actually admiring everything you know even the color!! :tongue: we need to know which product he uses!! hihihi


    FINALLY we had some updates of Ruler's interview!! :w00t: thank you so much for sharing chingu!! :wub: I wish we had longer videos but I'm happy just with this!! :wub::D


    awwww Yoo Seung Ho turnes into another person seeing cats!! it's his soft spot!! :wub:

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  5. @Berou


    that's a big feet for her especially being an idol puts her under much pressure and harsh critics if she doesn't do well but she finally got her chance to prove herself!! happy for her!!


    we can see he's oppen to take challenges with different genres and roles which is a great thing :D now we can only hope he gets good offers from good writers, PDs and get a good casting who can help him as well not let him have the entire drama on his sholders!!


    hhhhhhhh Park Seo Joon passed the new actor phase years ago now!! :lol: and yes he's a hardworking actor and person who puts his everything at whatever he does!! and he deserves where he got now and more in the future as well!! :wub: 


    well I was more overwhelmed by heartach to notice the details :sweatingbullets: but your note changed that for me!! :tongue: it's realistic as you said and I never opposed that other than it was tooooooooo painful still and the weak hearted me wished less pain for him you know!! :tongue: hihihi


    I love All his hairstyles!! :wub: and beside his haistyle at Ruler I was to add his other period look in Joseon Magician!! he was :love: there






    and I want to add his natural hairstyle like in Imaginary Cat and Ruler's script reading :love:


    yoo-seung-ho.jpg can we please have him play a geek role?!! :D

    cr: https://www.soompi.com/2015/11/10/yoo-seung-ho-is-a-handsome-webtoon-artist-in-new-imaginary-cat-stills/


    is this what's called naturally sexy?!! :blush:



    cr: http://www.gramunion.com/kenarmahallenincamkenarindan.tumblr.com


    wait, I never doubted the article was written by a Yoo Seung Ho fan!! that was too obvious no?!! :wink::D


  6. 22 minutes ago, Berou said:

    Speaking of new actresses being paired with experienced ones, Im watching right now My mister and this is IU's break out performance. I'm sensing already she will snatch prizes in awards ceremonies and the ratings are doing well too. I'm happy she proved herself to be talented, I didnt doubt on her because I always had a hunch she does better in melancholic and serious scenes. 


    For the time being I want him to be paired with actresses around his age because he is sandwiched between 2 generations: actresses in their 30's and the teen actresses. They are too old and too young for him, considering his age. He is only 24 years old and his physical traits haven't matured enough to make him older, in fact he is too babyish still and looks younger. But I think he should not be paired  with teen child actresses either because they are going through  and facing the same issues YSH had pre-army. They are sort of limited expressing romance on screen and directors take great care to not taint their pristin and pure image. SK is too conservative and doesn't want its national children to kiss like adults. So it does bother me a bit to see actors being restricted due to their age.


    Today the nominees of the baeksang arts awards dropped. Guess what ? Did YSH  dramas get nominated ? No. I don't  even  expect him to be nominated for the daesang because when I looked at the nominees list, only seniors actors were  nominated. So, YSH has still a long way to go to prove himself ... However  it would have been nice to see his dramas in the nominees list :(. But this proves  in a way his dramas were not good enough, isn't it ? Ruler didn't get the best drama award even at MBC dramas awards.



    I also liked his clothes in the ending scene, did you noticed how the tone of his clothes and his hairstyle changed ? I've already posted an analysis and my interpretation of this scene some pages ago.



    yeah I heard many praises for her performance there and saw few YT videos and I'm happy for her too proving herself as a capable actress!! now I can be more at ease hoping for her to be paired with Yoo Seung Ho in the future!! I used to like her but with some fear now I feel more assured!! :tongue:


    totally understand you and agree with you!! Yoo Seung Ho looks younger but his deep voice and manly and mature aura covers for that and he'll improve his craft if he continues to go out his shell and explore different genres which he's starting and willing to do as we can see!! :D


    yeah I saw it and was happy and sad at the same time!! actually Park Seo Joon is nominated for Top Excellent Actor for Fighting My Way so happy for him :) but sad at the same time that neither Yoo Seung Ho nor his dramas got nominated!! :( and as much as I loved Ruler I wouldn't give it best drama myself!!


    I read your take on it before and it made me feel better!! :tongue: his fashion and hair style here were perfect showing how peaceful he is freed from his pain!! it's bittersweet in a way, happy seeing him free of all the painful memories that hunted him all his life but sad seeing him with no memories at all!! but even if the brain forget the heart doesn't and his smile shows his peaceful heart with its deep ingraved good memories!!


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  7. 1 hour ago, Berou said:



    I have some good news ! YSH's 3 dramas  will be broadcasted  in Japan  this April: Imaginary cat, Ruler, IANAR.  


    Whoop whoop  ! 



    These are the ratings of IANAR this week(April 3 &4) in the Philippines:


    Cr: ABS-CBN


    This is what I  also do when someone who is still new in the acting field is part of a cast composed of veterans or experienced actors. It is unfair to have high judging standards. I look at them based on their experience but I don't want bad acting to be an excuse for their lack of experience too. Some actors are just bad and don't have talent, they don't improve with time either.


    Right! I forgot you only watched half of Remember.  Is it still okay if we continue selecting scenes based on his fashion ? Wouldn't be too spoiler-ish ? 


    OH YEAH!! :w00t: *happysillydance* looks like Yoo Seung Ho is gaining more and more love in Japan having his 3 dramas to be aired there this April!! I'm so happy and proud!! he totally deserve it!! :heart:


    happy with IANAR's rating in Philippines!! :D that's the raiting it should've got in Korea but sadly did't!! :(


    right!! they are still to work on themselves being still new but that's a natural thing and being still green or not that experienced is different from being bad and that category is to stay away from Yoo Seung Ho!! <_<


    didn't I tell you?!! I already spoiled myself years ago since the drama was airing!! LOL so we can continue spazzing about his fashion in the drama!! :wink::D


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  8. 3 hours ago, Berou said:

     :lol: I had the same mindset as you and I completely undertand you therefore. We don't want him to be paired with someone who is bad at acting and would not help him to fully immerse himself in his character or elevate his acting. But when you look at facts, you see a young man in his 20's who is already considered a veteran and has already an acting history of almost 20 years. Thus, how many actresses would fit these criteria ? This is the reason he has always been paired with noonas who have seasoned and nuanced acting. There are barely 2/3 actresses around his age who are as experienced as he is. And the ones I think of were former child actresses or started acting in their teens. So, I  dont  want to put him in a box and wanting him to be paired with actors/ actresses as talented as him, because otherwise he would be paired with noonas all the time. As long as his partner doesn't  have too much flaws and is able to stand by her own and to cover her shortcomings, I  don't have any issue with him paired someone around his age  less talented and experienced than him. 


    well yeah you have a point and that's why I don't compare the young actresses around his age to him (it's unfair to ask them to be as talented as him being a veteran actor at a young age) but more I judge them on their own experience and talent that they got to work on since they debuted!! now if the actress is good enough regarding her age and experiance I'm good she just shouldn't be bad or passable, passable+ can be good still!!


    3 hours ago, Berou said:

    This is the reason I stopped looking at casting news. I don't want to think even more about it and get more depressed. Thankfully  we get some news of his dramas being broadcasted and promoted overseas. It helps us to be patient.


    oh yeah you can't know how thankful I am for the promos news and updates of his now airing overseas dramas!! that's surely helping through the wait!! :D


    3 hours ago, Berou said:

    We can just post his iconic or eye-catching clothes in the drama, therefore  we will have to focus on only a few scenes.


    I got reminded of one the earliest scenes in the drama, when  SJW as a lawyer paid a visit to his father and got upset at his father for giving up too fast. It was a very emotional moment as you could see SJW repressing his tears and trying to not break down in front of his father who couldn't  recognize him. So his pain was double: his father giving up and not recognizing his own son. Even though we didn't get a full shot of SJW but YSH's aesthetics were too die for and he was hot and handsome in his suit.



    I  think it is SJW's theme because it was played as a BGM several times when SJW appeared on screen.  


    Yes you should try IMY, because apart remember  that we both loved, we don't have a common drama we can discuss. I didn't like his last two dramas  whereas you liked them LOL. And you don't want to watch his other projects because they are tear-jerkers. 


    I rewatched that scene yesterday!! :tongue::tears: this drama crushed my heart to peices I tell you!! ah but crazily enough I was enjoying it and proud of him through it!! the way you can see all those small diffrent emotions through his pain and tears is magnificent and that's one of his great talents: you can feel everything with no need for words!! :thumbsup::heart: and add to it swooning at him in the most uncalled for moments!! :lol: but we just can't help it!! :love:


    yeah it makes sense!! I think it's his too!!


    hhhhhhhh that's unfortunate!! :lol: but let me be honest here, I couldn't finish Remember yet aside from being toooooooo tear-jerker and heartwrenching, I was going through bad times (still not fully solved yet but...) and the crazy me wants to only watch and be affected and heartbroken and cry my eyes out solely over Yoo Seung Ho's great acting not for my personal reasons getting a part of it!! but for sure I'll watch them/finish Remember soon hopefully!! :tongue:

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  9. 2 hours ago, evie7 said:

    I'm just happy to see ya in a thread again:heart: We are all going to have fun spazzing/watching Hyung Sik's new drama and I'm excited to watch Jang Dong Gun for the first time in a drama. Looks like we are going to have plenty to spazz about


    than you chingu!! same here!! :D:heart: actually I'm excited for both Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun seperatly and together!! :tongue: Jang Dong Gun is one of the very 1st korean actors I watched waaaaay back in the years when I was at my late primery school years and when I thought korean dramas were japanese dramas hhhhhhhh back then I only knew really few country names including my countery and knowing Japan from animes I linked it to these foreigne dramas!! :lol: anyway, I really loved him back then and though I couldn't really find the drama's title after many years and being dubbed to arabic means its not the same name even :lol: but still I recognised him the second I saw him in The Gentleman's dignety MV!! :wink::tongue: (and recognised his female co-actress there, Kim Hyun Joo, in her cameo in BOF :D) and proudly I found the drama's name : Springtime :tongue::lol: and I'm excited to see him in anoher new drama and having a bromance with Park Hyung Sik increases my excitement!! :D let's hope we'll have a fun ride with this drama!! :D

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  10. 13 minutes ago, Berou said:


    OMO. So there are even less free actresses. Kim Ji Won and Park Eun Bin are the best candidates.  I watched Gon Seung  Yeon  in master of god noodles, she was okay. Every day casting news rain, so I can't keep up with them. But why  don't we hear any news about YSH? I think it is time to hear him reviewing scripts and considering offers. I just want him to be on my screen in the second half of the year. 


    You havent watched I miss  You ( you should btw -_-) but in this drama also he wore stylish clothes too. 


    Let's review his clothes in Remember ! :D


    Let's begin with his grand entrance in the court, facing Lee In Ah with a smirk. He looked so good in his gray coat ! His fashion wear enhanced his confidence when he walked in the court room. I wanted to do a gif but I'm too lazy to bother ^_^, I will do it next time. 



    While we are it, we should do a quizz about the BGM :tongue:. Do you recognize the BGM  in this scene ? It is quite an iconic BGM as it represents YSH's character  SJW and is dedicated to him. It is called Frozen Epica.



    I don't want an ok actress with Yoo Seung Ho!! so till she becomes good she better stay away from him!!...I'm looking for casting news for him everyday but I keep finding for other actors which drives me crazy :( (though I get some good news for other actors I'm interested in too!! :tongue:) but like you said we should've started hearing some casting news for him by now!! I'm sure he's reviewing some even though we're not getting news yet!! I just NEED the news too to fulfill my curiousity and feel we're getting him soon, I really missed him!! :(


    hhhhhh yeah I should!! :sweatingbullets: and I will!! :tongue: but I saw maaaaany MVs of him there and yeah he had many stylish outfits there too!! :wub:


    you don't want to do that chingu right?!! or I'll post every single scene of him there!! :lol: and that entrance scene!! my heartbeats went fast there!! :wub: it was so intense and powerful!!...I'll be waiting for your gifs then!! :tongue::wink:


    oh so this is SJW's theme BGM?!! I used to love it but didn't knew it was his!! actually this drama had really beautiful BGMs!! :wub:


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  11. 1 hour ago, Berou said:

    I think the green jacket looks okay but there was definitely a mismatch with his patterned suit. The stylist wanted to go for a " school garden" feel. While we are on subject of his fanshion wear, shouldnt we overview some of his outfits in dramas ? In remember he wore stylish coats and suits :) @sakura2016


    JANUARY 21, 2016

    [FASHION] Winter and overcoat



    The best thing about Kdrama is when it is shooting during winter. We can see those beautiful, slick and fashionable overcoat ie a type of long coat intended to be worn as the outermost garment, which usually extends below the knee. In these photos, we can see Yoo Seung Ho handsomely donned four colours of overcoat: green, black, maroon and blue. Apparently, what ever coat/shirt/suit he's wearing, he looks good in all of them, lucky him!!!
    So, which one is you favourite? TBH, i like this one: 
    Source: Yshbiased 







    yeah both didn't go well together though I got the intended concept and I could overlook that seeing his happy smile!! :wub:


    for me his best style was in Remember, he was GORGEOUS there!! :love: he's always handsome but there he was in his best at every single scene of him!! hhhhhhh I'm not to really chose just 1 coat right?!! :o I'd go with his blue coat, green one and the beige one when he run away from getting caught being set up for a murder!! it's not the right moment to swoon over him being in grave danger but still you can't help but swoon over him!! :love::tongue: and I told you I can't chose only 1!! :lol:


    so I found the blue one :wub:


    ok is that beige?!! hhhhh but still :wub:


    couldn't found the green one...but found anther one I loved hihihi :tongue::wub:






     I also wish to see the pair again. Funnily while I was browsing his news on the internet, I stumbled upon korean reactions when PMY was cast as his leading lady. I dont have to tell you some were against  the pair and thought  she was too old for him but one comment in particular held my attention. I do believe koreans would like also to see them again





    - Naver: Park Min Young confirmed as Yoo Seung Ho's leading lady in 'Remember'


    1. [+3,626, -721] As long as it's not Jo Hye Jung or an idol
    (tn: Jo Hye Jung, daughter of actor Jo Jae Hyun, has been cast as Yoo Seung Ho's leading lady in upcoming drama 'Imaginary Cat'. She's currently being criticized for landing the lead role purportedly through her father's connection despite acting controversies and several failed auditions)


    2. [+2,604, -202] They're both great at acting. Looking forward to their chemistry


    3. [+2,470, -116 He and Yoon Eun Hye have a 9-year age difference, so why can't he be paired up with Park Min Young? This drama won't be entirely about the noona romance in the first place anyway. Looking forward to the two


    4. [+2,146, -61] Since he has served in the army, projects are pouring in well. Do even better~~~


    5. [+1,384, -65] Anticipating!!!! Hwaiting to both of them!!


    6. [+481, -82] Yoo Seung Ho seems like he has no luck with female co-stars


    7. [+326, -22] Just think that he's doing a charitable work in his drama with Jo Hye Jung. This one, however, is legit


    8. [+326, -40] Is there a shortage of actresses in his age group?


    9. [+365, -88] I keep noticing Park Min Young's double eyelid scars when I watch her dramas


    10. [+255, -25] Park Min Young's far better than Jo Hye Jung


    11. [+233, -65] Can he please do another drama with Park Eun Bin? They're such a good match


    12. [+140, -30] Noona romances are so-so.. Are there really no other actresses out there?




    1. [+292, -21] I'm relieved that they picked an actress and not an idol


    2. [+221, -16] Looking forward to Park Min Young and Yoo Seung Ho


    3. [+164, -13] Sounds fun


    4. [+31, -3] Why are Park Min Young's characters always the same? ㅋㅋㅋThe poor yet bubbly and kind girl


    5. [+15, -1] Park Min Young's male co-stars: Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Myung Min, Jin Yi Han, Song Seung Heon, Kim Jae Joong, Lee Jang Woo, Chun Jung Myung, Lee Min Ho, Lee Joon Hyuk, Park Yoo Chun, Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki, Baek Sung Hyun, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho and Yoo Seung Hoo. Wow


    6. [+14, -2] Glad that they cast someone who acts well


    7. [+12, -2] Park Min Young's blessed with good male co-stars


    cr: kkuljaem





    hhhhhh good to see it not only me who hope for their reunion!! :wink::D they are fitting visually and talent wise and we saw the chemistery they have so we can be assured on that side as well :wink: and we can expect more now that they are no longer child actors but mature leading actors!! :wink::wub:




    I got curious when you told most actresses around his age are busy  right now. So I did some researches and you are right! Let's hope one who is available will be his next partner.


    * Ryu Hwa Young/free

     * Gong Seung Yeon/ free

    * Lee Sun Bin/ cast in a drama

     * Go Ah Sung/ cast in a drama

    * Park Eun Bin / free

    *  Nam Ji Hyun/ cast in a drama

     * Kim Go Eun/ free ?

    * Lee Se Young/ free

    * IU / cast in a drama

    * Kim Ji Won/ free

    * Kang So Ra/ cast in a drama 



    *actually Ryu Hwa Young is filming for Grand Prince,

    *didn't hear good things about Gong Seung Yeon in Introverted Boss but hope she improved!!

    * Kim Go Eun has a movie though don't know finished filming or not!!

    * Lee Se Young is actually casted for a web drama and a movie


    so we have even less free actresses around his age now with only Kim Ji Won and Park Eun Bin being free now so the chances are higher!! :wink:


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  12. 2 hours ago, kaoriharang said:


    haha yeah i bet you he is as cute as a cat in bed :tongue: hahah! well we will find out come monday if what we get what we think may come haha!


    oh does someone have a soft spot (:




    hhhhhhh we can't tell for sure can we now?!! maybe we'll find out when that day comes!! :wink::tongue:


    ahhhh DON'T!! yeah I have a weak spot!! :blush::tongue:


    OST 3 isn't out yet?!! I loved the little I heared of it!! :wub:

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  13. @USAFarmgirl your posts always deserve multy :heart::thumbsup: that we don't have as a reaction option sadly!!


    36 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    HAHA, especially since SH keeps on calling himself a beast right? Though why do I get the feeling that SH isnt so practise as he appears to be huh?


    well because he isn't!! :lol::tongue:



    and my brain stoped fonctioning the second I saw Damon Salvator's gif!! :love: shame on you, you shouldn't do that to my weak heart!! :tongue:


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  14. 4 hours ago, evie7 said:

    dragonhiplz.gif?1 Waving back chingu, I've missed sharing a thread w/you.It is so much fun to see so many familiar faces here.  

    @sakura2016, @icyphoenix @yoyo_icecube  Hello it has been a while too:D



    Hi chingu!! happy we'll share same thread again!! I missed that too!! :D sadly couldn't be there in Just Between Lovers drama as things in real life went against my plans but I hope we'll be able to spazz here together!! :D

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  15. 13 hours ago, Berou said:


    @sakura2016 I had the same reaction, I was like ?? He sometimes wears some unpredictable clothing. The converses were too shiny for me.  This is the IG I was talking about : 


    Im not really fond of those red boots, too cow- boyish haha. See?  His fashion wear is really unconventional as you've said, but oh well his stylist wants to make him a fashionista and to make him wear the latest trends.


    Oh you've started korean? Is it hard ? Even though  I love watching kdramas, I would still prefer  learning japanese  as you've stated  it , it is more elegant. However  I've read it is easier to learn korean than japanese because  of the sentences constructions. I will find  the article about it, I dont remember where  I read it though.

    I might be biased but I consider YSH has one of the best actors voices and nothing can top it even good dubbing :tongue:



    yeah that was me too!! hhhhhh well the converses, the boots and oh the green jacket with the crossed suit he wore at IANAR press-conferance :blink: all of them aren't my style but still he looked handsome still!! :tongue::wub:


    I started it few years ago and have to back to it hhhhh :tongue: but it's not really hard but quite easy actually if you focus on it a little bit!! I believe Japanese is harder but still can hope in learning it unlike chinese that I won't think of hoping to learn it in a million years!! :blink::lol:


    and you think I'd have a different opinion than you?!! :tongue::wink: he has one of the voices that shows all kind of emotions :wub: and dubbing that is impossible!! :tongue:


    found this!! :D


    cr: owner


    I really hope they'd get to work together again soon!! she's free right now and most of the actresses around his age has signed with other projects so it's a high possibility right?!! let's hope for it!! :D


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  16. 32 minutes ago, Berou said:

    @sakura2016 ah yes, he is a fashionista. I think boys follow him not because he is handsome :lol: but because he always wears the latest trends. He is somehow a trendsetter ^^. I even  found  out an IG account dedicated to our fashionista boy. YSH  has such a rich, distinct, deep voice that I'd wish  it would not be dubbed. It felt a bit weird watching  the japanese teaser, I reckon. Japanese is a beautiful language, I really like how words are pronounced. Kill me, but I find it more beautiful than korean


    hhhhh yeah I'm sure of that :tongue: I remember when I 1st saw his outfit in Japan's press-conference I double checked his outfit (not only the shoes but also the long jacket/coat) that waw unconventional to me but still it looked good on him!! :wink::wub:


    tell me about it!! I found the other voices good choices but the the one dubbing for Yoo Seung Ho was a good choice too still I felt it wasn't knowing the deep and nuanced emotions Yoo Seung Ho has in his voice that we can't get through the dubbed voice as good as he can be!! but I can take it still!! :tongue: I remember some dubbing voices that made me cringe and/or pull my hair of frustration and good thing it's not the case here!! :):tongue:


    won't kill you don't worry!! :lol: I actually love korean language enough to start learning it on my own and I'm eying the japanese language with same intentions so can't chose one over the other but I surely enjoy listening to the japanese language!! you can say japanese language feels more elegant?!! :D I'm watching my animes with japanese voices and english subs and No english dubbing (nor arabic sure years ago) since I watched my 1st anime with japanese voices!! :tongue::lol:

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  17. 1 minute ago, Berou said:




    Yoo Seung Ho hairstyle of the recently broadcasted drama 'Not a robot' is consistently topping the list of 2018 male hairstyles. It is called "perfect man" and it attracted attention with perfect styling from head to foot. Hair Trend 'Dandy Shadow' confirmed that Yoo Seung Ho hairstyle is Male's choice and preference today, which is made by using a shadow to make head and face shape round. It is a good style to complement a long face, but it does not have a lot of curl, but you can naturally make use of the volume feeling, so try it even if you do not have curly hair.


    If you want a clearer curl feel and you can make more curl feeling by using wax.





    awwwww I always knew our young man is supper handsome with every style he have bt didn't knew it became a trend with him!! no wonder!! he's that handsome and appealing!! :love:


    his smile!!:wub::wub::wub:

    cr: @YSHbiased , http://www9.nhk.or.jp/kaigai/ison/


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  18. 23 minutes ago, Jloves said:
    1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

    Hey @Jloves, nice to see you here. Can't believe this is going to premier soon. It feels like ages since it was announced. Anyway, I liked the American series, so I'm hoping that the Korean version will be as smart with the same sense of fun. Though after the Criminal Minds remake, I'm probably more wary of remakes. :)


    Well, time flies so fast :) & I didn't watch Criminal Minds though but let's just hope to have a good remake for this one since the 1st teaser looks good B)


    @sakura2016 Hahahahah! cheers! :lol: but I did watch the trailer of the American version & they look cool B) I might watch it after I watch this remake so that I won't compare both :D


    I ended up watching only Lee Jun Ki's scenes of Criminal Minds so liet's hope this would be one of the good remakes!! :)


    it's better this way for sure or you'd end up comparing them closely which isn't a good idea!! :tongue: hhhhhh

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  19. 1 hour ago, Jloves said:

    Annyeong!! I'm not too late to join in right?? :sweatingbullets: I'm sorry though since I didn't watch the American series but it pique my curiosity & interest so I'll try this drama instead! Another drama to look forward to :D


    I see you here @triplem @stroppyse @USAFarmgirl @nonski @jongski:w00t:B):D & even from GS's thread @RPM@icyphoenix @sakura2016 :D Annyeong chingudeul!


    Hi chingu!! happy to see you here too!! :D


    like you I didn't watch the american version of the series but I'm interested in the korean version for Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik!! :wink::tongue: hahaha

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  20. 2 hours ago, biancapot said:

    Oh the part that seemed weird to me was Shihyun's coldness when he answered "i don't want to, though." It was just so sudden, especially since he went cold before sooji actually went off and said really mean things about him and his dad. Although she did say some bad things, i feel like shihyun, her friend, would have understood her and soothed her. He said it in such a way that would make you feel like you hit a nerve, kind of how Shihyun treated Taehee when she said things about how he seduced Kyungjoo's mom. But maybe he's just overall done with sooji now haha. When it comes to his reaction to the other woman, I did think it wasn't very well written into the scene but I can get by with the chingus opinions here :)


    hhhhh oh I see!! I think it was understandable of him in a way!! Shi Hyun could see how Soo Ji was just using their friendship to her favore once again and he just had enough of it and he even voiced it telling her not to do it again for their friendship's sake!! he's kind and caring with her but he's not dummy nor someone who accepts being taken advantage of, more than he allows that person to!! hhhhhh

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  21. 2 hours ago, herina_90 said:

    jumping on with a vveerryyyy unpopular opinion... 


    but I don't think the SJ at the end of ep 14 was all that selfish (ie she wasn't doing it for her own sake, but for her mum) - she knew the marriage was business only from SH's dad side, but yet her mum was acting all excited like someone in love again (eg. asking SJ to pick out what top she should wear for a possible brunch date), and then she found out SH's dad was actually having a side affair (business marriage or not, i don't think this is acceptable).  Add on to whatever business the two groups are doing leading to the egg pelting of her mum, I can only imagine all of SJ's anger and frustration welling up, and a 19 year-old trying hard to stop things with the only way she knew how.  I can't imagine she wanted it to go the other way which is her mum to find out the truth - as rebellious as she acts against her, she looks like she does love her mum.  


    SH shouldn't be left totally off the hook too, because he was the one who actually kickstarted this, with his suggestion that he and SJ marry before their parents do. he made that suggestion, joined the game knowing what it entailed, then all of a sudden just didn't want to be a part of it and didn't tell SJ? Sejoo was right - they should end it together since they started it together. So I think SH has to payoff his end in all of this and he can't just absolve himself of everything. SH will find it hitting him back in the face again for sure when TH finds out about the bet. What I didn't get was why he was so angry - but I think it has to do with his mum as well (was his mum actually in a loveless marrige then?)


    hahaha i'm probably on the wrong end of the boat for this drama - because i started with the first 4 eps (watched for WDH!) and could only watch clips afterwads due to busy life, my favourite character was actually SJ (all kudos to MGY for such a drawing performance!!). And then I started loving all the Sejoo antics, so I started hoping he gets what he wants at the end. Never have I been on the second lead boat (for both male and female) so much...


    Hi chingu!! :D


    I disagree with you but that's fine still!! :tongue: I won't say Soo Ji isn't a victim herself because she is now my take on her is that 1/she only see her pain not acknowleging that she's not the only victim with painful life and 2/ she can't stand being the only miserable one and loves pulling them down with her!! yes she wants to help her mother but why use your "friend" again and play him as you please to get there?!! she shut his offer down when he offered it but now she's mad he's no longer interested!! why does he need to follow her desire with no care for his own needs?!! and when she sensed she's to lose her grasp on him she hited him where she knew he'll fall for her plan/hands again!! she wants to help her mother?!! she feels her mother is wronged?!! good!! she can just warn her mother about Shi Hyun's father's affair or face that jerk about it but why bring Shi Hyun into her misery?!! I tell you: because she can't afford losing him to Tae Hee and that's why I'm supper mad at her!! it's all about HER, what SHE needs and what SHE wants with disregard of Shi Hyun (or even Se Joo)'s feelings and that's no love nor friendship from her side toward them!!


    Shi Hyun will pay his share for the bet they got involved into that's for sure but at least he's not pretending to be a victim when he's not, he admits his mistakes and accepts what comes with it, Soo Ji is nothing like that!!


    hhhhhhhh good for you!! :tongue: I love Se Joo too but if Soo Ji is going to stay like this then I want both guys to leave her!!



    @MinLyn @stroppyse thank you so much for the translations!! :wub:

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  22. 14 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    I didn't watch the live stream.. I missed it:bawling:. How was the episode chingus?


    can't really tell as I didn't watch it livestream only naver/YT videos!! :tongue: but it's good with hope for emprovement writing and editing wise?!! hhhhhh but I loved our OTP's cute scenes :wub: and Shi Hyun making his (shortly lived) stand up against Soo Ji's childish/selfish tantrums!! good 1st step still!! :naughty:

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  23. 15 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    I agree that the next phase has to happen soon. though i wish they did make the reconciliation a bit more longer - it felt rather quick and TH's resolve was really broken down very quickly.


    Yea exactly, but once TH finds out or SH finds out, i wonder how this would change everything. SH may end up hating TH because of her mother.


    I can't deny that even if it made me happy!! :tongue: hihihi


    don't think Shi Hyun would hate Tae Hee for her mother's relationship with his father but things will get complicated and hard for sure!! :unsure:


    13 minutes ago, meiil said:

    Alright so that tweet translation was wrong, basically SJ threw another tantrum of hers trying to keep her manipulation over SH but it didn’t work. He basically told her to stop bc he won’t keep their friendship anymore if she doesn’t end her antics and SJ just told him about his dad having another affair only to richard simmons him off more...ugh classic richard simmons SJ move 


    totally!! she doesn't get what she wants?!! she just lashout and hurt her supposedly friends!! why be the only mesirable one right?!! :angry:


    12 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    So in this scene, Sooji wants them to get married tomorrow to stop their parents from marrying because she feels like her mom is being treated badly and the dad is not doing anything to protect her. Shihyun obviously doesn't want to (for obvious reasons related to taehee), but sooji goes off on a tangent related to her asking if he's worried that he'll be the same with her (basically saying that she's agreeing to what he wanted). But then shihyun says he doesn't want to, quite coldly too. Then SJ goes off about how he ended the bet without telling her (basically what @kaoriharang posted but SJ is the one saying this not SH).


    I actually didn't understand this scene well, the flow of emotions from SH didn't seem logical. I feel like they cut up some lines or something... either way, the writers and editors need to do better tomorrow.


    I gothered as much and I wasn't wrong apparently!! (thank you for clarifying to us!! :wub:) how funny she was the one who turned his marriage offer 1st and used it to play him to accept her bet regarding Tae Hee but now she want to take the offer again and gets mad he's no longer interested!! yeah because EVERYTHING should follow her wish whenever she wants to and they should have no say in it!! I had enough of her!! :angry:


    why didn't seem logical?!! you mean his outburst when found out about his father's affer or his scene with Soo Ji before that?!!


    I agree on that!! I still enjoy the drama but I can't deny that the writing and editing need more work!!

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