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  2. It was wrote that the words on his wrist (in Japanese) mean 'I awaken' But IRL he is still looks like nice person
  3. Yea they post this one pretty recent and we still have a month or so to go. Always nice to have you visit.
  4. I love PMY and JCW, they are just perfect together! PMY just has insanely good chemistry with all of her leads though! I literally find myself shipping her with every costar she acts with lol hope these two act together again though, their sweet scenes are some of my all time favorites!
  5. @sushilicious I understand your sentiment about KJW. He is much better as a psychopath villain. Rich lover boy isn't a suitable role for him....When I see Ryan on screen I keep expecting him to turns his back and slowly flashes his sinister MTG's smile to me..... +2
  6. 8 Letters with Minoz Teaser 8-2 We got many updates since yesterday, my heart is happy
  7. CF for Face Factory (Led Therapy Mask) Credits: https://face-factory.com/product/led-테라피-마스크-아이언맨-페이스팩토리/872/category/1/display/2/
  8. @lu09 thanks for recap , I couldn’t watch today , I am outside , I am using my phone internet to check what happen
  9. 190426 WINWIN Weibo Update "100 days with wayv, i love you guys 3000 times more. we will meet again in time to come" Translated by weishenvpic
  10. Dear @jinkzzmec chingu!! You are a great designer! I love your poster for his Rough Cut!!! And I've checked the 1st post & your editings are lovely!! And dear @phoenix24 chingu, is that the 1st trailer for his new drama..???! WOW!!! KJH is looking so good! I tried to find more info but nothing came up! Hopefully we will have more!
  11. Don't be sad! Look forward to the Special episode. Will send you the raw link... Still waiting for subs... @rinkyu so envious of you being able to see them in person. Even though from far away... So are you originally from KK? Or you went there to stalk them?
  12. tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “WWW” has released new teaser videos! “WWW” tells the story of women who work at portal site companies and their romances with men. The drama stars Im Soo Jung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Da Hee, Jun Hye Jin, and more. In the first clip, Im Soo Jung, who appears in the drama […] The post Watch: Im Soo Jung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Da Hee And More Search For Answers In Teasers For Upcoming Romance Drama appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. LOL.... I was actually wondering why for such a high class residence, the ceramic/marble tiles they use are the small pieces one. Those are usually cheaper. The big slabs are the expensive ones.... LOL.... I cringe at their condo hallway. Yes, it does look like a luxury bathroom LOL....... 740
  14. seems like yesterday! WOW the moment we are waiting for is upon us in few hours! waiting for what’s next!
  15. She was guest there not in main cast. Maybe this is why this one is not included in her list. I don't know. She hadn't any normal relationship in any drama since 49 Days. And we shipped her with Uee, Woo Joo, Jun, Ramen Boy. Fujin or Bojin is OK for me, i just wanna see some romantic scenes this time.
  16. this article is old actually.. it was published after FMW... how much is 30 bil won actually, is it approximately 2.8 mil usd or 28 mil usd? i remember reading back then in soompi that he was paid +- 28k usd per episode in ‘She Was Pretty’ and since then his appearance fee has increased... sorry for being such a noisy person. i jst want to know how rich our captain is lol sidenote; the highest paid actors in drama used to be Gianna Jun and Kim So Hyun with +- 87k usd per ep.. i dunno what’s the current ranking now..
  17. He screamed like MTG to a driver who he thought trying to kill PMY....He was about to die from caffeine allergy and he portrayed it very well..... KJW is not a pretty boy romcom type, so in this role he is far from lover boy....TYH is full fluff and sugar but HPL isn't, it's much more realistic....It does showed some ugly side of fandom in SK though. I am on episode 4 so far and I think I can finish until episode maybe tonight... +2
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