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  2. No number @sushilicious i know why i cant get u on HPL ship. I think you must be boarded to wrong ship.... This : cr. Ig owner.
  3. @Lawyerh now FP finishing I will be in HPL thread i don't want to miss when these lips kiss something - don’t say I miss it @Sarang21& @Lawyerh.. the day I notice how beautiful these lips are
  4. @Lawyerh I will check it out but I can´t promise that I will be active. Because after my holiday I won´t have that much time . @Ameera Ali I know right? We need to become PD-Nims to save the K-Drama industry from the dry spell of abs.
  5. On April 19, a source from OCN stated that former 4Minute member Kwon Sohyun will star in the network’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Mr. Fixed Term” (literal title). “Mr. Fixed Term” will tell the story of elite high school students who commit dangerous crimes and a lawyer who attempts to uncover their crimes by going undercover as a […] The post Kwon Sohyun To Join Yoon Kyun Sang, Geum Sae Rok, And More In Upcoming OCN Drama appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. Eh excuse me... whos the student and whos the teacher here lol.... i think everyone here is more pro than me muahahahha. Im just a beginner Btw HPL seems rated as matured i think. But idk so far nothing much happened lol. *edit ameera lol yes im here kekeke
  7. @Sarang21 I am not watching yet , but I lurked there time to time , wishing to see some abs I don’t know what happen to kdrama , now we see less and less abs tagging @Lawyerh & @triplem that leave her student starving for abs edit* lawyerh is here
  8. “Save Me 2” has unveiled the dark stories it will tell with its main trailer. OCN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Save Me 2” released the teaser video on April 19. The clip starts with a black car driving into a quiet countryside town and Choi Kyung Seok (Chun Ho Jin) can be heard saying, “The thing […] The post Watch: A Town Is Thrown Into Chaos As Faith Is Questioned In Chilling Teaser For “Save Me 2” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. @Sarang21 wow hahaha... my eyes almost popped out Not that im complaining lol. Btw didnt see u on HPL thread chingu. Do join me... to admire him in full clothes as well lol lol.. Ryan Gold is indeed gold..... love him !
  10. New trailer of Park Seo Joon's movie ~ "THE DIVINE FURY" is out!Coming soon in theatres in July 2019!Cr. CGV Facebook
  11. Lee Dong Wook has confirmed his new drama. And he will appear in OCN drama " Strangers from hell " based on webtoon together with Im Si Wan.
  12. Lee Dong Wook may be starring in a new drama! On April 19, OCN stated, “Lee Dong Wook has received an offer to star in ‘Strangers from Hell’ (working title).” An exclusive report made by Sports Chosun stated that the actor would appear in the drama as the character from Room 203, a man who is […] The post Lee Dong Wook Offered Role In Im Siwan’s Upcoming Comeback Drama appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. True I think along the way he probably just realized that he can't and won't run away from his feeling anymore.
  14. Where to buy : http://namooshop.co.kr/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=3319232&xcode=001&mcode=001&scode=&special=3&GfDT=ZmV9 ** Reservation Period: April 19, 2019 (Fri) 16:00 to 26 April (Fri) 24:00 ** Delivery date: May 2, 2019
  15. 530. Haha thanks @sushilicious for the new ost... but ost 2 breezzze is still my fav lol Btw DP ep 9 im a bit sleepy. So do with Confession ep 7. I think i low on sugar.. need more cotton candy & lion Lyan lol @Sejabin
  16. I only watched wednesday's eps so far & I feel like I was watching the finale ep! What a DAEBAK drama..??!! Director Seon has fallen in his own trap & NYJ is on the game!! Right from the beginning, I just had a hunch that NYJ can't be this bad & now we know that he has done nothing wrong! He just backfired Director Seon's plan & that's what it should be! And by the way, someone(diector Seon) said that he has a army to break the lone NYJ down! Then what happened to that army..??! I am curious!! YES YES YES!!! He is loosing all the cards & his destiny is pretty clear now!!! NYJ will make sure that Seon meets with full destruction without family or money! This is fantastic!!! Can't wait to watch yesterday's eps!!! Of course, I want them to date too! They are too cute & match well! Tit for tat couple!!!
  17. @Ameera Ali I´m on holiday now until Tuesday. Annyeong everyone I´m currently watching her private life and since it´s depicting the life of a fangirl....I hope we get to see some abs. PD-Nim don´t disappoint us
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