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  1. 10 hours ago, kaoriharang said:


    Thank you for the translation @MinLyn 



    Chingu it does seem that SH is putting TH first. It is going to be rather interesting to see! @icyphoenix


    Btw it just occurred to me that I think Se Joo does know what SH and TH are doing BUT I am not sure if he knows that they made bets about it - so I think Se Joo may not have a problem with the bet but he may be jealous about that the intention. 


    Now i I am really excited! Okay 1 more day!! 


    it's not a hiden thing to begin with so sure thing he knows what they are doing but surely not know the terms of that bet!!


    8 hours ago, RPM said:



    I know we'll get to see this side of Shi Hyun more offen when all hell will break loose but I still feel bad for him!! :( he looks like lost puppy!! :(...but this can't be because of Tae Hee finding out the truth yet so what could it be?!!




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  2. 42 minutes ago, ChunSungIm said:

    from the scene is a rejection in the movie cruel intentions,are tae hee reject si hyun ?


    I thought I never watched any of Les Liaisons Dangereuses adabtations till today's morning remembering out of blue this movie that I didn't remember its name having saw it more than a decate ago (my early high school day :tongue:) which mean I can't recall itt properly other than the ending that I don't really want to see it here for Shi Hyun and our OTP!! *gasp*...well the evil girl there got what she deserved though so if Soo Ji won't redeem herself she can have that end and I won't mind it!!


    2 hours ago, baby.hae said:

    Hi first time here. I'm enjoying the show so far cant wait for the next eps! Sorry for all grammar error my english is not that good ><


    Wow the preview! Soo Ji personality is trully something else. She was mad when Shi Hyun wanted to stop chasing Tae Hee,  so Shi Hyun did it properly as she want and now she is jealous? She knows that Shi Hyun likes her but she friendzoned him, now she want to annoy her ex, Shi Hyun did it for her (and their bet) and now she doesnt like it and act jealous? Gosh


    Honestly her character is the worst among all the leads, its funny to see the bandwagoners who said they like her better than female lead (I'm talking about those ppl who only want to trashing this drama and joy but didnt watch the drama). She used her friends (shi hyun and se joo) and make innocent ppl life miserable (tae hee, hye jung and kyung joo) for a childish reason



    Hi chingu!! :)


    well Soo Ji is unstable like that, she can't see himwith other girls even if its on her demand!! but here she can sense he's no longer doing it for her but he's genuinly having fun and enjoying Tae Hee's company which she can't acept for sure!!


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  3. 40 minutes ago, Aleenaaa said:

    I thought there would be a dialogue in which Si Hyun would be questioning himself about his growing feelings for Tae Hee!

    I guess, I have to wait till Monday for that:expressionless:

    I really need a monologue of his 


    we will we will just be patient!! :D hhhhhh


    37 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:



    thank you for sharing the translations @RPM


    clearly, from the way SH acts around TH and maybe even the way he talks to her - his friends are confuse. which clearly means that our SH has finally begin to change or at least he is not away in game mode around TH, which is what i want to see.


    haha yeah I am rather happy actually. I really want SH to be the one that falls hard first, although that would put him in a weird position but clearly.


    well. i am not sure, i find that Se Joo has a rather innocent view of SH and SJ behaviours. but i can't say for certain. but knowing his feelings towards Soo ji, he will probably close one eye.



    from the little we saw in the preview we can say that Shi Hyun's eyes are only on Tae Hee not paying much attention to his friends :wink:

    and obsessive Soo Ji won't miss that and surely won't like it!! 


    hhhhhhhh we all want that actually!! :lol::tongue: 


    he can sense something between them, he even went canceled his party with the other girls waiting for him and went back to not leave Shi Hyun and Soo Ji alone after the marriage talk they had and he can see Soo Ji chosing Shi Hyun over him from smallest to biggest things but he still think it's just that nothing more which not true and he'll get to realise it later!! now how he'll react to it is still unknown for me!!


    @MinLyn thank you for the translation!! :wub: 

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  4. 48 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    thanks to this zoom-in, we can see that SH was the one that reached out to TH first. So clearly, he is slowly becoming more aware of her.



    forgive me for splitting your post chingu~


    Indeed, i definitely agree that when you have someone coming in from a completely different circle and different personality and life - it is almost like a breathe of fresh air. SH definitely needs it.


    I hope that all three of them can find their own individual healing. I wonder if Se Joo would find his healing with TH as well or with TH's friend.



    even though TH did confess - i dont quite count it because i dont think she really like 'likes' him. rather after seeing the drawings he made of her, she came to the conclusion that SH liked her first and then she is responding. So in other words, i dont think she has truly confessed, or at least she does not feel 'love' yet towards SH.



    I am sure she knows SH the best, so he can tell when he is faking it or when he is genuine. If SH is already beginning to act differently because of TH, then he is warming up to her faster than I expected.




    my heart!! :blush: 


    let's hope it's just not too late and she can help him out against Soo Ji's future attempt to hold him back!!


    I don't think Tae Hee can help the others but Shi Hyun and even her friend can be of help to Se Joo and maybe that way the boys can help Soo Ji as well!! I just hope so!!


    hhhhhhhh yeah it's still small steps from both sides so to say!! :wink: 


    and you're happy with it right?!! :tongue::wink: but yeah Shi Hyun is clearly having fun for real around Tae Hee, that smile can't be fake :wub:, and Soo Ji knows it!! 


    32 minutes ago, RPM said:

    Se joo--- Shi hyun doing it well.

    But why lts look like you're(Soo ji) upset.?

    :bawling:Poor My Se joo :heartbreak:




    thank you so much for sharing chingu!! :wub: 


    well the "I'm puting so much effort" isn't that convincing Shi Hyun-ssi!! :wink::lol: 


    I'm actually worried how Se Joo will take it when he'll find out the real terms of Shi Hyun and Soo Ji's bet and she even lied to him abiout it and Shi Hyun couldn't say otherwise!! I feel bad for him but worried as well!! :(:unsure: 

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  5. 9 hours ago, Summer Rize said:

    Sorry to cut your post


    I thought the car ride was before the kiss (the scene when TH blowing the candle on her cake drawing) .it was a flashback on their way heading to her dorm :blink: 


    but it could be what i was thinking its wrong :confused:




    don't think so!! we can see the change in Shi Hyun's behavior in the car then which can only be explained by "the secret" he's starting to realise he's starting to hide in his heart!! though maybe I'm the wrong one?!! let's wait and see!! :wink: 


    10 hours ago, kaoriharang said:
    20 hours ago, Jillia said:

    Sorry to cut your post. :)


    I think the 3 of them really grew up together and became who they are now: friends. But they're all in their own way emotional damaged characters who hold onto each other because without each other what would they have? Without their stupid and rather sick games what would they be?


    They would be alone.


    But again this is changing for Shi Hyun and it will change the dynamic. And I'm looking forward to it.


    no worries (:


    you are right - i have a feeling that at least for SJ she is rather dependant on the trio. She justifies everything she does because she has the support of the other two. I think that just allows her to do whatever she wants to do. Almost like a spoilt child.


    i am rather curious what kind of change will happen and how much of it is because of TH. In a sense, what experience will SH go through with TH.


    I agree they have an unhealthy relationship and they're dealing with their problems the wrong way but can't deny that they were each other's supporting system that they ever got to have: they have each other's back and the shoulders they could lean on when they had no one who would actually care for or about them!! Tae Hee is a good change brought into Shi Hyun's life showing him that there is dfferent kind of people who are sincere and caring (aside from his mother that he lost) and that he can have that and it's not outside his reach!! Shi Hyun is unconciencely getting drowned into it and loving it but how much his friends will be happy of those changes is to be seen beside him realising and accepting these changes!! 


    10 hours ago, kaoriharang said:

    @sakura2016 @icyphoenix looks like it is SH who is going to fall in love first.


    hhhhhhh didn't Tae Hee confess already?!! how is he the 1st?!! but he's falling for sure right with her footsteps!! :wink::D 


    7 hours ago, kaoriharang said:
    8 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

    @kaoriharang Yup that's what I want!! I want Shi Hyun to fall for Tae Hee!! Shi Hyun will have tough time dealing with his love and friendship Now!! 


    i want this as well!

    I want SH to feel the difficulty first before TH.


    btw still no preview huh? maybe we won't get one?


    we will have that for sure!! when it was a game he didn't have much to think about or care about (losing) but the more he falls for her the harder it will get for him toward her and toward his friends and I can't wait for it!! hhhhhhh :tongue: 


    3 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

    @kaoriharang n @sakura2016 have u guys seen the preview?? 

    The mess has started!! Se Joo n Tae Hee will also meet.. Gosh!! The last scene in swimming pool looks very intimate.. Loads of Shi Hyun n Tae Hee moments r coming up!!.. I liked the preview.. 


    saw it now!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want the episode now!! :w00t: 


    Soo Ji is smart and can tell the changes in Shi Hyun's behaviour!! he can lie all he wants that he's only acting with Tae Hee but his happiness around her is palpable to everyone!! I love it and hate it at the same time!! me= :wub:+:unsure:


    3 hours ago, RPM said:

    If soo ji saw them in swimming pool then she may jump at the spot in pool due to her inside on firing mode. .....lol:joy:

    but seriously when she came to know about the game turn into real love.

    Then she begin to start new game of separation of shi yhyun and tae hee.

    Her jealousy is really no joke I'm worried about others shi hyun -Se joo and tae hee.


    hhhhhhhhhh she'll dry that swimming pool if she get to see them there!! :lol: 


    it was obvious and she did it started last episode actually which was quite crazy but shows her unstability!! she wants Tae Hee to fall for Shi Hyun and she was the one to push him to accept playing that game but she sabotaged her own plans telling Kyung Jo (knowing she's to tell Tae Hee in return) that Shi Hyun isn't really interested in her!! like WHAT?!! then she's mad when he tells her that Tae Hee doesn't like him!! eh!! :blink: she can't take neither which is crazy and terrifying and now that she can see how close they're getting add to it Shi Hyun starting obviously falling for Tae Hee, things will get really bad with her uncontrollable outrage!!


    @Badriyah thank you so much for the preview!! :wub: 


    2 hours ago, iyana2223 said:

    Soo ji : idk whether he's still playing the game or he's just acting around us 

    Ohoo SJ sensed something B)


    it's impossible not see!! :wink: hhhhhhh and thank you so much for translating Soo Ji's words!! :wub: 


    PS: can you please remove the quoted video from your post it's against soompi's rules and thank you in advance!! :) and welcome to soompi's world seeing this being your 1st post!! hope you'll have fun with all of us here!! :) 


    @zagigirl the preview is out!! :w00t::wub: 





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  6. 1 hour ago, kaoriharang said:


    Just very quickly about the article that you shared chingu


    No 5, the line about not wanting to hurt TH. Was that SH real feeling or was that a line? I always thought it was a line that SH planned?


    yeah i hope the grandmothers will definitely help them with their friendship especially since the cute grandmother is linked to SH from the past.

    yeah i think it would be saturday - i hope MBC won't be so cruel haha!


    yeah exactly, i think he is beginning to feel split but i dont think he feels it enough yet. Afterall the fact that he is allowing SJ to do whatever she wants still is well.. sigh


    Just FYI for those who don't know but MBC has a twitter account for this drama



    so you can follow the latest news and screencaps here :D



    I believe it was his genuine concern then!! you can see how he was like woke up from a spell the secong Ta Hee asked what lies he's talking about, going back to his playful side again!! that's how I saw it at least!!


    and he still went there even when he and with Tae Hee had that fight so his care for them is real and they can tell!! 


    hhhhhhhhh let's hope so!! 


    we're still in the start so it's natural that Soo Ji has more power over him especially how close they were for maaaaany years and in their hardest times and he's still to realise and accept his growing feelings toward Tae Hee and the changes it causes him as well!! 


    thank you for sharing chingu!! :wub: 



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    11 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    I REALLY LOVE THE GRANDMOTHERS - They are protective of TH and at the same time they completely throw SH off guard. Absolutely love that!



    I am sure MBC will torture us and only release it on sat, worst case it would be Sunday!!


    Indeed, i want SH to really to have the work to actually gain any sense of trust or feelings from TH. he needs to know that she is not just any kind of girl that he can seduce and win. TH has more important things to care for.


    Well i am perfectly fine if the trio ends as long as they grow and become better people. Perhaps apart they are better.



    hhhhhhh I loved them too!! :tongue: and I think they'll help our OTP in the future when things gets rough!! they are like the caring parents they didn't have!! :wub: 


    ok, I changed my mind, I take saturday just don't let it be sunday!! :blink::o 


    he started feeling different regarding her so he'll have hard times on his own beside her making it hard for him as well!! that would be fun!! :lol::wink: 


    if they grow to become better people they'll have no need to lose their friendship I believe!! it's better they're apart when their relationship is toxic for them!!



    7 Chemistry-Filled Moments From Episodes 7 And 8 Of “Tempted” That Made Our Hearts Flutter


    This week’s episodes of “Tempted” were a delight to watch. Mainly because we got to see way more of Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) and Eun Tae Hee (Red Velvet’s Joy) interacting with each other. Their chemistry is proving to be pretty evident and we can’t help but want to see more of them!


    Here’s a look at seven moments from this past week’s episodes where Woo Do Hwan and Joy’s chemistry lit up the screen.

    1. “You look cute.”

    When Shi Hyun notices Tae Hee’s haircut and touches her forehead, it’s such a small gesture, but it’s still enough to give us some butterflies. What is this sorcery, Woo Do Hwan!



    2. Shi Hyun dozing off on Tae Hee’s shoulder



    3. “How do you feel?”

    When Shi Hyun asks Tae Hee how she feels about him and the broken light automatically turns on, it’s like a symbol of what she’s feeling inside, which we can all dig. It’s a cute moment that the two share at the end of their long day together.




    4. Cooking ramyun together over the phone



    5. “I might hurt you.”

    This is the first glimpse we get into Shi Hyun maybe realizing that he doesn’t want to hurt Tae Hee. Well, at least that’s what we’re hoping for. Although his events and gestures up until this point have been a part of his plan, we know he’s going to eventually fall in love with her; let’s just hope it’s fast and soon!






    6. Shi Hyun coming to Tae Hee’s rescue

    Although it was Soo Ji’s fault that Tae Hee had lost her place to live, it was still sweet to see that Shi Hyun cared that Tae Hee was moving. It was cute seeing how he saved it on his phone and even cuter how he gave up his place for her to stay!







    7. “Inside me, a secret started to grow.”

    This is probably the best part of the series so far. I like how the two leads have already locked lips and I especially like how Shi Hyun is realizing that he’s starting to have some real feelings for Tae Hee. Although I don’t really like the fact that Tae Hee confessed her feelings to Shi Hyun first, let’s hope that Shi Hyun’s actions towards her from here on out are genuine. We want to see Shi Hyun fall head over heels!









    Catch the latest episode of “Tempted”:


    Watch Now





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  8. 8 hours ago, kaoriharang said:


    haha yes i am sure we will see changes in SH, but yes it would be wonderful to see changes for SJ and Se Joo. If the trio can become better people - would consider this a good drama.


    haha yeah where is the preview! sigh, my guess is tomorrow?



    i think the whole ignoring thing is good.

    TH can't give him everything at once. maybe she is mad he kissed her or something.


    There definitely needs to be push and pull (mildang) !!


    hhhhhhhh well even if they wouldn't be able to keep their friendship for good, resonable reasons and in a satisfying way I'd still consider this a good drama!! :tongue: but yeah it would be great if they'd help each other changing to better people and by that I mean Shi Hyun and Se Joo helping Soo Ji who's not anywhere near being able to help others!!


    aka saturday?!! :blink: noooooooooooo :( 


    well I'd feel bad for his pouty face but it's good for sure!! :wink: he needs to work hard to win her which will get him seeing the world in a different light and start changing in result as well!! :D but I don't think she's mad at him for kissing her since she was happy in his car after the kiss, so it's something else!! we'll wait and see!! :wink: 


    and I'm fully with it!! :tongue::D 


    3 hours ago, RPM said:


    I really don't want to see their story too much stealing screen time Naver news


    don't think they'd do that!! it's part of the story and will affect the younger generation's lives and relationships but won't steel screen time from the main characters for sure!!


    3 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

    Now what is she doing ki young?? I don't know what kind of plot she is gonna plan!!..  



    1st thing: she's really pretty!! :tongue: 2nd thing: it can not be her plan but Ki Young trying to get closer to her since he still can't get near that young girl thanks to her mother who set a boundry for him (good for him though :naughty:) and she's the best option he gets with her status getting higher after her mother's engagement to JY Group's chairman!! now I want to see her making him pay for it!! as long as she doesn't harm innocent people I'm all in!! :lol::naughty: 


    2 hours ago, Pikachu92 said:

    They don't show preview or next episode right?


    not yet!! :( 



    poor guy!! he got traumatised by these old ladies!! I'm sorry!! :lol::lol::lol: 



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  9. 4 hours ago, pangy76 said:

    I am not familiar with this cast and I usually prefer my dramas with a more mature storyline but I am really glad I gave this drama a shot. Like several others I also enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. So far the acting has been stellar and these early episodes easily drew me in. What can I say about WOO DO HWAN that hasn’t already been said? With that heart melting, panty dropping gaze, he just oozes sex appeal! 


    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s backstory unfold particularly Si Hyun’s and Tae Hee’s since it seems their parents also have a connection.  It is inevitable that Tae Hee will be profoundly hurt when she finds out about the lies and deceit which their relationship started on. This (and Soo Ji) are hard enough to overcome, I hope their parents’ connection is not another obstacle in their path.    


    My heart aches a little when Tae Hee is with Si Hyun but I am especially excited to see how Tae Hee win’s lover boy over! :wub:



    this drama is living up to its tittle "seducing" more people to check on it and fall for it eventually!! :wink::lol:


    I believe their parents' connection especially the accident that we're still to know more about will be another big obstacle for them!! we need to brace our hearts for that!!


    she already started it!! :wink::wub:


    1 hour ago, crazyyo said:

    What if tae hee and shi hyun are siblings? Lol



    hhhhhhhhhhhhh no way!! :lol: he's not that jerk's son son she can't be  Shi Hyun's sister even if she's his "father's" real daughter!! hhhhhhhhhhh



    I love them for sure!! :lol::wub: but they need to rebuild their great friendship on a healthier bases or it's better to end for them!!

    cr: owner


    I want to know and see more of Se Joo (which we will for sure), he's deeply wounded under his hillarious façade which makes me love him and feel pain for him and if Soo Ji doesn't start treating him as he deserve (at least watch out her words before stabbing him with it) I would want him to leave her with Shi Hyun till she gets her senses back together...well I mean till she changes to a better person and stop using their love and care for her to do what she wants!!


    cr: salanghxe


    just don't ruin his friendship with Shi Hyun for his love for Soo Ji!! please!!


    edit:  :D


    cr: joyfullous

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  10. 1 hour ago, Berou said:

    Ah I didn't say I wanted to see him doing "serious" work immediately. You're right, only the most popular ones get those posts. Maybe one day when he'll be popular enough, he is going to get such offers.


    oh I see!! :tongue: hhhhh let's hope for it and I'm sure he'll get there with his great talent and respected and reliable image!! :heart: 




    Hey long time no see :)


    I'm going to use anything to translate it :D as long as I get the transcription. I remember for his japanese fanmeeting last year some were kind enough to post a summary of what happened. Like I've said it is rare for japanese fans to translate anything relating to YSH in english. Let's keep our hopes up they will do translate it for us. 


    I'm starting to ge serious YSH-withdrawals :lol:. Every time I happen to read some news concerning casting I get depressed and say to myself : " why can't he play such a role ? Or "he would have killed it if the offer went to him". It doesn't help when this year seems to be a promising year for kdramas and some dramas that were aired during the first three months were really good. However looking at facts I consider we are still spoiled by him since we get his updates. There are still his fanmeeting in Korea and in the Philippines  to look forward to. He can pull a complete ninja and not give us any updates.  


     I  ve been saying to @sakura2016 since ruler era that I want to see him in villain clothes again. Welcome to the club of fans who want to see him playing a villain/anti-hero ! I'd watch him too in anything, especially at this period of drought. 


    @macello like @berou said welcome to the club of fans who's wishing to see Yoo Seung Ho in antagonist/anti-hero role!! :D now adding action to it would be awesome no?!! :tongue: hhhhhh but really as long as he gets roles that showcase his great talent I'm all in any time!! :wub: 


    lets hope with Yoo Seung Ho's increasing popularity we'll get more fans willing to translate his interviews and fanmeetings!! :) 


    and I'm really greatful he's spoiling us and the greedy me wishes him to keep it that way!! :tongue: hhhhhh that's the only way to help us withstand missing him till he take in another role (hopefully as soon as poossible)!! :D 


    there is more pics of him at 2017 NH Nonghyup Card Grand Prize Awards in a better angle!! :wink::wub: 


    cr: g9059 


    and :wub: 



    cr: @YSHbiased

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  11. 55 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    i guess the good thing is that through the thread we can hold and encourage each other haha!



    we can comfort each other when things arent looking too good. haha!  yeah i am really hoping that at least I get a satisfying ending.

    exactly! i really hope to see some change - whether it be good or bad i definitely want to see some growth especially from SH most of all.


    Please tag me too!




    hhhhhhhhh true!! :wink: Fighting!! :D 


    well I'm sure we'll have alot of changes and growth with Shi Hyun now my real hope is seeing the same with Soo Ji and Se Joo as well actually!! 


    sure thing!! :wink: just let them give it to us 1st!! they're torturing me here!! :unsure: 

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  12. 4 hours ago, kaoriharang said:
    4 hours ago, zagigirl said:

    Hi guys :) 


    I started to watch this drama tnx to my chingu @sakura2016 but still rethinking in fear of an  unhappy end...as i was watching first eps i've grown to like characters here...even the ones that have hidden objectives...all still have time to improve or change ...i wish they make it that way


    Both children and parents have wounds..nothing is just like it seems to be at first glance...just like TH was wondering what is real SH's face we may wonder for all of them what we'll see further on...might be interesting


    Preview is not out yet or i missed it?


     dont worry chingu, i too am like you I swing watch and dont watch because i fear the ending.


    nope preview is not out yet. no worries.


    I have my fear too to be honest :sweatingbullets: but lets keep thinking positively hoping for a happy ending!! ok?!! :wink: there is always light in the end of the tunnel just like there is hope for a happy ending after all the hardshhips and pain, ne?!! :tongue::D 


    everyone has his/her share of wounds and healing and changing for the better is up to them, it's just they need to not miss their chance and ruin their lives or/and the lives of those around them along the way!! 


    I'll tag you the second it's released chingu!! :D 

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  13. 13 minutes ago, viktormani said:

    So what i'm thinking is Tae Hee will find out that Shi Hyun started pursuing her because of the bet and we will have some sulking Tae Hee and heart ache but then Shi Hyun will find out that Tae Hee and her mom caused the accident his mom was in and his father covered it up because Tae Hee's mom was involved, if it's gonna be like that we're gonna be expecting a lot of Shi Hyun crying scenes and i will cry buckets of tears. we are in for some heartbreaking scenes. + we can't forgot what Soo ji will do once she sees that Shi Hyun has fallen for Tae Hee for real and that Shi Hyun's dad is in love with Tae Hee's mom. This is gonna be sooo messy but I LOVE IT!


    oh yeah!! exactly my thoughts!! let's enjoy the fun part till we reach the messy part 'cause it will get messy!! let's brace our hearts then!!


    11 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:
    Two shows had their finale soo this week there is a lot of drop!! Hopefully next week we can see a ride in ratings!! 


    thank you for sharing chingu!! :wub: the drop was expected having final episodes this week so lets hope the raing will pick up and increase next week!! :) plus the drama's videos were on top 10 of the naver which is a good thing too!! :D



    Joy Gets Swept Off Her Feet By Woo Do Hwan In Lovely Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of “Tempted”


    MBC has shared adorable photos of Red Velvet’s Joy and Woo Do Hwan on the set of “Tempted”!


    In the first batch of photos, Joy and Woo Do Hwan get into character to film the scene where he picks her up and literally sweeps her off her feet.


    The two co-stars act out their scene, then burst out into laughter before posing for the camera in the third photo.


    Woo Do Hwan then shows his caring and mischievous side as he wipes tears off of Joy’s face and tidies up her hair. Joy looks playfully annoyed as he lovingly tends to his co-star’s needs.



    “Tempted” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the latest episode now!


    Watch Now




    I love the way he lifeted her!! :wub:

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  14. 3 hours ago, ravenbleu said:

    After watching today's episode with subtitles few things I noticed

    1. SH's mom died in a car accident not of some disease for which she was in the hospital. 

    2. During that time both SH's parents and TH's were were in middle of their divorces.

    3. SH's father and TH's mother had decided to meet up but couldn't. 

    4. TH got in an accident during the same time as SH's mom died.

    So may be it is the same accident or related somehow..


    What do you all think??


    it is he same accident!! the second they mentioned an accident related to Shi Hyun's mother's death I linked them together and now it's more confirmed for me!! Shi Hyun's mother died due to an accident but her car has no record of such accident then the father's lawyer comes in to take care of Shi Hyun's case regarding the car's theft that he claimed and we know Tae Hee had an accident with her mother, all that = Shi Hyun's father covered for Tae Hee's mother causing the accident that led to Shi Hyun's mother's death!! things will get really bad/hard for these 2!! ah


    3 hours ago, meiil said:

    Just done with today eps. 


    I can't tell you how much I'm loving this drama! yes it might seems they are going a little too fast, yes it's full of predictable tropes but honestly? it's so crazy and that's what makes it so addicting.


    I think it safe to say SH has already fallen for TH, and his friends who know him very well have noticed already. Especially Sooji who went all lunatic as soon as she found out... just imagine how worse this is gonna get as time goes by and SH and TH will be head over hills for each other. Also If I got it right their bet is kinda on hold/over atm, since it seems they both agreed on letting their parents get married etc... untill Soojii will find out that it's TH's mum whose btw the parents and the reason why her own mother suffers. She will probably hate TH so much by then and try everything to destroy her...:/


    SH inner monologue during the kiss, where he admits a secret is starting to grow in him (hence him falling for TH) and his somehow cold reaction in the car makes think it's now his turn to have his heart check on. With this pace I expect him to admit he's in love with her by next week.


    Also did I get it right or are they really gonna leave together now???  wow man.... 


    I hope they'll release a preview in the upcoming days coz monday is too far away lol



    he totally is!! :D:wink: that's a good thing so he would be equal to her emotionally from now on!! :tongue:...I don'tknow if the bet is still on or not since Soo Ji was still on the plan even after agreeing to their parent's marriage even going crazy over him stoping when she did all she can to keep his mother's house for him so it must be still on for her own revenge from that jerk ex-boyfriend I think?!! and Shi Hyun is agreeing to it to stop her outburst!! but I loved how she told him she can see Tae Hee coming between them and see her in his eyes!! woahahaha he only started realising it later!! :lol::wub: but if that was Soo Ji's reaction now what she'll do when he won't try to deny it and will admit his feelings for Tae Hee and even change more with them?!! I'm scared!!


    yeah they will!! :D but I don't think Soo Ji knows about that since she was asking him if he's worried about her and wants to help her which he denied but she saw through him and for sure she wouldv' never planned for them to live together!! having a girl aside from her into Shi Hyun's personal life would never be acceptable for her!! so what she'll do when she'll find out?!! *bitingmyfingernails*


    edit: it's clear that Shi Hyun acted on his own going to help Tae Hee who had no place to go to so the bet is over?!! and all that followed was all Shi Hyun with no hidden plans?!! I think so, for now at least till they say otherwise!! :tongue: now Soo Ji will lose her mind :lol: but that's scary too!! *gulp*


    can they release the preview tomorrow/today?!! hhhhhhh

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  15. 1 hour ago, Berou said:

    @sakura2016As long they transcript his interviews, I'm going to be happy. I'll use google translate :D. I guess the japanese fans will be bombarded with resquests for translations. It's going to be a bummer to watch him without understanding a thing. He did some interviews for the japanese DVD of I miss you in which he talked about the drama, his character etc. But that interview hasnt been translated till this day. I'm going to keep my expectations low then. At least we'll see his face lol


    I understand what you mean. It's weird to get "serious" content about him. This leads me to think it'll be good to see him being an ambassador of a NGO (Jung Woo Sung is the Unicef ambassador) or going to some country far away and helping homeless people like he did back in 2010 or being South korea representative during official meetings between head states 


    hhhhhhhhhhhhhh well I'll keep my hopes in check but still intact!! :lol: he's gaining more fans now so we never no right?!! :wink::D and as long as we get to see him we're happy!! :tongue::lol:


    it would be great, but isn't mostely highly populer actors get these embassador/representative positions?!! still hope he get to do that one day!! he's a humble and respectful image of the coutry for sure!! :heart:

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  16. 3 minutes ago, Pikachu92 said:

    It's interesting to watch how they can recreate this drama. Even though we knows that If Tae Hee found out he just betting with So Ji, She will leave him out of anger even though she still like him. Kwon Si Hyun definitely will regret it and absolutely will beg Tae Hee for come back to him later. They're big problem is not stop in there, Tae Hee should take the reality because her mom is a ex gf of Si Hyun's dad. 

    We'll see the next stories


    there is alot to come yet aside from the bet game trouble that is a huge problem in itself!! Tae Hee's mother being Shi Hyun's "father"'s 1st love and moste likely being his real daughter (the parents broke up 20 years ago=Tae Hee's age", the accident in her flashback we're still to find out about and if it has anything to do with Shi Hyun's mother's death in an accident as he knew but looks like things aren't as it seemed!! hmmmmm

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  17. 30 minutes ago, Berou said:


    @sakura2016 oh finally we're going to see him soon for a long time (30 mins !) :D. I hope the japanese fans will be kind enough to translate it for international fans !!




    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's awesome!! :w00t: why isn't it April yet?!!


    shoutout to all Yoo Seung Ho's fans who knows japanese PLEASE TRANSLATE THE INTERVIEW FOR US (when it comes out)!! PLEAAAAAASE!!


    hhhhhhhh seeing Yoo Seung Ho at serious news other than entertainment news feels weird but in a good way!! hihihi did I make sense?!! :tongue::lol:


    cr: owner

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  18. 1 hour ago, icyphoenix said:

    I agree.. I love their friendship.. But it's getting toxic for each other which is very bad!!.. I hope Tae Hee might be a good influence to Shi Hyun n Shi Hyun might try n change Se Joo n Soo Ji.. 

    I m literally very terrified by Soo Ji.. She is very much capable of dictating Shi Hyun in her tunes.. I hope shi hyun doesnt do something to Tae Hee under her influence that he will regret later.. But Soo Ji!! She is terrifying.. I m scared for her character plus I pity for her too!! 


    agree n that and that's why I'm happy things are changing between them even if it means the loss of their frienship!! I hope they find a way to work it out eventually but if not possible then better lose that "toxicating" friendship!!


    Shi Hyu looks the only one who can get through to Soo Ji, it happened twice by now, so I hope he can find a way to help her change as well!! for now he backed down for her sake and agreed to continue the bet again for her sanity but it's still due to Tae Hee still not in the same emotional importance level that Soo Ji have over him but that will change when he'll totally fall for her and then Soo Ji will lose her influence and capability to make him do as she please which will drive her crazier!! and we're to see then if Shi Hyun can still save her from her own self!! as for Se Joo, his love for her is that blind to do all she wants but she still doesn't see him!! I feel bad for him!!


    1 hour ago, icyphoenix said:

    Soo ji is her own peace destroyer like her mom.. They think differently n want different from things.. But they end up differently n what both do is grumble n get mad at their situation.. But they forget that it's their own doing.. I really hope Soo Ji character will get much needed redemption!! 


    it's quite sad she's turning like her mother that she hates her actions!! she needs help and have hope but only if she'll accept that help!!


    1 hour ago, biancapot said:

    Oh I believe the foundation established by Shihyun's mom (the one he is very worried about with regards to the marriage) is the foundation that funds that nursing home. Probably why they were there before. There was a part that really confused me, Sooji's mom seems to be in love with Shihyun's dad... and it seems she has been for a while? because she said taehee was familiar, and then she saw her file and found out that taehee's mom is the potter. At this point, she seemed to know that SH's dad and TH's mom were first loves, which was why she visited her. And it seems like she knew her personally in the past, seeing as she thought TH reminded her of someone, but when TH's mom saw her she didn't recognise her at all. Overall I'm just so confused about this love triangle between the parents lol. I feel certain the four kids knew each other as children, and so the parents were all connected in some complicated way.


    and now that nursing home is his healing place in a way!! and he have more reasons to protect it!! I love that!! :wub:


    I think it's undertandable for Soo Ji's mother to know her crush's 1st love being interested in him while Tae Hee's mother didn't really pay her much attention then as she didn't have a reason to!!....the complicated relationship they and their kids had started way in the past apparently!! :blink: hhhhhhh


    1 hour ago, viktormani said:

    This show must be doing very well internationally since people from my country (Iceland) are talking about it, i've never heard or seen anyone even slightly interested in tv shows from Asia. In my eyes this is a huge achievement! Congratz The great seducer! :D


    awwww that's great thing to know chingu!! right, it's a success in itself and hope it will keep that way till the ver very end!! :D

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  19. 1 hour ago, kaoriharang said:


    I agree - definitely I really liked the fact that actually TH has a greater influence than SH let's on. It was both nice and at the same time sad to see that the cracks in the trio. But I guess once SH falls in love with TH, that crack will get really big.


    yeah to some extent the fact that he has to go after TH, has allowed him to be separated away from his friends and really come into the sphere of TH.


    I clearly need to watch the full episode since i am still unsure about the flow of things. But i agree that SJ can see that SH is changing and really distancing himself from her.


    I think even though SH did get angry at SJ - it wasnt really because of TH but rather because of the grandmother's plate. But clearly, whatever TH says either bothers him or goes right through his heart. for sure SJ will really being a full on attack the moment that happens.



    he was affected by their fight and her words reminding himself it's just a game so he's getting confused!! he wanted to stop the bet to get her out of their (messed up) lives, for her own sake or out of his fear of what she's doing to him? not sure yet but it's no longer a simple game for him!! those are good changes from him!! :wink: now Soo Ji's mad obsessivness toward him is the scary element in here!! she can be really harmful which terrifies me!!


    I actually love that Tae Hee was the reason but not the only reason for his changes!! his world used to consist only of his friends after his mother's death but now he started exploring a new world and found the grandmother who knew him as a child with his mother and with Tae Hee or not he started having something to do, someone else to care about outside of his small bubble he had with his friends which I'm happy with!! :wub: 


    1 hour ago, kaoriharang said:

    agreed! I definitely liked the chemistry so much better.

    OH? so TH will be staying with SH? but how is that going to work? that means that SH will try to seduce TH both outside and at home??


    I guess by living together like you said chingu - SH and TH will get to know each other better.


    Now the suspense is killing me - i wish they gave us a preview :S



    staying with him in the same living place will decrease his ability to play her!! he'll be forced to show his true self no matter how hard he would try not to and I'm looking forward for that!! :D 


    why there was no preview?!! :( 


    32 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    definitely that kiss was filled with intention and clearly had a motive behind it. I guess he made the move because TH let her guard down.

    But right after that the car scene - it was clear that TH guard was down around him while SH's guard was up. SO I am not so sure what he feels about the kiss, if anything it looked like he felt guilty actually rather than happy that things are moving according to plan.



    true and I loved that!! guilt is always good for people to open their hearts and re-evaluate their actions!! :wink: he won't give up the bet for sure but it will become harder for him because of his own inner conflicts which is good!! :tongue: 


    32 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    yeah that is true, it was rather interesting that SH choose not to use her - i think he does realise that TH is actually a really good and hard working girl. She is smart yet she works hard and volunteers and helps people in need. SH probably doesnt hang around with such girls or people that often. People who are rather selfless, if anything the world in which SH and SJ come from are filled with people who are selfish and think about their own advancement first and foremost.


    SH probably has it in him, to be selfless because of the influence of his mother, but that went away when she died. So my guess is that now with TH around, that selflessness that SH had is surfacing bit by bit.


    yeah exactly, it is rather interesting how the grandmother latched onto SH rather quickly at first. Now we know why she probably recongised him from the picture.


    yeah it is funny her SJ did it do put TH in a weak spot but somehow in the end SH took her under. he probably saw it as a way to get under TH's skin and seduce her, i am looking forward to seeing the plan backfire. :tongue:



    there is no one like Tae Hee in their world for sure!! their own parents are calculative who doesn't even care about them, would others actually see beyound their chaebol image?!! no!! and that's why they had their own small world the 3 of them being each other's family and care takers when they had no one else to do that for them!! 


    true!! Tae Hee is bringing back what he lost with his mother and he had to be different in the cold advantageous world he lived in but he can be more himself around her and the old ladies there!!


    the heart always recognise the person even if the brain fails in that!! :wink: 


    don't know but at that moment I felt it was Shi Hyun's genuine care!! he felt bad for her and wanted to help her with no other agendas at that moment!! he can think about it later but right then it was his pure intentions to help her!! as for Soo Ji, she's really shooting herself in the foot!! :lol: 


    46 minutes ago, meiil said:

    The drama's clips are all over the naver top list :o 


    thank you for sharing chingu!! :D happy to see our drama is quite populer on naver!! :D 



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  20. 36 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    I didn't really like the kiss. Sure, I know he feels guilty, but I don't think he's quite that attracted to her in a way that would make her more important to him than those others. I didn't like the kiss because it was calculated, he even counted like all the other times he was manipulating her. He did it to get on with what he had to do for Sooji's sanity. :( I feel like that could have been her first kiss, and she was so shy yet innocently happy in the car while he was obviously feeling guilty. When she finds out it will hurt her so much, it isn't just the bet itself but the humiliation and the feeling or thought that they must have been laughing at her, thinking her pitiful, while she was innocently falling in love. I feel like I've been in this situation before, although not due to a bet but just an overall bad guy... and so I know how unbelievable it is when you find out the truth. You really feel stupid and start hating yourself for your choices, until you realise it isn't your fault but the fault of the person who hurt you.


    Also, is this a first long kiss for both of them as actors? I think they should have a lot more lol until they reach Chae Soobin and Yoo Seungho's kiss level in IANAR. I thought WDH needed to lead a bit more (like hold her a bit closer), and Joy looked nervous haha


    I'm looking to the kiss in a different way, yes he did it with an ulternate motive than being fully into that kiss emotionally still it was another crack for him!! feeling guilty isn't something he's used to feel but she got that from him which is a good thing for now!! I feel bad for her for sure (and sorry that you went through such insident and I hope you find the one who deserves you) but he'll pay for it with no doubt and she's to see that she actually stole his heart like he did to her!! I'll feel bad for him then too but what has to be done has to be done then they can make up!! :wink::D 


    hhhhhhhhhh I really don't know since Mad Dog had no kissing Scenes (only teasing :tongue::wub:) and never watched any of Joy's projects but I find it quite a good 1st kiss!! :wub: and her nervousness as Tae Hee is understandable being her 1st kiss!! now we need to wait for their 2nd kiss (1st real kiss)!! :tongue::wink: 


    31 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    Oh i believe taehee's cake wish was to live with a person she loves. I guess they're going to live together for a little bit now. Can't believe we have to wait a week for the next parts :/


    she had a good wish there!! :wink: now let it come true!! :D:wub: 


    that's the worst part now!! the wait!! :blink: 



    MV for the 1st OST of the drama!! :D:wub: 



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  21. 1 hour ago, kaoriharang said:


    this episode looks way more interesting than last night's one.

    Clearly SH and TH's chemistry is getting more and more fire.


    the fact that they both fought really shows that both of them are getting more and more on each other's mind.


    the cute part was when SH protected the kimchi he got haha also the fact that SH got angry when the plate broke, i feel bad for him. After all the grandmother he connected with, is a grandmother who knew both him and his mother.

    I am looking forward to more.

    I have to admit the kiss kind of threw me off guard., but i am looking forward to next week and seeing what happens.


    it does seem that TH is still very careful around SH which i am glad, but i do hope that the two of them move closer together soon.


    I loved seeing that not only Tae Hee was being affected by Shi Hyun but she also started her way to his heart without him realising it!! :wink: and the fact that he wanted to keep her out of his and Se Joo's plans to stop their parents' wedding was a good step though it blew in with Soo Ji's outburst seeing through Shi Hyun's changes and sensing Tae Hee's hand in it!! 


    his "don't eat the kimchi" was hillarious!! :lol: and it never crossed my mind that the grandmother was connected to him and his mother!! it makes their connection more meaningful and heartfelt!! :wub: 


    hhhhhhhh I didn't expect a kiss as well but he'll take the chances he gets!! :wink: but though they're getting closer it's not going to be easier for him seeing Tae Hee's guards still there even though not as it used to be but still she's not easy like other girls!! 


    57 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    I have to agree.. The kiss was unexpected!!.. But I liked Tae Hee n Shi Hyun's little fights n their talks..their chemistry is good!! They r gonna cohabitat I guess.. If so, it will be more interesting to see Shi Hyun n Tae Hee.. Tae Hee will definitely know every sides of Shi Hyun n the contacts of Soo Ji n Se Joo with Tae hee will reduce.. But I m not gonna run my mind off.. Coz Next Week might have much more surprises than we expect!! 


    Soo Ji will lose her mind especially that she caused Tae Hee loosing her living place in the dorm (I'm sure it was her doing) but didn't think she'll get her to live with Shi Hyun for sure :lol: but I'll jump of happiness!! :tongue::D there will be less guards up from both sides and they'll get to know more about each other!! :wink::wub: 

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  22. 15 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    I just loved the episode.. Thank god I watched it live.. The kiss was soo surprising!!.. I liked how Shi Hyun is changing coz of Tae Hee.. The way he scolded Soo Ji coz she broke the glass.. Soo ji is also noticing the change of Shi hyun.. The way she stands out n checks if Shi Hyun is coming or not.. Her obsession n she literally turns mad if something isn't going by her way.. Gosh!! The game n love n pain r just gonna start now!!.. I m soo excited!! 



    yeah I was really happy seeing the changes in him and both Soo Ji and Se Joo are noticing it!! I felt bad in a way since I love their friendship but it's unhealthy in a way so I'm happy to see Shi Hyun having other priorities and concerns even if that pulls him appart from his best friends, it's needed still!! now the worst part was Soo Ji's breakdown not accepting those small changes and Shi Hyun not following their bet (her wish) for the 1st time and she could sense Tae Hee's hand in that which gave us a look into her scary obsessivness toward him!! she's scaring me for Shi Hyun!! :scream:


    12 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    @sakura2016 A slight glimpse of mad Soo Ji was very scary.. But in a way I feel pity for her coz she was the one who took care of shi hyun when he was suffering from his mom's loss!!.. I feel hard times ahead for Shi Hyun to choose between two of his eyes!! Both Tae Hee n Soo Ji will in a way become important to him.. Hope Se Joo takes Soo Ji away n takes care of her.. But I don't think she would allow Se Joo to do it!! We got a glimpse of what future has got for the four of them!! 


    I know and that's the reason I love their friendship, including Se Joo, but she's taking an extreme path with him which is terrifying!! and like you said Shi Hyun will have a hard time between Tae Hee and Soo Ji, one that's winning her place in his heart and another who is already special for him!! we already saw a glimps of it today and I'm terrified of what sh can do when she starts losing Shi Hyun more and more for Tae Hee!! *gulp* 


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