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  1. I'm late to read and reply to your great posts but I'll do that later and thank you in advance for all your posts!! :wub: 


    now :tongue: is this what we were waiting for?!! please be!! :w00t::naughty: 

    Moon Ga Young And Woo Do Hwan Face Each Other Over Their Game Of Seduction In “Tempted”



    MBC’s “Tempted” has released stills for its upcoming episode featuring Moon Ga Young and Woo Do Hwan.


    In the newest stills, Kwon Si Hyun (played by Woo Do Hwan) has Choi Soo Ji (played by Moon Ga Young) backed against a wall. With his left arm next to her head, he looks at her with an expression full of rage. Woo Do Hwan then appears sad in the next photo, as he looks down with tears forming in his eyes.


    In return, Moon Ga Young looks shocked at his sudden behavior. Although she looks at him in the eyes, there is a hint of sadness as she looks at her longtime friend and soon-to-be step-brother.



    In the last episode, Kwon Si Hyun, Eun Tae Hee (played by Red Velvet’s Joy), Choi Soo Ji, and Kim Se Joo (played by Kim Min Jae) went on a trip together. Kwon Si Hyun looked troubled due to his growing feelings for Eun Tae Hee, and Choi Soo Ji caught on to his changed feelings.


    This scene was filmed at a nightclub in Seoul. Before they began shooting, Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young focused in order to prepare for this emotionally charged scene. Woo Do Hwan expressed anger and sadness using everything from his eyes to his breathing, and reportedly wowed the staff with his acting.


    What has the game of seduction done to Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young’s relationship? Find out when this episode airs on March 27 at 10 p.m. KST.


    Watch the latest episode of “Tempted” now!


    Watch Now


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  2. 3 minutes ago, pangy76 said:

    I'm trying so hard to ship the characters and not the actors but this is hard when they have so much chemistry off screen. The BTS has me falling even more in love with them. :love:


    The scene where SH touches Soo Ji's face has me :rage: I cannot stand any contact between these two. SH working through his feelings for TH and establishing boundaries for Soo Ji cannot come soon enough for me. 


    The pool scene...Joy was unbelievably gorgeous. 


    hhhhhhhh they are so cute for sure!! :lol::wub: 


    and when Soo Ji did put her hand on SHi Hyun's hip/knee!! :rage: I'm waiting for that day with you when he sets his boundries with her!! 

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  3. 23 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    Hope soo!! I hope for happy endings for all characters!! I really there is redemption for the characters!!.. Tae Hee is not a naive Maiden to just sit up n take their games!! If she comes to revenge then for Soo Ji n Shi Hyun it will be very bad!! 


    reaaaaaally bad!! but good still hard lessons are needed sometimes!! let's hope for an earned happy ending for all characters!! :)


    14 minutes ago, meiil said:

    From the look of it seems Shyun will probably snap at Soo Ji tomorrow,  and I really hope he does tbh. 


    I'd love that too!! anyone who would start puting boundries to Soo Ji's madness is welcomes by me!!


    15 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    Eng Sub of BTS!! I can't get enough of this!! Really soo adorable!! 


    hhhhhhhh thank you so much for sharing chingu!! :wub: 

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  4. 20 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    haha yeah now that you mention it - it is rather strange he is fixated on eating and having a meal with her. I guess its because they actually never really had a proper proper meal before just with the two of them :D



    I never saw him that fixated on eating with his other friends and Soo Ji finds him childish while eating but he likes to eat with Tae Hee even after being yelled at at today's episode!! :lol: he likes her company for sure!! :wink::wub: 


    19 minutes ago, anjelikaeyes13 said:

    I haven’t watch today’s episode but all I can say the versions were The Great Seducer is loosely based were all sad ending.  I hope writer instead of making same ending I hope they put moral story and salvation ending where real love — which is respecting decisions; letting go will prevail.. you know what I mean.  To much death in all versions annoys me.  It does not mean its the end story someone has to die also.


    1.  I want the KSH and ETH will end up together where KSH will seek ETH with real heart and honesty that at first he just want to play games and then he realises he really needed someone to talk with and not just tolerate his tantrums. To process his emotions. But I want this couple to separate and hanging story that they have future together.  


    2. I want CSJ lets go of her anger and spend time with her mom or learn more about herself of what she really wants. She’s confuse even with herself.


    3. SJ and KJ even though she is not “eye candy” I like her character.  I hope as SJ plays with her they both will be good friend lovers — Where SJ will fall helplessly in love with her and his family will like her because SJ “the troublemaker” found a real gem. I really don’t like Kim Min Jae to be acting seriously because I can’t help cry in buckets. Haha.


    4. SJ and KSH to let go of their “one side love” towards CSJ.  That they learn love is not just one sided.  It’s two way.  They should not tolerate CSJ’s tantrums.  They both have their own BIG issues at home and not just big but really BIG. 


    5. The respective parents — Let it be. It’s their story; but should not continue in the next generation. Enough already from their end. 



    I agree with all your points and hope for them as well!! 



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  5. 3 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    @sakura2016 Soo Ji is a confused soul.. She doesn't know what she exactly wants.. Same goes for Shi Hyun.. But after Tae Hee came to his life, he is attracted towards n wants her that it even scares him that he wud deviate from his plan n the setting of his life.. So he wants to run away.. I feel bad for Se Joo a lot!!.. I want him to break off from these two!!.. They both r just gonna hurt him more.. I m not liking soo ji n her mom's behavior!! Really both r soo obsessive!! They r just gonna end up hurting themselves n their surroundings!!.. I feel bad for Tae Hee n Se Joo caught up in this mess!! 


    if Se Joo and the secretary can help Soo Ji and her mother before ruining their lives and the lives of those around them it would be great though can that happen is the real question!! 


    Shi Hyun is struggling himsef fearing the changes he's feeling, he likes it (and Tae Hee :tongue:) but he got too used to his old life and relationships that he wants to hold on to it as well!! it's natural and it will get harder for him the more he'll fall for Tae Hee and won't be able to deny it or run from it anymore!! but he never wished to hurt Se Joo but wanted to be honest with him but Soo Ji is the problem again!! sigh


    now I know that Tae Hee won't just get hurt and sit down, she'll for sure make them pay for it somehow!! now if that can help them grow and redeem themselves too I'd be really happy!! 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    For anyone not familiar, "play push-pull" is a way of saying send mixed signals to a person by acting interested in that person, but then also pretend to not be interested in that person in order to spike his/her interest.


    Woo Do Hwan....:wub:


    Hi chingu!! :D thank you so much for the translation!! :wub: 


    looks like Shi Hyun have a thing with eating with Tae Hee!! :wink: and I love how he's enjoying seeing her falling for him but not the "hunter"'s amusement of getting his prey but the genuine amusement you feel being loved by the one you're interested into as well!! :wub: 



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  7. 19 minutes ago, RPM said:

    Source of Pain "Choi Soo Ji ".

    My Se joo :bawling::heartbreak:stop hurting my boy. 


    I hope she will soon cause she's wining all my glares with her bad behaviour towards him!! just hope Se Joo won't let her use him more out of his love for her!! :(:unsure: 


    41 minutes ago, Aleenaaa said:

    I agree. Once SJ will be sure that SH is no longer playing the "game" of seduction, she will do everything to hurt TH. And on top of that, she will involve poor See Joo in her mess too:angry:


    Even in today's episode when See Joo  said "SJ wants to hurt TH"(something like this), SH expressions changed at that very moment.


    I don't want anyone of them to be hurt but it's not possible. WHY??


    And like you said, I'm excited as well as little sad for tomorrow's episode because we have to again wait for a long week!!!


    can I hope he won't lose his friendship with Shi Hyun because of Soo Ji?!! :( 


    oh, that's what was said then?!! I hate this!! urgh we knew hurt was part of the deal but can we menimise it?!! :unsure: 


    17 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    @MinLyn thanks for the translations!! 

    I liked today's episode.. Shi Hyun is totally falling for Tae Hee.. Tae Hee also likes Shi Hyun but she clearly isn't a pushover.. I clearly don't understand Soo Ji as @kaoriharang mentioned, I think she herself doesn't understand what she wants.. I felt bad for Se Joo.. He can clearly see Soo Ji is obsessed over Shi Hyun.. Soo Ji clearly isn't able to see Shi Hyun treating other girl sweetly but also she wants him to play seduction game lolz!!.. Shi Hyun clearly likes Tae Hee but wants to deny it.. He is like running from himself!!.. He just is cheating himself.. I liked how he was affected by the kiss n kept looking at her lips lolz!! The attraction between them is sizzling.. I m loving the interactions of Tae Hee n Shi Hyun n their chemistry is off charts..

    The BTS of these two r also very chemistrilious!! 


    Soo Ji needs help for sure!! she pushes him to seduce Tae Hee but can't see or even think of him taking care of her, she can't even accept to "lie" that he likes Tae Hee and kept saying he finds her (Soo Ji) prettier that Tae Hee and not interested in her sabotaging her own plan and she did it again in today's episode trying to prove she's more important and closer to Shi Hyun than Tae Hee when that's against their plan!! what?!! now I want Se Joo to not take her side in this mess as not likely this would be!! sigh


    Shi Hyun falling for Tae Hee but going crazy at himself thinking he's crazy is hillarious!! I want more of that!! :lol::wub: 


    edit: woah I'm so happy our drama's videos are on all naver's top 10!! :D 


    15 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    OMG i cannot get over how amazing these episodes were. XO the four of them together WOW. THEY HAVE CHEMISTRY!!! and i've been thinking about this for a while now and i actually think taehee's parts in the last episodes were harder for joy to act out, the last eps she was being an innocent candy lol she did so well with her spunky character in these episodes. I super duper love the two of them together, and there's nothing confusing about it shihyun totally likes her now haha. On a more serious note, the boys seem to dislike what sooji is doing to taehee, i like how even sejoo doesn't seem to truly approve although i don't know why yet... if it's because he doesn't like hurting an innocent, or because he thinks sooji will get hurt. I actually like kyungjoo now, she's quite smart here... and sejoo actually loved the movie recommendation haha guess they connect on a deeper level lol


    let's hope Se Joo and Shi Hyun will be able to stop Soo Ji from going too far before it's too late!! 

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  8. Watch: MOMOLAND Sings “Hug Me” In “Tempted” OST


    MOMOLAND’s Taeha, JooE, Nancy, and Ahin released an OST for SBS’s “Tempted”!


    Their song “Hug Me” is a sweet OST that follows the blooming romance between Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy in the drama.


    The lyrics describe the feelings of a person who just realized their love for someone. The music video shows how Woo Do Hwan and Joy’s relationship unfolds, beginning with their first meeting and moving on to show how they slowly develop feelings for each other.


    Watch the romantic music video below!



    Also, check out the latest episode of “Tempted” below:


    Watch Now



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  9. hmmmmm so he said he doesn't like drawing but he actually like it just like we and Tae Hee saw!! is that like denying he's falling for Tae Hee?!! and in the preview he confessed he doesn't know what (who) does he like!! interesting!! :D 


    and Soo Ji is tooooooo obvious trying to ruin her own plan!! I wouldn't be surprised if she makes Tae Hee find out the truth "accidently"!! <_< 


    but I loved how Shi Hyun brought both girls a cover to warm their legs but only covered Tae Hee's legs :wub: while just let Soo Ji do it herself!!:lol: 


    and the preview!! awwwwwwww good thing it's for tomorrow's episode!! :D though we'll get the torturous waiting shart after...

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  10. he recognised her voice while looking down?!! :tongue::wub: but didn't get her badmouthing him in germany!! :lol: 

    that how pittiness and bitterness is looking at Soo Ji watching Shi Hyun and Tae hee having fun over silly things together!! :lol::smirk: 





    I love how he's acting on his own not knowing how to react and she flatted him explaining her earlier badmothing him in germany!! :lol::wub: 

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  11. 7 minutes ago, scarletlover1 said:

    I have to watch episodes 7 and 8 later because I still haven't watched those yet. But it has come to my attention of those photos of them in the pool... Quick question.


    Why have we still not gotten WDH shirtless? He's in the pool and doesn't have his shirt off, seriously?! We seen him shirtless one time and that was in Mad Dog!




    hhhhhhhhhh they want to go easy on Tae Hee's weak heart :tongue: and don't want shedding blood between the 2 girls just yet chingu!! :lol: we'll need to wait a little more longer!! :wink::lol: 

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  12. 10 hours ago, kaoriharang said:

    if you actually had a wider angle of the last shot you can see that SJ's cello is there as well as her, she is sitting behind SH and TH.


    woah really?!! that must be a supper awkwared and tnsed moment!! :blink: 


    10 hours ago, Summer Rize said:

    I thought so :blush:



    Btw when viewed from preview ep 9..SJi to SH :  "you've helped her moving out" This phrase shows that she (S-Ji ) only knows SH only helped TH moving out from her old rented house to a new dorm & no idea if them living under the same roof. But who knows my guess is also wrong about this .

    And cant sit still waiting tunite ep lol 



    I think if she knew he gave her his place to stay at she would be in her full outburst not still holding her mad temper in!!


    7 hours ago, kaoriharang said:

    Looking at the stills


    I AM SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT'S EPISODE! @USAFarmgirl @icyphoenix @sakura2016


    I am both waiting in anticipation and a little worry but other than that.






    we're te same!! :wink::D 


    and these new stills!! :wub: I'm sooooooooo excited!! :w00t: 

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  13. 4 hours ago, intanr said:

    Well.. started to watch.. em... my take somebody gonna felt betrayed and in this case would be TH. When she finds out the true intention of the relationship. The heart would be broken into pieces. And for SH would be known as the man that couldn’t love. I see maturity in him accepting the disfuntional family that he have. I am glad that he didn’t become the rebellious son. I want to see more life story of then not just in that private place where they plots all the evil plan. The relationship SH have with SJi is just weird and dark but at the same time understandable. Am not sure how they can break away from that special bond even after TH relationship gets serious. Can TH accept it? Is like who would you run too when SJi or TH needs him. SJo, is he the guy who is playing victim? And being rebellious and womanizer when he can’t get all the attention from the dad? He needs to grow up, and I think he is smart in his on way but he uses it for the wrong reason. I wonder where this show would take me.. would I be bored? 


    hi chingu!! :)


    it will be on Shi Hyun to take sides when the times come not only to put boudries between him and Soo Ji but it's because the impossibility of keeping his old relationship with the new chages he's and will keep going through while Soo Ji will remain the same and won't want him to change so it will be a choice to either break out of his shell or stay/go back to his old life before Tae Hee which I'm sure he doesn't want anymore!!


    about Se Joo, he's not playing victim!! he is a victim!! yes he's dealing with it the wrong way but who of the trio doesn't?!! he chose to act as an indifferent womanizer but we can see he's hiding his scars and pain behind his fake façade he's keeping even in front of his friends!! and I hope all 3 (not only Shi Hyun) will grow and redeem themselves eventually!! 


    one thing to be sure of, this drama won't let you get bored!! :wink: there is many stories to be covered after all!!  


    2 hours ago, Jloves said:

    I don't think these was posted yet :)





      Hide contents





    no it wasn't!! :) thank you sfor sharing!! :wub: 


    Soo Ji getting closer to Tae Hee means trouble for sure!! let's see what she has in her mind and how Shi Hyun will react to it!!



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  14. 7 minutes ago, RPM said:

    He definitely realised his true feelings for Tae Hee and he's afraid now what to do about it. 

    Or may be because of his father


    I think him getting to this state over his newly realised feelings toward Tae Hee will come a little later than now so I'll go with his father for now and it would be good giving Tae Hee a look into Shi Hyun's real self and side not many know aboout and they'd get closer with no hidden agendas that way as well!! :wub: 

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