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  1. 5 hours ago, Berou said:



    IANAR ratings for the last two episodes ( the finale ) on Arpil 19 & 20



    It is quite strange ratings during the finale week have dropped, compared to the previous weeks. IANAR even dropped at #20 on April 20. Usually it is the other way around, the ratings should increase a bit during the finale.  Did the fans not like the ending ?



    " Notes in TTU: YSH does not receive the gifts from fans on his fanmeeting because he said to meet fans is a gift for him" awwwwwww this young man!! :heart: I love how he voices his pure love for his fans and sets his rules regarding it!! I just love him!! :heart:


    huh!! :blink: that's weird!! like you said loved dramas tend to have its highest rating in the final week but it dropped here!! did they not like it?!! :( well you can say the final week didn't have much movement plot wise with everthing being pretty solved by then only we got to have the final touch by the final with many cute bromance and romance moments!! maybe that's why it dropped?!!


    5 hours ago, Berou said:

    9 Korean actors we wish were our boyfriends 


    Watching K-dramas, we get so many crushes right to left, from boys, girls, and to even babies. Here are some of the hottest actors from shows that are currently on air or ended recently on DramaFever. Scroll down to reveal them all!


    8. I'm Not a Robot’s Yoo Seung Ho


    One of the K-drama composers we interviewed worked on the ‘I’m Not a Robot’ soundtrack. After seeing Seung Ho at the drama’s afterparty, she said, "He's so polite and kind that I was touched.” Watch the full interview with the K-drama composers here.


    cr : https://www.dramafever.com/news/9-korean-actors-we-wish-were-our-boyfriends/


    it's great seeing Yoo Seung Ho growing to prove himself as a great boyfriend material!! :wub: and he'll win more hearts with his upcoming projects for sure!! :wub:


    5 hours ago, Berou said:

    K-drama OST Composers Interview




    When it comes to composing K-drama and Korean film soundtracks, composers Kang Mimi, Lee Aram, and Lee Ruri know what’s up. They have worked on many household names like Lawless Lawyer, My Mister, Mother, I’m Not a Robot, The Battleship Island, and She was Pretty, to name a few. Watch the K-drama OST composers’ interview above or read the full excerpt below.


    ( omitted unrelated parts) 


    8. What’s it like meeting the actors?

    LA: K-drama OST composers are a part of post-production team, which means we don’t work on the filming set. So the K-drama OST composers don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet the actors. But I’m getting better at asking for photographs. At first I was like, ‘What should I do?’ But I’ve become so smooth, I approach them and say, “Hello, I’m so-and-so from the music team. Is it cool to take a selfie with you?”

    LR: For me, it’s the actors. I love seeing them.

    LA: Who did you like the best?



    LR: I really like actor Yoo Seung Ho. Last winter I worked on ‘I’m Not A Robot,’ and went to the afterparty earlier this year. He’s so polite and so kind that I was so touched.


    source : http://whatakdrama.com/k-drama-ost-composers-interview/



    awwww Yoo Seung Ho is really well known and popular regarding his polite and kind personality and I feel happy hearing more about it from those who met him!! :wub:


    5 hours ago, Berou said:

    I just read this on the form : 


    The Response of Yoo Seung Ho Agency is very positive but because of his New Drama Schedule that will announce after the Yoo Seung Ho Seoul Fan Meeting, The Fan Meet in Manila might schedule after the filming of Yoo Seung Ho New drama.


    YIKES !!!!!!! @sakura2016  You need to see this. NEW DRAMA happy-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862507 angel2-onion-head-emoticon.gif?129286248admire2-onion-head-emoticon.gif?12928624


    Let's throw out the  mini virtual party we promised   to do it when he  announces his next project ! Ah I can't wait to see him on my screen :lol:. I had some doubs he was preparing for a drama, and I'm glad my doubts got confirmed !  There were some clues here and there ˆˆ. So bring out the champagne ! LOL



    OH YEAH!! thank you so much for the news chingu!! :heart: Finally we had some confirmation about his new drama after the article we had couple months ago!! I was going crazy looking for any news!! now PARTY!! :w00t: well I can't drink alcahol :tongue: but can drink juice!! :wink: and get fireworks!! hihihi





    cr: www.express.co.uk



    can't wait to see him gracing our small screen soon as well!! and now I have all kind of questions regarding his new project!! ahhhhhh I'm supper excited!! :w00t:

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  2. @Berou yeah it can be!! that's the only explination!! hhhhhh and I agee with you regarding Yoo Seung Ho needing to find his signature act as an adult actor now, and I love the fact he's oppen to try different genres as we saw from him and I'm sure he'll keep on that in the future as well!! that way he'll learn more as an actor and will find his own signature act!!


    like you said earlier japan's market is hard to reach and win so not finding/hard to find rating for foreins dramas isn't that unexpected, but hope you'll fnd any news regarding his dramas airing there and the fans feedback!! that would be great to see!! thank you in advance!! :wub:


    it's the final already?!! why I feel like missing the drama in the philippines' fans instead?!! :lol: but yeah the drama was a success there andI'm happy with that!! :D


    hhhhhhhh maybe their hobbie to kill time?!!


    edit: awwww that was sweet of the fan!! :wub: she is a true fan who care for his wellbeing and I'm always happy to see him surrounded by such fans!! he's one of the actors that makes his fans naturally care and try to protect him from baseless rumors being a respectful and private person that he is!! his fans will always protect him from fake and baseless rumours that could ruin his image and TTU (Talk To You) his korean fancafe is very strict about that and takes those kind of incident very seriously!! that's good to know and see!! :heart:

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  3. 4 hours ago, Berou said:


    I don't know where he took the video but it is freaking hot there ^^. Look at how red his face has become from the sun.



    He was already known in Japan during I miss you era. So his popularity goes way back. Some might think he is starting to become popular in Japan due to IANAR international success, but these people are completely  wrong or have simply not done their investigations correctly.  His already existing popularity in Japan and the sucess of his recent dramas are not linked, meaning that the success of his recent dramas didn't make him noticed in Japan. The most Ruler and IANAR would do is to expand further his popularity. It is actually a great feat having breaking through Japan's market. A lot of korean stars attempt to do it without any success because Japan's market is really not open to foreign stars.  It is hard to promote there and be liked by Japan. But once you do it, you will acquire a faithful fanbase for the rest of your career. 


    I think the opening of his fanclub explains why he did those recent  interviews. From my point of view, his japanese fans will get spoiled by him on a regular basis from now on. He is aiming to become active there. Before this he did some fanmeetings or interview magazines here and there sporadically. He will get active in Japan and in Korea at the same time. So we should treasure those interviews because I don't think he will promote his dramas overseas like he has done it in Japan. 


    I got curious about the captions in chinese caracters. Thus I translated them .

    From google lousy translation :


    ( It doesn't matter if it's not a robot!)
    Uh huh... I’m looking forward to seeing Min Ki is going to sweep Taiwanese girl’s heart.


    So Taiwan is the next country ^^.



    I'm seeing some girl's hair. Therefore I'm already forseeing the delulu  shipping  theories claiming  it is either KSH or CSB . Such a strecht !  Im going to peep at his fancafe and see if I can gather more information about this encounter ^^. 


    Another pic from IANAR interview




    yeah I noticed!! and he looks adorable (and handsome for sure) with red face!! :tongue: hihihi


    no!! would some people really think his last dramas (Ruler and IANAR) are his oppening door to Japan?!! that's totally wrong and whoever looked a little bit into Yoo Seung Ho's fanmeetings and news should've known that!! like you said now his new dramas are expanding his already there popularity more!! you know I remembered how I was laughing reading one comment years ago regarding his drama Remember and a commentor (maybe not that knowledgeable about Yoo Seung Ho) was "I hope he have his breakthough role through this drama" only I was "huh?!! but he had his breakthrough many years ago!!" and I knew that when I wasn't still his fan back then, only had my eyes on him!! :wink: and another commenter replyed to that post the same as I was thinking then!! :lol: I think Yoo Seung Ho being a 24 years old actor make some people confused and not get that he's actually a veteran actor with successful projects and faithful fanbase already!! but they do learn about it as they look more into him and his filmografy!!


    I'm thankful to his japanese fans!! hhhhhh I didn't dream of having such interviews but he's generous and we deserve it!! :tongue::D


    Taiwan?!! that's great!! I want to see him winning hearts everywhere and he will!! :wink: who can resist his charm and great talent?!! :wub:


    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh KSH or CSB?!! why?!! can't she be one of his fans?!! did girls disappeared from his surroundings or something?!! they are funny!! :lol:


    about the pic, I keep admiring this young man all the time!! his kind and tender look!! :wub:

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  4. 5 hours ago, Berou said:



    im super happy about the recent news and thinking back it is not surprising at all since he is already a  known actor there and loved by japanese people. He has a solid and faithful japanese fanbase. The decision  is hence a natural flow, especially with the recent news from Japan.  I dont  think his japanese is good because  if you watch  it carefully you will notice he has some notes in his hands  and read them when  he looked down a few times because he was slightly lost and didnt know what to say.  I found an english subbed version on instagram :



    It seems like ianar will air either in China or Taiwan



    Late update from KNTV lol




    hhhhhhh yeah I noticed that but still he take glimpses from time to time like to remember the start to keep going and I'd be reading from A to Z if I was in his place not taking my eyes off for a second!! :lol: well other than "aishiteiru" (love you) part!! :lol: and yes I saw how much he's already loved in Japan through his earlier dramas starting I Miss You days no?!! and seeing how faithful they are and how much more they are growing is great to see!! :wub:


    I think China from the writing and the speech, I don't get both languages but I can tell the differences between them!! :tongue::D and it's great news if his drama to be aired in China after the banning being removed recentely as I gathered!! and we can see Yoo Seung Ho's fame and popularity is rising more and more as he deserve!! :D:w00t:


    I love the look in his eyes by the last pic!! :wub:


    BTW thank you for the IG sub!! :wub:


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  5. 15 hours ago, Berou said:

    @princess16 thank you for the video, I laughed and had a blast watching it :lol:. I never thought IANAR could be watched from that angle too. So I guess his real lovers were his gardener and his employee. And the scene where he got caught up by JJA's brother speaking on the phone with JJA, looked like he was caught cheating on him hahaha !!


    hhhhhhh I never though about it too!! :lol: but really his lignes to Ji Ah's brother are hillariously misleading!! :lol:


    thank you @princess16 for the MV :wub: and @Berou for all the updates!! :wub: I'm so happy seeing Yoo Seung Ho's growing fandome in Japan!! he totally deserve it and now he have an official fancul there!! I'm so happy and proud of him!! :heart:


    we "aishiteiru" (love you) too Yoo Seung Ho-ssi!! :wub:

    cr: @yooseunghocafe 


    aside from how handsome and fresh he looks :love: he can speak japanese well from what I can see!! that's impressive of him!!


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  6. 10 hours ago, kaoriharang said:


    the good thing is that SH did tell TH that it was his mother that hit her. So at least we have one thing down.

    @sakura2016 @icyphoenix @triplem @Pikachu92 @USAFarmgirl 


    Thank God for that!! and his "friendship" with Soo Ji is over now!! OH YEAH!! I need to thank her actually for working hard to lose him while thinking she's actually dong the opposit!! LOL :naughty:


    sadly I'm busy these days and have a lot of catching up to do so I'm sorry for not being able to be around but this is from me!! :D:wub:




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  7. 6 hours ago, Berou said:

     I've deleted the videos I had posted earlier because I'm not sure if they were downloaded legally or not. As long as NHK or KNTV don't upload the videos themselves, I'd prefer to not post any parts of the videos. I don't want the forums to be shut down for infringements issues. Today the kntv ianar interview has been posted on social medias and YT ^^. 


    I didn' t understand a thing. That's a bummer.  I will wait for a kind soul to sub it in english. 


    This is how you vote for the baeksang arts awards ( the voting is about another celeb but nevermind ^_^):



    YSH is currently at the 7th place.


    I peeped at his fancafe and the korean fans are voting crazily, they helped him to climb up from the 12th place to the 7th place in 2 days. There is still a big gap, I hope his international fans would vote too. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of coordination from his international fans compared to other actors fans who almost spam twitter or instagram with requests to vote. I only saw 3/5 posts on instagram about his nomination for the baeksang arts awards, the other posts were either about his recent interviews or pics/edits/ videos. But still, wouldn't be nice to see him standing on the baeksang arts awards  stage receiving his popularity award ? It would the proof of how powerful his fandom is ^^. The BSA are considered prestigious in SK. 


    IANAR ratings in the Philippines   :



     Cr: ABS-CBN


      Hide contents



    @koreadaebak you have really good editing skills :) ! You 're indeed talented. I enjoyed  the video of fake crown Prince  Lee Sun and Ga Eun. Watching it made me remember how crazy and greedy he became and how his greediness was the underlying reason for his betrayal. 



    I see!! it's better this way!! we should be careful about that, thank you chingu!! :) and I'll go watch the videos on YT and social media!! :D but I'm sure I won't get a thing too but still the feeling is there till we get subs if/when we get them!! :D


    I'm tooooooo dumb with these tech things but still I tried to use the instruction you shared with us here (thank you :wub:) to vote too but I failed as expected!! :lol::sweatingbullets: I don't have an iphone and it didn't get downloaded on my laptop!! :( sigh


    happy to know his korean fans are voting feverly for him and like you I hope his international fans join more as well!! his rank is getting higher which is a good thing!! :D we can see the increasing love and attention he's deservengly gaining after Ruler and IANAR this year and he'll keep gaining more and more love and attention with his upcoming projects for sure!! :wub:


    thank you for the rating updates chingu!! :wub: I'm always happy seeing his dramas being loved as it deserves overseas and his power star is getting stonger!! :D:wub:


    yeah, I feel envious (in positive way :tongue:) of @koreadaebak and other talented video makers of how great MVs they can make!! how I wish I can do MVs too :( but being the tech dummy that I am I can only search, enjoy and admire their great works!! :D and these dramas MVs remain like small memories/summuries of those dramas!! :wub: BTW I no longer can find Yoo Seung Ho's dramas' MVs of 2012JHJ channel!! :( is it just me or did you notice that too?!!




  8. 15 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    I am trying to be as open minded as I get towards the ending. I know that if I keep wishing for a happy ending I may not get what I want. Seeing as how the other counterparts have not ended in a happy way. But I pray the writers gives us something nice. I think dont SH should die, he is wayyy too tortured enough to have death fall upon him as well.


    Well i think the more we get into the story - the more we see the true nature of SJ's character.


    I am still sceptical about Se Joo at times, sometimes I worry that his feelings and loyalty he has towards SJ will be his end. He can single handedly destroy TH and SH's relationship as well. With the right button perhaps he would.


    Exactly, I get how sometimes you dont say something to protect the other person. I understand that concept the whole noble idiocy. But I feel it is not SH's call to make. He doesnt know what the consequences will be like if he did tell the truth.

    Sometimes withholding can be more painful, TH is in more pain because she doesnt know why. If she knew the reason for the breakup maybe should could make a clean break and move on. But she has no clue, which is why it is eating her alive.


    At times very much like SH, his father shows his vulnerable side with TH's mom. I dont question his feelings towards her, it is love. But his love and his selfishness at the time killed his wife and his brother and sister in law. There is a time to be selfish, but clearly he chose to be selfish at the worst time possible. I believe SH and his father's relationship was never good from the start, and that is on the father. You may not have loved your wife, but come on SH was a child yet I dont think he ever felt his father's love.


    The same way SH's father shows his real side with TH's mom. SH does the same with TH. how ironic.


    well, when you hold onto that much power and influence, it is not an easy task to let go.


    I'm someone who holds on the slightest hope till the veeeeeeeeeeeeery end, I can't live otherwise!! :lol: and plus this drama is loosely based on the original material unlike the other "remakes" and Shi Hyun is more sympathetic here so death isn't really a fitting punishement for his mistake!! Hear me writer-nim?!! <_<


    and what a great nature she has?!! just like her mother!! I was hoping for them to change and take the right side before its too late but that "too late" has already came and went by so no sympathy or hope for them anymore!!


    well fear is always there since it's a blind love he had for her that we're talking about (Shi Hyun was never that blind even when he followed her wishes) but still his blindness is starting to heal little by little so there is hope in him that I'll keep holding on into!! and he called Shi Hyun for Tae Hee and that's a great thing from him right now!! :wink:


    I think in a way he couldn't let her hate his mother and him to that level, he's ok (not that ok still) if she's to see him as a bad jerk who broke her heart and move on but not to hate him for what his mother "caused" her years ago through the accident he think she caused!! he's still wrong though but...


    I hate the jerk father enough to not want him to be compared with Shi Hyun even if they have the slightest similarity!! :lol: he loves Tae Hee's mother?!! yes, I can see that!! BUT it ends there with no good side of that love to no one including Tae Hee's mother who he always chose his status, greed and ambition over her twice!! and I believe Shi Hyun's love is different than his even if he did wrong by her he still did it with hope it's best for her!! plus Shi Hyun's love for Tae Hee started changing him aside from what's only between the 2 of them while that jerk father is the same with everyone and his love for Tae Hee's mother changed nothing in him!! well maybe other than made him more bitter toward Shi Hyun and his wife that he never loved and blame for losing the woman he loved because of them when it's only his greed and ambition to be blamed!! <_<


    yeah power makes many people lose their humanity eventually!!


    OST 3 MV!! :D:wub: sorry if there is re-posts!! :sweatingbullets:









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  9. 3 hours ago, koreadaebak said:

    Lee Sun x Ga Eun *Yoo seungho & Kim sohyun* ☽ Please Comeback ☾


    cr : Mine

    please watch n like my new fmv. thank u :wink:


    awwww this is so beautiful and loved the song too!! you're really talented!! :thumbsup::wub: your MV reminds me of the old days when Ruler was ongoing and I was constantly looking for MVs of the drama/OTP!! oh those days!! :wub:....wait you're the chingu who (or we) shared an old MV of Ruler's drama back in the days right?!! this one:



    I remember how it made me cry feeling the pain over communer Lee Seon's betrayal toward our Crown Prince Lee Seon!! :tears:

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  10. @USAFarmgirl thank you chingu and same to you!! :heart: and I believe too!! :D the moments you mentioned....:heart: we can see Shi Hyun's love and struggle to keep himself from Tae Hee but he's breaking inside and seeing her in pain break him even more and Tae Hee embracing him and breathing him....no words for that!!:heart:


    I won't say I don't have some takes on the drama or I didn't wish for things to be different in some ways but still I'm enjoying the drama so far and interested to see how things will get unfold and solved eventually!! and yeah I want my happy ending for our OTP and Se Joo or I'll hunt the writer!! :lol::naughty:


    37 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    hmmm I dont hate him, I understand why he did it. That doesnt mean I approve of it.

    I don't believe that he should have not told her the reason. He may think he is sparing TH more pain, but if anything the pain he has inflicted on her has just become more and more as days go by.


    I think SJ doesnt care frankly. It was clear that even after she discovered SH's heart didnt belong to her. She got up, thought of a new plan to destroy TH and her mother. She is not doing this just to keep SH, she is doing this to satisfy her own anger as well towards an innocent girl.


    oh yeah - I want her to really break. And for once, I would love it Se Joo or SH doesnt justifies her reason or protect her. She is the way she is because of them as well.


    Agreed, I believe it was rather obvious that it is not in SH's mother nature to do so. But I have to say I am confuse about the order of events, and how it all happen. Like you said, why the need for the cover up? Something must have happen.


    Maybe the grandmother is trying to cover up the possible affair SH's father had with TH's mother. Afterall, SH's mother was driving up to meet TH's mother - clearly there is a connection there.

    So instead, they cover up the accident-death with the hit in run.

    They basically framed a dead woman didnt they?



    well we agree on that then!! and really lies doesn't bring less pain and he should learn that!! hope he'll realise it soon though!!


    Soo Ji only care about her needs, feelings and pride as if others don't have any and don't deserve to be happy or loved if she's not and that includes her own supposedly friends!! she may have cared about them at 1st but she lost that the more she got consumed by her own needs!! sigh :rolleyes:


    I really hope so and I think we will!! we're starting to see both boys changing and acting (even if with baby steps) against her wishes and plans which is a good promising start!!...well they are the way they are because of their parents and each other!!


    that's a possible senario!! they can't risk his secret affair to be outed or the scandal will burry them and it can explain why the grandmother told him he's the cause of Shi Hyun's mother's death!! and yes they framed a dead woman but I'm not surprised when their entire life is only centered over their group with no single human emotion and don't consider that jerk's love for Tae Hee's mother an emotion because it's of no use or worth to me or to anyone!!





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  11. 19 hours ago, kaoriharang said:

    the only thing that is giving me some sort of comfort is that SH is very much in pain. Whenever he sees TH he feels like crying, he probably wants to hold her and tell her he is sorry.

    That last scene was painful for both TH and SH. I think the fact that TH was crying in front of him, telling him not to go, that she is sorry - you can tell it was eating him alive because she looks so sad and vulnerable.


    I just want SJ to realise that she doesnt have control over anything. She has really lost SH like he is gone. He is just a walking empty shell.


    SJ is a train wreck that is waiting to happen.


    hhhhhhh you're really mad at him aren't you?!! :lol: well he's wrong big time but still he feels forced to leave her thinking it's better for her, WRONG but who would get him to see that?!! and he's in pain feeling guilty over his mother's "action" and still to face Tae Hee anger when she finds out of the bet so I feel bad for him over everything from now on you can say!! hhhhhh


    yeah it was!! he wants her to leave him and be in less pain but it's not working and both of them are in pain and blaming herself for their break up is the last thing he wished for her to feel!!


    you think Soo Ji actally care that Shi Hyun turned into a "walking empty shell"?!! if she she did she would've felt bad for him and tried to help him or at the very least let him and Tae Hee be but NO she can't and she felt bad for herself and still planning how to get him and be hers even if as an empty shell!! urgh


    I'm waiting for her to shatter though!!


    about the hit and run accident, maybe I'm the only one here but I always found it not that much of a mystery since we knew Tae Hee and her mother were victims as well, Shi Hyun's mother is too kind to commit such a heartless and irresponsable act and run away and we know who's the most unstable person around here aside from Soo Ji and that is her mother for sure so with no much investigation she's the one behind all this mess but why Shi Hyun's father and grandmother covered for it is the mystery!! did they do it for their partnership, for their group being in connection with her hospital and her falling over that incident means harm for their group?!! whatever reason it is they are not humans as they never was before to me!! <_<:rolleyes: and the secretery better not step in that circle too!! <_<


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  12. 1 hour ago, notrobotdvd said:

    I'm Not a Robot Director's Cut Blue-ray / DVD Cafe and Instagram were opened.

    Please visit them and participate in the Imaginary Demand Survey.


    thank you for the info chingu!! :wub:


    your name and profile's pic made me think you're our chingu @imnotarobot at 1st!! :tongue: hhhhhh anyway Hi!! :D


    6 hours ago, Berou said:

    I found some parts of ruler IV while browsing on YT :




    And today I went :w00t: when I  read the following news :


    Calling out every Yoopie there to vote !!! It's the first time he has been nominated for an award at baeksang arts awards!!!.


     Recently I watched a drama, Misty, that ended badly. It is a very well-written and captivating drama despite  its bad ending. I'm still not over the bad ending and I felt like the writer didn't care about the message her drama sends. Ah SHR, every SHR fan felt cheated!!! Well YSH has already played in dramas in which his characters a bad and tragic ending.so he hasnt been spared.


    That's deep love right there ^^. YSH and cats is :heart:.



    Finally we get proper videos of the interview!! :w00t::wub:


    good thing we had short part with no dubbing for Yoo Seung Ho in the interview!! hihihi :D it's funny how I'm fine with dubbing till we get Yoo Seung Ho's part and I'm like "why dubbing?" :( hhhhhhh


    and Yoo Seung Ho is so funny covering his ears then acting not listening with L following him to let Kim So Hyun answer not feeling shy of them hearing her answer only to later act as he's leaving when she answers not to his favor I think!! :lol: what did she say?!! ahhh I want to know!! :lol:


    and I really have real withdraw symptoms again after seeing the trailer and hearing the OSTs!! awwww those days!! :wub:


    really?!! that's great news!! :w00t: but how can I vote?!!


    don't remind me of that drama!! I watched it too and fealt cheated as well!! it was really great till things went wrong for me by the end!!  I get it in a way but still it wasn't what we were promised in my opinion!!....sad ending is different from cheating writing/ending!! but yeah Yoo Seung Ho wasn't spared from that too!! let's hope he'll come across great projects with good writing from now on!! :)


    I keep feeling envious of these cats!! <_< hhhhhhhh


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  13. 44 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    I watched the parts with sooji's mom and shihyun's dad after sooji talked to him... he actually folded to her request, but he said it was because they misunderstood their children's relationship and the two like each other. I feel like Sooji got in the way of her mom's plans, and she's going to get in trouble with her in the next episode. Maybe we'll finally see how ruthless the mom can be even to her own child.


    that's great thing to look forward to!! mother and daughter's fight over their selfish obsessions!! they deserve each other :lol::naughty:


    @MinLyn thank you so much for the translations!! :wub:


    45 minutes ago, MinLyn said:

    Secretary : Your mom was on her way to meet this woman...(implying Tae-hee's mom) so that's why she has met with a car accident...


    can't get this now!! so Shi Hyun think is mother caused the accident or Tae Hee's mother caused his mother's death or his mother caused the accident of Tae Hee's mother then had a seperate accident later?!! why is it this confusing?!! :blink:


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  14. 1 hour ago, USAFarmgirl said:

    Still A Black Knight Who Only Has One Princess On His Mind...  And In His Heart...:heart:



    All credit and thanks to original owners of photos...


    I so loved this scene!! it was so beautiful yet sad seeing how much they love each other :wub: but can't be together!! :( when will he find out the truth and stop hurting her and himself?!! :(


    58 minutes ago, mxxella said:

    I thought Secretary Yoon genuinely cares for Si-hyun so I felt betrayed when he revealed the Kwon family secret to President Myung. Ahhh, love is so powerful it can make people forget about loyalty.


    FULL: https://ahjummamshies.com/2018/04/10/k-drama-reaction-the-great-seducer-episodes-15-16/


    can I still hope he'll get his senses back like Se Joo is doing eventually?!! PLEASE!! :(


    55 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    I believe SH is trying to get to the bottom of this. TH's mother and his mother.

    It seems he answered saying that his mother got into an accident on the way to seeing TH's mother.



    your welcome. not the best but well. at the end of the day, I still need subs to understand the whole episode tonight.


    As much as I know we are to expect angst. still I hope we dont have to wait long. I hate to see TH suffer.


    yeah the bet thing, plus SJ still wants to have her way. so clearly to her the game is not over.


    I think she knows though that she is losing her grip on both of them. This could be her way of trying to keep things together.


    I am glad that Se Joo is acting like a decent human being. Sometimes I get really pissed off that he turns a blind eye to whatever SJ does because he cares for her. But clearly, TH is innocent. so its nice to see that he actually has some heart.


    and I'm fearing the lawyer is going to lie to him to keep protecting Soo Ji's mother!! I hope he doesn't and stay by Shi Hyun's side protecting him from Soo Ji's mother's plans and not let him (with Tae Hee) over a missunderstanding/lie!!


    we all need subs!! hhhhhh


    Soo Ji can keep on planning but best part is that it's of no use anymore with her used to be slaves has decided to stop being one already!! :smirk: and the more she tries to gain her influence on them the more she's losing them so "yeah thank you so much for your hard work Soo Ji-ah"!! :naughty:


    they used to punish theose who harmed them so no need to feel bad about it for them or they didn't see the wrong in it having innocent people harmed but when they got to deal with an innocent person closely they got to see what they used to be blind of thanks to Soo Ji being the centre of their interest but that's no longer the case with light reaching them through the cracks Tae Hee created into the walls of their small world!! well Soo Ji is the only lost cause apparently being still blind not wanting to see nor change!! :rolleyes:<_<


    1 hour ago, balletgoddess said:


    "...get her and Shi Hyun married instead but that would be a fail and I can't wait for her realising it!!"


    This would be a fail indeed!!

    An EPIC one too especially when SH finds out that Soo Ji's mom is the one who killed his mom. And he thinks him and TH and not meant to be, him and Soo Ji were fated not even be bff.


    oh yeah I'm waiting for that moment!! Soo Ji was too arrogant as if she's the only one who deserves to have Shi Hyun using every mean to break his relationship with Tae Hee but soon she'll lose him and Se Joo at once and she'd have no one to blame but herself!! :naughty:


    54 minutes ago, USAFarmgirl said:

    The sad part is that even when others might try and tell them such as Se Joo that love cannot be forced or gained by their actions.  I don't believe it would matter for they cannot see beyond themselves or their belief that their hearts and feelings are the only ones that really matter...


    PERFECTLY SAID!! :thumbsup: both women (mother and daughter) had a good people arond them (even if few) to help them have a good life if they wanted but they didn't care nor see that only saw what they wanted and seeked what they can never have!! and to be honest I wish them both to lose everything, only having each other to keep on living their meaningless life!!

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  15. 13 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    Okay I am done. - hope I did the recap okay. I missed a few details like the parents and a bit of SJ's backstory (sorry was not interested in either, so I didnt recap)

    I have updated all the clips as well. Sorry no preview, naturally.


    Today's episode was heart wrenching, especially when TH cries. As much as I sympathise with SH's pain. I am sorry TH's heart break was worst. The worst was when she cried in front of the grandmothers; she was holding in a lot of pain. Poor girl.


    Whoever says Joy's acting is bad, clearly has not seen her crying scenes. That pain I feel when she cries oh my goodness. TH had to cry a lot in this episode, poor girl. She believes that SH broke up with her because of that paper plane and she is feeling guilty and bad about it.


    Yet, I am really proud of TH. She was just so strong, she put on a brave and strong face in front of SH and others. That takes a lot of strength and courage.


    SJ has not quite given up, I believe with her knowing that SH loves TH - if anything it has spurred her on more to now crush TH and destroy their relationship and connection.


    We are now into ep 10 already. we are left with 8. I hope that we finally get some closure soon, especially about the accident and the bet. I honestly dont want a rush ending for sure.


    thank you so much for the live recap and don't worry I didn't care about the parents nor Soo Ji so no problem to be missed out, actually better it's not mentioned much!! having them while watching with subs is more than enough for me!! <_<


    I felt really bad when she kept apologizing for reading the paper plan but thankfully he kept telling her that it wasn't the reason!! I would've strangled him if he let her feel guilty over their break up, even though breaking up with her to begin with isn't good in itself but still!!


    as if she can!! hhhhhhhh


    I hope so too!! the bet thing need to be adressed already in my opinion!!

    13 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    I am not completely sure about SJ's motives. It is clear she is trying to get and keep SH. So in order to do so she needs SH's father and her mother to break off as well.


    Se Joo is like a guardian angel somehow.




    it's actually funny seeing Soo Ji making plans with Shi Hyun as if she's that confident he'll just do as she wants of him like usual but he won't and I'll gloat seeing her loosing her mind seeing how much power she lost over him and Se Joo!! :naughty:


    I'm loving him more and more!! :wub:

    20 minutes ago, sugarandspices said:

    Lets all give an applause to Se Joo. Se Joo is the GOAT. He is a good friend to both SH and SZ. He seems like the sane one from the three and the only one that thinks all this revenge is ridiculous. I am glad that he broke off with KJ before it gotten worst. It was the right thing to do... even though he didn't start it because he wanted to. He has the most character development.


    TBH He deserves better. I hope he gets his own happy ending. I hope he succeeds in life. Nothing but best for my Sejoo. 


    totally agree with you!! I'm so happy and proud seeing him acting the right way taking the right side against Soo Ji's plans and expectations!! I was worried at 1st he'd stay blinded by his love for Soo Ji even against Shi Hyun but I'm happy my hope for him payed off!! :D:wub:

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  16. 12 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    no preview I am afraid - of course MBC won't be kind to us.


    was MBC ever nice to us?!! sigh


    10 minutes ago, aznlad33 said:

    I'm standing by this. Screenwriter still giving way too much focus on SJ obsession with SH and her mental/emotional problems. IDK how they're going to wrap up this series nicely at this point. Like crazy girl is going to do her own revenge now, and at this point....Tae Hee still didn't find out about the bet yet...wth.


    Just wait SJ...once these 3 girls find out about your plan involving all 3 of them...it won't be pretty for anyone but their supporters. 


    I was thinking about that too!! how come we have two breakups but none of them is related to the bet and they are dealing with the problems related to their parent's past before their own problems aka the bet, shouldn't we have that cleared before?!! or at least that was my hope and prediction from the start but it's not the case as we can see here!! still I'm waiting for Soo Ji to have everyone against her and lose her best friends being part of it for sure!! :naughty:

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  17. 7 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    yup he is finally standing up for himself. about time.

    Well I think she is going to use their parents relationship against SH and TH. But she doesnt know that they are no longer together.


    See Joo feeling really bad for TH. - at least someone has a heart.


    See Joo calls SH to come and pick TH up. She is drunk. Looks like TH's infinity drinking has been destroyed. Looks like See Joo is trying to help TH and SH's relationship.


    SH's computer wallpaper


    SH goes to pick TH up. She is really drunk and wasted. - he carries her back to her apartment.




    I think Soo Ji is actually using the jerk father's relationship with Tae Hee's mother to force him to break his engagement with her mother and get her and Shi Hyun married instead but that would be a fail and I can't wait for her realising it!! :naughty:


    I'm happy my love and hope for Se Joo is paying off FINALLY!! he's taking the right side which I couldn't be happier to see from him!! :D:wub:


    ah!! my heart for these 2!! :tears:



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  18. 2 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    Se Joo has had enough of SJ's antics. He is getting frustrated at her.


    SJ seems to be doing something - she meets up with SH's father.  SJ is upping the stakes, I believe she wants to hurt TH even more now because she knows that SH loves her.


    YES YES YES!! FINALLY!! I was waiting for this for a looooong time!! Thank You Se Joo for standing up to yourself (and Shi Hyun) not taking everything she does as absolute orders to be obeyed and followed blindly!! I love you more now!! :kiss_wink:


    what can she do?!! he can't hurt her in anyway and she should know better that Shi Hyun won't stand still if his father comes near her no?!! is she really that crazy that turned dumb?!!

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  19. 6 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    So it seems that SJ is trying to use TH's mom and SH's dad relationship to further break up the relationship between SH and TH.

    I think she is trying to break their love.


    is it just me or Se Joo is getting fed up of Soo Ji's bad manners adding more salt into Shi Hyun's wounds?!! I really hope he leaves her side with Shi Hyun!! <_<




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  20. 3 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    SH's father seems to be (after the breakup with TH's mom) now focusing his attention towards SJ's mom. Being rather considerate of her.


    Se Joo sent KG back home and he kissed her on the cheek. Though KG didnt look too happy about it.


    considerate?! you mean back to pay more attention to her to get what he needs from her!! this man can't be considerate to anyone!!


    that's a good start still!! old Se Joo would kill himself before kissing in the cheek so it's improvement!! :wink:


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  21. 10 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    EP 19 start!


    we pick up from where we left off.
    After SH tells TH he wants to break up, TH leaves the room. She leaves without showing any emotion, only after she leaves the room.

    She runs after the car that SH and SJ are in. She run out onto the street and cries.



    SH too is crying but SJ is satisfied that he has finally broken TH's heart.  SJ is happy and is caressing SH's face. She was initially satisfied by the outcome.

    However after that SJ realises that SH and TH are both wearing the couple necklace - not sure if she knows it belongs to SH's mother. But she has connected the dots, she realise that SH is really deeply in love with TH actually.

    She (for probably the real first time) broke down.




    and I'm glating over Soo Ji's pain and tears!! like her words why is only Tae Hee and Shi Hyun to be in pain, good to see her have her share as well!!

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