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  1. 10 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    My livestream died right before the last scenes... I don't quite get why shihyun would be angry about the dad meeting someone else aside from sooji's mom though lol. I understand sooji being mad for her mom, but for shihyun i don't quite get why this would be an issue between taehee and him in the future


    not sure myself but either because it means his father not getting married for business like with Soo Ji's mother but actually moved on from his mother who didn't die long ago or he hates the idea of his father cheating on the woman he got engaged to just 2 years since his mothers death so it's 2 unacceptable actions from him!! but that's my opinion!!


    11 minutes ago, ofeliaslie. said:

    I think the biggest problem is that this show isn’t on a cable network so a lot of things has to be censored. The story it’s based upon is a little more raunchy for the average Korean audience. If you’ve seen cruel intentions you would know lol. The writing and the editing is the weakest part of the show. 


    Even tho ratings are important i think people should just enjoy it for what it is. The actors/actresses are what make the show enjoyable for me. The show itself is pretty popular esp when it’s trending on Naver. I wouldn’t give Tae Hee too much flack for giving in. When you like someone that much it’s hard to just break up. But despite her forgiving Shi Hyun that quickly her character has always stood up for herself. I would blame the writing for that. Plus more skin ship and cuteness so that’s a win win for me. 


    Anyhoo, first time posting in here. Nice to meet you all!


    same here!! :D:wub: maybe things will pick up with the secret of Shi Hyun's father's relationship going out now?!! but I'm enjoying the drama still and more OTP cute scenes is always welcomed by me!! :wink::wub:


    nice to meet you too!! :)

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  2. 4 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    I believe the scene ended with SJ not mentioning anything yet.

    I definitely need to see the whole ep with subs for sure.


    But seems that there will be some sweet moments still - but i think we are heading for some even more heartache.


    yeah I saw it and I hate her for it!! she still wants to use him till the very end only caring about herself while acting as a victim!! :angry:


    I actually liked how Shi Hyun told her not to use their friendship like she's doing/always did or he won't hold on to her any longer!! yes that won't last long after her breaking the news for him regarding his father's affair but it's a good 1st step and indication that he'll get there at one point with him not taking more of her selfishness!! I can't wait for that day to come!! :naughty:

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  3. 6 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:




    so he discovered his father's relationship with Tae Hee's mother (still doesn't know that part though, I think) just after him starting fresh with Tae Hee?!! was that Soo Ji's doing or just by accident?!! hmmmmm what will happen now?!!


    but we will have more sweet moments between them :wub: before things gets bad again which won't take long to, I believe!!

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  4. 4 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:
    need to disappear again - sorry :(



    it's ok chingu, just take care of yourself!! :)


    I love how he's opening up to her and she's giving him what he always craved for!! :wub:




    oh my!! the girl's brother is actually sick in his heart and that's why both of them study at home?!! I feel sad for them now!! :(




    awwww Shi Hyun told her he'll make new paintings instead of the old one erased and this is their real 1st day!! awwwwww :wub:

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  5. 5 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    lol sejoo is playing hard to get and making sooji jealous


    now that's how to play it right!! she had enough pleasure playing him and Shi Hyun as she pleased now it's payback time though each his way but I'm always happy for sure!! :naughty:


    4 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    sorry i disappeared - i had stomach ache.


    clearly SH is smitten



    owww hope you feel better now chingu!! :)


    hhhhhhh is that how people nurse a sick person?!! :lol: but they are so cute!! :wub: I bet Shi Hyun missed drawing more on his mirror wal!! :tongue::D

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  6. 13 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    Okay I don't know how that would have happen but they ended up in bed together??



    well that's way better than I hoped for but you'd never see me complaining!! hihihi :wub:


    6 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    argh the parents are driving me nuts because i can't skip in a livestream. the dad is so cringe-y with his millenial text messaging style... or is that a text language cheaters use to not be found out -_-"


    hhhhhhh yeah I understand your pain!! :lol: I hate the sight of him!! <_<

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  7. 6 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    hmmm TH seem to give in rather easily -_-" confuse.

    Looks like TH is wayyy too kind @icyphoenix @USAFarmgirl @sakura2016 @triplem @Pikachu92



    5 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    i don't really like how this episode was written... but i guess 19 year olds have this kinds of break ups and make ups often. it's just a bit rushed, but i like that shihyun made it clear that his affection for sooji is because of their friendship, unlike how he feels for taehee. i wonder what he'll do about sooji though...


    well if the guy you love got to the hospital after (breaking up with you or you breaking up with him) you'd be more forgiving for sure!! I know tha I would!! :tongue::wink:


    his "you did well" when he doesn't feel that way!! and him looking at how his 2 friends had their backs on him!! :heartbreak: but good, he needs to start new with seeing things in a new and better light!!




    Soo Ji....sigh



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  8. On 30/03/2018 at 5:22 PM, kaoriharang said:

    exactly I am really excited to see how this turning point will change everything.

    For sure the script will be completely flipped - i mean SH will definitely pull back from SJ for sure, This wil definitely cause some probles and we are in for one hell of a ride.


    I think Soo Ji will still have some influence/grab over hi, after all all those years' friendship won't fade that easially, but he'll still to try to fight it and break free from it which is a great thing in itself and seeing him going against her will and puting boundries for her for the 1st time would be a great watch!! :naughty:

    16 hours ago, kaoriharang said:

    oh? I am first?


    okay well preview is up! @USAFarmgirl @sakura2016 @icyphoenix @triplem @packmule3 



    Perhaps @MinLyn or @stroppyse can help us translate the preview


    To be honest the preview doesnt give us much

    1. SJ found out about TH's mother and SH's father.

    2. SH ask SJ want she told TH and she answered "that we two like each other"


    to be honest other than that the preview doesnt give away much.



    thank you for tagging me chingu!! :wub:


    now I'm really mad at Soo Ji!! she's oppenly using and playing both Se Joo and Shi Hyun and HOW DARE SHE KISS SE JOO PLAYING WITH HIS FEELING FOR HER?!! I'm really mad now!! :rage:


    now she'll try to use the relationship between Tae Hee's mother and Shi Hyun's father to get Shi Hyun back to her side?!! hope he won't fall for it!!


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  9. 6 hours ago, kaoriharang said:
    6 hours ago, MinLyn said:
    Hi all, just dropping by to share this snippet of info which I came across in an article...
    MBC staff have revealed how the plot will continue to evolve...
    Tae-hee's declaration to break off their relationship and her departure will be a great turning point for Shi-hyun. Like most young couples in their twenties, Tae-hee and Shi-hyun have just begun to understand and comprehend what love really is. Henceforth when faced with these feelings, they may appear to somewhat clumsy and awkward but at the same time, being undaunted, they have also given and accepted their feelings for each other. Love is gradually growing between the two...
    P.S. Does this imply we can look forward to more lovey dovey scenes between the 2 main leads....:rolleyes:



    thank you for this info chingu~


    ohhhh, soooo it will be a turning point for SH! THAT IS WHAT I WANT! @icyphoenix @sakura2016 @USAFarmgirl @triplem



    I really hope this will push SH towards TH more. I am exited and worried at the same time - who knows what would happen with regards to SJ. But I hope get some sweet and genuine scenes between the two.

    I am guessing we are only getting a preview tomorrow right?


    I'm so excited for what's to come!! :w00t: looks like my/our hope will come true and Shi Hyun will accept and act on his feelings for Tae Hee after her trying to cut things with him!! now I'm waiting to see Shi Hyun to try to win Tae Hee genuinly this time around :wub: while starting to stand against Soo Ji's manipulating act she kept using with him (and Se Joo) till now!! :naughty: Soo Ji won't stand still for sure but she won't have things her way either so bring it on!! :naughty:

    @MinLyn thank you so much for sharing chingu!! :wub:


    1 hour ago, meiil said:

    Dohwan is also at the train station set... I guess we can expect Shyun going after Tae Hee hehe

    Edit: and here they go :heart:


    that's what I was waiting for!! :wub:




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  10. 19 hours ago, Berou said:

    @sakura2016 I read on IG the special will include an interview of ruler cast :). So we will get two interviews of him : one for ruler and one for IANAR :) .

    Yes  that's right, he will appear on japanese channels starting April. I wish all the best for him and I hope his two dramas will be loved by japanese viewers :D


    really?!! waaaaaaaah that's great news!! :w00t: now we have almost one week for the interviews right?!! I can't wait!! :w00t::wub:


    I really hope so too and I believe they will!! :wink::D


    Ruler will air with subtitles?!! :o I couldn't be happier!! :D lol I hate dubbing and now I can live happily knowing they'll watch Yoo Seung Ho's great acting through the drama not only through his great expressions but his emoting and emotional voice!! :wub: I'm soooooo happy!! :D


    it's from 2015.04.11 but don't know what about exactly, still :wub:


    cr: as tagged

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  11. my translation :) : 


    "\ New start drama from April /
    # Yoo Seung Ho's long-awaited 1st starring rom-com! # KNTV # Japan's first broadcast!
    "# I'm Not A Robot ~ I am crazy for you! ~"

    # Chae Soo Bin # Uhm Ki Joon
    ▶ Start on April 13 every week (Friday night) 8:50 ~ ※ 2 consecutive episodes"




    cr: @kntv_info 


    @Berou so Ruler will start 15 April while one day after IANAR that will air 13 April?!! Yoo Seung Ho will reign on Japan for sure!! :wink: so happy for him!! :wub: 

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  12. 4 Things We Loved And 2 Things We Hated About Episodes 9-12 Of “Tempted”

    For this past week’s episodes of “Tempted,” we were able to see the relationship between Kwon Shi Hyun and Eun Tae Hee become even more complicated and complex. With the lies and deceit on the part of Shi Hyun and his friends, it’s become really hard to see whose feelings are actually genuine. Here’s a a look at four things we loved and two things we hated about episodes 9-12 of “Tempted.”

    Hated: How easily Tae Hee forgives Shi Hyun

    Tae Hee knows that Shi Hyun is bad news and that his feelings for her are possibly not as genuine as she thinks. But she still continues to accept Shi Hyun’s advances and is quick to cave at his sweet talk, and it’s getting annoying. I wish Tae Hee’s character was a bit more emotionally stronger.




    This is shortly after Tae Hee left the house because she was upset at how poorly Shi Hyun was treating her.

    Hated: Shi Hyun’s hot and cold mannerisms towards Tae Hee

    Ok, we get that Shi Hyun has baggage and that it’s difficult for him to open up to people around him, but the way he acts hot and cold to Tae Hee annoys me. One second he’s piggy backing her and the next second he’s giving her the cold shoulder. I understand that it’s an act in front of Soo Ji, but it’s still aggravating how he’s confusing Tae Hee in the process.







    Not impressed.

    Loved: How in love Se Joo is with Soo Ji

    One of the highlights of the series thus far is hands down Se Joo’s comedic personality as well as how in love he is with Soo Ji. It’s endearing to see Se Joo acting all goofy one second to acting like a lovesick puppy the next whenever he talks to Soo Ji. I’ve been a bit more intrigued by this friendship and one-sided love than the main OTP in the more recent episodes and I think a lot of the reason is because of Moon Ga Young and Kim Min Jae. Their acting and chemistry together on screen is so entertaining!







    Loved: The hot and steamy pool scene

    The tension that grows in this particular scene between the two characters is seriously hot and steamy. It’s the most chemistry they had throughout the series so far. Can’t you just feel the tension?



    Loved: Soo Ji’s smouldering character




    I can’t help but love Soo Ji (Moon Ga Young) more and more as the drama progresses. Her character has a lot of depth and although she’s manipulative, her story is very intriguing. Her presence on screen has been very strong and there’s no doubt that there’s chemistry between her and Shi Hyun as well as with Se Joo. I’m really looking forward to see how her character develops even more in the coming weeks!

    Loved: Shi Hyun visiting the grandma and her friends

    It’s so endearing to see Shi Hyun visiting the grandmother who is so fond of him right after he receives a call from her. Seeing him in the midst of all the seniors and accepting their adoration is too cute and it almost makes us forget about his bad boy ways.





    Catch the latest episode of “Tempted”:

    Watch Now




    @kaoriharang sorry for the late reply!! :sweatingbullets: and yes I think Shi Hyun heared Tae Hee crying!! from the last scene we can see his shocked and sad state and he I believe he stayed there for a little more after Tae Hee shutting the door then he left which gives him the time to hear her sobing and braking his heart even more!! I hope/believe that him seeing/hearing Tae Hee's pain will be his additional push to change more and start acting more firmly against Soo Ji's unstable behaviours especially that he's aware she had a hand in hurting Tae Hee's feelings, not that he's un-guilty but he'll deal with her share in it beside his own guilt and I'm so looking forward for that!! :D 

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  13. @Berou thank you so much for the translation chingu!! :wub: I'm really greatful to you!! :heart: this press-conference reminds me of the day we had the press-conference in Korea before the drama starts!! old days!! :wub: 


    we will have a Special?!! I want an interview with him for Ruler drama as well!! greed is good in this case!! :tongue: hihihi 


    and they'll air only 1 episode per week?!! TORTURE is waiting for the japaneese fans!! poor them!! :lol: 


    Yoo Seung Ho is quite popular now right?!! :wink: I'm so happy for him!! he totally deserve it and more!! :heart: 





    keep voting!! :D https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=171

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  14. 8 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    So sooji said they liked each other but had to be like siblings. And taehee said she doesn't have to worry because taehee can keep the secret... then she went on to say that this kind of secret is only a big deal for the person who says it, but to others it's just like talking about something from the past or something from a drama. And then she went off on her saying that she basically doesn't believe sj had good intentions or is really apologetic for letting taehee know. And then she brushed the revelation off saying that people can be confused about affection that's been there for a long time


    LOVE Tae Hee!! she saw it and explained it perfectly!! well Soo Ji is too blind to see still but Shi Hyun will I'm sure!! 


    11 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    @kaoriharang chingu I m crying!! Thanks for the translations!!  Now I can understand more of Tae hee's feelings!! She saw through his play.. She said it all.. I just loved the way she spoke for herself!!.. But I feel very bad for Tae Hee while she was crying:bawling:.. Hope Shi Hyun too cries for Tae Hee.. I want him in pain like Tae Hee.. I want him to leave Soo Ji n teach her a lesson!! 


    @kaoriharang it's a painful but a needed step!! Tae Hee did the right thing not keeping her gards down and following her feelings letting herself oppen to more pain when she's sensing how things are wrong and fishy so I'm proud of her even if I feel sad for both!! and as much I love Shi Hyun but he needs to make a definite decision now that will define his desteny and pain is good in this case especially that he earned it!! he can make up for it still!! :wink: and I'm waiting for it for both his and Tae Hee's sake!! :wub: 


    BTS!! :lol::wub: 





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  15. 21 minutes ago, meiil said:

    TH told SH she wants to end their rl bc she thinks he loves SJ.

    Ep ended with her crying and him looking sad in front of her door.


    They'll show SH/SJ confrontation next week, most likely SH will get drunk coz of the break up and tell SJ off once and for all. I expect him to admit his love for TH too


    I reaaaaaaally hope so!! 


    18 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    I think now that TH has pushed SH away, SH will begin to break and this will really break the trio.



    Such a heart breaking scene - I am really glad that TH did take time and realise that she was in a relationship that was never going to happen (sort of) since SH and SJ are doing this to break her heart.



    I think I want to thank Soo Ji for this!! if not for her madness pushing her to put doubt into Tae Hee regarding Shi Hyun's feeling toward her she wouldn't face him with it and thus force him to take a side and face his feelings already!! so as much as I'm sad seeing them sad I'm happy for what's to come which would be 100% real and Soo Ji will start paying for her madness!!


    17 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    I think this trans isn't completely accurate. It was more along the lines of why do i always take pictures of us but you don't want to, why do i hold your hand first, why is our kiss something something haha, why did you go to sooji when you had a promise with me. I need to rewatch it with a good vid instead of streamed but the dialogue here i really liked. I liked that she said she was jealous of the trio's closeness but she doesn't want to have the same relationship because she wants to be his girlfriend. But at the same time she doesn't want to be in a one-sided love, and she doesn't want to always come second. I love that even though it hurts her she puts herself first and gathered her courage to let him go. I know of a lot of friends who are in emotionally abusive relationships and even with all the advice they just can't muster up the courage to leave on their own, they let the other person hold their heart and swing it back and forth. So i love that taehee took the decision herself.


    thank you so much for translating it to us!! :wub: I love how Tae Hee is strong and prideful enough even if she's in love to face things as they are and deal with them!! it hurts but it's needed!! I also love how she took her decision based on her own not influenced by Soo Ji's words and didn't even act a victim when she was actually and kep what Soo Ji told her to herself even when she was asked by Shi Hyun and she could've simply answered him and she wouldn't be considered wrong too!!


    I can see Shi Hyun really lose his cool with Soo Ji finally!! Please be as I'm waiting for you to be!!

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  16. Shi Hyun jealous is a bless!! more please!! :lol: 




    I want to slap this jerk everytime he adresses himself as "oppa"!! :unamused: but I loved how she puted hi in his right place and told him to sit down!! :lol: 




    Shi Hyun is cute asking endlessly to eat with Tae Hee!! 


    uh oh!! now she's more convinced of Soo Ji's words!! sigh 




    but it's ok so she won't hurt much!! though that won't be possible right?!! :( 


    she asked her father if he ever heared the answer for his feelings ("I love you") from her mother which her mother never gave him remembering teling Shi Hyun to tell her about his feelings later :( but she will hear his answer unlike her father I'm sure!! 

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  17. 3 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    I really dont understand SJ's actions at all, she says one thing but does the other what is wrong with her?







    now if only Shi Hyun and Se Joo realise how crazy she is!! I really wish that!! 


    hhhhhhhhhh sorry Shi Hyun-ah but you had to explain why you left her like that!! good for you!! :lol: 


    hhhhhhhhhh I love Tae Hee's friend!! she's so sweet and funny!! :lol: but Tae Hee got the 1st hint about the game she's pulled into?!! :o she's still not thinking much about it still but she will eventually!!



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  18. 8 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    So SJ did tell TH that she likes SH. I really dont understand this girl at all.




    sorry to bring it to you Soo Ji but you're a real bad person now no longer pretending to be one for your information!!


    6 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    What so taehee's accident was also commected to shihyun's mom lol but the lag in my video hindered me from understanding what the detectivr said


    heck!! why I feel terrified now af what Soo Ji can try to do to Tae Hee to seperate her from Shi Hyun?!! she's the younger version of her mother as we know!! :blink::unsure: 


    cooking together for real this time!! :wub: well him cooking and she's watching actually!! :wink::wub: 




    oh what's happening?!! who took Se Joo?!! :o 

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  19. awwwwww so cute!! :wub: and who thought Shi Hyun would ever be the shy one holding hands with Tae Hee?!! cuuuuuute!! :wub: hhhhhhhh




    16 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    Right? If there needs to definitely be some fracture in their relationship by now.


    it will!! Soo Ji is doing great breaking her relation ship with him as we can see!!


    17 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    SJ is trying to break TH and SH apart? or take revenge which one??

    This girl is a ball of contradictions no?


    she's crazy!! no doubt!!

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  20. ahhhhhhhhhhhh that tease!! :lol: :blush:




    I love how even though Tae Hee got affected by Soo Ji's words still she didn't just took her words and retreated but voiced her opinion as well seeing through her pretence!! now how much she's affected is still to be seen!! 




    and Soo Ji is mentally ill right?!!! someone really needs to send her to have a much needed help!! 

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