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  2. I think this is from the preview when Kyung Sun and Haeil said goodbye to each other . More photos from the press
  3. 4 Things To Watch For In Final Episode Of “The Fiery Priest” by J. Lim SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama is reaching its end on April with its final episode. The drama has been loved for its unique characters, satirical approach to a crooked society, fast-paced storyline, and stellar acting. With just one story left in the series, here are four things to watch for in the final episode. Kim Nam Gil, will he lay down his priesthood and leave? Priest Kim Hae Il (Kim Nam Gil) is a hot-headed priest whose fists speak first. Though he may not seem very much like a priest at times, he is warm person who pursues justice. But when the people he loves find themselves in trouble because of him, Kim Hae Il lays down his life as a priest and picks up a gun in order to fight against Lee Joong Kwon (Kim Min Jae). In episode 36, Lee Joong Kwon took a nun (Baek Ji Won) hostage and threatened Kim Hae Il. A tense moment is about to ensue as Kim Hae Il holds a gun in his hands. In the final episode, he is set to reflect on things he’s done that he shouldn’t have done as priest, and he will prepare to leave everyone. It will be interesting to see if Kim Hae Il will end up leaving the church. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1318953wpp/4-things-to-watch-for-in-final-episode-of-the-fiery-priest
  4. 638 btw funny story today guys.. so this afternoon I went to a wedding party with mom and akikah party (a kind of party for muslim to celebrate the new born baby?) .. so at the wedding party while waiting for my mom posed together with the newly wes and their families for photograph, I stand in front of the wedding singer who was singing a song. The MC was invited him to sing. He is a lecturer and old and bald (mom said) but he sang nicely so I move my head slowly to follow his song. Lol. And he caught me and smiled. Hahahaha NAH then mom and me went to akikah party. And guess what. In that party I found him there too!! And sing too!! And he caught my eyes from the stage and laughed to me. HAHAHAHA so I laughed back at him. And when he started his song “ketika pertama ku jumpa dirimu..” sya la la la (sang by broery marantika and dewi yul) I fiewwwwittttt to him HAHAHAAHAHA And he laughed again LOL. And mom asked what are you doing sejabin? And I said to mom “oh I just got a new friend.” HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA BA he must be thinking oh richard simmons this girl caught me singing from stage to stage this afternoon wkkwwkkw.. I think he was one of my former lecturer I forget. LOL
  5. SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama is reaching its end on April with its final episode. The drama has been loved for its unique characters, satirical approach to a crooked society, fast-paced storyline, and stellar acting. With just one story left in the series, here are four things to watch for in the final episode. Kim Nam Gil, will […] The post 4 Things To Watch For In Final Episode Of “The Fiery Priest” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. To anyone who is waiting for eng sub.. Here i found ep. 43 with eng sub.. http://www1.fastdrama.me/watch-online/the-heaven-sword-and-the-dragon-sabre-2019/episode-43
  7. @xpiyox yes, SHY is really a low profile person.. Wow, so it was your personal artworks that was in the video you shared? Excellent!! I hope to see more of your works..
  8. ... my sweet Hwang don’t play with guns like @sushilicious & @triplem half gangster, half vampire guy
  9. JShine Lee Chung Suk FanClub 20 seconds before the final comments from super-words [ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 190,420, "Lee Jong-suk drama MV" # romance with separate volume appendix #  Lee Jong-suk "hear your voice" - Zheng Ye "Why come now." [JShine word] "to hear your voice," Why only now MV to | translation: English Netease cloud | timeline effects: an_xiya | JShine Lee Jong-suk FanClub translation made please indicate the source ... expand full text c
  10. Think maybe I should use this as my profile pic ? Though it doesn’t quite suit my perverted ahjumma reputation I have been camping here since 1st Jan . How did 3.5 months fly by like that ? I’m gonna miss laughing my head off every weekend and watching KNG with his awesome Long legs This drama has opened doors for many of the actors here . Have discovered so many new faces . Our gorgeous Detective Seo. Hip hop girl looking all glam.
  11. @Lawyerhlol you enter my profile it looks even darker lolllll. No regrets! 636
  12. It's not so much his patriotism that I admire although I appreciated his commitment to the betterment of the ordinary folk. It's more the fact that he was principled in the face of tremendous obstacles that made him one of the special ones. But I didn't expect anything less from the same WJ who faced off MJ on GMD, who allowed himself to be hurt by people repeatedly in order to keep the peace. My reaction to the final reunion was relief. Not that I doubted that they would be together but my relief was over the fact that he was truly free to live the kind of life he wanted with the woman of his choice without having to answer to some elder or committee. I think it was telling that he didn't walk away reactively (in his case, the plots and schemes of others) but he chose to walk away on his own terms, at the time of his choosing. By doing so, WJ showed himself to be a truly free agent because his conscience is clear and most importantly... there are no regrets... no second guessing. By not reacting on impulse, he earns his freedom. It's always fascinates me in this version that it is so obvious that WJ is besotted with ZM from the early days. The camera is quite insistent on that. So the issue is never about how much he loves her or vice versa. She knows, he knows. He knows that she knows. However, the prospect of that romance is still a disruption to his principles and goals. It isn't just secondary to national concerns, it challenges his ability to stay focused on the path at every turn. The girl in question is all kinds of "unsuitable" but there's no doubt she moves him in a way that none of the other girls do. The goal is never the romance... at least not here... the goal is to find the balance to act as a free agent without compromising his core principles.
  13. I could be ur divorce lawyer. How is it ? Muahahaha.... Then then .... i will secretly release him, and take him
  14. 634 @Lawyerh I mean this one ^_* btw I still have the vcd until today. Yes I bought the original one too from a Store in the mall. Dvd star? I forget the store title. And I am still a fanatic fan of this Meteor Garden version hahahah I didn’t even watch Lee Minho Korean version completely because I still think this is the best version btw MG2 I watch but I hate it Hahahahaha
  15. @sushilicious best thing ever , wow these long leg can ride this size of bike Cancelling my honeymoon for that , just waiting for my Nobel prize — I can’t be less than sister Kim , when she shout for our Kim to fight men didn’t worry about her , when there is a gun pointed to her head No no I am hurt , hurt , hurt ,You want to see him in jail @Lawyerh not asking you to be his lawyer , it’s enough u send poor Bobby to jail.
  16. @Sejabin lol. Of course. I also have that vcd muahaha. I watch the original, the one in tv with dubbing right if not wrong. The dubbing killing me lol. But the Season 2 is terrible. Not watchable. But thinking back, that drama was quite unique at that time. Eventhough just following normal pattern of popular guys vs simple girl story. The new chinese MG, i gave up too lol. @sushilicious sus u move to team subtract? Lol 630.
  17. i would like to apologise to everyone in this forum if my previous post about HPL made u guys feel uncomfortable.. i admit i sounded so petty and bitter about it.. i just want to express my frustration and i didnt mean to disrespect PMY or any of her projects.. having said that, i’m going to take a break from participating in this forum coz i feel like i made ppl feel uncomfortable with my post about HPL.. eventhough nobody said anything but somehow i just feel guilty about what i posted bfore.. i honestly dont know what has gotten into me coz im usually not like that lol.. sorry again.. i wish all the best to u guys and hopefully you guys can keep this thread active.. it has been such a wonderful ride reading and writing on this thread.. it made me so happy to know that i hv virtual friends that share the same sentiment as me... hopefully my precious PSJ and PMY will always be happy together~~
  18. Loll. When Hae Mi having too much? Yeah... 622
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