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  2. In the preview, is An holding JS's hand in the autopsy room?? I hope that isn't what's going on, but that's all I can think!!
  3. @seoseo ppc are still young to marry. if you think ppc are at the age of marriage, you don't know well k-celebrities life. k-celebrities, especially actors, usually marry in 40s or it's common they don't marry even until 50s. but because psj said he doesn't want to marry late and pmy said she will marry if she meets a great man who she loves much, i just hope ppc will marry after 2~3 years. and saying about kjw....if he is really want to marry soon, he will marry EL(Kim Ji Hyun) who has dating rumor with him. and if he really wanted to marry, he married EL already. the fact is that it's known pmy is related to psj and kjw is related to EL in their private life.
  4. Don't have time tonight to go through the vids ...but I think SY realises all the sweet things that WS has been doing for her, think she is seeing him in a different light Preview for tomorrow
  5. Thank you. I definitely get this interpretation as well. I also see SM being like the little prince at the end and just vanishing. In fact, he has pretty much already vanished, and I don't foresee him meeting with An or anyone else ever again. It's just a feeling I get. I don't know how he could continue living after everything that's happened now. But he's not really a bad guy, is he? Oh I hope it's just a mis-interpretation, as he doesn't seem like a truly bad guy to me... By the way, I have a problem with the bad guy escaping. I mean, c'mon, he picked the lock on his handcuffs with a pin basically, and just ran off with an arm injury and all, with all those police cars lined up in front and behind him? I wonder if the subs will explain this. Plus, why weren't they taking him to a hospital since he had a gunshot wound? Wouldn't that be protocol? Then they could just drug him up and really make sure he can't escape. I dunno.
  6. calling @AkaruiHikari darling can you help us on the link above? yeah...the suit looks the same to me maybe he really likes that suit yup with lovely SYJ. i don't think so...but I'll be glad to be proven wrong hehehe I wonder since when she was in UK with her Oppa. If it's been weeks then she can now comeback in KR.
  7. It’s like that lol hahaha. Then watching this, I realize why no one question the hanbeok in Morden Times...because people can just walk around with it lol 936
  8. @sushilicious love winks , now I need to look for my crush winking -2
  9. @triplem told u its lady gaga bad romance. Haha.. cheer up chingu. Btw this LUTYN, while i enjoying his hanbook, he switch to suit, eh and then he back again to hanbok Talking about fickle minded lol. @sushilicious i didnt know KNG addiction is contagious.. everyone avoid sushi lol 934
  10. I think the writer is stuck with the idea so that why s/he kill jisoo. I really hate this. So seung mo and jisoo didnt have a happy ending .
  11. OK guys, having a little breather here from the pulse raising sexy GIFs sooo.... I just thought of a fitting pair for the 2nd lead Eun Ki and with no further ado presenting = Curator Yoo Kyung the cute and perky co-worker of DM. Don't think she is attached and she is a loyal supporter and friend of DM and will probably support her relationship with the boss. She will be able to sass Eun KI when he tries to get in the way of the RG/DM and get him to pay attention to her instead. Just a thought.
  12. @Ameera Ali hehehe. @Lawyerh him with a mustache for high cut eeee I love it! haha spreading the KNG addiction all over lol 936
  13. Until an agency confirms a star's appearance, everything is speculation and PR. Production companies often use press leaks/stories to send scripts to stars to boost the stature of a project (other casting, advertising, funding, media buzz, etc.). Often agencies state that their client is "considering," "reviewing" or reading the script but those words are noncommittal. In SYJ's case, in the past several months, she turned down two movie offers, including one before the press leak about her considering a script. She is a more bankable movie star with a track record of her movie projects making money at the box office so it was thought that her next project would be a film and not another TV series. The idea that she has good chemistry between her past three leading men shows how professional SYJ is with her own promotion and PR for her projects - - - to the point where many fans go beyond that context to ship couple rumors. I do think that SYJ and HB were offered leads the new drama, possibly that they even met the writer in LA who was scouting locations in America, at the same time of HB's business trip and SYJ's holiday to see her friend (the grocery store pics). Because SYJ has maintained a clear separation between her professional and personal life, I think it more unlikely than not that they will not do an immediate project together after the Negotiation.
  14. HI LADIES!! Thank you allll for the aaaalll the cool stuff posted here! Thanks for translation @mei2018 -- I agree with you and epinklyn that the interviewer was probably his friend, that everytime he tried to seriously answer, he fell about laughing instead . I now want to know if the interview had finally taken place at all, and if so where would we read it. The basketball court video... WOW! What a long shot! We know he loves basketball, and apparently he does pretty good in that. I'm so happy we're getting a steady stream of CFY stuff this past couple of weeks. Do you remember the photoshoot videos I posted some time ago? I believe some of the photos that have been coming out now (him with white outfit) are from it. I really like his hairstyle here. I think he looks really handsome and mature with such hairstyle. Boy loves his bangs, though, which makes him look like a teenager. Yes, I know he still IS a teenager . When is the Dior event? I guess we can expect more pictures on the way, right? Hurrah! Random comment: he seems to genuinely like his Dior man-purse, since he wears it everywhere. TBH, I hate that bag hahahah... it just looks weird, it's a little small to carry all the stuff that men perhaps need to bring with them, like their wallet, water bottle, phone charger. I dunno, maybe I'm just too used to the postman bags or backpacks. Whatever works for him CFY is cute with glasses, but the ones he's wearing in the pictures don't really suit his face shape IMO. I'd prefer him with a Clark Kent style rim. .As a crazy cat lady, I so love this picture! What a beautiful cat. The cat's probably a pro model, since it looks right on the camera and is so in-sync with CYF. Although to this day nothing beats Luna the demon cat . BTW, I notice that CFY makes sure his legs are covered. He was full clad when playing basketball, and wore leggings behind his torn & worn jeans.
  15. @triplem me & my honey cheering you -2
  16. Yup...I think I was so emotionally invested in that pairing that I felt betrayed. Thanks sushi. Sigh what to do...it's ok I will go watch my other 2 dramas Your neighbourhood looks really pretty 934
  17. I laughed on the reactions I agree though. The rubber shoes are fine but those sandals. aigooo. It doesnt spell elegance or trendy, imo.
  18. @triplem err... wow thats so unexpected... anyway im really busy with sushi's darling. So i might not watch that first lol 932
  19. @Ameera Ali his suits is what makes him more awesome. Its kdrama villain 101. Villains has a killer wardrobe. Hahaha
  20. @triplem you at this moment...I understand... *hugs* 932
  21. Yes..i understand your point. In this ship i trust psj as a captain. As far as i know, he is really gentleman, he Will do everything to his lover ( as we know, even he moved his house near pmy's house).However, i just worry , does pmy' really move from her ex? ( Coz idk, what kind of the person she is...). She is very humble to all her co star. How can i detect if she is falling in love? .I belive she is dating now ( honestly, i belive it because the reporter said they are in relationship). Now my question, is she really falling in love with psj? Is her love as big as psj?. I hope their relationship Will get destination ( wedding announcement).
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