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  2. Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing this. They're all wearing white mask to conceal their celebrity visuals. So NICE to see Kim Woo Bin were with them.
  3. arthdal chronicles main poster part 1. children of the trophecy
  4. [Special Preview] 'Arthdal Chronicles - The beginning of all the legends in the world' 5/26 (Sunday) Night 9:00 tvN Broadcast Arthdal Chronicles
  5. I actually find it refreshing that he never once insisted or even brought up the oppa issue. Too many dramas get hung up on whether the girl calls the boy oppa. From that brief exchange in ep 10, I got the feeling he'd rather she called him Ryan straight out, but understands it might not be as easy for her. I'm glad he doesn't press her on how she addresses him. It's another sign that they are in an equal relationship and that he is secure about it - he doesn't need age or rank to lord it over her, and "oppa" doesn't define their relationship because they are well capable of showing intimacy in other ways that go beyond a mere "oppa". I'd love it if she manages to call him Ryan by the end of the drama!
  6. This is the part right at the beginning when i first posted and said both are driving me crazy again I hope @titania1000 don't faint when she sees this. Don't take this the wrong way dear
  7. ohh, I am just glad they have said that our couple gonna grow stronger in the midle of chaos regarding childhood trauma
  8. This would be the second time PHS sends BY a coffee truck...lol...such a loyal man . Glad to see the ratings go back up again.
  9. Ahahaha... Seems Jigoner still win over Glorious and Bangchigu Thanks Val for that part of his Marie Claire interview Awww... He still believe in romance! *deluluing*
  10. Yoo Seung Ho In Talks To Star As Male Lead Of New Romantic Comedy Yoo Seung Ho is working on selecting his next project! On May 22, industry representatives reported that Yoo Seung Ho is will be starring as the male lead in “Superstar Miss Lee” (working title). In response to the reports, his agency BS Company clarified, “‘Superstar Miss Lee’ is one of the projects that he is considering.” Based on a Naver web novel of the same name, “Superstar Miss Lee” is a romantic comedy about Lee Yeo Jung, an employee of P Shopping whose soul becomes exchanged with a top actress after she gets involved in an accident. Yoo Seung Ho has received the offer to play Im Jung Woo, Marketing Manager of P Shopping and the youngest son of P Group’s owner. Not only does he come from a wealthy family, but he also boasts a strong educational background and perfect looks. The character is expected to capture hearts through his romance with Lee Yeo Jung. “Superstar Miss Lee” is expected to air in the latter half of this year or in early 2020. https://www.soompi.com/article/1326475wpp/yoo-seung-ho-in-talks-to-star-as-male-lead-of-new-romantic-comedy
  11. DH show off her Chanel sandal https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5ce4bcbf000000000d01e0b9?xhsshare=CopyLink&appuid=5cda18940000000011025ec4&apptime=1558512916
  12. *** Kim Woo Bin at the airport getting ready to depart along with fellow stars, EXO‘s D.O., Lee Kwang Soo, and Jo In Sung. According to reports, they all travelled to Japan together. They're all wearing white mask to conceal their celebrity visuals. source : koreaboo
  13. except for their first kiss all their other kisses were mind blowing cause they had a sense of consensuality to it. also these two kisses (more like pecks) are very under appreciated
  14. I was getting ready to cringe last night when I hit the play button but it was actually quite good. I am always of the impression that they are miming to themselves when they do the video. That doesn't detract from his voice, in fact I think the add-on shows that his voice was stronger than the released version where they seem to have softened it. I just wished they had binned the over the top instrumental bit in the middle. At first I thought it was somebody in dreadful pain. There were times where it was used to heighten the emotional tension and I found myself thinking, for goodness sake just go to the hospital and get it treated. Then I realised that it was an instrument - my apologies to the artist concerned.
  15. This Lady is really doing a good workNot only a loving fan but also a very, very generous person. Thank you, @gunman https://twitter.com/jg_gm_kdrama / @jg_k_drama https://www.instagram.com/jg_k_drama/ JG interviews with Eng subs (20181107~) A roundup of JG's interviews with Eng subs : https://twitter.com/i/moments/1131032513655320578
  16. I am wondering if anyone is also wishing RG should have been made older than DM in HPL so that she'll just call him Oppa just like how she does in real life ... #justathought Happy Wednesday Everyone
  17. Nguyen: oh.. I thought general also turn to white hair cos stress when realized that actually the girl he love was the one mate with wu yao lol.. hahaha
  18. Posted by BillyRocks_13 |Part2| Lmao instead of acting wth eyes, captain would rather teach YSJ break dancing. I'm just ~ #MasterInTheHouse #LeeByungHun #LeeSeungGi #LeeSangYoon #YukSungJae
  19. I actually love these scenes a lot. We all know how much XX means for WJ. So when evil ZZR threaten to kill XX, WJ is so ready to kill himself so ZZR can spare his godfather's life. A life exchange for a life. Then ZM step out and confronted ZZR about her shameless evil act at Snake Island. We can see once WJ heard ZM's voice he pretty much awake from the suicidal spell. He's like Oh sh%% I still have my MM, I cannot die yet. She need my protection 24/7. When evil ZZR attempt to attack/kill ZM and we can witness how fast WJ come running over to rescue her. At this point of the story I find WJ might care and love ZM a bit more than his care and love for XX. I remembered in the early episodes, ZM asked WJ a few times between his godfather and ZZR, who is more important to him. Every time WJ will answer XX is more important without any hesitation. If ZZR has ask WJ the same question now, between ZM and XX who is more important . I'm pretty sure WJ will have a tough and difficult choice to make. Don't believe me, let continue. In front of her grave, he promised ZM he'll come to her once he had accomplished his duties. Ask her to wait for him, he won't let her be alone anymore. After XX passing, WJ was devastated by the loss of his godfather. But he did not promise his godfather he'll come look for him. So at the end, ZM can actually surpass XX place in WJ's heart.
  20. MJBH related excerpt ~ May 21, 2019 Here's What Korean Celebrities Always Wear to Weddings by DEBBY KWONG | E! Online As a wedding guest, you never want to upstage the couple, but you do want to look presentable and stylish. Learn a trick or two from these Korean celebrities who prove that you can wear everyday looks and still look good, even at a celebrity wedding. Take these well-dressed attendees at singer and actress Lee Jung-hyun's recent wedding as you style inspiration! From the super dapper Junhoe and Jinhwan from iKON, who killed it in sharply cut blazers, to the classically feminine like Lee Min-jung's ruffled number, these are pieces that Korean celebrities love to wear to attend weddings. The best part is, these clothes are versatile and can be styled with different accessories so you can wear them to work or other parties. LEE MIN-JUNG AND LEE BYUNG-HUN Lee Min-jung wore a Victorian-inspired emerald green midi dress with modern drop pearl earrings. Her husband wore a smart grey suit with a crisp white shirt and black tie DRESS, US$5,041.32, GUCCI
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