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  2. From the clips today, Snow White was useful lol. He was leading LSH and the rest of the Oh family what to do. I'm gonna change his name later on if he continues to do a good deed lol. It seems that AR and NJ are trying to persuade one of the share holders. Looks like he wants a painting from the Park's house or Aura gallery ????. Whatever it is, LSH and future brother in law are in the truck carrying the painting. Looks like they are up to something.
  3. Welcome back to me!! (aka @standingtallyy) OMG! I couldn't believe I'm finally back with you all . I sent @Gerry58 to reassure I haven't abandoned you I was really having trouble signing in using my iPad which I don't know why when I've always used it like forever. Now I'm back to being a newbie I love this week's episode LIJJG because it had more Seyoung's scenes...about time! You are quite correct @chic-chic. Now I get why both KDW and PSY put on a bit to make them look older and convincing to play parents to a 10 or 11 yo girl (I'm guessing). SY looked really pretty. I like her in this role, it's like an alter ego or pretty much like her in real life - minus a mom and divorcee. I like her onscreen chemistry with KDW btw . This drama is very entertaining. I like how they always beat the bad guy. RDW's role is good too. He presents as the BFF, but he manipulates the 'truth' so it bites 'Yang Tae Soo' hard in the end. The scene stealers this week are MR hitting that pervert TS at the restaurant, the after judo spar kiss, MR & JG say they miss each other like they don't mean it (cute) and when JG and MR hid in the dark...that look they gave each other was 'smexy'. I hope there will be more of them scenes next week. Thrilled to be back Chingus!
  4. Some of them post to their Insta story. Centaro update it on her blog, but she didn't upload the videos. https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221518712987 I really like this team dynamics.
  5. Throwback #OneLine #MMagazine #ImSiWan #JinGoo
  6. Throwback #OneLine #MMagazine #ImSiWan #JinGoo
  7. Wy also took leave last weekend...after a long time... hope Sy didnt have shooting last weeknd so they spend time together
  8. On April 24, the upcoming movie “Juror 8” released behind-the-scenes photos of its cast and crew on set. “Juror 8” tells the story of South Korea’s first trial by jury, which took place in 2008. Moon So Ri plays Kim Joon Kyum, the presiding judge at the trial. Unlike the tough and charismatic aura she puts on for her character, […] The post Park Hyung Sik, Moon So Ri, And More Lighten The Mood On Set Of “Juror 8” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. @Gerry58 Is the lobster scene imitated Wy during Busan/ate crab with mommy's episode??... OOMMMGGG...the kissing scene......hahahaha I think she gained the 'experience' with the hubby ...definately...
  10. Whoa even S Korea is jumping on the GMP bandwagon! I'm so happy for the cast and crew, they deserve this so much! Watch out CXX, he's going to blow up even more after the S Korean fans get a hold of him haha I couldn't be happier for CXX and PXR, they deserve all the praise! I cannot wait for the uncut episodes! We are definitely being rewarded for being loyal fans, first with the extra mini clips after the drama ended and now with the uncut episodes #winning haha
  11. One hour before episode 43 and 44..excited to look war between them.. Yeah my handsome king wait for me..
  12. @triplem @Lawyerh Setting Context. Nam Gil’s interview was pretty hilarious. Him Lying on the bed. And started talking about getting Bed CFs. Then he was Like “Please Advertisers, please cast me. Bed Is all about Science.” Bed is all about science?...Hm....Hmmmmmm.... 574
  13. My makeup routine is very basic. I only make an effort when I go out but even then it's under 15 minutes. I have a little system when doing my makeup. I use bronzer to contour on top of my makeup and I also contour before I apply the foundation. I've found this trick at beauty-tips-and-tricks.com/ and this is a trick of Scott Barnes, Kim Kardashian's makeup professional.
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