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  2. Hey Tae Ju, shocks everyone especially evis people like Chairman and Mi Ok by..............get dating an idol hahahahaha !
  3. Because This Is Our First Life, 2017 TVN drama with Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki.
  4. I adore this drama so much. The plot is thread bare and full of tropes but I don’t care. The leads are tooooo cute and I adore the real Veronica Park. I am so invested in Gal Her and Min Ki’s happiness both together and apart. Something about the drama is addictive (it’s so an easy watch) and I anticipate each episode.
  5. What takes you so long to upload this? i’ve been waiting so long u know. i wonder if he learned this grinding ,pressing style from watching 18+ movies or is it based on his real life experience?? Duhhhh I’m thirsty
  6. Yeah, what an amazing feat. And LSK is damn lucky to be part of two "masterpieces" back to back. I am already making plans to watch it in the theater, but seems like it won't come to the US till November. You, on the other hand, can see it as early as next month. https://www.msn.com/ko-kr/entertainment/movies/story/기생충-측-“192개국-판매-한국영화-해외세일즈-1위”-공식입장/ar-AABR3Bz Please update when you receive your Blu-ray set.
  7. I feel that JI needs to really clear things out with GS, giving space and breaking up for good are two different things! before she falls deeply for JH.
  8. I hope she won’t go to the breakup route. They have been an understanding couple until now. And Deok Mi even saw Ryan willingly to talk to his mom without showing anger towards her who he thought someone that abandoned him years ago. What’s the point of her breaking up with him though. Your mom abandoned him years ago and now you will abandon him once again. NO NO NO. I hope writer nim will be more creative than that. And also whoa that scene was just shot yesterday. Hwaiting! I hope they will get the best ending!
  9. @mmac80 Thank you for finding the translation! I'll wait until the episode airs of course, but if they do pull a BTIOFL, I have my rage plan ready: buy myself a tub of ice cream and eat it while I seethe. (The least they can do is put that shaving scene in the behind the scenes video amirite...)
  10. thank you for sharing @spartaceluv98. he love his ex very much, i dont know who she is but she's so lucky to have a loyal man like Joong Kook. now i know why jihyo choose him as a couple chemistry in her interview when they promote her movie she always point out that joong kook is a loyal man if she will choose she wants joong kook as a couple. i hope that he will move on and get married someday whoever she likes i just want him to be happy same with jihyo . im praying that if they are not meant to be ( even if i preferred them together) im hoping that they will find someone who will bring happines in their lives. Thank you @Regita M. P for your effort to translate the episode even if your busy .im soo excited to watch that episode because i heard there's so many spartace moment since they are in same group together.
  11. Sooner she'll become KMS back since wwwsk 1st anniversary is around the corner and dvd will be release soon.
  12. The episode where the missing magnet was found!
  13. It was translated in the comments of the video: Ryan: Sung curator's birthday present is at my house. Do you like it? Deokmi: Let me do it for you. Deokmi's mom: Heo Yeon Jae is the kid at that time? Eungi: It's been a long time, Heo Yeon Jae. Deokmi: Tell me it's not like that, mom. Deokmi's mom: I have an unforgivable sin. Deokmi: I want to be alone. Eungi: Give her some time. Time for Deokmi to accept the situation. Deokmi: I have something to tell you. Ryan: Don't be like that. If you're like that, it's going to be really hard for me.
  14. Well she even dont have time to go to KKY's wedding obvious enough she dont have time to meet PSJ and he maybe dont want to disturb her for a while. We have to wait for a while when both are not so busy. And they do have to be careful to meet outside since she's playing a role with someone else. And somehow I must say .. she had to admit.. for taking another romcom role when everyone still remember her as KMS, is a mistake. She changed hairstyle, office style, her makeup, her acting style for this role but still people sees her as KMS. That aura of KMS still there no matter how hard she try to proof it.
  15. Thank you for the pictures. Seems like this one just answered my question that it'll be GSY falling for CM this time, because he's handsome when before it was the other way around. Lol
  16. @LSGLMH_88 My condolences, Darling.... #Hugs +2
  17. So here we go....the moment of break up. Well, I don't expect them to be all cheery when finally found out about Deok Mi's mom involvement with Ryan in the past, but please just make the sad moments quickly pass by without any heavy dramas.
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